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Nonprofit Radio for October 5, 2018: The State Of Good 2018 & Your Brand Personality

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My Guests:

Mike Rusch: The State Of Good 2018
Pure Charity released this report and CEO Mike Rusch shares the results from their survey of mostly small- and mid-size nonprofits, plus his recommendations.



Farra Trompeter, Taylor Leake & Zhanna Veyts: Your Brand Personality
This is a long-term play, letting people understand who your nonprofit is, what you do, why you do it and what you stand for. Our panel has tips on identity, strength and consistency of your personality. They’re Farra Trompeter from Big Duck; Taylor Leake with Corporate Accountability; and Zhanna Veyts at HIAS. (Recorded at the 2018 Nonprofit Technology Conference)



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Every nonprofit struggles with these issues. Big nonprofits hire experts. The other 95% listen to Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio. Trusted experts and leading thinkers join me each week to tackle the tough issues. If you have big dreams but a small budget, you have a home at Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio.

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Nonprofit Radio for July 17, 2015: Walk to Work & Keep Current After Launch

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%

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My Guests:

Beth Kanter & Ritu Sharma: Walk to Work

(l-r) Beth Kanter & Ritu Sharma at NTC 2015

Beth Kanter and Ritu Sharma want you to make walking part of your work day. Not for a break. They share how to work while you walk, including walking meetings, and they swear you’ll be more productive, more creative—and feel better. Beth is a master trainer, author and blogger. Ritu is co-founder and executive director of Social Media for Nonprofits. We talked at NTC, the Nonprofit Technology Conference, hosted by Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN).


Farra Trompeter & Kira MarcheneseKeep Current After Launch

(l-r) Farra Trompeter & Kira Marchenese at NTC 2015

A website redesign is expensive, time-consuming and overwhelming. Starting on day two, how do you keep it current? Farra Trompeter is vice president at Big Duck and Kira Marchenese is senior director, digital strategy + platforms for the Environmental Defense Fund. This is also from NTC.



Top Trends. Sound Advice. Lively Conversation.

You’re on the air and on target as I delve into the big issues facing your nonprofit—and your career.

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Nonprofit Radio Knowledge Base Inauguration: Branding


I’m kicking off the Nonprofit Radio Knowledge Base:

Sarah Durham is principal and founder of Big Duck, communications consultants for nonprofits. People need to know you before you can ask them for money. What is brandraising and how does it pave the road to fundraising? (Nonprofit Radio for 12/6/13)
Nadia Tuma is a brand innovation strategist with clark | mcdowall. Your brand goes much deeper than logo and tagline. What’s the process to discover your brand strategy? Once you’ve found it, how do you manage it? Nadia and I discussed on Nonprofit Radio, 3/26/13.
Lacey Kruger, lead information architect at Blackbaud, and Misty McLaughlin, the company’s principal user experience consultant, have lots of ideas to help you design your online properties for success, so visitors return and supporters stay engaged. (Nonprofit Radio for 2/1/13)

Fundraising Day New York & TMI

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 12.49.30 PMFundraising Day New York
What a rush!

I spent all day on June 7th, 6 to 6, at Fundraising Day hosted by the Greater New York City chapter of AFP.

We were on the exhibit floor in a jam packed 10×10 booth loaded with lights, cameras and mics to interview guests for Nonprofit Radio. I talked to 15 people in 9 interviews, including

  • Beth Kanter on online engagement & measurement; she said fuck twice
  • Sarah Durham, CEO of Big Duck, on brandraising; I put her in Jargon Jail for “competitive landscape scan”
  • Dan Blakemore and I talked about donor retention, from phone to Facebook; he’s got a great radio voice and a hearty laugh
  • Doug White and Greg Muth unpacked hedge funds, private equity and leveraged buy outs for fundraisers, including policies and ethics

In the coming months I’ll feature all the interviews on Nonprofit Radio. Get show alerts by email so you’ll know who the guests are each week.

In a few weeks, after post production, all the high def videos will be on YouTube. Here are pics from my interviews.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 12.48.55 PMTMI: Too Much Information
Congratulations Aria Finger!

She’s COO of DoSomething.org and a past guest on Nonprofit Radio. She was recently appointed president of TMI, a spinoff of DoSomething.

TMI will lend to nonprofits and other marketers, DoSomething’s expertise and research in mobilizing 18-to-25 year olds in social change campaigns.

At Fundraising Day I interviewed Muneer Panjwani, business development manager for DoSomething, and he keyed me in to Aria’s success. Thanks, Muneer!

There’s another chief executive who’s even closer to Nonprofit Radio. Amy Sample Ward, our social media contributor, was appointed CEO of Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) this month. I congratulated her on last Friday’s show, when we talked about Storify and Quora.

Nonprofit Radio gets me meeting so many smart, successful people working in and around nonprofits who generously share their expertise with listeners. Are you one of the 9,000+ who listen each week? Join us! You can subscribe on iTunes.