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Be a Guest on Nonprofit Radio

What I’m Looking For

Thank you for your interest in being a guest on Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio, or in pitching someone else. I’m grateful for your pursuit of my show.

Nonprofit Radio has 13,000+ weekly listeners in small- and mid-size nonprofits. They’re CEOs/EDs; fundraisers; board members; and consultants or other vendors, in descending audience proportion.

I’m looking for authors, consultants and thought leaders with valuable ideas for our listeners. Our topics include, but aren’t limited to:

— Board relations (always challenging for listeners)
— Fundraising (a vast category)
— Volunteer management
— Finance (not technical)
— Donor relations
— Public relations
— Marketing
— Branding
— Technology (another vast category, not technical)
— Social media (also vast)

I don’t profile the good works of individual nonprofits or people. Not even their exemplary works. 

I crave subjects with broad relevance for our listeners in small- and mid-size nonprofits across the charitable missions spectrum. A pitch for colleges, churches or arts orgs won’t work. 

I want Nonprofit Radio to be a DEI leader. If your pitch falls within what I’m looking for it is welcome, regardless of your age; class; education; location; race; nationality; religion; sex; gender identity; or sexual identity. I’m a white male and I know that gives me privilege and power. I’m out to share it.

If you or your client are what I’m looking for then I look forward to reading your pitch. Use my contact page.