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Here are some resources to help you get started, refine your strategy, or get better results.


Beyond Bequests: Common Planned Gifts That Don’t Require In-House Expertise
December 2019

Do’s and Don’ts When Recognizing Planned Gifts
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
December 2019

10 Easy Ways to Create a Strong Planned Giving Appeal
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
October 2019


4 Must Haves to Start Your Planned Giving in 2020
January 2020
4 simple essentials for you to get started with Planned Giving fundraising in the new year.

Planned Giving: The Legacy Fallacy
December 2019
It’s a mistake to focus on your donors’ legacies in your Planned Giving fundraising promotions. Here’s what to talk about instead.

What to Avoid in Your Planned Giving Relationships
September 2019
There’s a risk when you talk to seniors about planned gift fundraising. Learn the risks – and how to avoid them.

Your Board’s Role in Planned Giving
August 2019
Your board can be incredibly valuable to your Planned Giving program. Here’s how to get them involved – and what you need to know about their legal and fiduciary responsibilities.

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Webinars and Podcasts

Webinar: Planned Giving Demystified
How small- and mid-sized charities can create a Planned Giving program.
Source: Donorsearch

Podcast: Planned Giving 101
I discuss Planned Giving basics.
Source: Pure Charity

Podcast: Three Steps to Master Planned Giving
Setting up your first Planned Giving campaign can be smooth and painless with the right direction.
Source: Nonprofit Hub