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Here are some resources to help you get started, refine your strategy, or get better results.


Kick Off Planned Giving in 2020
February 2020

Beyond Bequests: Common Planned Gifts That Don’t Require In-House Expertise
December 2019

Do’s and Don’ts When Recognizing Planned Gifts
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
December 2019

10 Easy Ways to Create a Strong Planned Giving Appeal
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
October 2019


Your Decade Plan for Planned Giving
January 2020
If you start your Planned Giving fundraising program this year, you won’t believe how much you can achieve by the end of the decade. Here’s your plan for getting there.

4 Must Haves to Start Your Planned Giving in 2020
January 2020
4 simple essentials for you to get started with Planned Giving fundraising in the new year.

Planned Giving: The Legacy Fallacy
December 2019
It’s a mistake to focus on your donors’ legacies in your Planned Giving fundraising promotions. Here’s what to talk about instead.

What to Avoid in Your Planned Giving Relationships
September 2019
There’s a risk when you talk to seniors about planned gift fundraising. Learn the risks – and how to avoid them.

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Webinars and Podcasts

Webinar: Planned Giving Demystified
How small- and mid-sized charities can create a Planned Giving program.
Source: Donorsearch

Podcast: Planned Giving 101
I discuss Planned Giving basics.
Source: Pure Charity

Podcast: Three Steps to Master Planned Giving
Setting up your first Planned Giving campaign can be smooth and painless with the right direction.
Source: Nonprofit Hub