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Nonprofit Radio for August 18, 2017: 5-Minute Marketing for Planned Giving & What’s Fair Game?

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It’s not your 7th grade spelling bee! We Bee Spelling produces charity fundraiser spelling bees with stand-up comedy, live music & dance. It’s all in the video!

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Me: 5-Minute Marketing for Planned Giving

The best person to reveal my wildly simple Planned Giving promotion tips is me.





Maria Semple: What’s Fair Game?

Maria Semple

Info you find on LinkedIn about a potential donor belongs in your report on the person. What about Facebook and Instagram? What if the tidbit is embarrassing or compromising, but valuable to your org? Should you friend prospects to learn more? Maria Semple walks us through the ethical conundrums. She’s our prospect research contributor and The Prospect Finder. (Sounds much more interesting than the first segment.)




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Wall Street Wrap-Up Guest Appearance

Me, Dave Morgan and Howard Jordan on the set of Wall Street Wrap-Up
I was a guest again on Wall Street Wrap-Up. The show is a Naples, FL cable TV show, hosted by Dave Morgan and Howard Jordan. It’s mostly for the donor community in southwest Florida, but there are nonprofits among their viewers.

In my 8-minute segment they quizzed me on small charity Planned Giving, gift alternatives for the recession and social media for small biz. Well, that’s what I talked about. I sure hope that’s what they asked me.

Eight minutes flies by and I kept thinking of those awful CNN talking heads’ frozen smiles, trying not to look like a smiling, talking dead. (dead is correct.)

I realize what a luxury my hour-long radio show is. Oh, iTunes for my show is now up and active (so you can download and subscribe), but that’s for another post.

Dave and Howard, thank you! My third appearance was terrific. I’m grateful for your invitations to be a guest.

You can see more pictures here on my show’s Facebook page.

The show airs on:
Comcast Southwest Florida
Channels 9 and 14
Fri 7PM and Sun 11:30AM

Direct TV
Channel 14
Saturday 9AM