Nonprofit Radio for January 26, 2018: Start Your Planned Giving In 2018 & Amy’s 2018 Plan

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Tony Martignetti: Start Your Planned Giving In 2018

It’s me. I know a little about Planned Giving fundraising. I’ll give you tips, tricks and strategies to kickoff your wills campaign this year.




Amy Sample Ward: Amy’s 2018 Plan

Amy Sample Ward

Amy Sample Ward is our social media contributor and CEO of Nonprofit Technology Network, NTEN. She’s got insightful ideas to make your online life more balanced.




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Hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m your aptly named host. Oh, i’m glad you’re with me. I’d come down with lishman iesus, if you infected me with the idea that you missed today’s show, start your plans e-giving in twenty eighteen it’s me, i know a little about planned e-giving fund-raising i’ll give you tips, tricks and strategies to kick off your will’s campaign this year and amy’s twenty eighteen plan and you stamp award is our social media contributor and ceo of antenna non-profit technology network. She’s got insightful ideas to make your online life more balanced. I’m tony steak too. You’re twenty eighteen plans all this month, responsive by pursuant full service fund-raising data driven and technology enabled tony dahna slash pursuant weinger sepa is guiding you beyond the numbers wagner, cps, dot com and tell us turning credit card processing into your passive revenue stream. Tony dahna may slash tony tell us here i am with start your planned e-giving in twenty eighteen it’s my pleasure to welcome twenty martignetti ah, not a great pleasure. Sometimes i say great player. Just a pleasure. I’ve been doing planned e-giving since nineteen, ninety seven. So that’s. Twenty years. I was twenty one years. Yes, twenty one years. Now. I mean, my twenty first year, um, and i’ve been consulting in it for fifteen years. Yes, yeah, it’s, starting, well, whatever fifteen years is, yes. Start in two thousand three exactly as a consultant. Two thousand three nineteen ninety seven got started so i know a thing or two about planned e-giving and an opportunity arose because guest this month at a family emergency and couldn’t pre record for me. So i’m pretty recording from myself, and we’re doing start your plan giving in twenty eighteen let’s begin with what is planned giving i have a really simple definition, and it is a method of fund-raising that is long term and typically means cash to your non-profit at the death of the donor so long term you need thio recognize that this is not going to pay next years ah, salary budget or for your five or even ten year capital plan. We’re going to start promoting plan giving roughly with people who are about fifty five or, say, sixty and over fifty five to sixty and if someone that age puts you in there will, which is what we’re gonna talk about the example that’s, the marketing we’re going to talking about wills um, you know, they could be living another twenty five or thirty years, so you have to have that long term. View of fund-raising and if you’re going to embark on this, your board needs to have that long term view of fund-raising you don’t want your board in six months asking when we kicked off this plan giving program, encouraging bequests, where’s the revenue that that would be that would be a big, big problem. You haven’t kicked it off, right? Your board needs to know that these air gifts that are coming twenty, twenty five, thirty years in the future, right? Of course, depending on the ages of the people that actually make the gif ts but again, we’re going to start our marketing around fifty five or sixty so long term view, who are the best prospects for planned gif ts as i said by age, there are about fifty five to sixty and over now, of course, if a seventy five or eighty year old includes you in there, will, then you know, they may only be living for five or ten or fifteen years. So again, it depends what the ages of the people are, who actually make the gift best prospects. They love your work, they are already committed donors to your organization and by committed were judging that we’re judging their commitment. I need to take a drink. By their giving history, their history of consistency if they’ve been giving to you, you know, twelve of the past fifteen years or eighteen of the past twenty years, or maybe even more than more, you know, twenty five times in twenty years, you’re looking for that long term consistency in giving. And when you’re looking at that, you want to ignore the gift size i literally mean, if all those gifts those eighteen gifts in twenty years were ten dollars a month, that person is a very good plan e-giving prospect they’re probably of the right age because they’ve been giving to you for so many years, and they always plan for you. They always think about your organization, and i would bet you that if they’re giving it that ten dollar level, they wish they could give more, but they can’t during their lifetime, their ultimate gift to you. We’ll be in there a state plan, and again, we’re talking about the quests, those those gif ts in someone’s will a charitable bequest in the will that is going to be the ultimate gift for someone who was a low level donor is ignore the gift size when you’re looking at the consistency through the years through the decades, small gif ts very consistent donor-centric planned gift prospect this is not only for your major donors by any stretch, not at all. All right, so, you know, people have asked me when i’m speaking, you know, do you focus on women because women outlive men? No, i don’t focus on women it’s true that women on average do outlive men, and if they’re married than odds are that thie their husband’s estate or book of it has been left to them. So you could say that they may be have, um, on outsized role in planned giving because they’ve been left assets from there husbands. But, you know, i don’t focus marketing on females in their seventies, eighties or even fifty five or sixty um, you just you do, however, want to be sensitive to the role of women, you know what i have seen? And this is not just from questions, but i’ve seen it myself buy-in an events, clients or non clients, even when a couple is together and the husband is the one who’s being talked to, and the wife is largely being ignored, that’s that’s a that’s a big mistake. You want couples involved you want? You want me? Even if it might even be the whole family in some cases, but certainly you want couples involved. So as you’re thinking about who the best potential donors are in the long term on dh for your for your plans, giving program you want to be respecting women while their husbands are still alive. You know kids, you can’t marginalize the woman. And then when she becomes a widow all of a sudden year, you’re embracing her and you want her toe. You want her to be as enthusiastic about your your mission that as as her husband was that’s that’s probably not going to succeed. So just i mean, what am i saying? Just respect women the way you do men, you know, treat the couple as joint donors doesn’t matter what who’s who has the greater interest treat them both because you never know what’s gonna happen longer term. All right, so that’s that’s what? Who the best prospects are on now we’re going to pick it up with got a bunch of marketing tips and, ah, little a little bit about your recognition society stay with me, it’s. Time for a break pursuant, data driven fund-raising field guide it’s their newest resource on the listener landing page at tony daddy may slash pursuant capital p there’s no! Ah, yeah there’s so much data around us. It’s, easy to feel data overload. Just the data that you already have can be overwhelming so and then trying to figure out what to do with it and how to make it actionable. The field guide purpose is to make data less daunting for you. They’re less daunting s so what’s in it for five high level steps you can take to translate your business objectives, real world case studies and a worksheet with thought starters it’s at tony dahna slash pursuing capital p now back to me and start your plan giving in twenty eighteen um, so just teo want duyvil deeper just into a charitable bequests just so we’re clear that that is not all there is around playing e-giving that’s just where we’re started. There’s lots of different types of plant gif ts this could be about the gift of life insurance gif ts from ira’s from charitable trusts and there’s lots of varieties of charitable trust, charitable gift annuities. Those are those are the most popular, all kinds of beneficiary designations in financial assets, but the one planned gift that we’re going to be focusing on is that charitable bequest encouraging gift to your organisation in people’s wills so that alongside their husband, wife, children and grandchildren, there is a bequest paragraph, a gift to your non-profit and think about what we’re asking someone to do. I mean, think about how much they love your work to put you alongside husband, wife, children, grandchildren, i mean, they really love your work that is quite a respected place to be, and that has implications for you’re treatment of them after they’ve told you that you’re in there. Will, you know, in other words, your stewardship of them, and i’m going to talk a little later about your recognition society. So think about what you’re asking people to do put you in that very special place. Why am i focusing on charitable bequests? A bunch of reasons? Everybody knows what a will is, everybody should have one it’s very easy to do. People don’t have to tell you that they’ve included you. There are a lot of plant gifts where they would have to tell you, because you need to be involved in the documentation of it. This is an example where they don’t have to tell you they could include you in their will and not inform you. And there are lots of people who will not tell you that they’ve included you, even though you’ll be asking you constantly want to be asking in in your marketing, please tell us if you’ve included us in your will, but ah lot of people won’t. The national statistic is that there’s between seven and eight states that you’re in for every one that you know about on why don’t people reveal why? Why, when people share that information, especially when you’re mean, when you’re a part of it, i want they tell you there’s a lot of reasons for that they don’t want to be asked to do more. They’re, um they don’t want to be treated any special, especially any differently. They want to know that they can change their mind. And even though legally we can change our minds about our wills any time we want to there’s an old woody allen clip our line, i think it’s, i’m not sure it’s in zelig, i’m not sure where it is, but he’s upset at some family member and he yells up to his wife, bring me my will and an eraser. You can change your will anytime it doesn’t matter whether you told the organizations or the people who are in it that that they’re in it, but people feel an obligation not to change their mind once they’ve told you that they that they have included you in their will, they just they feel that moral obligation and the reason they won’t inform you that they’ve done this is because they don’t want to be bound morally. They want tohave that flexibility again, even though legally we always we always have it. We’re talking about their their moral obligation, so lots of reasons why people won’t tell you, um and that was part of i was listing off. You know why we’re dealing with charitable bequests? Because people don’t have to tell you another reason we’re focusing on wills and bequests. There’s no lifetime cost noah’s the hypothetical i gave you before the a person who’s been giving ten dollars, a year for many, many years. This is their ultimate gift. They. They wish they could have done more for you during their lifetime. But they need a gift that doesn’t have a lifetime cost. And so the charitable request is one of those examples. So that’s a bunch of reasons why we’re focusing on wills and bequests. I guess the biggest reason is that it is so easy for people to understand, everybody knows what a will is, and they can include you in theirs. All right. So moving to some marketing tips, how to encourage people to include you in their will and remember, we talked about best prospects. We need to go back and listen, those of the people you’re targeting again, you know, fifty five or sixty and over, um, well, you don’t need to go back because i’m reiterating it and very consistent donors. You’re not gonna be acquiring new donors through your plan giving marketing. This is not an acquisition strategy. All right, this is your charitable bequest strategy will’s campaign. If you want to think of it as a campaign, that could be a very good idea. Think of this as a will’s campaign, some ways of marketing. Starting with events, you’re producing a program, you could put a couple of sentences in that programme along the lines of we’ve kicked off a campaign to encourage you to remember our organization in your will, it’s very simple to do and secures our work long into the future. Ah, your attorney needs our legal name, address and tax i d number. Drop those in and that’s it and then maybe mom’s, right? Maybe say, you know, for more information, contact whoever that wherever that contact person is director, development, et cetera. Um, a few words about legal name, address and tax id these air fundamental to lots of planned gif ts certainly that applies in the case of charitable bequests. You want to make your legal name, that the name under which you’re incorporated, you’re you’re incorporated a nonprofit corporation. What that formal legal name is? I want to make that public also your address and your federal tax i d number. I hope you recognize that tax i d number that e r e i n employer identification number the irs has given you. I hope you realize that that is not to be kept private. Like your social security number. It’s already public it’s on all your form nine nineties. Excuse me, and those are gosh, excuse me. And those are very public. You may have them on your own website. Lots of attorney general’s attorneys general offices is have them attorney general’s office is attorneys general attorneys general, lots of attorneys, general offices have them guide star has them so you know that that buy-in which is important to teo, including request gif ts should be should be public, you know, make that part of your part of your marketing along with your legal name and your address. So sticking with events, maybe you could even drop a couple of words into the the written remarks, the remarks that are going to be made for that event. Now, i understand some events. It may not be appropriate, but some it can be appropriate. So if it is, you know, besides doing what you’ve done in the written program have someone have the speaker announced that you know, we’ve we’ve kicked off this will’s campaign. We’re encouraging gifts by will it’s. Really simple to do for more information, please see no, whoever standing in the corner, it doesn’t require more than just like three or four sentences in in a speaker’s remarks. Get out there. I mean you want to have you you know you’re gonna think about this is a campaign, you’ve got to be promoting your campaign? Ah, your annual report another place that you can encourage donors and also recognize those who have already made planned gift that i’ve already put you in there will that’s a perfect place for recognition. Now i know a lot of organizations i’ve heard you are getting away from printed annual reports. So you know this other marketing ideas i’ve got if if you’re not producing a written annual report, but if you’re doing it on, i mean doesn’t matter. You’re doing an online version of your annual report include the names there say what it is. You know, these people have included us in their long term plans by by naming us in there will, if you’d like to. If you’d like to join them, please contact whoever your attorney will need our again legal name, address and tax id, and here they are and then list those names as a zoo form of recognition people who have already i already made that made the plunge and and put you in their will, i would say when you’re gonna be listing names, make sure that you have their permission to use their names. That’s something you want to ask after someone has informed you that they’ve included you in their will ask permission to use their name on, and if they say no, then list them as anonymous. All right? You mean you want to show that there are as many gifts as there are in your will’s campaign in your new plant giving program? So list the people as anonymous if they prefer not to be named my experience. Very few people don’t want their names listed, but you certainly should be asking another marketing tip direct mail. You’re already producing your mail piece. You can put a buckslip in that’s ah, it’s a something that i mean, the way i do them for clients is they’re printed three on a sheet because she gets cut in thirds and then there’s little buckslip third of us slipped gets gets dropped in. It doesn’t change the weight of your piece, so you’re not spending any more on postage, something along the lines of did you know you can include, you know, our organization, your name in your will. It’s so easy to do lots of people have all you need is our legal name, address and tax id. Here they are. Please share this information with your attorney and for more information, contact whoever it is that it’s that easy. All right, you already producing the mail, drop a drop of slip in and encourage, encourage gives by will along lines of direct mail when you print your next batch of of envelopes were talking about the the not reply envelopes, but the although we could do it there, too. But i’m thinking of the number ten the carrier enveloped the outer envelope that as your your name and logo on the on the outside on the flap, put a little check box for i’d like information on including and then your organization name in my will. We’ll check off for people everybody’s going to see it, they got they got to seal the envelope, they’re going to see that you’re already printing the envelopes include this on the on the flap. All right, easy, easy. I’d like more information on including the organization in in my will. No, they want you to think about email signatures, email. Signatures and business cards. Can everybody in the organization had this to there to their email signature? You could include us in your will ask me how and then you may get some enquiries. Same thing on business cards next time you’re printing business cards or as as new employees come or a sze yu have to reprint for your current employees. Ah, statement about including the organization in your will you don’t ask me out, you know, a ll these simple tips that’s because i’m the evangelist for planned giving him and i’m trying to get the word out as much as possible trying to promote your will’s campaign, your your plan giving program as much as possible. So, you know, you take or leave these ideas i’ve had people come up to me after i’ve spoken, and i’ve suggested the business card and they’ll show me their car. It’s got it, he’s got it on there. Um, they ran out. I mean, they left the seminar. They ran teo insta print or staples. They got the rapid. They obviously paid the cost for the for the urgent a rush job. And then he came back and there it was so very gratifying. Let me. Okay, well, let’s, keep going with the marketing. And then i want to assure you about about thes bequests and how you can have a very fulfilling plan giving program just on the quest. Um, promotion, when you are in meetings, okay, you in one on one meetings, you’ve done your research. You know that the person who’s a very consistent, loyal donor and you either know or you’re judging that they’re roughly fifty five sixty and you want to open the subject. Ah, good. Oh, now this is not the walk in the door line, of course, but as the conversation is continuing no. Ah, we’ve kicked off a campaign to encourage gifts by will. We’re starting to get some interest. If this is true, you can even say, you know, people of we’ve got people, including us in their will, and you have been such a consistent and loyal donors for so many years. Is that something that you would consider and no answers? We’ll run the gamut from i’ve thought about it already. Oh, i’ve already done it, tio no, you know, i don’t i don’t really think of you in that long term way and ah, i was done ask, well, why is that you’ve been a long term donor? How come you don’t? You don’t see something longer term with us? Okay, assuming that the conversation is going to continue, all right, and there is some interest, then you want to be very sensitive about about this topic, because it is so personal. Again, you know, they’re putting you next to their loved one ones, so in their will. So you do want to be very thoughtful and sensitive and listening. And they may even reveal some things that are personal, because this is involving, you know, their their long term plan. Their this is their will. And that involves family members, loved ones, maybe even dear friends. So you might hear some things that are more personal than you’re accustomed to. You know, just take that in. And, ah, keep the conversation guided toward how a gift in someone’s will. This long term gift is goingto further your work. What’s it going to mean for your work to continue, you know, decades from now. And i would also tell you that people who are of this age, and they are long term, consistent donors to you, they’re ready to have a conversation like this, even if, even if they’re answer is negative, they’re not going to be put off by the by the suggestion. Okay, it’s, just as i’ve been doing this twenty one years and it’s never happened where someone was offended by the conversation, because you’re asking the right people, you bring it up with the right, great potential donors. Um all right, that’s the same marketing tips i have, i want to assure you that even though there are so many different types of plant gifts that i was listening earlier, you could have a very, very respectable planned gift program just with wills, you can start and stop there. You you certainly could go further, but you don’t need to. I’ve worked with small organizations where all they did was encourage gif ts by will that was the sum and substance of there planned gift program um, and small organizations, you know, when there’s a dozen, fifteen, twenty people in the er in the recognition society which is going to get through very shortly. Um that’s very gratifying, you know? And then you just keep up the you keep up the marketing, so do not feel that just because there’s such a broad array of planned gift that you need to be in every one of them you don’t, you could have a very respectable program that is on ly around wills your recognition society goingto wrap up with this i said earlier how important stewardship is so you certainly do want to have a recognition society i would encourage you to call it something other than the heritage circle. The legacy fund, the legacy circle, um, those air ubiquitous, name it something that his iconic to your organization, it might be the year of your founding. It might be the name of your founder. Ah, the maybe the hong zhang society, um, the you know, wherever, in-kind if there was not a founder, someone whose iconic to your organization, i have a school where it’s the it’s, the bell tower society, because that’s, an iconic fixture on their on their on their campus so name it something that’s iconic to your organization. Please stay away from the legacy circle. Also, you do not need to spend a lot of money on thanking your donors. You’re who have included you in their wills you just need to be thoughtful, genuine. So what are some things you can do if you’re hosting an event? Set aside, tomorrow’s vp some sorry, some v i p seating for them it’s like the cost of masking tape or or string tio label a section of seats you’ve already bought and paid for vips and then invite your plan. Give donors to sit there, include them in your insider publications, whatever those might be newsletters, whatever emails, insider blast um, these are people who have made a gift and they and even though you haven’t recognised in his cash yet, it is a long term commitment to your organization, and they’ve put you alongside their loved ones. So in your recognition society, do what you can to make them feel special, right? And that is start your plan giving in twenty eighteen i’m always open to questions, of course. Good luck. Getting playing, giving off the ground this year when you just take a break, wittner sepa is another testimonial quote, this is my first year and we are a growing non-profit argast gps was completely attentive and gave the impression as if they were right next door when handling our review engagement. Even though we’re in a different state, they made me feel like we’re the only client they had, and they were able to walk me through starting up our accounts to finishing our yearly statements. Nothing was too small a task for them to handle, and they were always available for questions and concerns. The customer service was exceptional, which is a rarity these days and greatly appreciated. I received great advice and guidance for better business practices from a professional, all while feeling supported and generally cared for in the process. Magnus deepa is really stood out as a partner, and i could not be happier with the results end quote, supported and generally cared for. Okay, that’s outstanding. Um, it sounds like they’re like wellness coaches or holistic practitioners or emergency room nurses or first responders. Bridal registry liaisons card detailers, veterinarians, their sherpas on mount interest mount interest, mount everest. There, lifeguards there park rangers, their servers at a five star restaurant. No, it’s just weinger cps genuinely cared for and supported. Where you going to find that they’re more than sepa is. They go beyond the numbers. They’re people for god’s sake, their trusted advisers to their clients. Oh, and this this testimony was from a small cancer research non-profit on the east coast. You’re supposed to change arctic firms every three years. I hope you’ve heard that. So you get the first perspective on your management, your financials? Ah, etcetera. Um, you want the advice of a firm? I think that goes broad and is gonna help you. You know, beyond the numbers beyond the balance sheet. Like huge tomb he’s. Been on the show twice. February tenth twenty seventeen, august seventh twenty fifteen. You can work with him. Argast appears dot com go there now, time for tony. Take two. We covered your twenty eighteen all this month. I hope it was great value for you. Despite the lousy sound quality and a bunch of the segments again, i’m sorry about that. Today is the last of this. This run for the month of january to believe anything out. Is there something that you would like us to cover for you? Let me know at twenty martignetti or you can use tony at twenty martignetti dotcom. Get me there. Here’s amy sample ward with her twenty eighteen plan it’s. My pleasure to welcome back. Amy sample ward, you know, social media contributor and ceo of ends and the non-profit technology network. The most recent co author. A book is social change anytime everywhere about online multi-channel engagement that amy sample wards dot or ge and at amy are lorts welcome back-up awards staying for having me back. Happy twenty eight teams. Absolutely. Thank you. Yes. I’m glad to have you back if you want. Good to have you on this one. Yeah, well, it’s a good a good open for our year together. Yeah, wonderful. And that’s what we’re talking about years together on twenty eighteen. Um, your plans. Your plans for twenty eighteen. Yeah. So let’s. See what you got? What you got for, uh, listeners for the year? Well, just hearing the way that you were introducing me. Maybe he’ll like the first thing that i have put on my list to know my life let me divulge my deepest regulations for the year. Tony martignetti on the radio lift the field very aligned with ten of my role on on on top of radio and then it’s about social media and my first kind of my first, you know, i’m not really revolution person, i don’t know if we need to unpack that here, but i’m not really a resolution person way don’t do that. I’m more of like a like i’m more of a, uh, reminders and commitment you almost every day myself, something happened, and i think, okay, i’m gonna make a note that, like, i want to be committed to a path where that doesn’t happen, or i don’t want to do that thing again or, you know, whatever those little reminders are, they come up, uh, you know, all the time that that’s more how my personality but one thing that has been on the top of my personal reminder list the last a few weeks and that felt very strong when you asked for me to think about these things is this idea of justice feeling come serve all staying connected where i want to and making that decision they know how i feel in that in those connections and in that channel vs, you know, being the ceo event, and i’m feeling like i need to be on every single channel and talking to people in our community every where they are and letting go of that and just saying, you know what? I really like to use channel for this reason and connect with only these people there. I’m nothing to feel bad about that i’m going connect with those people in that face and feel good. So you think it’s more where you feel comfortable? Yeah, okay, because we’ve talked about the past meeting people where they are here well and that horizon organizations and i’m chained for me as a person, you know, like my my personal accounts online, you know versus and pen of an organization are professional sort of channel. I give you an example like, i, you know, there’s all there’s, always drama or opinions or fear about what facebook is doing to this state of the internet, and sometimes i care about those things sometimes i think they’re all hyperbole, but what i have found is that over the last year or so, i really don’t even look at anything in it. This small moms group that i’m a part of with other women from my wellness center and weigh all log in who are private group and we talk, you know, every day while we’re pumping, people were commenting and talking teo other every night after, you know, babies sort of bad everybody kind of checks when we’re together and it’s it feels like a really close community, and everybody uses that space that kind of have an outlet, people bet you understand what you’re going through. I could really honestly care less about the rest of baseball because all it is people sharing new links that make you any tests and stress. And, you know, all of this back and forth, like i want to go to my mama’s group and talk to my friends, and i don’t want to feel bad that i’m not, you know, personally engaging with the rest of the world of books, any temple word, that’s, a big deal because you are you are a co author of books about being multi-channel and engaged everywhere napor so that’s you know, first of all i have i want everyone to know that non-profit radio is not only family friendly, it is family embracing, you know, the the the subject of lactation, and something is very welcome on this shelf. Yes, just in case yours in question. But now that’s uh that’s quite a revelation. Thank you. Thank you for sharing really well, i feel like he’s been in a professional way. The places where i’ve been using twitter, facebook, you’re somebody’s much more longer standing platform has really migrated into groups, whether that’s groups in the way that it has no actual group where you’re just these people have joined this group, whether it’s private or public group or place metoo tools like twitter, where public but a new kind of created roots in your own feet are really relied on hash tag on ly follow the ship out about a certain topics and i mean you you will not be surprised that my reflection and kind of understanding about this it is what it is, but i think it’s all because we use it to your community as ad has gotten to be, you know, ten, fifteen years old and every single person is on them, so you can’t just listen to every single right now you have to go back to creating some smaller communities within that channel weather that wrote groups or hashtags or whatever. And i think it’s important for people to recognize that you don’t need to read every single twist it goes, you know, through your street because that’s not necessarily why you are even using twitter right to read every thought of every person in dinner, mess with people and create some communities. All right, so your youth has evolved teoh right into these communities within the over the larger community have all your followers are all your friends? Exactly? And i mean, it sounds like a more sophisticated and more personal use of the platform. Well, i think you know what you think about it is like it’s krueger and group. And so naturally now it’s gonna split apart so that all of those pieces in grover and grow and then they split apart, right, like that’s natural growth cycles for many different applications. So i think for me at least it’s at that place. Now where it’s grown too big for it to be meaningful. So now i have to break it into parts where they’re meeting again in breaks. Evolution? Exactly. All right, i should have said earlier there’s there’s a bit of a delay between amy talking that’s because we’re working on a sort of strangely relieved system would buy phones. And sam is according to having trouble with the regular phone line calling the studio that’s actually kind of interesting. I mean, it i’m forgetting because there’s no mike in front of me now i’m just talking to you on my phone. Come on, yeah, it’s like a more personal conversation, even though i know i know intellectually it’s going to be recorded and they’re in the over twelve thousand people listening, but it doesn’t feel like it right now. You know what you’re like? What is the scene? Because in my mind, i’m picturing you on the phone and not picturing you, you know, i’ve seen i’ve seen the studio and been able to record in the city, so i know the setup and i normally khun pictured you sitting in the microphone looking at sam’s at, you know, african, hold on dh it always feels like oh, i’m calling in and i’m being, you know, put into the system, and today it feels like you and i are just having a conversation. It’s very interesting how much of an impact that makes exactly i know, even though we know for sure, yeah, even though i know sam is still sitting next to you. Yeah, i mean, i’m in a different chair on this side. I know it is interesting that really it’s what i think about it, it feels more personal, and i’m very comfortable with mike in front of me, but this feels a lot more personal, even though intellectually i know it’s, not just a phone call between two of us. Uh, all right, well, thank you again for for sharing world was opening up that way that the evolution you also want to encourage us to connect people. Yes, well, i mean, i barely everyone needs to be doing that. But i know that from me. I take a lot of of happiness from and really enjoy making connections for people. Because in my job i have super privileged to meet just a ton of people every year, you know, i travel a lot i presenta latto and part of an organization that connects thousands of people, you know? So i just i make so many connections myself, i’m always thinking about, oh, i know someone that i could connect you to, you know, but i often have felt at least over the last year, even though i think of that i don’t have a lot of tools that i have developed for myself in that moment to capture the idea. Like, i always assume i’ll remember, you know, a week later when i’m back in the office and then i’m like, i’m going to connect somebody, somebody else who knows who those people were, so i wanted. I want to think about two older processes for myself collecting cash through those ideas better because i know, you know, taking somebody says this heart is not the process that’s going to help me do that understand, put in my pocket, you know, the best kind of wear those pants like you say that booth with that person is, you know, you could do better than that. I mean, what about my method is taking notes on your business card with a hand when when i get it, yeah, but then i have to have a pen and what i found to be the biggest issue with that is that you begin that process is the number of people who print hyre, you know, business cars where you can’t write on them, like i have a laminated one, practically one yeah. Hey, yeah, so and that i feel like austin, when i’m with and then, you know, scratching into the surface instead of actually hyre upleaf exactly card course, but, you know, i always have my phone with me, even if i don’t have my wallet or my brain or anything else, i have my phone, so i’m going to test out and they would talk about this on your show, but i’m going to test out different out spur this kind of, you know, process to help me make sure that i should follow up with people and make the connections that i’m thinking of, okay, so you already have pulled in mind or you have to go. Yeah, i have a few, you know, some of them are based on getting someone out there starting some of them are more life pre-tax management depends on what works, you know, for my process in that, but there are a few that have been recommended to me, but i’m going okay, but overall, just be willing to do going to connect people, and i’ve always found communism that’s a basic latto tenet of fund-raising too. You don’t only know dahna silo a donor or potential bonem relationship only to yourself preserve it only to yourself, but to introduce two persons to other people in the organization, other potential donors because they might have something, you know, they might have a mama’s group, they might have killed your comments, or they might have fourteen in common. I don’t want to go into more detail that fort because of myself, but, you know, they might have muscle cars also wanted i don’t mind fixing things i don’t know anything about, you know, whatever they have in common, you know you want to make connections, and yeah, i mean, we’re in a connected world exactly much some people can isolate us a little bit, but we’re not actually well, what i really wished i haven’t found a way how anyone that has any of you listening to me? But i really wish that link in had a component where i could put, like, on my connection between myself and you. This is when tony and i first met or business when need in our first radio show together, you know, whatever saying feels noteworthy, you know, like a personal, personally, but you you got the public didn’t see that you know, this valley on adding it to your profile or something, but that’s where, you know, so many people rely on track of all of their professional connections. I wish that there was a way that just have a note that said, this is the conference where not person or, you know, come on and talk about whatever, like a mini prn exactly, you know what i’m like? And then what was great about leikin for me, we’ve gone down a rabbit hole, but, you know, none of the listeners stoploss now, so i hope you know what i think is great about later is that you coming out of u and i instead of making us somebody, you and i may know each other because of the radio show and maybe, you know, because i was in new york. And we attended some non-profit meet up together or something. But to you, that could be a really small part of all that is tony martignetti professional world, right. And and it’s, helpful for me to know this is how i know the person that i really like going to link into that i could see. Oh, wow. Tony has done all these other things. He has these other connections from other professional world that i’m not a part of versus creating your lot. People invested in time and making that personal database. The business card they collected people they meet, but it’s on ly then this sliver of how you know that that’s my life relying on lincoln, because then people can fill out their entire world, right? And i only knew them from one piece of it. But now i can still see oh, they have done all these other programs they have had these past job. You know, all of those other pieces? Yeah. It’s. So much more than you know about them. Okay, yeah. Unfortunately, i have to. It injects the artificial ality of being on show and you’ve got a way to take a break, okay got to take a break. Tell us credit card payment processing the video. They want you to watch the video. I would like you to watch the video. It’s not a long video. It’s tony dahna slash tony tell us, explains this whole process of business is switching over to tell us what the advantages are, how, how easy it is seamless it is, um, remember if if it turns out the tellers can’t save them money on their processing fees, then you get two hundred fifty dollars for each referral that you make that they can’t save the money on, but odds are they’re gonna be able to save the money, and then if the company switches that’s, where you get this long revenue tail, you know, there’s a hundred percent satisfaction rate among businesses and non-profits at tell, oh, so this is going to be a long, long revenue tail they’re going to keep your business is satisfied that make the switch and you’re going to be getting fifty percent of the revenue that tell us earns month after month after month so, you know, start thinking about the businesses that it makes sense. To refer local trucking company and i hope they’re drivers are home get there’ll be home each week messenger service but i hope they’re bikers are wearing reflective vests. The chinese restaurant. They gotta have general tso’s chicken, right. Make sure you try that italian restaurant, and i hope they offer a whole wheat pasta option. Please, please vote for that. If they do the thai restaurant on dh, you know, tie. You know they don’t use chopsticks taii with a fork and a spoon and spoon doubles as a knife. So check these all out. Think about the businesses. Watch the video, tony. Dot m a slash tony tello’s now back to any sample ward and her twenty eighteen plan more than any simple ward let’s. Keep talking about her twenty eighteen plan. Um, have you got everything you wanted exhaust on? What lincoln would do a little bit more way could spend when you’re talking about what i wished for every one that’s out there, but yes, for now. And happy to resolve that. Okay, so we still have a couple more minutes together. Okay. Um what what? What else you got for us? Years? Twenty eighteen plant. Well, you know what? Vincent, from the iss back when i was writing a book or having to publish content were regularly in-kind another book, you’ve done, all your books, i don’t know, and i’m happy to write another book, i just don’t know what it would be on, you know? So send your ideas my way, way, you know, different when i was in times of having to create a lot of content, it was easier because it felt like, on actual deadline, you know? And so since then, especially the last year, so it is always on my list, you know, i need to write several articles are i’ve even committed to this outlet to write something, but it is always the last thing on my list, you know? And i just hate that at ten we call it a shame spiral where because you feel that about something you then don’t engage with that day, but if they’re not engaging with it, more time has passed, so they feel worse about it. But then you feeling more like not with it? So then, you know, to learn will go by and i have to, like, reach out. To that outlet and say, so what? I’m honestly really sorry that i’ve not written this article i submitted a few months ago, but also i feel like so bad that i maybe can’t ever write it because i just feel so bad now, you know, it’s only this it’s so late in the relationship with partly from back-up abila what’s on now, i have somebody i owe something to boy, it was even paid content and he’s a good guy, and he sends a reminder once a month on, and i think i’ve gotten like, for those mind way still talk, we will talk about that. I know you just go down the way with viral. The one thing that we’ve started talking about is same claim instead of kayman viral just saying at the beginning, you know what? Like there is something about this project or the commitment or this act that, like i know is going to take me into same finals, i’m gonna own it up front and, like let’s, change the topic of the article. I’m obviously not interested in this one if i’m not going to connect, you know, whatever, whatever it is, just two more since claiming and lesson spiraling because i really like creating content, you know, sharing whether they’re my ideas are other people’s ideas from interviewing someone or whatever. I really love being able to create value and share content with the community, but i know in his destine such a source of that same spiraling. So this year i really want teo again. Maybe this is similar to the one where where the focus is actually on creating better thing for myself. But i want to find some ways where i do my calendar. My us on my mental state create room for those commitments instead of feeling like i always have to something for something now? Yeah. Playing your same one move. Exactly. Exactly. Okay, did you have any, uh, platforms or after that suggests that way? Just keep an eye on. Not that we jumped in, but anything emerging around the inten conversations that we should look at, you know? I mean, i posted it from staff, but i haven’t gotten a lot of answers back. A lot of folks are more about left. About three asked you. Have you have on your phone or something? And more about the way content outlets are changing. I think you were talking about on the show, but also we’ve all probably witnessed the way that content people, news content and in-kind contributed, you know, individual content changed in the last eighteen months because of the political landscape on dh peer-to-peer organizations are certainly a part of that shit, you know, both sensational kind of content and very, very pointed content and so dafs are less may be interested in emerging individual act and more what what’s gonna happen or what has already happened in with the way that content is being published and who’s sharing it and who who had the privilege of publishing that content, you know, and all that gets wrapped up in that that’s interesting because i feel like it’s related to a couple of things you and i were just talking about, i know that, you know, setting aside time for creative and, you know, getting over these obstacles that got, you know, changing the contract, but i think you said it must be that interesting, teo three months on, doll so you know what we started when dilgence talking about so the way you are feeling the way you are using you devolved, you’re you so, you know, the the huge platforms so i feel like i feel like the way the staff is has responded to you is similar to what you were thinking yourself sounds like, right? Yeah, yeah, in a way, for sure, and i think people came out it from different experiences themselves or, you know, different kind of focuses, but ultimately, i think everyone does center around that idea of who who’s behind all this microphone to smooth talk on them study was saying, how is this in passing? All of our community is how is this impacting our work? How are we a part of it? You know, what i’m basically saying is that they all are jealous that you’re on the radio every month, another country? Yeah, i remember you now the center of the universe, the way that’s, my believe that’s my interpretation of what you just always right on, you know, it’s right on and i and i hold it over all of that. So wei have one minute left together and i really have more than more than useful nastad out for non-profit technology. Conference twenty k. Yeah, the ntc this year will be in april, april eleventh through thirteen, and we will be in new orleans at the convention center on the the kind of plan on a longer hey insider protest is that the conference is wednesday through friday, but that we spend is a friend’s porters oppcoll so come come for the npc day for the french quarter enjoying new orleans. Awesome, thank you. A simple words, social media contributors piela then ten at ten dot org’s she’s at amy rs board thank you. Maybe i really didn’t know. Yeah, it was really fun getting to a phone call version. I know i agree. Vice bite-sized next week it’ll be a winner. There are no losers on non-profit radio. Well, maybe one i’m working on it. If you missed any part of today’s show, i’d be seat. You find it on tony martignetti dot com were supported by pursuant. Unlike tools for small and midsize non-profits data driven and technology enabled tony dahna slash pursuing bye weinger cpas guiding you beyond the numbers wagner, cps dot com and by telus credit card payment processing your passive revenue stream tony dot, m a slash tony tell us our creative producers, claire meyerhoff. Sam liebowitz is the line producer. Shows social media is by susan chavez, and our music is by scott stein. You’re with me next week for non-profit radio. Big non-profit ideas for the either ninety five percent go out and be great. What’s not to love about non-profit radio tony gets the best guests check this out from seth godin this’s the first revolution since tv nineteen fifty and henry ford nineteen twenty it’s the revolution of our lifetime here’s a smart, simple idea from craigslist founder craig newmark insights orn presentation or anything? People don’t really need the fancy stuff they need something which is simple and fast. When’s the best time to post on facebook facebook’s andrew noise nose at traffic is at an all time hyre on nine am or eight pm so that’s when you should be posting your most meaningful post here’s aria finger ceo of do something dot or ge young people are not going to be involved in social change if it’s boring and they don’t see the impact of what they’re doing so you gotta make it fun and applicable to these young people look so otherwise a fifteen and sixteen year old they have better things to dio they have xbox, they have tv, they have their cell phones me dar is the founder of idealised took two or three years for foundation staff to sort of dane toe, add an email address. Card. It was like it was phone. This email thing is right and that’s, why should i give it away? Charles best founded donors choose dot or ge somehow they’ve gotten in touch kind of off line as it were on dh and no two exchanges of brownies and visits and physical gifts. Mark echo is the founder and ceo of eco enterprises. You may be wearing his hoodies and shirts. Tony, talk to him. Yeah, you know, i just i’m a big believer that’s not what you make in life. It sze, you know, tell you make people feel this is public radio host majora carter. Innovation is in the power of understanding that you don’t just do it. You put money on a situation expected to hell. You put money in a situation and invested and expect it to grow and savvy advice for success from eric sacristan. What separates those who achieve from those who do not is in direct proportion to one’s ability to ask others for help. The smartest experts and leading thinkers air on tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent.

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