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Webinar: Jumpstart Your Planned Giving

I’ve got a free webinar on the basics of getting your Planned Giving program started for small- and mid-size nonprofits. There’s a lot you can learn and there’s a lot you can do to kickoff your program. We’ll cover types of gifts; best prospects; marketing; resources; and answer your questions. It’s hosted by Perlman+Perlman. 

Registration: tony.ma/JumpstartYourPG 

Fundraising Fundamentals Round-Up

This is the podcast I produce for The Chronicle of Philanthropy. It’s a monthly, 10-minute burst of savvy fundraising tips from expert guests. This first round-up includes strategies on donor cultivation; tricks for #GivingTuesday; Planned Giving; and corporate foundation giving.

Nonprofit Radio for October 9, 2015: Anti-Legacy Society & Deep Pockets

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%

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My Guests:

Claire Meyerhoff: Anti-Legacy Society

You have to thank your planned giving donors and have a recognition society. But do you have to call it the legacy society? Plus, what do you do with the group? What’s the experience? Claire Meyerhoff is a planned giving marketing strategist.



Maria Semple: Deep Pockets

Maria Semple

How do you find pockets of wealth in the communities you serve? Maria Semple reveals her secrets. She’s our prospect research contributor and The Prospect Finder. (Originally aired on March 28, 2014).



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BOOst Your Major Gift Asks With Planned Gifts

Image courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography, Creative Commons license
Image courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography, Creative Commons license

A strategy to improve your major gift solicitations: include planned gifts.

When you ask a prospect for a major gift, include a planned gift. It can be as simple as a bequest in the will; as middle-of-the-road as a charitable gift annuity; or as high-end complex as a charitable lead trust.

You’ll have to beat off the gifts with your broomstick!

The Planned Giving addition adds a dimension to your solicitation. Now you have more to talk about if your prospect balks at the outright ask. You can reduce the outright ask and add more to the planned gift.

It’s best if you don’t add dollar-for-dollar because the planned gift won’t mean cash to you until the donor’s death. The exception is a lead trust, but those are quite rare. Instead, add to the planned gift the future value of what you’re not getting outright. Here’s a future value calculator.

You’ll have more to negotiate around. The negotiation dance is one witch is critical after your ask.

The added planned gift can also act as a straw man. It’s harder for your prospect to turn down both the major gift and the planned gift. Gutting the planned gift out of the solicitation–like a pumpkin becomes a jack-o-lantern–makes it more likely the major gift remains intact.

The greatest success I’ve seen with this arises because you’ll have more variables in your solicitations. There’s more to talk about and listen to.

Talk half as much as you listen and you’ll have bewitching successes with your major gift solicitations.

P.S. This is part of October’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival, Major Gifts Tricks and Treats, hosted by Claire Axelrad.