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Nonprofit Radio for July 18, 2014: 200th Show!

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%

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Oh, hi, hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio. Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m your aptly named host and this is our two hundredth show lorts oppcoll oh, i’m glad you’re with me. I’d be forced to suffer the effects of intra hip attic duct oh, pina, if i learned that you had missed today’s two hundred show, we’re gonna have more live music with scott stein. You just heard that the intro that we’re just getting started with live music. He’s, the composer of our theme song creative producer claire meyerhoff is here with me for the hour in the studio. Hello, claire. Hey, tony, all the regulars are going to be with us. Maria simple jean takagi and amy sample ward. We’re gonna do some time travel. We got prizes for your donorsearch tory’s. Lots of great stories. Lots of cool prizes on tony’s take two, you’ll see many thanks to lynette singleton she’s down in atlanta, georgia she is live tweeting today’s show on twitter as me check the hashtag non-profit radio you can join the conversation. I’m at tony martignetti on twitter. Hello lynette, thank you very much for live tweeting today, thank you so much. We are sponsored by generosity. Siri’s they host multi charity five runs and walks. Generosity siri’s dot com hyre meyerhoff. Welcome to the show. Thanks so much, tony. Thank you for having welcome back is what i should say. Thanks, claire. Of course. Very well known she’s, our creative producer. You hear about that? Every single show from the beginning, she’s been with me. She’s, the principal of the plant e-giving agency, helping non-profits with their plan giving marketing and communication strategies. Claire, you have a background in professional radio. You’ve been on the air with serious examined w t o p in washington d c and i’m really glad you’re with me. Thanks so much. Thanks so much. This is radio heaven, right here. Non-profit radio gal like me. Scott stein is here. He’s, a pianist, songwriter, vocalist, composer, arranger, conductor and instructor. He’s got awards. He performs live. The dude knows music. He hails from akron, ohio, and is based in new york city. He’s, the composer of our theme song cheap red wine he’s at scott stein music dot com. Scotty. Very welcome. Very, very glad that you’re with us. Thank you? Well, thanks for having me, it’s. My pleasure to be here. My pleasure. Thank you. Um, so, claire, we’ve got got quite a bit planned today, and you made a kind of a special trip. Actually, i did. I came from raleigh, north carolina, by way of d c and now i’m here in beautiful new york city on a gorgeous day. It is and thank you very much. And thanks for making that trip from raleigh. I have a home in in pinehurst, north carolina. There very often. I love north carolina. Carolina is a great state. We we all love it here in the tar heel state. Scotty, you’re from akron, ohio. Is that right? Right? Yes. Lebron james. And that lebron james territory? Yes, it is. Yeah. He’s from akron. We’re we’re real happy right now, but i i just i just dug out my my lebron number twenty three jersey for the first time since about four years ago. So, yeah, we’re excited. Okay, claire, i’m actually kind of with you, who’s that but i even i know that that is he’s. A big basketball stars. This? Yes, he’s got the same numbers. Michael jordan. I did not know that. Yeah, well, he switched into six when he played toa went to miami, but we’ll see if he switches it back. Now, these back in cleveland let’s. Give away our first prize. All right, we got tons of prizes today. I asked listeners to submit donorsearch tory’s or how come you love non-profit radio and most of them are donorsearch or ease and that’s very, very fine. But this first one was our with the very first entrant marianne howard commented on youtube, the youtube channel israel. Tony martignetti. I have to read what she said it’s not too long, but it’s very genuine. I heart non-profit radio because you always seem to have relevant guests who are able to provide tips that i can use working for a very small non-profit there’s four of us on staff it’s great to be able to have access to their and your thoughts and ideas. Marianne, thank you very, very much. I think that is worth a bag of cura coffee and here’s. Ah, claire meyerhoff to tell us about your coffin. Marianne, you have won a bag of cura coffee. Cura coffee directly connects coffee lovers. With farmers and families who harvest the finest organic coffee beans with every cup of cura, you join our effort to expand sustainable dental care to remote communities around the world. They’re direct trade coffee company with direct impact delivered directly to you, creating organics miles beyond the cup your coffee dot com or on twitter at your coffee we love cura coffee. Thank you very much. Cure for the for being of one of our prize sponsors. Um, clear your your work is the plant e-giving agency what’s what’s going on there? Well, i’ve been helping a lot of different clients with their plan giving because as you know, people non-profits air leaving money on the table if they are not actively seeking those future dollars by way of requests and beneficiary designation. So i help a lot of clients with their marketing. I also and partnered with a company out of philadelphia called plan giving marketing pgm, and they’re a great group there in plymouth meeting, and we have a lot of clients ranging from large hospitals and universities, colleges, all kinds of charities. I’m working with the national hemophilia foundation and smith college all kinds of very cold groups? Yeah, i know a little bit about planned e-giving. Yes, well, you’re my mentor. You’re my plane getting mentor. We’ve known each other for a long time. Yes, because i didn’t know much about playing giving out. Call up tony and go. Why would someone do ah, what a charitable remainder. Yeah. Details. That’s. All right. That’s. Fascinating. Let’s, let’s do a little bit of live listener love because we have live listeners. New bern, north carolina, new york, new york, new york, new york is multiple love that and bridgewater, new jersey live listener love to you, let’s go abroad for live listener love ukraine. Ah, very much in our thoughts today ukraine. What? You know, you know, i don’t do politics, but you’re in our thoughts. We hope that you are safe as you’re listening to tony martignetti non-profit radio and beyond. We don’t want you to just be safe during the during the hour of this show. Seoul, seoul, south korea seoul is always checking in. Very grateful for listeners in seoul. Multiple anya haserot to korea in japan. Osaka, kyoto, kobe! Asahi! Shizuka i hope i’m saying that right live. Listen, you left everyone. In japan. Konnichiwa, it’s, it’s! It’s. Interesting. Claire. Actually, we get a lot of listeners from asia it’s really very interesting. Usually it is. It is interesting, i think, because you wonder, are there? Are they americans living in asia or they don’t know exactly what they are working for? They practicing their english by listening to us? I don’t know. Do they need help with playing giving marketing cloudgood asia free trip? Sure, i won’t give away another prize going to another prize. This one is for dennis fishman. He shared his story on twitter. A donor gave him a capital pick campaign gift and then nothing for a while didn’t hear from them, then gave them a used copier. Dennis went and picked it up himself, and then this woman left the organization seventy five thousand dollars in her will think you’ve planned gifts, success story the show is the show was produced and, you know, i always say that the best stories and non-profits air our plan getting stories because they’re these surprise bequests and those make a good story. It’s not a story of a rich guy, writes a check for two hundred thousand dollars, but it is a story of a little old lady leaves a charity one hundred thousand box and she went there once. Joe sorry, dennis is dennis fishman is going to get a copy of joe garics book how to raise more money for any non-profit. Thank you very much, joe garret for being one of our many sponsors. Thank you, joe. Thank you, jurors. And congratulations, dennis, and thank you. Yeah. That’s right. Congratulations. Matter-ness flashman fishman fishman baizman fishman now twenty lassen i got another prize. We got tons of prizes. I’m just giving them out at tony martignetti dot com. Stacy shares the story of a woman who wanted to give back and donated a kidney to a stranger. That’s. Amazing is not it a kidney? I think deserves coffee and let’s give away another bag of cura coffee. I don’t think way. Just say thank you very much. Teo. Cure coffee. Thank you for your coffee, karen. Dot com back our coffee on twitter. Excellent, excellent. Thank you very much for sharing. Ah, very touching story. See? So, you know, small and midsize non-profits khun get gifts of any type a used copier and then seven hundred. Seventy five thousand dollars request and may maybe if they had stewarded that person more, maybe they would have gotten bigger. Well, we don’t know. Well, clear. You’ve been a little harsh. I don’t know about that. I don’t know. Oh, that’s. Ah! Congratulations on your wonderful bequest. Yes, thank you. Um and also for the kidney story. Thank you very much. Thank you for the kidney let’s. See where we wake? Got maria a cz maria’s with us maria simple. She is the prospect finder, our prospect research contributor she’s our doi n of dirt cheap and free she’s the prospect finder dot com and she’s at maria simple on twitter maria hey there, how’s everybody doing today i think we’re doing terrific, lee. Well, has everybody got you? Kenichi? Answer for yourself. How are you? He’s? Got you doing, toni, i expect to be invited in for the three hundred show party we’re going to that caters well that’ll be in a year exactly where we know there’ll be two more years. I’ll be two more years, right? That’ll be the that’ll be our sixty year oh my god! I don’t know if we’ll live that long, but well, then we better go with the two. Fifty if we do it. If we do it, your certainly going to be invited. But the two hundred third show she can come in for that duvette big party. Maria, you’re are dyin of they’re cheap and free. You have some ce unconference ideas coming up for people. All i do. I do, tony, i thought, you know well, you know it’s a good opportunity sometimes when it’s sometimes a little slower for non-profits in the summer. Teo, maybe look around the internet for some conference ideas or online learning opportunity ideas. So i was just looking around for some things related to teo prospect research and fund-raising and general capacity building for non-profits and i came up with a few ideas of things people might wantto think about checking out an attending. Okay, so what do you got for us? So the first step is actually a conference starting on monday and i’ll be there. So there you go. I think everybody should try and help onboard this one. It’s, the american marketing association’s non-profit conference and i attended last year for the first time and it was really fantastic. It’s it’s being held in arlington, virginia. Okay, but that’s only for that’s. Really going to only be for our live listeners. So just a lifeless right. Ok, let’s, uh, just just give the girl for that one. And let’s, let’s move to one that may am dot ork and made that og the american marketing association that’s, right? You and your stinking variety of not of conferences, but this one is really specifically focused on the non-profits sector. Okay, what else? Go and apra thie association of professional researchers for advancement. They’ve got their upcoming international conference this summer, it’s, starting on july thirtieth through august second in las vegas. So this is really the one time of year preeminent event if you’re planning to attend anything related to prospect research, uh, this is going to be the biggest gathering of prospect research geeks, if you will. And so there’s always plenty of grated speakers and it’s in las vegas. That website is apra home dot or a pr a home dot borg. Okay, excellent. I’ve spoken that. Ah, a couple of regional apra conferences, but never the never the national or the global, whichever, whichever that when this. That was one of you. Go ahead. It was just gonna say that they do have folks that do come in from a couple of other countries, especially from canada. They have a pretty good representation from there as well. Okay, okay. Mining was not quite as exotic as las vegas. I think it was it was actually somewhere in new jersey. What else you got for us? Um also coming up in the fall is the alliance for non-profit management. Uh, they’re conference has a theme this year. Capacity building for collective action and they’re holding it on september seventeenth through the nineteen was austin, texas. Okay, what’s the alliance all about. So the alliance really deals with a lot of issues around leadership and governance and ah, latto things generally related to capacity building. So they do touch upon anything having to do with really expanding unorganised ation in terms of, you know, thinking about growth and staffing and broadening your board and fund-raising so that might be one to consider attending in this hall unless i was there something you want to check out. Their website is alliance dot or ge. Okay, let me let me bring in claire, because claire, you there was a conference you wanted, teo. You want to share info and i will be going to anaheim, california, in october. I think it’s october fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth. Something like that. And that is the partnership for philanthropic planning. So that’s the big plan give unconference they have every year. So that’s in october in anaheim, california. Partnership for philanthropic planning? Yes, that used to be called something else and it’s for everyone in the plan giving industry. And then i’m going. I’m going to be speaking at a conference in august august fourteenth in durham, north carolina. It’s the north carolina philanthropy conference. So that’s, the association of fund-raising professionals and i will be doing my coffee time plan giving presentation, which is all about if you only had time for a cup of coffee once a week for an hour, what would you do? Plan get wise, that’s what i tell you. Okay, cool. That that sounds great. Is that the triad chapter? No that’s. This is for the whole state. And it’s the it’s. The statewide f p conference in durham in august. So it’s the whole state. Okay, maria. I want to thank you very much for calling and no problem and for being part of the two hundred show and just also, you know, generally very, very grateful for all your contributions to the show for i don’t know how many years, but you’ve been its, you know, like, probably a couple of years or so it’s been a long time we’ve been working with has been yeah, and i’m really grateful for all regulations, tony and everybody there, thank you very much. Thanks, maria bite down. I getto got into the prize. We’re gonna give away prize teo! Jeff! Jody! Because he’s such a big supporter of the show he’s just always retweeting and favorite ing my tweets about the show on i’m just very, very grateful. He’s a big, big fan and i want to give jeff jody a subscription to the non-profit times claire, tell us about the non-profits altum non-profit times is awesome. It’s, the leading business publication for non-profit management the non-profit times dot com visit him on the web. I wish you could see her as you do. It’s it’s wonderful ways we’re doing good next time. Three hundred show, i think. We should do a google plus hang out on air because i want i want people to see the video of this it’s ah, we don’t have a video, but i wish we did. Thank you, claire. Thank you, johnny. Um i’m gonna go. I’m gonna work in tony’s take two right now and it really is just my gratitude too. Thank you thanking you for all your support listening. You know, we wouldn’t have had two hundred shows wouldn’t be at this huge milestone if it wasn’t for all the listeners and supporters. So i just really want to say thank you very much for those of you who get my weekly e mail, the email alerts telling you who the guests are each week i want to thank you very much for welcoming me, letting me into your inbox week after week. Thank you very much for that. Thank you, everyone. Who’s ah listeners supporter fan of the show for getting us to two hundred shows it’s really it’s really amazing and i have to give a shout to generosity siri’s they host multi charity peer-to-peer runs and walks. I am seed. They’re new york city event you’ve heard me talk about them. There were that new york city event. There were, like ten, ten or twelve charities they raised over one hundred thirty thousand dollars collectively. That’s what generosity siri’s does. It puts together a bunch of small and midsize non-profits that can’t generate enough activity for their own run walk. But together, collectively, i love that they can, and they could be very successful at it. They’ve got events coming up in new jersey, miami, atlanta, another one in new york city, philadelphia and toronto. If you think a run walk might make sense for you, talk to dave lynn he’s, the ceo. You can get him at seven one eight five o six, nine, triple seven, or they’re on the web, of course, generosity. Siri’s dot com, very grateful for their sponsorship. Um, we have. What’s happening? I don’t know. Clear. Is it clear? What’s it. What is that? What what’s going on? I feel funny. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve entered a time tunnel. We’re on a journey back in time. A time before tony martin. Any non-profit radio existed. We’ve traveled to cary, north carolina. Where two fund-raising colleagues tony martignetti and clear meyerhoff are having dinner. Clear. The food is really good here, so yeah. It’s awesome. Cool. I invited you out because actually, i have this idea. I want to do a radio show. I want to interview smart people in the nonprofit world and help small and midsize non-profits i want to do it every week. I know you’ve worked in radio. I think you can help me. Doesn’t sound like a cool idea. Are you nuts? Are you crazy? Do you have any idea how much work it is to produce and host a radio show every single week? Why are you being such a bummer? I’m such a downer. I’m just being honest, claire, i want to do this. It means a lot to me. And i know that you can help me raise it. And i will i will hire you. I will pay you. Ok, ok, you can pay me, i’ll help you get started. I want a hundred bucks. You buy dinner tonight and i get a credit at the end of every single show. Who knows? It could be really big one day. Two hundred shows later. Here we are non-profit radio players about that. Non-profit radio players um, yes, it’s been it’s been two hundred shows, it’s unbelievable, and claire has been with me since the beginning, and i’m very grateful, so if i don’t get a chance to say it later, claire, thank you so much for all your help with non-profit radio it’s been a pleasure, i’ve really enjoyed watching the show grow. I was really, like, just surprised and so excited that you could make the show becomes such a wonderful, wonderful show, you’ve helped so many non-profits and you’ve done a great job. You really made the investment i’ve had people come to me and go, well, could you help me do what you did for tony and like, well, really people have really? Oh, yeah, and i say, well, really well, do you want to make, like, this huge investment of of your time and your talent and your money and all this? If you if you want to do all that, then then you could pay me ten thousand dollars and i’ll help you. Oh, man, i got a deal. You’re the best, but no, it was trying to, like, put its laid them it’s a labor of love absolutely love and so thank you very much. Thank you, let’s. Give away a prize. We got more prizes it’s unbelievable. My book, my voice treyz crackling fourteen clay meyers bowman shared his story of an ask in the governor of kansas is mansion, the honorary campaign chair for the burger sands in art gallery in central kansas. Mark parkinson had moved into the governor’s residents just the day before the meeting. He had just gotten sworn in. He hosted this breakfast meeting and they got double the gift that they asked for. They ask for fifty thousand they got hundred thousand awesome. The whole story is that tony martignetti dot com and for that terrific story, clay, i’m going to send you a copy of gale perry’s book fired-up fund-raising turned board passion into action. Gail perry is one of my mentors. I’ve learned so much about fund-raising from gail, for instance, gail’s classic thing is, claire, if you want money, ask for advice. If you want advice, ask for money, that’s what she said so there’s a lot of great lessons in her book, and gail perry has been a guest on this show and also my other podcast what i do for the chronicle of philanthropy fund-raising fundamental. She was a guest there too. Alright, so, clay, you’re going to get a copy of that book? Fired-up fund-raising i love her energy to she’s. Got gail perry very good. And she’s an unbelievable speaker chic. She flies all over the world and speaks to organizations. She mentioned new zealand a few weeks ago. And she’s just she’s, a maven in a guru and oh, fabulous. She should have her own tv show like oprah. Also from north carolina. Right? Also, she should look right down the block for may. Is that right? Okay. Yeah. You know, i walk to her house. I wantto let’s talk to scott a labbate i wantto now’s the time. I want to hear a little about this. The cheap red wine is our theme song mutual friend of ah of scots and mine put us together. Um, cheap red wine scott what’s it about, um well, it’s, about five years old. So that’s that’s not what you’re asking that’s. All right, bad joke. Cheap red wine was a song i wrote. I had moved to new york. This i moved about. Seven years ago, and i’ve lived here on the upper west side where we are where we’re recording. Yes, what? And so yeah, i i moved to this neighborhood and as part of the young jewish singles crowd, which i am no longer your conversation converted to catholicism. No, i converted out of the single dahna on. Got married about a year ago. Thank you. Thank you, lucky lady. I’m a lucky guy. Yeah, so i but i but i moved here to the neighborhood, and i found myself going to a number of, like, dinner party’s friday night, shabbat dinners. And inevitably, it felt like everybody was meeting was either in law or finance. Now, those are two fine feels my sister is a lawyer. Um, but i remember actually, well, several times i had to explain what it was they do because i’m a full time musician. I work free lands and explaining that it was something i kind of had to do a lot. And i remember one time i i sat down at a meal and somebody sat next to me and she said so deal working law finance on. And i said neither she thought. I was a doctor. I should have kept going when i should have kept her going like that. Yeah, so it was just kind of a response to that. I think that, you know, i think this song on it service just seems to be about relationship that’s not working. But i think that in pop music and especially in rock music, which i think there are a lot of, um, sort of the warm look for their their their certain like modes right there, certain models for the way you write a song and writing songs broken about a broken heart or really shit that’s not working is almost like a cliche, but it’s a matter of what you do with it. And so that was this’s the idea of being let’s hear it, we’re going to hear, we’re going to have a full, we’re going here, the full, cheap red wine, and then we’ve got it. We’ve got somebody on the line. I hope that the caller can hold while we listen to the theme of non-profit radio cheap red wine scott stein. Well, baby, you just keep on talking. Sooner or later, i’ll figure out what you mean. You see, in romantic advice from a billet, i’m looking the answer’s upon a tv stream. Wait can agree on nothing way. Get tiller ups from my down. We’re disappointed in each other not to have a baby, and this love that we found. You know, you used to find me charming, but i can’t figure out how and you said you, those handsome. But it doesn’t matter now. So get fallen from a bunch of his long time will allow, because i’m got your empty promises. A bottle of cheap red wine. Newsome goes, is living diamonds, and they won’t talk to the cut of clothing that way. Well, i’m two photo for the good stuff, and you’re too easily distracted to care. Way ain’t got too many options. And so i’m gonna do the best that i can. But, baby, you’ll have some competition. When day, when i’m a wealthy man, you know, you used to find me charming, but i can’t figure out how and you said, you thought i was handsome, but it doesn’t matter now, so keep falling from a bunch of guys long time will allow. So i’ve gotta remmy promises and my lucky bread, wine. And now whoa, yeah, well, maybe literally. Glasses take a dream to today’s. The other family kids are. They don’t like the things you say, and i get to use the heavens. No, i won’t flash no entry signs, because we’re perfect for each other asses. Long as we have nobody else duitz. Nobody is waiting in line with just side jim. Why? What? Duitz hey, you know, you used to find me charming, but i can figure out how. And you said, you thought i was handsome. Never mind. It don’t matter now. You keep falling for my punches is long time will allow, got her empty promises about chief now. Chief. Oh! Neo-sage wait. Bilich e i love that. I just love that song. Did you? Yes, i did. I just love that song. It’s so first. Oh, man. Scott, thank you very much. Very much. Thank you for having me. People confined your music that i know you’re not leaving right this second. I just wanna this’s the right time. Scott stein, music dot com yeah, the song is cheap. Red wine. The album is jukebox. Where can people find working? People buy cheap red wine and juke box. They could get it on itunes. They can get it on cd, baby. All of those air also linked to my main websites. If you just want to go there, everything is there. I have some new music that i just put out in the last couple of months. And those air digital on lee releases you, khun. Stream them for free. You can download him, name your own price on there’s. Going to be some new stuff coming out of another song coming out in a couple weeks. So it’s always got style on scott stein music dot com. Yes, sir. And before you go, we’ll talk about your club date. You got coming? Up. Okay. Let’s. Goto, we got a caller on line. John federico, how are you? Sony. I know all about cheap red one. Though i haven’t dated in over twenty years. John federico is the remote producer of tony martignetti non-profit radio. John, thanks very much for calling in. Tony. I just i couldn’t let this go by. Uh, what can i say? The teacher is i should say the student is now the master over two hundred shows. Congratulations are definitely in order. Thank you very, very much. You’ve got me started xero standing over for tony. Everybody stat up, head up. I can and can’t yeah, everybody’s standing. We just can’t see it. We’re standing gets john because you’ve got me started in podcasting. That’s. Why you say the you know, that’s what you say what you’re saying years ago, i knew i wanted to put this thing on itunes and you helped me do that. And then you acquainted me with all the gear i needed to do remote. And then you became the remote producer. You came and shot video when i would do remote conferences on dh. Here we are, it’s. Really? You know, i owe a lot to you. Thank you. Thank you very, very much. Oh, so happy to do it as they said so. Happy to see how far how much further you taken the show’s incentive, it’s. Wonderful. You could find john federico he’s at gadget boy. Claire likes to call him gadget boy, you were you, the three of you three haserot unconference. We’re in san antonio at the partnership for philanthropic planning conference in san antonio and twenty something. I remember that levin to twenty eleven or twelve. Twenty eleven eleven because it was my fifty first birthday and we went out for you. Took me up, took out and john was with us. All right, john, i know you don’t. You don’t have a lot of time. But one thank you very, very much for calling, man. Thank you. And thanks for everything. You got me this far. Thank you so much. Congratulations. Can we see what you do with the next two hundred? Cool. Thank you, john again. Alright. John federico on twitter he’s at gadget boy, we have ah, jean takagi on the line. Don’t wait. Jean takaaki, how are you, man? I’m doing excellent, tony. Congratulations that i loved scott song. I’m looking for that on itunes right away. Excellent. Yes. He’s it’s. Perfect. Just yeah. It’s great does hear it live fabulous. Jean is our legal contributor with me once a month. Yet it’s the very popular nonplussed non-profit law blogged dot com and his principle of neo the non-profit and exempt organizations law group and on twitter he’s at g tak e t a on dh i know gene, we don’t have a lot of time, but we’re going to want to talk a little bit about collaborations. Yeah, i thought, you know, in the spirit of the two hundred show and your collaborations with many of us on giving us the opportunity to to work with you, giving us a platform to spread our message to non-profit sectors i thought maybe we should start a preview what we might talk about next time and that’s just really about non-profits getting together and collaborating. And i think most people think that that is a good thing don’t you think i do on i think institutional funders think of it is a good thing. I think they like to see collaborations between non-profit duitz but i think that the first step would be like, how would we determine who might be the right organization to collaborate with? Yeah, i mean that’s a really good point, and so now i’m gonna put on my lawyer hat and say, well, it’s, a good thing, but, yeah, you absolutely have to be very careful about who you’re collaborating with and how well do you know them? And do you know, if you’re gonna work well together, then you have all kind of those legal things involved, like, well, you’re you’re going to do that, and i’m going to do this, but what if something else happens or what if you don’t do what you promised to do, do do we want to make this an enforceable contractor? Are we just sort of going tto play it really loose and see what happened? Yeah, because everybody’s got mutual expectations. I mean, we’re doing this collaboration for a reason, and so if one side doesn’t carry through the other side, may or may not want to have something enforceable legally and legally binding and enforceable against them. But if they have that, then they know that the other party they’re collaborating with has the same thing potentially against them. Yeah, i mean, so there’s risk running both ways, and i think we come from, you know, the non-profit culture is one of mutual trust and things like that, but, you know, again, putting on the lawyer had its trust but verify and protect on boards of directors have have have the duty to make sure that their organizations are protected so often times, instead of like this really generic nonbinding m o ur memorandum of understanding liketo see a simple contract put into place where you make certain promises to each other and you let the other party note, you’re not going to let them down. And if you if you do, you’re gonna be held responsible and you take that responsibility and does the agreement say what? What the penalty is for or not carrying you your side of the responsibilities? It usually doesn’t say specific penalties, although there could be specific penalties if you feel like, well, you’re really going to lose out if something something awful happens, but usually it’s just damages for however you’re hurt because the other party just didn’t live up to their obligations. Maybe you put a down payment on something in the other party didn’t put up their share, and you lost your. And then then, of course, you would expect to be reimbursed for the harm that was done to you. But sometimes it’s more specific than that. Okay, we’re going to cover that in a lot more detail, as we always do, jean, when? When you’re on, when you want again, i know it’s coming up in a couple weeks, see if i was prepared to know the exact day. I’m sorry i don’t, but do you by any chance? No, i don’t have that. Okay, that’s. All right, right now, that’s. All right. Very cruel of me to put you on the spot like that. But of course, she’ll be back. He’s always back-up month after month. So it doesn’t really matter which day because you’re listening. Anyone get date? August eighth. Okay, thank you very much for that gene. We’ll talk more about partnerships and the obligations mutually had to enforce those obligations. Maybe some about your board. Responsibility boards, responsibilities and what form this thing takes it. Is it a partnership? Is some other legal entity? And what does all that mean? So you and i will talk about all that on august eighth. Sounds great, and congratulations again, tony, on so two hundred, really honored to be a part of part of the program. Thank you, jean that’s, thanks are sweet, and i am. I am very grateful for all your all your contributions. It’s been it’s been a couple of years, and i’m grateful for the time that you put in and i know are ninety, five hundred. Listeners are grateful as well, so thank you very much. Bye, gene let’s give away prize let’s do a prize teens act on twitter now the name of the organization was teens act, and they hit me on twitter there in utah, empowering at risk students to go to college. They had a guest speaker present at a college prep class of theirs, and after seeing the impact that the organization has on the students, the person donated five hundred dollars to speaker. Yeah, wow! So instead of getting paid, they pay right. So here shane didn’t say whether it’s so here she not only donated time, but then gave five hundred dollars, teo teens act on twitter, they are at teens act, and since they have such enormous impact, i’m gonna help them out with that by sending them a copy of the non-profit outcomes toolbox. That is a book by dr robert penna who was a guest on the show and it’s all about quantifying and demonstrating your impact and your and your outcome. So i will be sending that teo teens act. Congratulations act very cool administration in utah. Scotty, we have a little more time before you have to go. You have you have a gig? Coming up for those who in the new york area ay dio on and that’s going to be on wednesday, july thirtieth, two thousand fourteen and if there’s listening live that’s ah, a week from this wednesday, it’s actually, with a special group called the well groomed orchestra, which is of the well groomed orchestra they generally i mean, you know, and as much as i can control such things, okay, it’s basically his horns and winds and strings and it’s my original music. But i have a background in classical composition. It’s what i got my degree for in and so i wrote a number of like small orchestrations for my songs and to do it live nine instruments and four backing singers that’s going to be at the duplex at sixty one christopher street and saying they’re up, they have a piano piano bar downstairs and then a theater upstairs, and we’re in the upstairs theater that’s a nine thirty show and we have a special musical guest is well, my good friend amy regan is an amazing songwriter. I wrote some orchestrations for a handful of horton her songs i asked, we’ve been lookinto collaborate and i said, hey, why don’t you sit in with the well groomed orchestra and i’ll write you some charts and she said, that sounds good. So first time we’ve ever done this with somebody else’s music as part of the show. So we’re really super excited about this collaboration of the technical talk, right? You’re some charts, right? There were some range mints and some orchestrations. So can you. Can you write us and charts, man tony like some pie charts? Sametz start some sort of ninety graphs. Yeah. Yeah. You know that? Yeah. That’s. What? We were at war mathrani. Actually, you know that that’s that’s, our genre mathos? No, not at all. Well, groom, orchestra, you said nine nine musicians, nine musicians in total. They we have different combinations of instruments throughout the evening, so it might be four guys. It might be nine. It just depends on the on the peace. But i have nine different players, myself included, and then four backing singers and our special gas. Steny regan. Okay, very cool. Good luck. Good luck. Thank you very much. Thanks again for having me. It was my last. I saw you live at the talia falik. Value or thought, i always tell you maybe it’s time for symphony space. It’s the wine bar over there. Yeah. Symphony space. Talia maybe it’s tell you i’m what’s that person who doesn’t appreciate the arts a lot. I got a neophyte not a luddite, but a philistine, because i don’t know whether it’s, dahlia or tell you that’s. Okay, well, i’m joining you and i’m a musician, so you know, they’re goodcompany and you’re awesome musician. I love that song you made me want to write it, write a sitcom. So have you seen my my theme? Hey, if you do it, i will write your whole album like that was better than the friends theme er i think it was yes, let’s do a little more live listener love we get carmel, new york got two more in the usa, but i guess they’re mask sam can’t tell two people are hiding out fearful of the nsa which, frankly, is not such an unreasonable fear to have but so live listener loved to carmel and also teo other folks in the us so that we can identify san francisco. California we got you live listener love to you. As well. And santa pola, spain i do hope i said that. Right? Sent the polish in-kind ola santa pola live. Listen, love to everyone there. Um, amy sample ward is on the phone. What do you know about that? Hello, amy. Hey there. How are you? I’m doing well. I called in early so that i could listen everything. So i got tio hearing music. Got tio hear conversations, george. Feel like i was secretly in the corner of the room or something. Okay, cool. I’m glad you called in early, so we’ll bring you on a little early. Amy, of course. Ceo of n ten the non-profit technology network in ten dot or ge she’s at amy rs ward on twitter and she’s, our regular contributor in social media. Also with me every single month. Hello again. What’s happening time? Yeah. What’s what’s happening at the intend the non-profit technology network. What is happening? Well, in a very specific way, it seems that we have a lot of staff out at conferences today. The office is very quiet. We’ve got three portland staff, a community organizer summit here in portland and have a couple staff traveling for conferences. Back on the east coast so it feels like you know, everyone’s out summertime, but they’re not on a vacation. They’re just conferences, but larger than just today, we’re excited that we have our new brand new conference is just happening for the first time this year. It’ll be international disco in september, the leading change summit. So we’re other than today being out of the office, hard at work, getting that off the ground say a little more about the leading change summit. Is it too late? Well, is it too late for people to register if they’re interested? It is not. We actually got a good number of community members giving us feedback that our early bird registration deadline had been the fifteenth of july and they didn’t have enough time to process because it was the new fiscal year to get their whatever their organizations processes t get permission toe register, so we extended the early bird registration until july thirty first, so folks have more time to register at that lowest rate before rates increase and the conference is a bit of ah experiment, really? We felt like, you know, we have an annual conference, we’ve done for fifteen years, the non-profit technology conference and it’s, you know, quite large has sessions on every different topic, and people from all different kinds of organizations are coming together. So we wanted to do something that was totally different so that we weren’t, you know, competing with ourselves and our other conference, but also figuring out what it was that folks wanted that maybe wasn’t offered in that kind of format. So this conference is intentionally quite small limited number of folks, and there are no sessions there there’s not a like, you know, passing time in the hallway. Instead, you select the track or the topic, you know, thatyou wantto wantto work on while you’re there, and then it’s facilitated experience all the way through your working kind of with a smaller cohort of folks and really and that you can take whatever idea you have or whatever challenge, maybe you’re struggling with your organization or, you know, maybe of a new strategic plan, and you want to figure out what to really do with it, whatever that is or you want to create a new campaign, whatever, you could bring that idea or that challenge or obstacle to the conference and hopefully, over those days, the facilitated process will help you get feedback from other people. There will help you rethink maybe what your plans are now and the conference ends the last days an idea accelerator. So people who really put an idea together that that seems like it’s coming together, i can pitch that idea out. Others can come work with them for the day to just continue refining it, you know, poking hole seen how, how much better they can make it on dh then they can present that at the end of the day to a small panel of judges for some awards and it’s not meant that you have to come with, you know, and make a mobile app, or you have to have some technology project. I anticipate there will be a few folk that have kind of a technology translatable projects they want to pitch, but we’re also hoping that people come with, you know, with challenges like i think that the way we tackle this topic is fundamentally flawed, and we have to change the way we’re working on and try and tackle ideas and not just, uh technical project. Okay, that should be a really interesting, you know, convergence of of ideas and the project. People are working on the campaigns. They’re leading. And so far we’re you know, looking at who’s registered, there are organizations of all sizes. There are, you know, every kind of job title you can imagine from the very traditional to be like non-profit sector made up job title, you know, all the way across the board. So it looks like it will be, you know, a diverse group of people. And i think that’ll mean some really interesting conversations. You know, our love. We don’t all know each other already. I like the idea. Accelerator. It sounds like you have to wear a special suit to enter the idea. Accelerator have to strap in. Yes. So everyone will sign a release form will get their seatbelts on and then we’ll begin. Ok. And take their dramamine too. Yeah, take your dramamine before the idea. Accelerator. Ok, cool. How does that sound? So in-kind interesting. His leadership that leading change. Leading change summit clarence. I like anything fast. So you like the night? I like things that are that moved quickly. And faster and exciting. That that’s me. You should be at the accelerator. Comfort just is there a price just for the accelerator? Can we just show up for that? Um, you can show up just for the accelerator, but only if you’re going to support a team. You can’t. You will show up just for the accelerator and get to have your idea. Okay, workshop, you’re welcome to say no. You could just give me a flat. No, because it was so no way we’re open to that because we also recognize there may be people who don’t, you know, i have that time or, you know, approval from their organization to come during the week. And the last day of the conference is a saturday, so we wanted to open it up so folks that i could only come on that day could still, you know, holes in somebody’s idea and help them make it better. But we didn’t want to have those be the ideas that were central stage because they hadn’t participated all week. Okay? And amy, you’re gonna hang out with us for the rest of the hour, right? Until the end of the show, okay? That’s cool. So we got a little girl spare time. That’s great. Yeah, i question all this time on the show. I heard you drop the f bomb a little a little earlier because i love that song. Yeah. It’s, my show coming. Come on, that’s. Sort of like a, you know, a memorable moment o r or something like that. People like like, like goofs. And like, someone dropped something on the floor or theirs, you know, big problems. So, what are some memorable moments on the show? Like when funny things happened that were kind of bad, but not too bad. Well, actually, i am not the first person. Teo drop the f bomb on the show. Beth cantor since we’re on the subject, beth cancer when i interviewed her at pretty sure it was fund-raising day yes, it was fund-raising day in new york city, and it was either two thousand thirteen or two thousand twelve. And i interviewed her on one of the whatever their her topic was. Obviously something that the social change and it was data measurement and yeah, she said, fuck twice twice. So she’s just like death f bomb cantor was that day she was talking about sharks. It had to do with sharks. Sharks, kapin sharks. Yeah, yeah. I was a sight of sharks. Yes, it was very funny because she’s, not the kind of person you would typically think would do that. Ana, i have it on video. You could goto video videos on the youtube channel. Real tony martignetti it’s there. And i’ve used it on the show. So that was that was kind of memorable moment. Anything else? Anything weird happening? Scary. There was a ah near heart attack. Who had a heart attack? No, near near samuel. Remember our bet because it wasn’t too long ago. Ah, very winded. Guest came in he’s he’s. Not a small he’s. Not a small man. Yeah, on but he’s. Very nice. And i was a guest here in the studio. He’s running very late. He was coming from new jersey and that’s how far it was coming from fort lee geever grantcraft level traffic at the bridge. There was traffic, and he ii be sure he he had his cab. He know he had his car. The closest he could park was like a local garage or something. Cause you. Don’t want to drive around the neighborhood. Yeah, i’m going to find a parking spot and then you gotta put your card in the parking meter. You know, it takes too long. So he parked and pulled into a garage and he ran from the garage on the garage. Well, it’s not across the street. No it’s about forget a good four lock. He ran. Yeah. Yeah. And he came very sweaty, red cheeks, heavy breathing. He didn’t have any time, little doris to relax or you’re right. I don’t know. I i tried to try to give him some time to take a breath, take breaths and there’s the water. You know, we have a very sophisticated studio. We have a water cooler, so he got you got some water, and he was he come down and did not have a heart attack. But i was going through my mind was like, my old boy scout cpr training is thirty compressions and two breaths. I was thinking that if i have to do this yeah, yeah. Anything else? How about favored? Guess who was in your favorite guest? How about, like doug white? Oh, like doug white. Well, so yeah, doug, doug white, professor doug what’s been on the show a couple of times, just wrote a book about the the the robinson family lawsuit against princeton university. I know that which was a very big thing. Robinson family was heirs to the a m p fortune that gave sixty five million dollars years ago back in, like nineteen, sixty five or so roughly, and suffice to say, it didn’t go well. And, yeah, way the suit, it was. A big court case is finally settled for a bunch of money. There’s all that donor intent. What is the donor’s intent? And is already carrying that honoring it, right? Um, yeah, i mean, lots of lots of very, very guests. I love when all the regulars come on. Amy and maria and jean i like, you know, it’s. Just very comfortable. So, amy, let me say if i don’t get it, you know, if i forget later, i want you to know that i’m very, very grateful for the time that you put into the show. You know, social media is such a challenge for so many small and midsize shops. I know that they appreciate it. I hope you know that they appreciate it. And i definitely appreciate the time that you’ve been putting into the show. It’s been two years now because you were first on my show at at the one hundred. Yeah. Thank you. All so that’s. Very generous and kind. And i appreciate that you are making that explicit. Even if i tell myself that everyone loves everything i share on the show. I appreciate you saying that. And i love getting to be on the show. It’s. Always fun. Sometimes it feels like a challenge. Thinking of all the things that have happened since the last time i was on the show. What? Do i talk about you know, um, but it’s it’s really fun. And you make it really easy. Oh, i’m glad i’m glad that you enjoy doing it all with, uh, okay now. It’s. A pleasure on it’s. Been it’s been two years. You were with me in the studio. That was back when you lived in new york. Now, of course, you’re in portland, oregon, which i know is oregon. Yeah, it was really fun. Then i thought, oh, my gosh, i’m on the hundreds showed seems so exciting. And now fast forward two hundred show. Here we are, it’s early in oregon. She’s an organ she’s in portland, oregon. And it’s really out there. It’s only there. Three hours early. Yes, she deals with the time difference. Yeah, and i screwed it up in an email. I screwed it up last night. I i added three hours instead of deducting three hours, i think is something. I messed it up. Now that that that time difference math is hard. I mess it up all the time, and he doesn’t have a problem with it. So again, amy, thank you very, very much. You’re cool on dh. Thanks for hanging out for us with us for the rest of the hour. Let’s, give away a prize. In fact, um, let’s, give away teo, mary cal ing on twitter and, i hope, marry that i’m saying your name, right? She loved a donor that she had never met. The woman sent in three dollars, in cash, time after time after time, even sometimes with a little bible verse. I know right that’s, sweet, but small donors and small donors are the best. This was when mary worked for a riverfront recapture in hartford, connecticut, and i think she’s going to be very happy to get a copy of your book, amy. Social change. Anytime, everywhere. No, it is a good book, isn’t it? I mean isn’t delivered herself. Isn’t there some value to marry for this? I think so. I could be biased, but i believe it is the best book on the market. Social change, anytime, everywhere and you and i spent why don’t we spend one hour? I think we spent two hours over two months talking about the book because there’s a lot to say about social change and the use of the social networks and real engagement. That is time after time after time. That is your go to message on dh. I’ve learned it. Finally i’ve it took a while, but real engagement wait, it’s not what? We talked about it a few times because that the books written tio have separate chapters, whether you’re trying to tackle advocacy fund-raising or community building outside of ah campaign. Well, we’re going to get a copy of that book. Teo. Mary callie, we have another. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you for donating a copy of your book. We got another prize to ah, rick j blount on twitter. He asked a donor why he made a gift and the donor said to show my dad that i can and his dad was no longer living, i think that’s very touching that is very touching and we’re going to give him we’re gonna give rick a copy of a a free fund-raising course from pamela grow pamela grow friendraising pamela grow, a master small shop fund-raising consultant. She has the grow report, the newsletter. She has online courses in a popular blogged she’s a pamela grow dot com pamela grow dotcom. Thank you for being one of our price sponsors. I’m getting a sign from sam. I think we gotta start tio to wrap up. So sad. Sad santo phone. We use giving us another minute. Let’s. See, um, amy drum is here. Amy drum is my wife and me. Pull out my cup. Come on. Jamie drumm lorts sabelo amy hello, amy. Oh, that’s kayman talent is something that does not translate very well to radio. For example, ward is on the line. How do you know i’m not saying hello to her? Oh, smart she’s smart. Not only a wonderful dancer, but she’s smart. And you want to say hello to amy give it. I’m giving an air high. Five to the other end. There you go, right back, hacha. Thank you, remy drum. You’re welcome. We are going to wrap up, so i want to thank everybody. Who’s been with me. Amy sample ward, maria semple, jean takagi, john federico, scott stein, scott have depart and my wife in a drum. Okay, that’s, got it on, uh, care mara, creative producer. Thank you very, very much right show. Congratulations on to country cool, thank you. I don’t know what way that is. Ok, our creative producer is claire meyerhoff. Sam liebowitz is our line producer, but he may not be next week. Shows social media is by julia campbell of jake campbell. Social marketing. She doesn’t have standing job with a lot of work for this show. The remote producer of tony martignetti non-profit radio is john federico. Do you know the music is by scott stein. Amy sample ward, thank you very, very much, and the man himself, tony martignetti. I hope you’ll be with me next week for non-profit radio. Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent go out and be great. Grayce you’re listening to the talking alternate network duitz get in. Dahna cubine. Are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping hunters. People be better business people. Dahna hi, i’m ostomel role, and i’m sloan. Wainwright were the hosts of the new thursday morning show, the music power hour, eleven a m we’re gonna have fun shine the light on all aspects of music and its limitless healing possibilities. We’re going invite artists to share their songs and play live will be listening and talking about great music from yesterday to today, so you’re invited to share in our musical conversation. Your ears will be delighted with the sound of music and our voices. Join austin and sloan live thursdays at eleven a. M on talking alternative dot com you’re listening to talking on their network at www dot talking alternative dot com, now broadcasting twenty four hours a day. Have you ever considered consulting a road map when you feel you need help getting to your destination when the normal path seems blocked? A little help can come in handy when choosing an alternate route. Your natal chart is a map of your potentials. It addresses relationships, finance, business, health and, above all, creativity. Current planetary cycles can either support or challenge your objectives. I’m montgomery taylor. If you would like to explore the help of a private astrological reading, please contact me at monte at monty taylor dot. Com let’s monte m o nt y at monty taylor dot com. Are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? Are you tired of taking toxic medications, then come to the double diamond wellness center and learn how our natural methods can help you to hell? Call us now at to one to seven to one eight, one eight three that’s to one to seven to one eight one eight three or find us on the web at www dot double diamond wellness dot com. We look forward to serving you. Talking dot com. Hyre

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