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2 thoughts on “Nonprofit Radio’s 200th Show Giveaways!

  1. That’s a touching story for our 200th show, thank you, Stacy!

    Let’s have more!

  2. You are the reason I love non-profit radio! You are always upbeat and excited about show, knowledgeable about the topics, and funny. You make the show, Tony.
    I do have a donor story….First, donors come in all shapes and sizes. I am sure you are aware of that. At the hospital where I work, one of the respiratory therapists had always wanted to give back somehow. She decided to become a kidney donor to someone she didn’t know. It took several months to work out all the details and to undergo all the testing involved. But her wish came to pass and she was able to donate her kidney and give a person back their life free from 3x/week dialysis. About a year went by and the patient got sick and died. The therapist was very sad until she came to realize what a gift she gave. The last year of the patient’s life he was able to live a fuller life. I know that not everyone can go the extra mile and donate a kidney but no matter how big or small, a donation can make a big difference in peoples lives. It could be $5 or an hour of your time volunteering. It all adds up.

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