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Claire Meyerhoff, Scott Stein, Maria Semple, Gene Takagi, Amy Sample Ward: 300th Show!

It’s the 6th anniversary of Nonprofit Radio! We’ve got live music, giveaways, Nonprofit Radio Fact or Fiction, impressive show announcements and all the familiar guests. Claire Meyerhoff our creative producer co-hosts. With us are theme song composer Scott Stein with his “traveling 88” and our savvy contributors Maria Semple (prospect research); Gene Takagi (law); and Amy Sample Ward (social media). It’s a blowout! It’s an extravaganza! It’s our 300th show!

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Hello, martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m your aptly named host. You hear that? Live music. That means it’s, our three hundredth show. Scott stein. We got lots of live, more music, more live music coming up. We have a listener of the geek lauren wilkerson she’s at fit underscore fund-raising she first tweeted me that she’s been a podcast subscriber for awhile and loves it. Although lauren, you spelled my name teo and i please get that straight is why at the end when i told her that she’s our listener of the week, she said she’s geeking out so i dubbed her listen er of the gate and she tweeted back, geeky is the new sexy she sent nice tweeted a nice picture with those black bcd you know those birth control device classes and saying that geek is that geek is the new sexy. So she is our listener of the geek she’s lauren whisker seuin congratulations, lauren, our very first listen to the game. Cool. Oh, i’m glad you’re with me. I’d be thrown into press oh, pota, please jia! If i had to face the idea that you missed today’s show it’s the sixth anniversary of non-profit radio, we’ve got more live music giveaways, non-profit radio fact or fiction, impressive show announcements and all the familiar guests clear myer half our creative producer cohosts with us are the theme song composer scotty stein, who he already heard from and he’s traveling eighty eight. We’re going to hear a lot more music from scott are savvy contributors are calling in maria simple on prospect research. Jean takagi are brilliant and now award winning lawyer and any sample ward our social media ceo it’s a blowout it’s extravaganza it’s our three hundred show that’s claire meyerhoff that’s name we are we’re on periscope way don’t start periscope oh no where’s our periscope corey okay, we’re going to be on periscope very shortly. We didn’t start where’s our periscope cable sam um if you have the app, then i’m at tony martignetti and also on twitter. Of course we’re live tweeting the show today so check check that use the hashtag non-profit radio wanna give a shout? Out. And thanks to cure a coffee and the non-profit times they are our giveaway sponsors on tony’s take two. You know, i just i got to say thank you. We’re sponsored by pursuant full service fund-raising data driven and technology enabled. You’ll raise more money pursuant dot com. And by we be spelling super cool spelling bee fundraisers. We be spelling dot com and we be spelling. Where the heck did that come from? That’s? One of the cool announcements. Our newest sponsor is spelling bees for charities. We’d be spelling dot com. We’re going to talk to the ceo. He’s going to be calling in alex’s career. Explain why we be spelling is perfect for non-profit radio listeners krauz meyerhoff. Welcome back to new york city. Thank you, tony. Martignetti, it is great to be here. It’s. A pleasure to have you co hosting. You gotta hold your mike because it fell off the stand. Well, you know, sometimes you have to go old school. You are, you’re improvised, and we gotta get our get our periscope feed going. I just plug this in. Sam. Okay, okay. I’ll try to do that, huh? Well, i also welcome scott. Stein okay, sign doesn’t have a mic. Regrettably wasn’t do yell. Doesn’t quite have a mic, but he’s here and okay, so you have that? Here we are. Cool. There’s scott star he’s got a mike? Yes. Thanks for having me. Well, it’s a pleasure. You were here for the two hundredth last year. You couldn’t make it. So we had a pre recorded segment of you right in my apartment. We did it from your apartment, your studio in your apartment. And this year, fortunately, you can make kitt on dh. You’re live, and we’re going to course be playing cheap red wine. Yes. Yes, we are. And you got a piece coming up from your new album. Yes, indeed. All right. We’re going to a chance to talk about all that clear meyerhoff what’s going on with you and the plant e-giving agency. Well, i’ve recently incorporated. I’ve grown my business. I have a great new website pg agency dot com and i’ve brought on a partner. Business partner diana grows from the national wildlife federation. She’s a ah, millennial she’s a younger person shows she knows a lot of stuff that i don’t know and i know stuff she doesn’t know, so you are a great combination and we’re helping all kinds of non-profits with their philanthropy, communications and their plan giving marketing and just basically helping them with a wide range of communication needs, the good half are the pg agency dot com it’s pg agency dot just pg agent don t agency dot com we have a special paige pg agency. Dot com slash tony three hundred and for anyone who wants a phone consultation, which we have ah fee for a very reasonable fee, we have a discount for you, so give us a tap there on pg agency. Dot com slash tony three hundred cool you arranged a discount for not property listening but described your property respond? The website is new, right website is new. We’ve got all kinds of great content on there about some strategies you probably haven’t even thought about that most people don’t think about for their plan giving marketing so it’s not the same old, same old plan giving marketing and, of course, in addition to those weighty responsibilities at the plant giving agency, you’re non-profit radios, creative director i am non-profit radios creative director when tony i met tony years ago when he was starting the show and he’s like, can i? Can i help you? Can you help me start the show? And i’m like, sure, and so i showed him how to make, like, a clock, you know? So the u do you know, certain things that certain times and and and guest schedules and things and he’s using all that to this day, i’ve seen your many your files full of them? Absolutely dunaj job i do you and that wasn’t just a few years ago. That was actually your six years ago. Like almost to the day it was it was a was a very auspicious july day in two thousand ten, and we gotta ruth, chris steakhouse or some somewhere like that. I think it went great. Papaya, gray’s, papaya. We get a cheap, hot dog. No, it was in north korea was in care o in cary, north carolina. We did. We did to organize things that’s right? Would you, uh, why don’t you and scot chat a little bit? Because i got to get our periscope feed started. Dahna you know what? You know each other? He’s got a new album and she’s got a new website got talking about you have a new album tell us a little bit about your new new album. Sure, it’s called traveling companion on dh it’s going to be widely available next month. I’m gonna be going on tour, hitting some spots in pennsylvania, being lancaster and pittsburgh and my hometown of akron, ohio. Now we’re going to a cd release show here in the city on september twenty first rockwood music hall s oh yeah, traveling companions knew record i’m very, very excited for people to hear this the first single which i think we’re going to play later, is already out. You khun get that on band camp and get down on my website on scott at scott’s buy-in music dot com and yeah, i can’t wait for people to hear the whole thing that’s wonderful. So how long did it take you to complete this? This album we started recording back and january or february on dh. The initial plan was to knock it out in about two weeks and then slowed down a little bit and so down a little more, and what we found was, you know, what this we felt really strongly about this, this collection of songs, me and and the guys i’m working with, and we just felt like it’s worth it to take our time and get this thing right, and i’m just really glad that we did it. It was the right decision. So tell us about a couple of the other songs on the album. Um, well, i could tell you in general that i think the album touches on a number of themes, including, i think, sort of moving up and moving forward, you know, it’s a lot of recollections of things that i did maybe in my first years in new york as a twenty something and growing in to a thirty something who is now married and ah, homeowner and things that feel very adult and so that’s. So that’s, i think the theme of the record, we’re going to we’re going to a quick give away oh, great, you got the periscope feed going? So if you have the periscope app, check me out to follow me at tony martignetti and you can join us on periscope and i guess, well, i’m talking, maybe i should turn. It around there we go. Cool. Okay. And we’re going to go. We got to give away. This is for is going out to katie benson she’s at katie be underscore nc and she tweeted our three hundred show she’s a mom volunteer consultant to non-profits c f r ee fundraiser jargon jail that’s a certified fund-raising executive and she says she’s funny, we have to check that, but i have no reason to doubt her. I mean, why? Why running by lie in a twitter profile? Of course, right, claire? No, of course it doesn’t. It doesn’t happen. It doesn’t have never. Okay, but she’s she’s a listener so she’s an honest person. Katie benson, we have a bag of cura coffee coming your way. And claire, why don’t you? Don’t you actually tell us a little about cura? Well, cure coffee directly connects coffee lovers with farmers and families who harvest the finest organic coffee beans. So with every cup of cura, you join our effort to expand sustainable dental care to remote communities around the world and curious direct trade coffee company with direct impact. It’s brought directly to you, creating organic smiles beyond the cup and you can find them at cura coffee, dot com that’s, cura coffee, dot com delicious coffee and and ah, very important social mission and very important dental care to low income, really coffee farmers and their communities. It’s our two favorite things non-profits and coffee and we love cure. Thank you. Okay, we’re gonna go out for a for a, uh we got a first break. We’ve gotta take a break. And when we come back, we’ve got tons. We got cheap red wine coming up. We’ve got another song from scottie’s new album. Uh, we got all the all the regular contributors calling in. We got more giveaways, we have non-profit radio fact or fiction stay with us. You’re tuned to non-profit radio. Tony martignetti also hosts a podcast for the chronicle of philanthropy fund-raising fundamentals is a quick ten minute burst of fund-raising insights published once a month. Tony’s guests are expert in crowdfunding mobile giving event fund-raising direct mail and donor cultivation. Really, all the fund-raising issues that make you wonder am i doing this right? Is there a better way there is? Find the fund-raising fundamentals archive it. Tony martignetti dot com that’s marketmesuite n e t t i remember there’s, a g before the end, thousands of listeners have subscribed on itunes. You can also learn maura, the chronicle website philanthropy dot com fund-raising fundamentals the better way. Claire meyerhoff maybe you could hold the mic for him so that because we’re going, we’re going to do a little. We’re gonna get the full version cheap red wine. So as we figure out the studio configuration, um, yeah, exactly. Exactly. That was not cheap red wine, but that was our that was scotty with his traveling eighty eight. And maybe if you take that mic flag off, maybe it’ll work better. Um, cheap red wine just struck me as a perfect song. I just love the instrumental it’s been our theme song for probably three years now or so roughly you you hear it at the opening of every every show. We come back from commercials. Of course we close with it. And ah, scott stein is the composer and it’s all legal it’s all license and everything. This is certainly not a bootleg. Okay, scott stein, appreciate that high. Okay, you’re you’re good there. We’re going to get cool, okay? Just before we play it, tell us what’s the what’s, the story of cheap red wine, i think it’s ah, sort of. Ah, recollection of being new to new york and ah, being a musician in a neighborhood in which it was a lot of people who work in law and finance. In fact, i remember, i went to aa a dinner of some sort dinner party, and someone very new york ish came up and said, so do you work in law finance? And i said neither, and she thought, well, then, i must be a doctor, you know? And then i had to explain that i know freshly musician, doctor, doctor, lawyer or doctor. Yeah, so here i am, him shoretz places. I don’t know if we need that is unimportant. No, we’re good without okay. Ah, yeah, so that’s, what the song is about. The song goes back in number eight years, and i love this song, but, yeah, i’m so glad it has found a home here, and i appreciate you using it. All right. Here we go. Wait, you just keep on talking sooner or later, i think you’re out just what you mean. You seeking romantic advice from a bill. What i’m looking for answers up on a tv screen way can agree on nothing way, get tell our ups from my down, wait. Disappointed in each other now, timid baby ate this love with me. I found you know you used to find a charming, but i can’t figure out how and you said, you thought i was handsome, but it doesn’t matter now. So game fallen for my punch lines, as long as your time will allow, because i’ve gotta read me promises about laci bread awhile on and now. You know, some girls just living diamonds, they want type of that kind of clothing that i wear well, i’m to put over for the good stuff in your too easily distracted to care way ain’t got too many options, and so i’m going to do the best that i can wait, do you have some competition when day, when i’m a well, the your man, you know, you used to find me charming, but i can’t figure out how and he said, you thought i was handsome, but it doesn’t matter now, so get falling for my punch lines as long as your time will allow it. I gotta wrap your promises of biology bradrick red wine and wait well, baby, literally glasses take a drink better daisy of a people can kiss houses and they don’t like the things you say and i again because the heavens no i want flashing up into signs were perfect for each other’s along with nobody else it’s in my nobody’s winning way wait hyre hey, you know, you used to find me charming, but i can’t figure out how you said your father was handsome, never mind don’t matter now, so get falling from a punch on his lungs. Your time will allow. So i’ve gotta empty promises about a cheap one. Wait! Neo-sage wait. Well, i love that song. Thank you, scottie. Alright, think. Love that song. I love that song. All right, we’re gonna turn in. Thank you. Thank you. And we got more from scott coming up. He’s going to play something from his new album, traveling companions shortly is gonna play out in the second half. And while well, scott and ah, and claire share mikes on dh get themselves together than there’s, not there’s. No. You know, it’s totally transparent. Here we exercise. What? All our guests a total transparency. Nothing happening behind the scenes that you’re not aware of, um, because in a moment, claire and i are going to play little non-profit radio fact or fiction. Wait, marie on the line. We do. We got maria simple online. Okay, i’ll tell you what, let’s, talk to maria. Simple and they will do is fact or fiction. Maria simple. How are you? I’m doing well, thanks. How about you congratulate? I’m doing great. I look, i’m congratulating myself and you were doing great. But you can’t you tell? Well, i’m delighted to be here and congratulations to everybody there. Thank you. Thank you very much. Six long years and although it seems like seems like six months, i mean, the time cruises by but maria semple, i’m just very grateful to you on our show. I don’t know how many years you’ve been on three years, right? And, uh, every month talking about prospect research, yeah, absolutely, absolutely. So i’m delighted to be here and sharing my tips when i can. Thank you, it’s. Absolute pleasure. Now i’m glad you you emerged relatively unscathed from recent little traffic accident you had you’re now listeners know you’re a boater. Listeners know that you have a sailboat you probably should have. Maybe she’d been boating when when this happened. Actually, i was on route to go to do that, but i never made it there. Ok? Oh, so was boating. Okay, well, i’m glad that it wasn’t a big deal for you and glad everything’s a okay. And i guess the waterways they’re safer than the roadways. Yes, they sure are. Well, you know, so it’s a good a good news. Bad news situation. Good news is ah, my husband and i survived. The bad news is the cars completely totalled? One of your prius is you have multiple priuses, right? I d’oh. Okay. Okay, well, you’ll get a brand new one from the insurance company. Well, yeah, we’ll see posting of that? Our work, our sticks, the sailboats and ah, we’ll be talking to you very soon because you’re on every single month. Love it, that’s. Right. Okay, well, listen, i hope you’re all having a great party there. I know you’ve got all the other regulars calling in and, uh, you know, i think it’s some point, you know, i was thinking about this as i was listening to the red wine song. Tony, it be really fun if you got all the regulars together in manhattan for a bottle of cheap red wine, i see. Ok? And i presumed that would be a non-profit radio expense. Well, that’s that’s. The whole cheap red wine piece, the cheaper. Yeah, but i gotta fly gene in from san francisco. I gotta fly. Amy. And from portland, oregon. I gotta bring claire miree often from north carolina. You from new jersey. You’re the you’re the cheap date your accuser train ride, but okay. Okay. What do you call me? The queen of no dia. Diane of dirt. Cheap and free, because he always got free and cheap resources for us. That’s, right, you are dyin okay, all right, thank you, maria. Simple, cool. I hope you all have a great party there. Thank you very much. All right, we’ll talk soon. Bye. Maria abi. Mr cem non-profit radio factor fiction. Claire crime. I hope i’m ready. And i know you feel how you feel. Okay? It’s ah. Okay. I did. Did a guest. Oh, i’m not going to play the clip because the radio, the phone has periscope on it, so i won’t be able to play our heart attack clip. We’ll have to describe it. I’ll have to describe it. Dahna did. Did a guest almost have a heart attack on non-profit radio? I think it kind of gave away the answer right there. We’ll just sort of it. I guess it probably didn’t happen. Yeah, it was dennis miller on dh. Hey, was he was, you know, there’s miller? Oh, the comedian? No, not the committee. This one is he’s. A little it’s a little bigger than the dennis miller that most people know and he ran from i think you ran from the subway. He had a heart attack? No, he almost he came close. He was breathing. He was breathing very hard. He was huffing and puffing. Onda had a clip for you know, but i didn’t realize require any any assistance? No, no, no, it is there an i e d here in the studio. Sam, there was not a good thing. We didn’t need the no, he was fine. And he persevered and was out for the hour. It was cool. That’s. Good. So he was. He was he was a okay, um, let’s. See, um, did i interview a cab driver ever? Um, i think that’s fiction dahna it’s actually it’s close enough to be a fact. I’m sorry i came close. I interviewed that was, uh that was derek feldman, and he was in a cab at the lincoln tunnel when we started, which is not very close to here. That was a good ten twelve minute cab ride before he actually made it to the studio. That’s pretty far on. Guy tried to get him. I tried to get the cabby on the air, but he doesn’t have a sack guard, so he wasn’t allowed to do it right. He doesn’t sets a requirement here. No, it’s, because what? I understand, you’re all upset cards. This is i actually did this bonified you do? Your tough man after saying radio what’s your radio background, you been on washington? I worked. I worked for an abc radio cluster in d c doing doing news and traffic hour for exams, satellite radio at the very beginning days of satellite radios, they’re in the launch of the x m except, um, satellite room in d c in two thousand one. We launched on september tenth, two thousand and one. Okay, so the next day was september eleven, two thousand one. We weren’t prepared for that, and we’re also i worked. I worked. I worked for cnn. I worked for the d c bureau of cnn, a za news writer and sometime reporter at worked for beauty. Oh, petey! Oh, petey! On the station in d c i was news reporter and sports anchor there on the weekends. Your weather girl. I’ve never been a weather you want, whether okay, sports argast i’ve read plenty of weather because when you do news like for an fm station in the morning, you do like a little bit of sports. A little bit of weather. I was like doing the weather. Three t o p it’s still going strong to your council being up here, it’s like two big deal is awesome. Yeah, great station, cool. I learned to it all the time. All right, let’s, try one more fact or fiction. Yes, one more. Um, has seth godin been on this show? I’m going to say that that’s a fact, that is a fact. Did i interview seth goat subpart a. Did i interview seth gordon? I don’t know, maybe did to tap dance, or or you interviewed him. I think you interviewed him. I didn’t do that interview. Seth gordon was on the show. In fact, it was our very first next-gen charity conference and was our very first remote first time we took non-profit radio remote, right? And seth cohen was one of the speakers, and it was here in the city, and i ran to an atm. I don’t member. Why? But i remember i went to an atm to get money. Yeah, why? I needed money. Why do i need money for the route as paying guests? Latto buy-in might i have a paper trail for my sag card? I guess. And when i left, seth gordon was available, so somebody else stepped in. That was our very first social media manager. Was regina walt? I know. I know. Regina, you know, regina, remember regina? And she was she was doing the room. She was in new york at the time, national in san francisco. But she jumped in and did that interview. So seth was on the show, but i didn’t interview. You’ve done quite a few remote ce. We were together one time in san antonio at the national plan getting conference. We did that’s, right? I forgot. We did that together. That’s, right? San antonio. I’m talking to them about being at the next one. You know, alice yes, in dallas now called and pcc, isn’t it? National? No. Nc p p national conference for philanthropic planning. And now they call it now. And speaking of which, i wantto let the listeners know that if you’re in fort worth, texas, i am going to be speaking in fort worth, texas, on september twentieth to the lone star chow chapter of the ppp. They’re bringing me down there to talk about legacy storytelling. So i’ll be in texas in september. The lone star chapter, the lone star chapter. Sounds like worth and west. Okay, it sounds like three people are going to show up. No lone star chapter because texas is a huge state. You know, i have heard rumors to that effect. Yes. It’s enough. You know, texas is the number two populated state after california. Really bigger than new york. I know. On people in new york, uncommonly known scottie give us fact that’s a fact that’s that is, uh, that is fact. Yes. Texas is the second most populated state after after california. Really? Yeah. Very interesting. All right, nasco you’re from midwest, you’re from ohio. I am akron, ohio. Indeed. Ok. You’re following the convention at all. That was in cleveland. Yeah, it’s an extent, you know, little. Okay, it’s kind of not necessary on doesn’t really matter what side of the island you’re on. You wanted to see that the city of cleveland and the region come across well and i think they did. I think they did in this job. It was obviously it’s it’s always a challenge. And i think that they were think they were up to it. Ok? The fact they had a little championship parade a couple of weeks earlier. Sort of help them prepare so that’s right? See, i’m not i’m still celebrating. You are cavaliers nb a championship n ba that’s basketball that’s baseball that’s baseball, basketball basketball’s basketball. Okay n ba that’s not basketball associate baseball season what’s the national baseball association that’s and there’ll be a major league baseball and then there’s the national league in the mlb for major league baseball. Okay, i’m not a big sports story, ok, nfl, you know that is the nfl i’m gonna put you in charge in jail for assault folly in the nhl. What’s the nhl hucksters. No, okay, i’m putting you in jargon, jail for both. For nhl, nfl, they grew up in new york, unknown terms to me, you so sports plain country, xero i’m not even gonna that’s, ok, thank you. I’ve heard of the met because my dad, we grew up in the met, so i know i know that they cause i’m nets, they definitely do field goals. They’re very good field goal. They were very good. Ditigal now they have a good free throw percentage. Sametz sametz cool. Sorry, kar exist. We should take a break and what we got coming up, we’ll wrap the break will do a giveaway. We got another giveaway coming up and ah, jean takagi is going to be on the line very soon. We got more music. We got more non-profit fact or fiction. Stay with us. Oh, okay. Sam says that we shouldn’t take a break right now. Okay, that we should do something different. All right, so in that case, we got ill. D’oh. Oh, i know what i’ll do. Okay? We should we should say that we’re grateful to the sponsors and yeah, that’s. Right. Take a minute of your, uh, carol marrow. If you’d be into this pursuing pursuing to the sponsor now they do. If fund-raising software right for non-profits like, you know, they help you stay time against goal for fund-raising managed tasks like when’s. My next phone call to this group of donors. What’s. Um, next milestone i gotta make for being on task and on goal. That’s, the plan giving agency. I mean, you do marketing communication. We do marketing communication, so we would. When i lived with a client, i would i would rely on them. And i would say, what sort of software do you have? And they might say, you know, if i’m lucky, they’ll say they have pursuing for something well, let’s look at some of the information in there and try to, you know, target some specific donors or, you know, there’s all kinds of good information that’s in there, if you know how to use it, and i think that’s important is that for company, you know, for pursuing, i’m sure they offer great customer support and trainings and things like that so you could make the most of the software that’s really, exactly in the most it’s dule, you gotta have the data, and you gotta have the marketing communications to tell those stories, right? That aaron, the data. Okay, you have to have good data in a good way to organize it, and with pursuant that that’s what they could do and, you know, get the most out your pursuit software. Don’t just learn like, the first two things like, you know, learn it all. Yeah. And there are pursuing dot com and, uh, tell you what uh little differently when i told alex career but we’re gonna bring alex career on he’s on the line because our our new this is another cool already. I divulged it earlier, but another cool announcement that we have and there’s another one coming up later too, involves california that’s all like that’s. All i am permitted to say at this time about that cool announcement, but this school announcement is that we be spelling is a brand new sponsor of non-profit radio. We’ll be spelling and alex greer, ceo is on the line. Alex welcome. Thank you, tony. How you doing? We’re doing great. Welcome. Thank you for being a sponsor. Thank you for having me on. Congratulations on the three hundred show, it’s. Very tough. Cool. Now we we’d be. We’d be spelling these air. Not your grandmother’s spelling bees, right? They’re not your grandmother’s spelling bees. They’re not your elementary school spelling bees. We had no idea two a kind of nostalgia that we all have of spelling bees. But combine it with some stuff that we love to do when we go out in new york city. Like like music like comedy, music, dance, write music, dance around, meet up with some new friends. Have a couple of drinks and play a really silly game, okay? And we make money for charities at the same time. We sure did. Right? We have. Ah, great. Yeah, we have a great fund-raising platform. The idea here was to create a ticket price that young people could afford so that they could come and join these events. It’s not a five hundred dollars gala it’s usually a twenty five dollars ticket to come in, but then we turned all the spellers into peer-to-peer fundraisers. So essentially, if you were running a marathon or five pay for charity, these people will participate in this killing me, okay? They’ll reach out to their network and say, hey, and you and get up on stage and might embarrass myself, but i’m doing provoc oppcoll right. And so this makes perfect sense for the small and midsize non-profits that are non-profit radio listeners? Absolutely. Yeah, we’ve had a lot of success with a mid sized non-profits engaging younger people and really activating their crew to come out, learn about the non-profit and have a great time while they’re doing it cool. Well, alex, i want to thank you very much for for being a sponsor of non-profit radio. Thank you. That’s. Really cool that that’s my pleasure and got loved the music. We should connect. It will get you that be fantastic. You’re both in brooklyn. Oh, scotty’s soon moving to brooklyn. Yes, and alex is in brooklyn now. Oh, cool. All right, well, then we’ll have tio have to connect that be great. Absolutely. Okay, he’s going to the next musician on cool on one of the wee bey spelling bee. Sounds good. Alright, alex. Alex men. Thank you very much for being a sponsor. Absolutely. Thanks for having me. And congratulations to get cool. Pleasure. Pleasure. All right, take it. Ah, let’s. Do tony’s take two when i just want to say gratitude and thanks to all the people who have made this show possible, you hear me recite them at the end of every show, including claire meyerhoff and scott stein. Get credit every show. But then there’s so well and soon chavez, she gets credit every show to she’s doing the live tweeting right now. Are we watching the hashtag non-profit radio? Sam, we are not okay. We’re watching the phone panel that’s important too? Just in. Case anybody live tweets besides susan she’s out there tweeting this show and but then there’s, you know, there’s, the behind the scenes guy mark silverman on, of course. There’s family what’s it. The board he’s credited every show. I’m staring at him at him and taking him for granted every single week. I’m doing it right this second. But he’s the one producing he’s, the one managing the live stream that’s. Why he’s managing the stream and a right to ask him to watch the sea. You telling me who’s listening live so i could do live listener love plus he’s watching the hash tag plus he’s watching the conference line pushes, watching the board pushes. Got to keyboards in front of him. The man is uncredited. We gotta turn this thing around. Where is this? Uh, here, sam. Here, sam. Dreadfully uncredited. There he is on periscope. All right. Very odd. Looking to see. I’m not blind to keyboards. Looking at multiple. Should have multiple screens. But there’s a screen is the man’s inundated with technology. It’s it’s. Amazing. He keeps this thing together. Scot’s done. Okay. This clip there, huh? Cool durney. Uh, let’s. Keep it on. There, meyerhoff, while i’m talking, is that bad things gets a mistake is a mistake. No. Okay, so all the people who have made six, three hundred shows possible six years, three hundred shows. It’s amazing. I am so grateful to this magnificent team. And of course, the team includes our three contributors who are calling in maria and gene and amy, you know, they just they take time to prepare this show mean, every month they come up with a topic, they come up with conversation around the topic, and they take the time to think about these things, and then they take the time to call it. I mean, you know, gene and, uh, amy on the west coast, i declare i mean, they’re doing us a ten. Thirty ten o’clock in the morning, ten. Thirty in the morning. That’s early. Well, for california. Yeah. I mean, you know, those people, i mean, they’re starting the day like noon, but these but these two are not they’re they’re more ambitious than your average california person. That’s bad, right? That’s bad for everybody, for i was born in california. Are you? Are you from california? Was born there you’re born he was more than a little teeny tiny town called coal inga. They had a big earthquake there in nineteen eighty three. Is that their claim? Tio? Okay, wasn’t that the celebrated jumping frog that’s, calaveras celebrated jumping frog of calaveras county or something? Isn’t it cooling? Is is known as the home of harris ranch, which is a horse breeder, and they had a horse a couple of years ago that that one like the two big races but didn’t want the third one. I can’t enter the name of it. No, i’m sorry, it was a great story, okay, so you don’t know much more about sports going to do well and i don’t know that much about horse racing. Well, let’s, me neither feel any better, but i don’t know about baseball, so great gratitude, gratitude going out to those three contributors who have been with us for a long time. Maria is like three years, amy, since the hundredth show, which would be four years, fifty shows a year, two hundred shows, five, fifty, two hundred for four years. And jean takagi even longer than that. It’s amazing! So that’s tony’s take two lots of gratitude going out? Okay, let’s do a giveaway we give away, we got some to give away this one’s going tio dan kimble dan is a product specialist, and apple owes software longtime non-profit fundraiser, he says with a passion for people, music, food and a few other things and probably the real interesting stuff is probably a few other things that he doesn’t, including his twitter profile he’s at fugitive d m k although it doesn’t spell fugitive the right way, i hope he knows that, but he tweeted our three hundred show and that’s what it took to win a prize we’ve got to give away for your dan it’s a subscription to the non-profit times. Claire the non-profit times the leading business publication for non-profit management than non-profit times dot com that’s non-profit times dot com that is non-profit times beautiful. What a pro! Thank you. You do have a sag card? I can tell nastad card, scott. No, i do not. But i’m a musician some part of local later to here in the city. Look latto to any man. He’s bona fide. I’m the only one who’s not. I don’t have any have no credentials. All right, jean chicago. Lots of credentials i’ve could have, but nothing like you’re an attorney and that’s. The first one you think of, i’m embarrassed. That’s the first one. That’s important podcaster. You’re a podcaster. Thank you. You’re a certified podcaster. C p c let’s, bring in jane takagi he’s on the line. Gene, welcome to the party. Congratulate durney amazing three hundred shows. Thank you very much. Thank you, jean how’s. Everything. Where you doing in san francisco today? What’s going on there? Well, it’s, a little early, as you mentioned, have, uh, just getting a bit of work done. But it’s, a beautiful day out here, as we often happen in california and san francisco specifically, you have beautiful weather there, right? Well, particularly in july, july? Not june. Sometimes a little gloomy, but right, junior, get that junior. Yes. Do you know where do you know the little town that claire miree office from in california what’s kayman coalinga. Do you know that when you absolutely drive by all the time as i drive down i five tillis, ingeles it’s, halfway between l a and san francisco. Pretty much, right? Yeah, exactly where we make a little stop to get gas and grab, drink, exactly, or you could go to the harris ranch. They have great food at the restaurant of paris ranch. There you go, jean. If you need a lunch, stop instead of just gas and bathroom break, stop it! You know that stuff? I think there’s, a it’s, like a bob’s, big boy or something, is right there. I’ve driven up and down there. Is there a big boy there? Gene, can you verify that? Recall their way? You lots of big boys. But that ok, well used to see lots of big arjun. I want to go there, let’s. See what else we got. Oh, so oh, well, just the fact that you got a restaurant recommendation. So if you need lunch what’s in paris, the harris harris ran her cerini is this huge ranch, but they have a restaurant on site with, you know, great burgers, because the meat comes from the cows that you smell when you’re driving along. I five. There you go. Okay, so i get the before and after. Okay. All right, all right. You are truly a vegetarian. Jean takagi. Uh, are your vegetarian gene? No, i’m not. I don’t admire those who are ok. Waiter it’s a big world out of love for everyone. The vegetarian, vegan, macro, macro, ovo lacto, whatever you might be, your inclusive were inclusive. You included? You included? Because we’re inclusive. Non-profit radio. Um so, jean, you’ve been with non-profit radio for a long, long time. I think it’s i think it’s it may be even more, like more more than five and a half years. You were on very early in the show. My first show was august twenty seventh, two thousand ten august. I see you did the research. You’re better than you better than the host that’s. Why that’s why? I’m not bona fide august twenty seventh, two thousand ten well, we only started the thing in july two thousand ten. Oh, so you were definitely your your hands almost the whole six years. Yeah. It’s. Pretty amazing. And i take way. We have a way. Had drinks, actually at a restaurant here in san francisco that is unfortunately closed down. Since then, i take the only to the best places, right? Yeah. That was back when emily chan was was with us. Yeah, absolutely. So we had the drinks. Do we have the drinks? And then you were on the show or we we did the show and then two drinks, remember? You know, i can’t remember the order, but it was it was very close to around the same time. Okay, so, so call it six years. Jean. You’ve been on the show the whole six years for pete’s sake. I guess so, and very honored to be part of the show. Wow, cool, all right, well, i want to thank you very much for doing that gene. Year after year after year, so many shows together, jin takagi hey edits the very popular, exceedingly popular non-profit law blawg dot com, and his firm is neo, the non-profit and exempt organizations law group in san francisco, um, and on twitter he’s at g tak e t a what a gentleman and what a smart guy. Oh, but we can’t sign him off. You got the award to talk about jean. We gotta spend minutes on this. All right, again, either fact or fiction. Non-profit radio was instrumental in your winning a major award. Jean takagi. Yeah, i’m a little shy to talk about it, but yeah, it was really very, very helpful in and on the first line of my bio. I’ve noted out that that i’m a regular contributor to tony martignetti non-profit radio and that the american bar association’s non-profit organizations committee was kind enough to honor me with their lawyer of the year awards. Thanks. Thanks. It’s also about tony and i very much appreciate being part of this show and absolutely help you get that recognition. Now, gene, i know how modest you are. It’s coming out right now. The full title of the award from the american bar association is two thousand sixteen outstanding non-profit lawyer that’s the award that gene takagi one it’s remarkable, so well deserved. So overdue. I mean, you should have been the twenty fourteen and twenty fifteen too. But they finally they fixed it. Twenty sixteen and i was very proud that non-profit medio was a part of your bio on that in that testimonial for the award. So, jean, you’re modest and i admire that. But i’m shouting you out as the american bar association. Twenty sixteen outstanding non-profit lawyer. Well, that’s. Awesome that is awesome, absolutely. Gene, your gentlemen, thank you so much for being a part of non-profit radio. Congrats many, many more so absolutely, and you’ll be a part of a lot of them. Thank you, jean. Thanks, jane, okay, was i mean, we get a little break, we’ve got to go toe, you gotta go to break, is that right? Okay, sam, labbate says, break time. We’ll be back in, uh, moments, mere moments, and we got any sample ward still calling in. We’ve got more fact or fiction. We got scott stein’s gonna play a song from his newest album, stay with us. Like what you’re hearing a non-profit radio tony’s got more on youtube, you’ll find clips from stand up comedy tv spots and exclusive interviews catch guests like seth gordon. Craig newmark, the founder of craigslist marquis of eco enterprises, charles best from donors choose dot org’s aria finger do something that worked. And naomi levine from new york universities heimans center on philanthropy tony tweets to he finds the best content from the most knowledgeable, interesting people in and around non-profits to share on his stream. If you have valuable info, he wants to re tweet you during the show. You can join the conversation on twitter using hashtag non-profit radio twitter is an easy way to reach tony he’s at tony martignetti narasimhan t i g e n e t t i remember there’s a g before the end he hosts a podcast for the chronicle of philanthropy fund-raising fundamentals is a short monthly show devoted to getting over your fund-raising hartals just like non-profit radio, toni talks to leading thinkers, experts and cool people with great ideas. As one fan said, tony picks their brains and i don’t have to leave my office fund-raising fundamentals was recently dubbed the most helpful non-profit podcast you have ever heard. You can also join the conversation on facebook, where you can ask questions before or after the show. The guests were there, too. Get insider show alerts by email, tony tells you who’s on each week and always includes link so that you can contact guests directly. To sign up, visit the facebook page for tony martignetti dot com. Lively conversation. Top trans sounded life that’s, tony martignetti non-profit radio. And i am his niece, carmela. And i am his nephew, gino. Welcome back to big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. As you can tell, we got we got skynet is traveling eighty eight. We got scott at his traveling eighty eight is called it’s time. I responded many names. Okay, um, the album, the new album, is traveling companion. What were you gonna play? I’m gonna play the first single it’s called wild abandon, and it just released it last week. It’s available on bandcamp and via my websites, got stein music dot com, and the record will be out in the coming weeks, and as i’m starting to hit the road and do some, do some tour dates in support of the album. So cool. All right, here is scott stein, wild abandon off his new album, traveling companion. I’m going against the traffic, if not exactly against the grain speeding past jamaica on the first outgoing tree. It ain’t the prettiest of day. Ah, but it’ll have to do. To make in naz living, god be in honest man. I read that in a book somewhere is all i understand. No, i’m headed somewhere. I don’t know where to wait, but wherever i’m going, i’m going with you. I live my life. Just win for someone who threw me out in deep shit, mate from a stupor arouses wig made from my sleeping to teach me how to love, because i didn’t have. Hit me like a rocket then, and never side coming. You nearly knocked me over, but his payment run. It doesn’t matter what direction. But just as long as north is true way, wherever i’m going, i’m going with you. Yeah, wherever i’m going, i’m going with you. We’ve got tio love with wild abandon and louder, abandoned, my dear. You’ve got to learn to love with wild abandon, wilder abandoned, my dear, i’m good love you, wild men and wild bend, my dear, i’m done. You know what? Out of band wild abandon, my dear. I’m going against the traffic of not exactly against the green speeding past to make it line and down, darling, i can’t wait. Till’s wagon days through there has never been more certain, darling. Because i made up my mind. I’m going to make that safe, uncertain path going. But my heart walk line. So baby let’s get lost together. Stumble down the avenue. Because wherever going going with yeah, wherever i’m going, i’m going with you. Wait! Thanks. Scott stein. Scott stein. Music dot com the new album is i do. Two new album is traveling companion. That was wild. Abandon you’re gonna find him. It’s scott stein, music dot com you’re gonna find him in pittsburgh coming up. You’re gonna find him in lancaster pen pencil. Vania we’re gonna find him in akron. His hometown has got dates in all these towns coming up and there’s a lot more at scott stein. Music dot com, right? Yes, sir. Thank you. And again. Congratulations on three hundred. And thanks for having me. Absolutely. It’s a pleasure. I want to hear for three. Fifty. I’ll start. I’ll start counting. I’ll give you the date so you don’t look yourself. You okay? Cool. I’m glad you’re with us. And you with us for the rest of show. Write your exam. We got there. We got ten minutes left on my god. Okay. So while while scott and claire switch mike’s again, i’ll turn the periscope around me and i’m going to live listener love you gotta have the live listen love it’s always got to go out now live listeners know this i make a big, big to do out of you gotta have the live listening, but why is it because i’m grateful? I’m just showing men, i’m just showing gratitude that we’ve got live listeners and i don’t care when it’s only three or when it’s thirty three or fifty i i know the three people are out there and i love it it’s a rush knowing people are listening live yeah, the vast, vast majority that over ten thousand listen, the podcast but the live listeners knowing you are with me gives me juice. I’m telling you it gives me energy every single show. So we got a live listener love going to new york, new york, charlotte, north carolina and swan’s borrow north carolina, mount vernon, new york a couple of new yorkers checking in thomasville, north carolina, multiple north carolina school treat dale, oregon i know it’s oregon, not oregon, because amy sample warden trained me months ago years ago that there’s no e at the end of oregon treyz dale, oregon, um, alexandria virginia’s on live listening love going alexandria st louis, missouri matt laurel, new jersey live listener love to each of you now, of course we’ve got to go abroad lots. Of countries always checking in south korea. So so loyal, always, always somebody from south korea. So for south korea live listen, love i send comes our ham nida japan! I don’t know where in japan were a little tax today, so we don’t know cities but we got japan in the house konnichi wa also argentina, hungary, china’s with us china also always checking in so loyal in china, ni hao and australia is with us live listen love to australia that’s the live love has got to go out we got to the podcast pleasantries because you know, if the live listen love goes out right comes after that podcast pleasantries, bestie over ten thousand claire over ten thousand people listen to show on itunes and stitcher those were the vastness of the vast majority, the the itunes stitcher platforms, but over ten thousand people on the podcast i mean, this technology is wonderful and the different shows on talking alternative radio it’s, like anybody, can have their own show and everybody can be their own media mogul. You don’t have to rely on traditional communications and traditional media to get your to get your message out, you’re absolutely right. But you know what? We have traditional on non-profit radio because we have affiliate stations throughout the country. I am and fm stations throughout the country listening stations. Do we have dozens? I don’t remember how many really doesn’t. Yeah. So from oh, in fact, scotty is doing lancaster, pennsylvania. We have a station in lanchester. Yeah, we’re talking about that stopped when we’re on the way out. W l r i will shout them out specifically in lancaster, pennsylvania. Mary-jo yeah, we’ll see you guys this saturday. Okay? Out and will a straight hans her house is probably playing so outstanding. Okay, but the am and fm listeners. So we got we got the traditional media. We got the new media, the podcast, but but going out to the affiliate listeners, of course. That’s affiliate affections. It’s not podcast pleasantries. We’re live. Listen, elearning that’s affiliate affections for the affiliate listeners. Okay, just so we know fillied affections to all our lives to are all our affiliate listeners. Okay, um, let’s, bring in the sample. Warden, we gotta bring around she’s on amy sample ward. How you doing? I’m doing well. How are you? Happy number three. Hundred. Thank you very much. You’ve been with me since number one hundred. I know that was my first show. And you have another very auspicious occasion. You’re on maternity leave right now. Well, concrete’s am. And today is my son’s. Three months treyz orange orange way today. Have you, it’s? Not a year. Three months and three hundred, sold was three months old and we’re doing the three hundred show. This is very auspicious, three’s. Lots of trees. So open. Nobody in the audience has triskaidekaphobia because that’s fear of the number three. I hope that i hope nobody has that. Now you have tricked triskaidekaphobia. No, you don’t. Okay. Congratulations, orin. Happy birthday, he’s. Currently way. Okay, okay. We just have a minute or so. Amy sample word. But i wanted to have you on to thank you for all your work with this show. It’s. Amazing. Oh, my gosh. It’s. My pleasure. I was just thinking this morning about this being the three hundred show. I heard you do the math earlier. So fifty show of the year. So four years and how how much has happened in all of that time in the sector and the kinds of conversations that we’ve had in the different topics that you covered, like four years is a long time in a non profit world. Thank you. And i’m glad you’ve been with me for that long. And and the show’s been around for six. So imagine that so. Well, like a dinosaur non-profit radios. A dinosaur? No, we’re not done, sir. All right. We have to go in, but i want to thank you very much for being a part of the show. Really? Sincerely. And for calling in on maternity leave time and orin happy third, third month. Thank you so much. We love you. We love you. We love you. Thank you. Thank you. All right, we got one minute left. Claire meyerhoff has a bunch of let’s. Let’s. Do a little more factor fiction before we before we wrap. What do you got? Well, i’ve got a quiz for you. It’s a it’s. A new york quiz that comes by way of my friend amy wolf at the new york community trust. We’ve got a couple of questions for you, let’s. See what you know. How many public charities call new york city. Home includes hospitals. And churches is a ten thousand. Or is it twenty thousand or thirty thousand? Hyre i thought i was like fifty thousand. So i’m going to say thirty thousand thirty, one thousand one hundred and fifty, to get some music for that, i said thirty. Yeah. Thank you. I’m getting screwed by. I’m getting screwed by scott stein. I’m not getting my music, all right? What else we got? Okay. What is the largest nonprofit organization in the state of new york? Is it in you? New york university? The metropolitan museum of art or columbia university, new york university, columbia. Fourteen billion billion. Thatis oh, and assets o if you had said in assets i would’ve known i thought you meant number of students. So here’s, the last. The last question. New york employees. The state of new york employs the most number of people in non-profits in the nation is at one million. One point, one million or one point two five, nine. One point two five. One point two. Five million workers are paid more than fifty seven billion dollars in wage is. Thank you very much. Thank you. You did really well, okay, i did. I got two out of three, but i get you cheated me on the way. You asked that’s what i got wrong. Thank you, amy wolf. Okay, we gotta wrap this up, so we turned off the periscope to me, and i have to say thank you very much to cure a coffee. We love your coffee, our price sponsor and the non-profit times also. Thank you so much. Thank you, scott stein. Thank you. Being with its course. Thank you. Clear. Markoff. Thank you. Thank you for co hosting. Love us love being here. I love the show. We also got to thank everybody who called in. You know, those listeners, those those contributors, you know who they are. Maria, gene and amy. If you missed any part of today’s show, how could you miss it? It’s the three hundredth finding on tony martignetti dot com. Responsive by pursuant to full service fund-raising data driven, technology enabled pursuing dot com, and by we be spelling supercool spelling bee fundraisers. We’ll be spelling dot com. Our creative producers plan meyerhoff. Sam liebowitz is the line producer shows social media is by susan chavez susan chavez dot com on our music is by scott stein you with me next week for non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. Go out and be great. Xero what’s not to love about non-profit radio tony gets the best guests check this out from seth godin this’s the first revolution since tv nineteen fifty and henry ford nineteen twenty it’s the revolution of our lifetime here’s a smart, simple idea from craigslist founder craig newmark insights orn presentation or anything? People don’t really need the fancy stuff they need something which is simple and fast. When’s the best time to post on facebook facebook’s andrew noise nose at traffic is at an all time hyre on nine a, m or p m so that’s when you should be posting your most meaningful post here’s aria finger ceo of do something dot or ge young people are not going to be involved in social change if it’s boring and they don’t see the impact of what they’re doing. So you got to make it fun and applicable to these young people look so otherwise a fifteen and sixteen year old they have better things to do if they have xbox, they have tv, they have their cell phones me dar is the founder of idealist took two or three years for foundation staff to sort of dane toe. Add an email address card. It was like it was phone. This email thing is fired-up that’s why should i give it away? Charles best founded donors choose dot or ge somehow they’ve gotten in touch kind of off line as it were on dh and no two exchanges of brownies and visits and physical gift. Mark echo is the founder and ceo of eco enterprises. You may be wearing his hoodies and shirts tony, too. Not to him. Yeah, you know, i just i i’m a big believer that’s not what you make in life. It sze, you know, tell you make people feel this is public radio host majora carter. Innovation is in the power of understanding that you don’t just put money on a situation expected to hell. You put money in a situation and invested and expect it to grow and savvy advice for success from eric sabiston. What separates those who achieve from those who do not is in direct proportion to one’s ability to ask others for help. The smartest experts and leading thinkers air on tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent.

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