Nonprofit Radio for September 4, 2015: Video Storytelling & Don’t Tell MY Story

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Yasmin Nguyen & Sheri Chaney Jones: Video Storytelling

In a crowded video internet, how do you tell that compelling story so your message moves others to take action? Sharing their smart strategies are Yasmin Nguyen, CEO of VibranceGlobal, and Sheri Chaney Jones, president of Measurement Resources. We talked at NTC, the Nonprofit Technology Conference, hosted by Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN).



Maria Semple: Don’t Tell MY Story

Maria Semple

The right to be forgotten. Maria Semple explains last year’s EU opinion that Google must remove outdated links from search results. What’s the impact on your prospect research? Also, your donors’ right to privacy. Maria is our prospect research contributor and The Prospect Finder. (Originally aired 6/13/14)



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