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Nonprofit Radio for July 13, 2012: The 100th Show! It’s All Social Media

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%

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Topic: It’s All Social Media

This week’s show has a survey. Please take a moment to answer four quick questions about how your org uses social media. You’ll find it here. Thank you! If you could also share it with other nonprofit professionals, I would appreciate it.

Tony’s Guests:

Amy Sample Ward
Amy Sample Ward

Amy Sample Ward is a social media scientist. She’s membership director at Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) and a contributor to Stanford Social Innovation Review. We’ve opened it up to listeners and she’ll answer your questions. Put them in a comment below for a chance to win NTEN sunglasses and a copy of “Brandraising: How Nonprofits Raise Visibility and Money Through Smart Communications.”
All our regular contributors will be with us. They’ll dish on social media in the law, for prospect research and in technology. You know them:

Gene Takagi & Emily Chan
Gene Takagi & Emily Chan of the Nonprofit & Exempt Organizations law group.


Maria Semple
Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder.


Scott Koegler
Scott Koegler, editor of Nonprofit Technology News.


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Hello and welcome to tony martignetti it’s show number one hundred high fives and knuckle bumps. It’s show number one hundred and welcome. This is big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent on tony martignetti non-profit radio your aptly named host. What a coincidence that i found this show on july of two thousand ten two years ago show number one hundred today i do hope that you’re with me last week, it would cause me great vengeance and furious anger if i were to learn that you missed automated accounting with aaron schmid he’s, the chief product officer, billhighway and he thinks about a lot a lot about accounting, so you don’t have to. He had ways to improve reporting, automate and integrate accounting with your bank and online engagement to action at the fund-raising day twenty twelve conference, we were a media sponsor on the exhibit floor, interviewing speakers, and one of those was j frost, ceo of fund-raising info dot com. He talked with me about moving people from engagement online to giving online how to convert your social media friends into donors this week. It’s all social media for show number one hundred amy sample ward is a social media scientist that’s my title she’s very modest. I described that title to her she’s membership director at non-profit technology network and ten and a contributor to the stanford social innovation review. We’ve opened it up to listeners and she’s going to take all the questions that you sent in, and all our regular monthly contributors will be with us will dish on social media in the law for prospect research and in technology you know who they are. Our legal team. Jing takagi and emily chan from san francisco, the non-profit and exempt organizations law group maria simple, the prospect finder, our contributor on prospect research from new jersey and from north carolina, say but keller will be with us he’s, our technology contributor and the editor of non-profit technology news on tony’s take too. I’m going to be giving away t shirt and sunglasses for podcast listeners because this is show number one hundred use hashtag non-profit radio to join the conversation with us on twitter. Amy sample ward is monitoring it sam, the producer is monitoring, and lynette singleton, our georgia fan club president and frequent assiduous live twitter she’s live tweeting. The show today lynette is at s c g four the number four non-profits and the hashtag is non-profit radio the show is sponsored by lap fund-raising l a lap of fund-raising dot com and i’m very grateful for their support. We have our first contest right now. A few minutes ago, i said great vengeance and furious anger. What movie is that from? Not the bible it’s in the bible, but that’s not what we’re looking for looking for the movie that that lines from you will win a copy of managing technology to meet your mission. A strategic guide for non-profit leaders donated by n ten amy, thank you very much. If you put the answer to that question, what movie was that line from on twitter right now? Make sure you use the hashtag non-profit radio what movie is that line from great vengeance and furious anger? You will win, you’ll be our first winner right now. We take a two minute break and when we return it’s all social media stay with me and amy co-branding dick dick tooting getting ding, ding, ding ding you’re listening to the talking alternate network get anything? Cubine hi, i’m carol ward from the body mind wellness program. Listen to my show for ideas and information to help you live a healthier life in body, mind and spirit, you’ll hear from terrific the guests who are experts in the areas of health, wellness and creativity. So join me every thursday at eleven a, m eastern standard time on talking alternative dot com professionals serving community. Are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. Dahna you’re listening to the talking alternative network. Lively conversation. Top trends, sound advice, that’s. Tony martignetti, yeah, that’s. Tony martignetti non-profit radio. And i’m travis frazier from united way of new york city, and i’m michelle walls from the us fund for unicef. Welcome back, we still need our first contest winner, great vengeance and furious anger. What movie is that from? Posted on twitter? Use the hashtag non-profit radio and with a copy of a book look donated by and ten the non-profit technology network. The book is managing technology to meet your mission welcome palo alto welcome, san francisco welcome, san jose, all in california! Welcome, california listeners right now. Very pleased to have with me for the hundredth show. Amy sample ward amy is membership director at non-profit technology network and ten, which you’ll find it in ten dot org’s and a contributor to stanford social innovation review her block is amy sample, ward dot or ge and she’s at amy rs ward on twitter she’s, co author of social by social a handbook on using social technologies for social impact social by social dot com is where you’ll find that book, and any profits from that book will be used to support projects which promote the use of new technologies for social good. Amy sample ward welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. It’s. A great pleasure to have you in the studio for show number one. Hundred any profits from the book are going to be given to support projects that used that promote the use of new technologies for social good. But i thought profit and greed drove are our economy what’s the social good? Well, when it comes to the book, it was a commission book by nesta who is an innovation thunder in the uk. So they commissioned us to write it. We don’t make any profit off of it in that way. And then the funds that come from the book just get put back into the innovation fund that nestor manages all for social good. Yes. And of course, i was being sarcastic or not. Of course, not all agreed. Not not most. Not all. Not entirely. We have our first question from you came from our first winner because she posted a question on the linked in group. Mary lynn holland has one an hour of consulting from me, even during registration or planned giving. Congratulations, mary lynn holland and her question. She has two questions for you. What’s. The biggest mistake that you see small non-profits making in social media. Well, there are lots of mistakes, but i would say the biggest mistake that kind of encompasses all those little things that trip up small organizations is trying to spread themselves too thin thinking, oh my gosh, you know, all these other organizations air on, they’ve got a profile on every platform they’ve got, you know, all these photos and videos and everything going on, and they think they have to do the same thing, but they don’t have the capacity to maintain all those profiles. So unless you actually have the staff time and the content, tio keep all those different profiles alive and actually have something going on there and can go in and interact with the community that’s there just don’t put the profile up on that platform, you know, just be very specific about what you what capacity you really have so that you don’t spread yourself too thin, and then people find your profile and it looks like a ghost town, and then you’re always apologizing for sorry we haven’t been here exactly, exactly one of the survey questions we asked in advance was, which social media channels do you wish your organization used or used better? And it’s pretty scattered across blogging and podcasting but facebook is kind of a large one, almost almost fifty six percent said facebook they wish they were doing something or more with facebook, and the largest was youtube. Two thirds of the people who serve we serve surveyed i wish they were doing mohr with youtube, but your point is you just you can’t keep up with the joneses necessarily, right? You can’t be on every single platform if you especially if you’re a small organization, but i think the survey showed, you know, that most people responding that they wish they were doing more with youtube and i think that’s because we see so many great videos but aren’t necessarily like high production value videos, and so then you get that feeling of, like, man, i could have made that video, why didn’t i think of it are right and, you know, so i think that there are a lot of those feelings to have seen other people succeed in thinking, gosh, it doesn’t look that hard. White why didn’t i do that? We have to take a break. Amy sample ward, of course, stays with me, and when we return, we’re going continue with social. Media. And we’ll have another contest. Stay with us. 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As a consultant to ceos, i’ve helped produce clear, measurable financial results while expanding integrity, passion and joy share my journey as we apply the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment to create breakthroughs for people across the world. The people of creation nation listen to nora simpson’s creation nation fridays at twelve noon eastern on talking alternative dot com hey, hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com i’m leslie goldman with the us fund for unicef and i’m casey rotter with us fun for unison you’re listening to tony martignetti non-profit radio. Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. Welcome back, it’s. Sure. Number one hundred twenty martignetti non-profit radio. Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. We have a caller on the break. We gotta call r steven perrotto. I know you. Welcome. I know you do what’s up. I was calling to brad schnoll age. Do on your hundredth show. Thankyou. All your friends that beautiful. Thank you very much. Future funds is a company that i do some work with and four. And we do great work with clients, don’t we? I think we do. I know. I think we do. You think we do too well, that’s. Good. Okay. Thank you, steve. Thanks very much for calling in, man. Thank you. Another hundred. Thank you. All right. And we had some with some nice things. Said on on other social media. I had someone who wished us wish us very well on the someone was just very well on the linked in group and ah, bunch of good, well wishes on my email list. And if you want to get on that weekly email lorts find out who the guest is going to be. You could do that on the show’s facebook page. We had a listener, tom l from california, and we’ve a bunch of listeners live from california right now, tom says. I was at the south rim of the grand canyon yesterday already to tune in on your on your broadcast. I thought it sounded fun tow listen while being in this remote spot, unfortunately, just a little too remote and no signal, so i did the next best thing and listen to a pre recorded podcast that i had downloaded for this trip and brought with me. Listen, tom ellen, california, thank you on the edge of the on the edge of the grand canyon. Amy it’s incredible where people are listening technology, it reaches everywhere, staggering, so question number two from maryland, holland, who asked fromthe linked in group and one hour of consulting from me, she asks what’s the biggest misconception non-profits have about social media well following on kind of from that previous question, you know, i think that a lot of small non-profits think, oh, this will be our magical cure all potion of technology, you know, we won’t have to do those email alerts anymore, and we won’t have to really send out your end appeal because, well, just tweet it or we’ll just posted on our facebook page, but it’s, just one channel and you need to be, you know, maintaining your engagement, your strategy across all those channels you still need to use email still need to use your whether it’s, direct mail or phone, whatever you are doing in your organization and social media, just another component on dove course face-to-face exact don’t want to ignore face-to-face meetings, right and social media’s great for face-to-face riel world offline things because people that are there khun just amplify what’s going on can post pictures in real time. Khun, you know, stream of video, khun send out tweets and so all those that aren’t there, maybe aren’t in that city couldn’t come whatever khun still follow along and it’s great for community building around your organization because so many more people feel like they knew what happened and they were a part of it, okay? And people are doing that for us right now, exactly, people a re tweeting, tweeting and retweeting and one of the survey questions we asked is whether your community engagement strategy includes social media and hundred percent did. Say yes. So everybody’s, everybody who surveyed eyes doing it. But we don’t want it to be a substitute for exactly. Of course. Of course. Okay, let’s. See, um let’s go. We have ah, contest winner maria? Yeah, maria simple. Oh, i should have said affiliates and friends and employees of non-profit rate or not eligible, but i didn’t say that maria simple winds absolutely correct. Great vengeance and furious anger is from pulp fiction, of course. And i believe that maria simple is the first person teo to answer that on twitter. But but i have to make important qualification. All results must be sifted through our social media manager, regina walton of organic social media. So preliminarily, maria simple is the winner, but that is subject to change based on heimans on findings by our social media manager, regina walton. Okay, um, we have another question this one is from twitter. Came from matt morgan and he’s at morgan m o r e m o r g a g n on twitter. Advanced question. What are the must have social media platforms? Let’s take that part first cause he asked reports what the one of them must have. Social media platforms well, i wish that he was tweeting along because i just have a question back for him and that’s, who are the people in his community and what air his goals for them if you if you have people in your community that are really into maybe you’re an organization that works with wildlife refuges and they love nature, well, they probably really like taking photos of nature, and that means, you know, the kinds of platforms that you want to prioritize your time on are ones where people are sharing photos, so maybe flicker facebook, et cetera. But if you have a community that works largely offline and very locally, then you’re going to want to pick platforms that aren’t necessarily for sharing out broadcasting tons of stuff, but or maybe facilitating those people, you know, sharing knowledge just within the group. So it really depends on what your goals are and who the people are that you’re even trying to engage you now. This is why i w social media scientist, because i think the average person would’ve said what’s, the what of the must have social media platform there were said, facebook looking and youtube but it’s not it’s, a much more sophisticated answer than that it depends what your goals are exactly exactly, and we’re trying to reach okay, and matt also asks from twitter how is the best way to measure twitter impact so back to that goals question, even though it’s specific to twitter, you know why’re you using twitter? Are you an organization that’s using it to really get a lot of information and knowledge out there? Maybe your think tank and you just want to make sure lots of people are using your research in your data? Well, then you’re going to want to maybe prioritized metrics around retweets and how many people have, you know, shared a linker clicked on a link that you’ve tweeted because that shows your knowledge is getting out there, but if you’re using it just for building connections and you really want people to engage with you, well, then the retweets air just sending more people away. You want to count those replies and people asking questions to you so you know the way you measure twitter impact isn’t universal for everyone, it really depends on why’re you even using that platform, have another contest, and this one is to win and ten sunglasses on and a copy of the book donated buy-in ten the future of non-profits innovate and thrive in the digital digital age zoho dave neff who’s in ten member okay, dave, next book can be yours along with sun glasses to wear while you’re reading it. Although they’re probably egyptian, we’re not giving prescription sunglasses, all right? Well, if you wear contacts, then you can wear the sunglasses while you’re reading eyes. The treasure hunt there’s a treasure hunt i had the founder of a worldwide social network as a guest twice it’s a very top of my network, everybody knows this network. One of the interviews is on our youtube channel, which israel tony martignetti some dude in boston took. Tony martignetti so my neck, my youtube channel, israel. Tony martignetti what is the name of the founder of the worldwide very well known social network that i had as a guest? Twice, you’ll find one of those interviews on a video on the youtube channel real tony martignetti answer on the youtube channel put a comment on the youtube channel, um and name him and you will. Win the sunglasses and the book. Okay, let’s. See who else we got? We got baldwin, new york. Welcome, atlanta, georgia that’s. Probably the net singleton, our master and assiduous tweeter. Welcome atlanta. We also have ah, north carolina. What was that town in north carolina? Sam, i missed it. Newport, newport, north carolina. Welcome. I love our live listeners. L three’s love live listeners. Wei, have another question for you from this one’s from peter heller also came to the linked in group peter heller. I’m wondering if any research has been done on how much of a capital campaign can be raised via social media. I believe social media is vital for non-profits, but the sexiness of it distracts from the eighty twenty role, which is eighty per cent of your gifts will come from twenty percent of your donors. You aren’t going to get your top gifts from via the internet, but you will get smaller gifts and lots of visibility. So basically asking, is there any research on how much of a campaign comes from social media have any insight into that? I don’t know if there’s research about the whole campaign because for a lot of the people that are doing this research and benchmarking there, the people either process anders or facilitating the online donation, and so they don’t know the rest of the story. They don’t have access to the organization’s data to know what else they were raising. They only know the data of the online portion, but there’s definitely benchmarks around that, and one that is, you know, has been done. You’re over a year is from blackbaud and the chronicle of philanthropy just is a heads up, i don’t know spoiler there, maybe i’m not supposed to say, but i would keep an eye out there because they’re going to be doing summarily good stuff with online fund-raising data very soon just to help keep those benchmarks out there, okay, but i would go to blackbaud and get there. They’re online donation research and you can see the average gifts, eyes, you know, it has been increasing and things like that, okay, i would also add for peter’s question that the the social media e-giving is probably going to be at the base of the of the fund-raising pyramid, the campaign pyramid where the base is all the smaller gift. We typically say it might take hundreds or thousands of small gif ts and typically, that’s. The gift giving that’s online is fifty twenty five, one hundred dollars. You know, in that vicinity and those air in a capital campaign of ah, even just a smaller campaign of two hundred fifty thousand dollars, or half a million dollars. You do need lots of those smaller gift, right and that’s, where social media would would probably be counted in that in a campaign. Exactly. Thank you. Let’s. See what we should do. What with that way have just three minutes. Is that we’re here? Oh, we have. Ah, scott, koegler is on the line. Oh, scotty kegs on here. Tony scott. Koegler is our regular technology contributor and the editor of non-profit technology news. And he is with us for a few minutes. Scott, how you doing? I’m doing great. How you congratulations, by the way. Thank you very, very much. You have a little social media topic for us today. What you gonna do? We’re gonna tease us with. Yeah, actually, it is a teaser because we’ll talk about this next week, but, uh, analytics. I mean, i heard part of the conversation about how do you know what you’re getting from? Your from your social media efforts and that that kind of goes to return on investment, you know, why would you actually spend time and money pursuing social media, right? How do you know what you’re getting from it? Okay. And that’s kind of been a perennial issue with just, you know, making those kind of decisions. So what do you have for us? Yeah. There’s. A lot of platforms out there. I know of three that are kind of my top of mind there’s hoot suite, which is a combination of free and paid for depending on the level of the analysis you want to do, uh, there’s, another one called market metoo sweet, which is kind of a new one. And it’s got a fairly unique approach to enable that was market me sweet market metoo assume suite is s u i t it is confectioner sweet. Okay, right. And the other one, which is maybe a cut above those two is something called radiant six. Maybe i am six. Okay. And that’s now a sales force dot com company. And they’ve got very interesting approach. They actually allow you to find the people that are talking about the things that you want on whatever platform there using whether it’s, a lichten group or yahoo group or twitter or facebook, or any of those and actually all at the same time, and then initiate conversations on the platforms that they’re using it’s really unique. And then they got all kinds of reporting stuff. Okay, um amy, do you have? Do you know any of those? You know, those sites or or? Any others that are useful for analysis of how you’re succeeding? Yeah, there’s, there’s tons of of platforms like that, you know, that range from frito all the money in the world that you want to invest in being able to track and report everything. I always recommend the organization’s start with a free version, no matter what, because until you’re tracking something you don’t know what’s worth investing in on dh you, khun get very sidetracked by all the shiny, shiny toys that are out there. I’ve used most of them, or at least tried them out. One thing that i do like about radiant six so that’s on the spend your side of what scott just shared. One thing that i do like about radiant six is that it has some tracking for the whole conversation. So you can say, you know, if you are using twitter, for example, to really grow your brand and change people’s ideas by getting your data and your knowledge out there, then knowing what percentage of the conversation on that topic you are a part of that’s. Incredible. Okay, thank you. Okay, scott. Cool. Everybody agrees. Excellent. And i know scott, you have to go. You coming down for a few minutes? Indeed, we are going to record next week, but that show that where scott and i will go into more detail on the analytics that’ll be the august third show. But he and i will be doing that next week. Scottie, thank you very much for calling in. Thanks, tony. Congratulations again and talk with you. Thank you very much. Thanks, buddy. Bye bye. Okay. Um, let’s see what we could do right before a break. Maybe another let’s. See another treasure hunt. Maybe we have two minutes before breaks. And so, uh, okay, perfect. So we’ll have another treasure hunt on the block. I have had a ceo of a popular charity rating organization on the show. This is a treasure hunt on the block. His last name is berger what’s his organization. Post your answer on the facebook page to win a copy of open community. A little book of big ideas for associations navigating the social web. So again, had the ceo of a popular charity rating organization on the show search my blog’s for his last name, which is burger and tell me what? His organization is and post the answer on the facebook page, and you’ll get the book for matty. Grant is also an antenna member. This incredible amy knows all these authors, really, i have to keep. I need better social social circles. I hang out with you more right now, we’re going to take a break. Amy sample ward, fortunately, can stay with us the whole show. Grateful for that. And and also after this break, we’ll have tony’s take, too. I’ll have another contest, and you’ll be maria semple with with about us and also jean takagi and emily chan. And again, any stays with us, so and i hope you do, too. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Hi, this is nancy taito from speaks. Been radio speaks. Been. Radio is an exploration of the world of communication, how it happens in how to make it better, because the quality of your communication has a direct impact on the quality of your life. Tune in monday’s at two pm on talking alternative dot com, where i’ll be interviewing experts from business, academia, the arts and new thought. Join me mondays at two p m and get all your communications questions answered on speaks been radio. Hi, i’m carol ward from the body mind wellness program. Listen to my show for ideas and information to help you live a healthier life in body, mind and spirit. You hear from terrific guests who are experts in the areas of health, wellness and creativity. So join me every thursday at eleven a, m eastern standard time on talking alternative dot com professionals serving community. 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Welcome back to the one hundred show who it’s time for tony’s take two at roughly thirty two minutes into the hour, my voice is cracked like i’m like fourteen years old. Welcome, georgie city, newjersey! Welcome live listener judges, teenagers, that’s my dad’s birthplace it was greenville hospital in the greenville section of jersey city, and my grand parents used to live on mcadoo have in jersey city. So welcome jersey city on tony steak to right now, i first want to be very careful to say thank you for everybody who has been listening to the show. There wouldn’t have been one hundred shows i would not have been doing this for two years if nobody was listening. A podcast that nobody listens to is ah diary it’s under lock and key or what good is it so very grateful? I’m very grateful for lots of listeners, lots of support followers on all our different social media channels of the show. Thank you very much and a special shout out for a podcast. Listeners there are over a thousand of them, and right now i have a contest for podcast listeners. So live listeners, you’re welcome to listen. Don’t don’t don’t shut away, but this one is for podcast listeners. They’re going to win an intent t shirt and a pair of sunglasses, but after the podcast is posted and regina walton knows exactly the moment and second that the podcast goes live. And after that time, the first person who tweets the phrase non-profit radio has over one thousand podcast listeners, we’ll win the end ten t shirt and pair of sunglasses, so podcast listeners. After you’ve heard that podcast, go to twitter, use the hashtag non-profit radio and tweet the phrase non-profit radio has over one thousand podcast listeners, and i’ll leave it to your discretion when you where you want to put a comma in the one thousand that’s up to you, my blog’s, as always, is tony martignetti dot com and that’s, where you will find information about today’s show and that’s, where we’ll be posting lots of contest winners next week. We’ll have the contest winners posted on my blogged at tony martignetti dot com, and that is tony’s take two for friday, july thirteenth, twenty eighth show of the year. Right now we have lots of contributors with us, maria simple is on the line. How are you, maria? Great. How are you doing? Very well, thank you. Marie is the prospect. Find her she’s an experienced trainer and speaker on prospect research. Her website is the prospect finder dot com her book is panning for gold. Find your best donor prospects now and on twitter she is at maria simple. Welcome, maria. Thanks, tony. And congratulations. Thank you very much. I know you and you and amy and i are going to talk about email and online strategies, so we’re going to get to that that connection very soon. But let’s bring in gene and emily to what the heck gene and emily how you doing? We’re doing great many congratulations on your hundreds. Thank you, emily. Are you there or is genius speaking? Speaking speaking for you today i’m here okay. Jean takagi is the principle of dio the non-profit exempt organizations law group in san francisco. He had it. The popular blogger at non-profit law blawg dot com and he’s at g tak gt a k on twitter emily chan is an attorney at neo-sage principal contributor to that non-profit law blogged and on twitter she is at emily. Chan, welcome again. So and you guys were going to talk about who owns your twitter account? That’s? Really interesting. But let’s see let’s, start with maria and maria. You have some advice around coordinating email and social media channels. Yeah. That’s right. Tony, really? Email marketing is no longer just about sending out email blast because it’s all very share a bill now. So the beauty of it is you can take the communications and leverage them much further. Both us, the sender, but also the person receiving it can go ahead and forward the communications on their social media platform. Okay, forwarding. So is this done with a simple links in an email? Yeah, usually it’s done with that share, that social share bar that we’re also accustomed to seeing now that also it already has a little icons embedded into it. Okay, but certainly they can take the girl and cut and pasted in as well if they prefer to do it that way. But those social share buttons really make it great to be ableto take your communication and leverage it further. I mean, what what’s your vice around coordinating email with your social network channels. Yeah, we try to do that, i’ve seen organizations actually see big upticks because they see, you know, a message go out and then a coordinated message asking what people thought of it or if there was a video embedded or photo, you know, an action that they can then say, hey, look at all the people signing that petition or whatever, but another form of engagement that i’ve seen, especially small organizations that, you know, maybe have to staff or say three staff are not paid, you know, like just a volunteer organization used tools, you know, they don’t like that very first question getting spread too thin, they know they have email addresses, they’re not going to worry about facebook, so they really want to make those emails really good. Andi, i’ve seen people use a tool called group fine that allows your email toe actually be kind of alive, so i’ll send out an e mail to everybody, and i say, you know, we’re looking for your feedback about this event, you know, what day do you want it? And then who would you like is the speaker? You can embed those questions in the email and when people respond and you open your email, you see their responses live in your ok so people can see written out answers from other people in the community, etcetera. So you can literally start a conversation in an email because everyone is opening that email and seeing it and that’s why it was called group find group, vine group find like a great plan. Great. Fine group. Fine. Okay, maria, what what else did you want to share with us? You know, i wanted to share also that there is a site called nutshell mail dot com for those small organizations that are thinking, well, how do we begin? Teo, monitor the conversations that are going on elsewhere. You can actually set up an account with nutshell mail, i believe it’s free and you can have the three e mails sent you. However often you want throughout the day. So let’s say you’re interested in monitoring your e mail your social media communications and mentioned at the beginning of the day and toward the end of the day, not shell male will actually send you an email. Recai recapping all of social media that has been going on or you actually designate you’re interested in monitoring face focus your monitoring, lengthen or twitter. You designate which ones you’re interested in getting the communications about. And maria is nutshell male free. I believe so. Yes, it is. Okay. She says yes. Maria says yes. So yes. Okay. Excellent. Excellent. Maria way. Want to leave us with one other tip before we have to move? Teo jean emily a little bit. Yeah, i think one other site that i might like. Just drop and leave with you it’s something called social quick starter dot com and it’ll give you some additional ideas about how to leverage your email communications into social media. Okay, would you be good enough? Teo? Post these on the facebook page on the linked in group. Sure. All these free resource is. Thank you. I always appreciate you doing that. Thank you. Um, on dh, you’re welcome to stay if you want, you hang on the phone. Maria, can you cure? Okay. Excellent. But let’s, uh, let’s. Go to jean and emily and there’s some recent controversy around a case that involves whether the issue is whether a person on employee or the employer owns the twitter account after the employee leaves who’s going to who’s goingto give the fax an overview of the case familiar gene, go ahead either one okay, not go there. There was a case recently and arises because many of us are mixing our work and personal lives so much and i think that’s especially true when we’re using social media. Andi so for people who are on twitter on by all of us, i think are on twitter now we put in our personal statements as well, lazar our word promotional statements and do some branding for our companies and for our selves personally. So there was a recent case, probably the most well known that was filed in july of last year involving phone dog and an employee who’s named noah kravitz. Kravitz was using a twitter account that had phone dog is part of the twitter handle phone dog noah okay, promote the company and crab it’s left the employment, kept the twitter account and changed the handle to noah kravitz, his name but by that time, he’d accumulated over seventeen thousand twitter followers um, and months later, phone dogs decided to sue because they wanted the account in the followers, you know, suing for damages, they figured out that each follower was worth two dollars and fifty cents per month for eight months, and that ended up being three hundred forty thousand dollars in that complaint timesthe seventeen thousand followers that’s interesting that any idea how they came up with two dollars and fifty cents per month for ah is the value of a twitter follower? Well, that i think if i’m following you, i’m worth much more than that i’m worth, i don’t know fifteen or twenty dollars a month surely that’s definitely the big issue, and it may be a way that each organization values its prospects on customer list, but that’s that’s sort of each organizations proprietary information. I’m not sure exactly how they came up with that and that’s definitely one of the issues. Okay, i’m going to just ask amy, just this is a little date. Well, it’s an interesting issue. Yeah, but i know and we’ll go deeper in the law. But, amy, any sense of value, any reason research on how how twitter accounts value their followers in really indulgence sense? I don’t know, i mean organizations do it in different ways, in this case, it’s. Very different than, like many non-profits that aren’t tracking the our ally of anything or anyone. So they actually have the math, you know, to to do the calculation. But i think that for most organizations, their primary use of twitter was just the community building and never asking for anything you know, fund-raising wise not doing appeals. They’re not even doing customer service for other fund related work, but in litigation, as jean points out, there has to be shevawn cause of action and also damages. If you’re angry at somebody but you weren’t injured or damaged by it, then there’s no recompense in law. Anyway, you might get an apology, but so that’s how they valued. Ok, jean little digression. Sorry. Yeah, so well, that’s the basic issue and and of course, been final by finalized yet, so they’re still going into settlement agreements, and we’re going to learn from this, but we think this is going to blow up and be more pervasive because there are a lot of issues involved where employers are just not making clear who owns the account that out that and that creates, you know, potentially triable issues i have i’m sorry, i have a survey question and emily, this will probably leading to some of your advice around this. Do you have a written policy on use of social media accounts by employees? And about fifty six percent of people said yes at about forty five percent, forty four percent said no. So let’s, sort of close to a half don’t have a written policy. Emily, i’m sure there’s advice that involves written policies, of course, absolutely. With any policy, i think it’s important to think about what you’re actually trying to address. So even if half of the survey respondents have a policy, is it actually addressing the questions that are coming up in cases like phone dog versus kravitz? You know you may have policies about what can be put a on the twitter account, like what kind of content you’re supposed to push out. But did you actually address, you know, who owns the account, who maybe account, and you have guidelines for howto relinquish that account when that the employment end. So these are all the kind of questions that organization should be thinking about when they’re creating these policies. Now that these cases, they’re coming up, okay, and we just have a minute before a break. One more piece of advice. Teo, help stave off these these issues. I think just making any step in the right direction, you know, it’s hard to do a comprehensive policy, but to just tackle one question out of time, i think you can really help the organization in the long term just to say, you know, the employer owns the account and you give it up end. Making that clear is something that i think probably a lot of organizations i haven’t done yet. I haven’t thought about it, okay, you’ll stay with us. Of course, i like i love the name of that case phone dog versus kravitz. I don’t know if he’s related to lenny kravitz or i think of mrs kravitz from bewitched. Those of you remember that show, mrs kravitz, i believe, was the neighbor. I don’t know if noah is a descendant of any of them. We’re going to take a break and when we return, maria semple stays with us and jean takagi in emily chan and amy sample ward and i hope you two. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. 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Welcome back to the one hundred show that last love, amy’s little move that last drop where someone is that’s called a drop when someone is endorsing the show. That’s a pretty significant clue to one of our current contests. I have to leave it there. Amy, i want to ask you how, and ten manages ownership of social media properties and three organizations, all about social media. You’re all doing lots of things. How does how does that organization manage this? Sure. So we definitely do have a policy in place and it’s part of our employee handbook that everyone has to sign. So we know you at least pretended to write it. Did you mean emily chan, right? That policy for you? She did not. They did not. Well, it’s probably substandard, but haven’t i? I’m happy to say it some standard until they look it over, but we that the inten organizational account and ten org on twitter is the only one that is thie official voice event ten and we have policies in place that say who can have admin access to that? You know who khun tweet from the account when what kinds of things? You tweet, but then we also have some guidelines and parameters for using your own account and that we’re totally fine if you want to have your own twitter account and not be associated with antenna and never talk about us, etcetera. That’s truly finds your personal account, but if you do want to tweet about and tens work or in support of intent or anything like that, then we want to make sure that you say that you are an ant in employee in the bio so that if if, say, someone asked a question and you respond from your personal account and not the official account, they know it really was legitimate, you know, information that they were getting back, and it wasn’t just some random person trying to say this is how to use the site or something. So we want to make sure that it’s, transparent and clear in your profile, but we don’t own that profile. We don’t own. We don’t try and measure or anything, even those personal accounts, and then when you leave, well, then we ask, obviously, that you take the reference that urine and an employee out of your bio, but that’s it, it’s still your it’s your own account. Okay, jean, how does that sound to you? Well, we love and ten. And so you know in-kind well, okay, that okay, their policies, they’re probably pretty strong. And that sounds like that. Sounds like great. Those sound like great guidelines. And maybe one cautionary note. If you don’t do something like that. And you’ve got an employee that’s tweeting on a quasi work accountant starts to endorse a political candidate in this election year. You could get into a lot of trouble for your organization. Election hearing. We talked with her. Yes. You and i and emily talked a lot about that in a previous show. Election hearing and political advocacy. Okay. We definitely like to encourage people to vote, but we do not tell them who to vote for. But so what would happen then, jean if if amy on her on her on a personal account, that does say that she’s within ten started to endorse a candidate, what would happen? Well, those those words could get attributed, teo. Antenna if it’s an antenna owned, account controlled account and then that’s just a safety organization, it endorsed the candidates themselves, which is a violation of five twenty three and potentially jeopardised the five oh, one seat to exempt status of the organizations why you gotta do take steps to make sure that that doesn’t okay? And i guess, emily, that should be a part of your your polyp written policy, yeah, absolutely a cz much of the organization and its best interests, khun document that it’s doing its part to take care of its responsibility that’ll be helpful. So in the employee handbook saying, you know, if you do put that urine and an employee like you should know that is a five, a one tree organization, we can’t make these kind of statement was we can’t expect organizations to monitor all of their employees accounts, and then if the employer does become aware of something that happened, you know, documenting the steps you took to make sure that it wasn’t attributed to the organization, like having asking the person, maybe tio put something on their account to make sure that it shows that it’s their personal account i’m or even just as the organization with the accounts, you’re in control of making sure that you’re putting the information out there like that, we do not monitor employee account, okay, amy’s doing a lot of nodding. So i just i mean, generally that’s the way in ten manages things. Yes, yeah, okay, um, let me ask you, we just have about two minutes left. Can’t noncompete and non solicitation agreements be valuable in this? Also, jean. Yes, absolutely. So if somebody doesn’t, uh, have has a personal, own email account or started sorry social media accounts like a twitter account and brings it to the organization’s main competitors when they switch firms and that’s going to be a problem if they bring all the followers over oh, run so absolutely having a non compete but use traditional non compete agreement. But make sure that they reflect that there’s social media properties as well. That may be involved, i think it’s really important? Yes. Because in this phone dog case, noah just noah kravitz left the employment, but he didn’t go to a competitors, but yeah. Interesting. If if you go over to a competitive right. Absolutely. Yeah, very good. Let’s. See, i guess we should probably say goodbye, maria. Simple. You’re still there. I know i am. Um, let me give you one shot. Is there anything? Is there any more sight? One more site. You want a name in our last minute? Since we haven’t talked to you for a few minutes. Oh, boy. Uh, gosh. There’s so many great ones out there. One mashable dot com. Okay, mashable i love just kind of keeping. Track of what mashable is talking about in all things. Social media and always come up with some interesting ideas after i read one of their articles. Okay. And that’s. A very well known block. Jamie, you follow that also. Develop mashable. Okay, maria simple. Thank you very much, maria. Simple. Of course, the prospect. Find her. You’ll find her at the prospect finder. Dot com. Thanks for being on maria. Thank you. Congrats again. Thank you very much. Gene and emily at neo non-profit exempt organizations law group in san francisco. The block is no non-profit law blogged dotcom. Thank you very much. Both for being on. Thank you so much, tony. Congratulations. Thanks, gene. Thank you. Thank you, emily. Thanks for helping talk to you next month. Amy let’s. See in wrap up one thing that you want, teo leave listeners with about social media that we haven’t said that’s sabelo in, like, twenty seconds zoho i would say give tools a try on your own if you want. If you think that they could be used for your organization before you try and set up the organizational account, so you give yourself a chance to figure out. How it really works, what things you like about it, etcetera, before you set up that organizational profile and start directing people there and then realize, oh, actually, this is broken or whatever, you know, work those kings out on a personal account first amy sample warders, membership director and ten non-profit technology network, which you’ll find it, and ten and t e n dot or ge and a contributor to stanford social innovation review her block is amy sample ward dot org’s amy, thanks so much for being a good yeah. Thank you for having me. Congratulations. Thank you very much. Real pleasure. Next week, we start to move to show number two hundred. Trim tab marketing. James eaton is president and creative director of tronvig group and the metaphor of trim tab as one person who can move an entire society has professional and personal meaning for him. And he’s gonna explain how something very small can really have a big impact on your marketing and had to figure out what that small thing is. Also no more crappy corporate partnerships. Another interview from the fund-raising day conference will have two people who were speakers at fund-raising day. And they want you to take a holistic approach to your corporate relationships because your charity as real value for companies and they have a lot more to offer you than just money. 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Our creative producer was claire meyerhoff. Sam liebowitz is the line producer of tony martignetti non-profit radio shows. Social media is by regina walton of organic social media. Regina, thanks for all your help today, and the producer of tony martignetti non-profit radio is john federico of the new rules. I hope you will be with me next week for the one hundred first show. Tony martignetti non-profit radio, one to two p, m eastern on talking alternative broadcasting at talking alternative dot com. I didn’t think that shooting the good ending. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Get in. Thank you. You could. Hi, this is nancy taito from speaks been radio speaks been radio is an exploration of the world of communication, how it happens in how to make it better, because the quality of your communication has a direct impact on the quality of your life. 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