Nonprofit Radio’s 400th Show

It’s coming up on July 27th! Live music, giveaways, all our contributors & sponsors—and you! Tell us how you got into nonprofit work & be part of our 400th show forever! The 2 best stories get read on air & win a bag of Cura Coffee. Share your story here or with #NonprofitRadio on Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Nonprofit Radio’s 400th Show

  1. Ah, parents were the inspiration for you. Thanks, Jeff, you’ll be part of our 400th show.

  2. My parents set the example of being involved in the community – giving, volunteering and leading. In college I was a part of my first campaign – raising funds to restore the historic home to a debate society. Who knew that would be the first of many. While learning to help with the process I began to volunteer at the college’s advancement office and the vice president became a mentor. While working at a major medical center my boss was asked to chair the regional March of Dimes chapter. He declined but said he had someone who would. I was volunteered/appointed. He was not aware that I had been involved with that organization during my college years. So I went from being a very young board chair to becoming a very young CEO for most of Georgia and I have been working in the arena and loving it ever since!

  3. You’re thriving in a fast-paced, collaborative shop and you’ve loved that from the start. That’s a wonderful story, thank you, Kate. You’ll be forever on Nonprofit Radio’s 400th show.

  4. It was the employee culture that first got me involved with nonprofit work. The nonprofit office atmosphere is typically one of collaboration, creativity, and scrappiness (read: adaptability). Here at Junior Achievement of Greater Washington, we’re a close-knit bunch; often working on many large projects across multiple departments: development, education, and operations. As a young professional wanting to learn as much as I possibly could, the nonprofit environment was a perfect match for me. I find myself wearing multiple hats on a daily basis, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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