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Claire Meyerhoff, Scott Stein, Gene Takagi, Maria Semple, Amy Sample Ward, Trent Ricker & Yigit Uctum: Nonprofit Radio’s 400th Show!
Claire Meyerhoff from The PG Agency returns to co-host & Scott Stein, composer of our theme song, is back with live music. We’ve got giveaways from our Anniversary Show Sponsor Cura Coffee, and call-ins from contributors Gene Takagi, Maria Semple & Amy Sample Ward, along with sponsors Pursuant & Wegner CPAs. It’s tons of fun for Nonprofit Radio’s 8th anniversary!

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Duitz ah, hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio. Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent it’s our four hundred show. You recognize it from that live music it’s our quarter centenary show. Eighth anniversary we have to listeners of the week charlie mcelveen he e mailed me. I’m a longtime listener and enough for-profit consultant i refer folks to your podcast frequently and quote oh, charlie, i like that very much. Thank you and daniel maori she tweeted, check out twenty martignetti for the roll up your sleeves work of keeping non-profits going. His four hundredth podcast is tomorrow. Danielle, thank you very much. I read that i got goose bumps. Charlie and danielle, thank you so much for supporting non-profit radio. Congratulations on being our four hundredth show. Listeners of the week. Oh, i’m glad you’re with me. I’d suffer the embarrassment of octa phobia if you told me you missed today’s show our eighth anniversary, we’ve got claire meyerhoff, our creative director and president of the plan giving agency the pg agency she’s here to co host. And we got scott stein, composer of our theme song he’s, back with his mobile eighty eight and live music. We’ve got giveaways for anna from our anniversary show sponsor that’s cura coffee, year after year. Very loyal cura and lots of calls coming got listener stories of how you got into non-profit work thank you so much for all the stories you’ll be. I’ll be reading them. They’ll all be part of our eighth anniversary show. It’s tons of fun fur non-profit medios four hundred show, eighth anniversary tony stayed too. It’ll be live listen love podcast pleasantries and affiliate affections responsive by pursuing full service fund-raising data driven and technology enabled tony dahna slash pursuant by regular cps, guiding you beyond the numbers wagner, cps dot com and by tell us turning credit card processing into your passive revenue stream. Tony dahna slash tony tellers let me welcome claire meyerhoff. Hi, great to see you. Great to see you two. So nice to be in our new studio owner in new york city, it’s only the second show, second window in the new studio, lovett high ceilings, more light, nice and bright. Thanks for being here. Thank you for having making trip. Let’s. Say a little scotty stein. Scott stein. Hey, hey. Hello. Hey, dahna composer of our theme song, uh, chief red wine, but she’ll be performing as well as another song for us. Yes, i well, something off the most recent album, yes is well, alright. Cool. Yeah. Hyre having me it’s always a pleasure, scott. Absolutely. Absolutely. You’re part of the show. Um, clamor half what say you what’s going on with you in the pg agency? Well, all kinds of things helping non-profits big and small with their planned e-giving marketing efforts. Aren’t you an altruistic person? Yes. And i’m going to be an ignite a speaker at the charitable plane. Give unconference in october in vegas and thie ignite speakers are are some select speakers who get five minutes and twenty slides and it’s a really strict format. So you can’t go over five minutes and you take over twenty slides. So you’re putting the place on fire. I’m gonna put on fire and there’s this one where the slides go in a rapid like everything. I think so. Yes, exactly. You when you’re ready or not. The slide right answer, right. So i’m doing in five minutes and twenty slides. I’m doing twenty do’s and don’ts for creating donor-centric marketing efforts don’t profiles for your play e-giving marking do’s and don’ts so, like i do start way ahead of time don’t leave it to the last minute to get the donor that you want to feature because some people think, oh, i have this donor, they’ll do it and i can do it in a week. No, you should start six months ahead of time, okay, tow line up your daughter so and if you want to get the other nineteen or the other nineteen didn’t know he was claire in las vegas and you think it’s too terrible give planning conference. No, i’m not, but i know it’s cg ap terrible gift you know that’s that’s tell gift annuities the transfer conference for still dropping planning weight. I took a picture of it. I haven’t. Um i have my keep talking about to tell you what it is in a second. All right? Because i took a screenshot earlier so that i know exactly what it is. And it is the c g p conference. National association of charitable gift planners, which is the awesome, fabulous organisation. And together we’ll get school. October seventeen to nineteen. Let’s. See, we got anybody on the phone? No. Okay. Well, then, uh, scottie, you don’t know what’s going on with scott stein? Uh, well, i’m staying busy and just, you know, living the life of a professional musician here in new york. It’s my eleventh year here in new york. Right now, i’m doing. I’ve got a couple projects going. I just took over as the music director for a show that is running off broadway called wicked frozen it’s it’s kind of what it sounds like it is a mash up of the two blockbusters, and it makes fun of them. It’s very, very funny. It runs sunday nights through labor day at st lukes theater on west forty sixth street. And i have a monthly songwriter siri’s now in brooklyn, which is happening this thursday at bar chord out. Did ms park s o this thursday at nine p? M okay, i should be a lot of funds. Grayce, right? Yeah, we’ll chat again. We got we got telethon klain on the phone. Tell us shake on you with us. Hey, hey, hey, i’m here. I know you are, tony. Hello, she’s. The vice president of marketing. At pursuing on dh pursuing has little sponsorship announcement don’t you? For us, we dio we have got our latest pursuing e-giving outlook ready for your eyes and your ears? No. Even before that, i meant that you were going to renew your sponsorship of non-profit radio. Yes, you are. You’re welcome. Hey, thank you. We won’t partnering with you and we are really honored to to do so. We are all working for the good of small and midsize non-profits big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. We’re all working on it. Ok, so tell me about the thiss pursuing e-giving outlook. Yeah, yeah, i jumped the gun. I gave away the goodies. Uh, front e-giving outlook is a report that we deal with. This is our third year in a row did to do this where we really take a bunch of the major industry trends in our sector. We look at the giving us a report. We look at target analytics donor-centric index. We look at the end, men are online sexual support, and we kind of digest those into one white paper that we put together with our insight from various fundraisers and marketers. Here on the scene. Cool. So it’s a it’s a roundup that’s around up there, claire. So, yeah. So, taylor, what would you say is the most surprising thing that you that you learned is you put together the white paper? I mean, it’s interesting to see, just like the magnitude of giving, you know, and it’s a four hundred ten billion dollar industry. I think that that’s just astounding. Um, one thing i think is an interesting thing to call out izz the growth in individual e-giving continues sort of surpassed growth and other areas when looking at e-giving by foundations, corporations uh, requesting like that all of it is growing, but individual were only makes up seventy percent of the land of the living landscape. And, um, i think that’s interesting to know that that’s the one that still continues to grow with the fastest pace. I also would say that the trends and online and mobile e-giving we’re starting to see that you know, traffic here once fifty percent of coming from mobile and hard about what you need to be thinking about global should have been yeah, you should have been for years now, so in addition to the paper, there’s, also a webinar that people could watch right, even though webinars passed, they can get the archive on the landing page, right? Yeah, okay, and that is that page for you to get the pursuing e-giving outlook, the paper, and also to watch the webinar is tony dahna slash pursuing capital, p capital p, for pursuing and please. Okay, taylor, i want to thank you very much. Hey, thank you, thank you. Having me on. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you again for your support of non-profit radio. Love you. Yeah, of course. All right, speculator. Okay, um, i brought a little history along. Claire. Come my love for you. Yes, history i love brought the you helped me devise these show sheets, which i’ve, you know, tweets a little bit over the years. But you gave me the basic format years ago, eight years ago, to be exact labbate started twenty ten started this gig and that’s a lot of things. And your first show, it was july twenty third, two thousand ten, and that was that was shown over two. You were only a second. Showed you on the second show you believe? That’s great. I’m not upset that you weren’t on showed over one. Well, i i think i helped you sort of get show number one together, and so i feel definitely a part of show number one, and i’m honored to be i think we are number two. You are. You wouldn’t come on number one because that because show number one was called tony martignetti show. Yeah, we never called it that thing i made you change told me that name sucks. Yeah, well, i need you need to have non-profit people are googling like non-profits. Yeah. Tony martignetti non-profit radio show that’s it twenty martignetti probably reinardy morphed eight years later. So you were willing to come on with the title improved show number two s. So what do we talked? We talked about oh, storytelling in jargon zoho jargon. And we came up with a guard in jail. So i have to admit george in jail is claire miree dafs construct? Yes, jargon. Jail sametz somewhere to seo non-profit order, right? Like we need to raise money to build capacity. So we conserve more you? Yes, i was passing building in way. Want to help more young people? Yes, young people not use right. Alright. So jargon jail was your oh yeah. And so so since july twenty third, two thousand ten it’s amazing is your first show sheet right there. That’s eight years ago it was donald trump was not president, right? No wass obama obama was two thousand ten force obama. Alright, way. Don’t do politics. I’m not properly. Please, uh, unless i say so. All right. So, um, one of the xero we have a bunch of listener stories. Why don’t you? Don’t you read our first story on dh then that’s who? It’s by okay, there you go and, you know, we’re joyce is from i don’t know, okay, so so tony and i, when we were trying to think of what a good topic would be for this four hundred show, we came up with the idea that let’s find out why people started working and non-profits people don’t go to college and major non-profit so don’t lend up in non-profits way collected stories from our listeners and others about why people working non-profits so here is a story by joyce heavy, and she says the seed was planted in the nineteen seventies when i was in my twenties. I’m sixty nine now. I was in mogadishu, somalia, living on the upper floor of a hotel. It was evening almost dark, and i looked down into a dusty alley. I saw a young man walking and carrying a large caught almost a twin size bed on his head later in the lobby, i mentioned it to a friend, and she said, don’t you know, he was looking for a place to put his bed down for the night that planted a seed in my heart to seek opportunities to work, to help others. Have a better lives? I did my first americorps year with volunteer maryland in two thousand five at the age of fifty plus at partners and care of maryland, and they hired me as a grant writer. Now i have moved on till langton green and annapolis. I’m in annapolis all the time. They provide homes and support two adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is truly a privileged to write grand proposals every day for support for this wonderful organization. And then joyce goes on to say thank you you for the good work you trust well, thank you, joy you, joyce. Thank you. Coffee sometime in annapolis? Yeah, i love annapolis. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for sharing your story, joyce. Two of our stories today, we’re going to win prizes from cure coffee. Teachers are show are always our anniversary show sponsored, always grateful toe cure a coffee. And you know, when i introduced you, i neglected to say the pg agency dot com and claire says claire says seeley i r e z fancy cc you find around a pg agency, dot com or the land giving agency llc but pg agency dot com is our website no, the just pg agency websites just peachy jutze okay, thank you. We got a little more time. According to my little schedule here. So why don’t we read another story? I was that’s what i was going to say. How about i do want you read one, please. This is, uh, kate cover line. She put it on the website. It was the employee culture that first got me involved with non-profit work non-profit office atmosphere is typically one of collaboration, creativity and scrappiness. Read adaptability here, a junior achievement of greater washington. We’re a close knit bunch, often working on many large projects across multiple departments development, education and operations as a young professional wanting to learn as much as i possibly could. The non-profit environment was a perfect match for me. I find myself wearing multiple hats on a daily basis, and i wouldn’t have it any other way. Awesome. Thank you. Keep cover line. And she’s in d c she was in dc. We got dc. We got annapolis. Thanks, kate. Great story. Thank you. Starting to see a theme of help, you know, helping others. Not surprising. Right? All right. And doing. Something for the common good, not just two. You know, the world is bigger than making profits for a big corporation than all of us. Yeah. Scott. Scott stein, yes, i should like a little music. All right, so your your music directing this show, first of all, i am not you okay. Any any recording coming up is that? Is that a bad? Is that a tough question? Asked a nen dependent position. No, it’s, a totally fair question. I’m just a little bit of a lull in terms of recording right now, so i’m just spending my time. I’m working on all right development timed other projects, including this, this off broadway show, i conduct four different chorus is here in new york city on de so those air that’s taken a lot of my effort right now, but i’m still playing, and i’m still writing, and hopefully, soon hopefully getting back in the studio. Ilsen okay, okay, awesome. Cheap red wine. That is our theme song. So i brought along the timeline. This claire’s clothes timelines are ubiquitous for this show. Chief red wine first debuted on non-profit radio on september sixth. Twenty thirteen. It was we were into scott and i were introduced by a mutual friend. A lawyer friend? Yeah, yeah. My friend josh becker. Yeah, she was my roommate. Okay, where was he? Where? Here. On the upper west side. Okay. Josh becker introduced us. I loved cheap red wine. I told scottie what i was looking for. He suggested this song. I listened to it and it was magic. And so, september six. Twenty thirteen i was the first time he was on that. That cheap red wine was played. And it’s been our theme song. Everything. So what did you have for music? Before that we stole something from beauty and the neo-sage treyz. I tried to find josh becker. The crack attorney tried to find who license who owns it. The light from its very hard. A lot of songs are like nobody will know it’s not us, it’s, not us. It was an old song free fried green tomatoes way could not find i did, we did. Dilgence i hired attorney, try to find the right find who that license it from. We could not, so we just kept stealing, and then the first time scott was on the show was our two hundredth show, which was july eighteenth, twenty fourteen. First time you were on with two hundred remember. Well, it’s got a plea. Would you please play this song that i love? I love this. I love this, thank you damn song. Alright, red wine is not going well with that kind introduction. Baby, just keep him talking. Sooner or later, i think around. Just so watch me. You see romantic advice from a bill. But i’m looking for answers on a tv screen. Wait till our ups from my down, just a bit game. And this love that we found. You know, you used to find charming, but it can be here on how you see. It was handsome, but doesn’t matter now. So give for land for my eyes along your time, allow because i’ve got her any promises, but i’ll let you read on. And now, no way living diamonds, and they won’t come back. In-kind clothe good stuff, and you’re too easily distracted to care. Wait, i got to minute options, so i’m gonna do the best that i can. You have some competition day when i’m wealthy, man. You know, you used to find it charming that i can’t figure out how you see your photos, hands, but it doesn’t now, so get for a long time, because i’ve got a big promises, but she brit who i am now wearing glasses, take your dream labbate days, the people can kiss my little black things. We see way, because the heavens no fast, all victory signs, is perfect for you. No! Nobody is way. Hyre hyre yeah, you know, used to famine, charming, but i can’t figure out how you’re saying your boat was handsome. Never mind it. Don’t matter now, it’s. Okay for a long time, allow gotta remmy krauz osili buy-in hyre. What? Neo-sage hyre cheap red wine. Scott stein. Thanks. Very absolutely. He’s you’ll find him in scott’s, time music, dot com and also at scott stein music and he’s gonna play the song they don’t show me another. Another one coming from scotty. What? We got something on the phone again. You don’t do you there. How are you? Hello, you. How are you? Good. Good. Very good. I’m calling today’s a thank you for your dedication to educating non-profit i think it’s really impressive to keep this going for eight years. I’m not keeping any burial show doesn’t show that face a little dedication. I know you were really hired. Thank you. Happy. Thank you. Thank you. I thank you very much. Really. Uh, for genuine. Thank you. I thank you because you’re a partner at weather cps. And when you see piela is one of our sponsors. So i’m grateful to you and wagner that you’re helping us keep this show going for the benefit of small and midsize non-profit so thank you very much. You guys are really happy to support your wonderful show. I think like our passion ofthe non-profits matches your passion so he really feel that they’re really good. And geever with connor’s off non-profits that are equal in the other ninety five percent dilgence in twenty different states. So and they really all that hate, all the education they get. So thank you. All right. And you’ve been a guest, and we’ll have you back when there are accounting topics to discuss in the meantime. Okay? Absolutely. Yes, but again. So thank you. And thanks for calling me and thanks. Really? Thanks for your kind words. Thank you so much. Thank you. You duitz tune there at wagner cpas. Dot com. We got time for some stories. We got jean online alert that’s so let’s. Jump to jean jump. Jean jean takagi latto keep this going. Jean takagi, how are you? Hey, and in great tony. Congratulations on four hundred. Oh, my god. Thank you, jean. Thank you for being our such a regular contributor. Legal are legal contributor. This is jean takagi principle of non-profit exempt organizations law group in san francisco and it’s. The wildly popular non-profit law blogged dot com which you need to subscribe to he’s at g tak and jean i brought along your very first your very first appearance. I brought the show sheet for your very first appearance on non-profit radio. That was show number seven. That was august twenty seventh, two thousand ten that’s. Awesome. And we talked about governance. I think right board security or something? Yes, techniques to keep your board on, i might might voice just crackling on a fourteen year old techniques technics to keep your board on board and out of trouble. That was our first topic together. Yeah. That’s. Awesome. Eight, eight years kind. Alright, i recall that you met emily and i done here. We had a drink. That’s, right? That was when emily chan was with you, but so that you know, you’re our longest running contributor, jean. I’m so grateful to you. Thank you so much. Every month you’re thinking of topics developing them coming on the show and and sharing your expertise. Your wisdom. Thank you so much for that. Well, thank you, tiny. Now let go ye and say thank you for for helping that the other ninety five percent of non-profits that oftentimes get overlooked on educational shows. Another thing so thank you. Absolutely that’s our that’s, our core, the other ninety five percent of smaller. Midsize. So all right, jean, i want to thank you so much for calling. Thanks for being a part of our four hundred show and the show on the show month after month. Thank you. Congrats, honey. Thank you, jean. Um, so, let’s read some stories again now. Okay? Let’s. See what you got? Maybe a little background music for like, that was a short one from from daniela’s maori. Danielle mauer. Now, she was one of our listeners that we have a week this week. Yes, i think i know her. Hi, daniel. So danielle says i’ve always enjoyed working with non-profits from as a penn state student government to helping start new york cares day to working for international dyslexia association to amazing brooklyn book festival. You always feel better when supporting a non-profit volunteer staff donorsearch just do it. Just do it. Thanks, danielle. Just do it. Just work with non-profits help people. I’ve heard that somewhere before. Just gets to do something for me and tell me that that’s daniel’s? Yes. Okay, it’s. Not even a nike stolen from daniel. I know that. Some of what little i know about sports. I have t shirts and gave me it’s, a guy swinging a baseball bat, says touchdown, that’s, hard that’s, my sports, that’s, my sports repertoire. So i’m not even gonna ask you, mr yankees nick’s, because you’re in new york, this like may, when the knicks and the bucks on the hawk see you’re from new jersey, so you’re probably like a yankees fan. Your parents rocks the hawks, the jets, they all get together for the next hour past of those for the super series. What year? Tony what’s. Here we have a super siri’s, super serious. All right, i got one, i got one. This ah, karen graham she’s, the executive director of idealware she’s, been a guest. Idealware is a very good, very good non-profit helps organization’s used technology and mates, rates all kinds of different software. That’s, great before non-profits they should be on the show. Yes, it really is. Karen graham summer before i graduated college, i worked at a summer camp run by united cerebral palsy that was my first non-profit job camp sandy wheels, everyone helped out with the chores according to their abilities. One of the campers was a preteen boy who had limited control over his arm muscles, resulting in some erotic spastic movements. So maybe you can imagine what happened when it was his turn to help wash the dishes after dinner. I don’t think he’d ever washed dishes before he was having the time of his life, splashing soap and water all over the room and grinning from ear to year, delighted to be doing his part. That was heartwarming, but that’s not why i got into non-profit work what inspired me to a career in non-profits was his parents a t end of the week, they told me how grateful they were that he got to have this experience while they enjoyed a week of respite, hearing that help me to understand how our work at the camp was making a difference for families all year round. She’s no longer on the front in the front lines of helping people but she’s still got to be a part of the profession that is itself enriching people’s lives. Big, big support idealware can ground that’s great. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you. All right, i’ve got a story it’s from diana in virginia. So diana says that after working a variety of jobs from commercial fishing worked up in alaska and like a salmon place to investment banking and private jet sails, she worked in a private jet sails. She said she wanted to be part of something that contributed to more than simply enriching already wealthy members of society, so she wanted to do something better. So she took the first non-profit job that caught her eye answering phones at an in house member call center for national wildlife group. Once she got her foot in the door, her previous experience and skills helped her naturally progress to development work by chatting with donors and fielding tough questions from their diverse constituency. She really learned what motivates different types of donors to give and participate or not, and why? So? She says, though her job responsibilities ended up including large direct mail campaigns in mass marketing, everything she learned from working with donors on that front line, answering those phone calls confirmed what she already knew. No amount of aggregated data can substitute for personal interaction with the donor. A quick, friendly thank you call can establish your strength of a relationship is easily as a crappy postcard can end one. So picking up the phone, chatting with a donor, you’ll learn so much more about why they give and why other donors like that give them just like senate. Crappy direct mail was buy-in dahna thank you, doctor. Thank you. All right, we need to take a break. Weinger cps, it’s personal now huge to you just heard him talk. That was him. You could talk to him yourself. Find out how the firm can help you with your accountant. He’s a partner. He knows all the stuff. He knows. All this accounting stuff non-profits in and out. You heard him say twenty, twenty states. They’re representing hundreds of non-profits twenty states. Check out the firm at regular cps dot com. Then you pick up the phone and talk to him. It’s easy. No pressure. You know the guy now? Pregnancy piela dot com now, time for take two. It’s alive listen right piela l l p p a i got to do the live listen love well p p a l i double r empty, eh? It’s going out live listen loves going out. Tio rockford, illinois. Portland, oregon. I love portland, new york, new york. Multiple, always multiple new york, new york lovett. A story in new york that my parents are from a story. Yeah, they grew up in a story. My love’s down to ah story as well as manhattan, tampa, florida edison, new jersey. Lovett, um open california adah latto california. Welcome, atalanta sounds like rapido latto latto ilsen loved all those. We got to go abroad. How about, uh oh, eight million nixon missouri. Sam spelled missouri. Mos es that’s what i thought was mexico. No. Nixon, nixon, nixon, missouri. Like live love out to you, germany. We can’t see your town, but i know to say guten tag germany’s with us and one john ville john ville, brazil open it! God! Oh, my god! Oh, to brazil, large of portuguese. Thank you. On the heels of the live listen, world has become the podcast pleasantries because we got a tank that’s the bulk of the audience that’s the thirteen thousand people listening podcast pleasantry so pleasantries out to you. Thank you so much for being a part of our four hundred show for sending stories. Thank you for supporting the show. What can i say? Pleasant trees to the podcast listeners and the affiliate affections go out to our am and fm listeners throughout the country. It’s got to have a little background just for the am and fm affiliate as i send affiliate affections. Here’s a little music because i don’t want over them to get lost because i had them. I thank them last. I don’t want them to feel it’s, you know losers last or something like that. Actually, they’re they’re like radio. That was first terrestrial regular. Exactly radio this is the video from the twenties, twenties teamviewer. That means my own age. Nineteen teens i work in radio in the stone age you were a technology that long island g b b the pulse of long island. And you were in a washington station too. I was the wto’s news radio fifteen hundred. So the am and fm was going nowhere on what happened with digital media. Minister. Mazarene next-gen radio. So the right kayman perfections to our am and fm listeners throughout the country. Thank you to your stations for so much for hosting non-profit radio. I’m gonna read you more stories. Yes. Your ship back-up music, scott. I’m really grateful. Thank you. It’s. Got in a frame. It’s got there? Yes, there. His head. Okay, we’re on facebook live. I ended with non-profits very organically because the needs of our special needs son were so great. I didn’t rejoin the workforce after his birth. Yet being a little gregarious, i found opportunities to volunteer and sat on two boards of directors as well as volunteering with girl scouts. One of the board president said to us, we’ve had a shortfall, so we’re asking everyone to raise one hundred dollars. That was twenty years ago. So one hundred dollars. Twenty years ago, i decided to email ten friends latto asked for ten dollars each. I had four responses totaling two hundred forty dollars. I knew then that this could be fun. The rest of this say, is history that’s? Interesting? I love they. So they emailed ten friends and asked ten french for how much apiece white-collar so that’s a hundred which really was looking for donors gave and two forty? Yes, exactly. On average of sixty bucks each write some for. Yeah. So i’m gonna know that’s that’s from tricia magic baker treyz imagine baker, i’m nominated for prize. You’re pounding your plastic that’s pretty good. Would you care? Uh, claire, would you mind reading for for patricia? Exactly. Whatthe cura mission is mission is in blue there for us. We have such a pretty voice. Thank you, tony. Cure a coffee directly connects coffee lovers with farmers and families who harvest the finest organic coffee dance with every cup of cure, you join our effort to expand sustainable dental care to remote communities around the world. Way ara direct trade coffee company with direct impact brought directly to you creating organic smiles beyond the cup. Cura coffee dot com cura coffee dot com don’t you talk? Pretty that’s. Beautiful coffee, dot com that’s beautiful. And you know the ceo of your coffee is a dentist. That’s? Why? They do throw in dental care dental care for their for their independent being farmers yeah, i love that cause that’s near and dear to his heart and that’s a you know, authentic. You know charity for him to set up that’s. That’s that’s him he’s, the coffee guy. All right, so just, um, matty magic baker. You’re gonna get a prize. You’re going to get a pound of cure. It will be sent to you. Just get your address later on. Let’s. See where? Uh, where we are now. Amy, we got any simple ward on the phone. Yes, it is an amy and amy. Amy, several ward. How are you? I’m doing great. Other than spending a couple seconds reflecting on the fact that it’s the four hundred show and i was on on the one hundred show and calculating how many years that went by other than that, i’m doing great. Okay, well, you are doing great. You’ve been great for six years. That’s out. That’s the calculation you came up with, of course. There’s. Any sample ward? Our social media contributor. Ceo of entender non-profit technology network at inten dot organ. Of course, amy, is that amy r s ward? The artist for rene? Any simple word. So? So i have your first show sheet here. You were on? Yeah, you were on the first time you were on. Was indeed the one hundred show. Exactly. That was july thirteenth. Twenty twelve. And where had you on for the full hour? It was an all social man show that show. Yes. One hundred show jamie sample. And i’m so grateful. Amy, you know, we have such good conversations. You spend so much time, you know, curating topics for the show, we talk about it in advance, and then you come on and, you know, like, wherever you are, you’re so giving, you know you’ve called from hallways you’ve called from home when little lauren lewis was sick. You’ve called from home, you know, of course, the inten office. And i’m very, very grateful to you for all these six years of being r social media contributor. Thank you so much. Oh, thank you. It’s. Certainly been fun. I do, though, miss. Uh, you know, when i first started about one hundredth episode but the episodes after that when i was living in new york and we got to do the show in the studio together. That was fun. I i enjoy getting to call in from anywhere and make the same kind of show happen, but it was definitely fun getting to call in from the studio together. Yeah. Yeah, that was there was one. You you were running. You were out of breath. Remember that one? Yes, because i would it’s live. I don’t usually late, but if new york and you don’t get to control the subway. So i was feeling very, very late. That was okay. Yeah, we know you were on your way. We of course you could. You couldn’t call because you were in the subway. Actually, i knew you were on your way. And, you know, i kept everybody occupied. Oh, well, you stalled out there. Yeah. Yeah, of course. Of course. But so grateful. I mean, back then that when you started back then you were just you were the membership director of that. I i shouldn’t say just because there’s a membership director now, then ten. Of course, you were the membership director of inten and then, uh, quickly promoted to ceo. And thanks for being on non-profit radio high was fired-up ceo it’s a credential? It’s a credential? No question about it. Absolutely. So thank you for all these years, you know, thank you for having me on and six year i’m raising my pen. What i happen to have in my hand, here’s to many more years. Thank you. Okay. And we’ll see you with, uh, we’ll see you in portland. A toe non-profit technology conference. Twenty nineteen? Yes. Wait. All right. Thank you again. And simple. Ward. Thank you, everybody. Bye. Scott. Yes, but you do a second song for us, ok, tell us about it. Sure, i’m going to do a song from my most recent album, the records called traveling companion, and this song is called the goodbye road to baltimore, and if you check out the recording studio recording of it, you’ll actually hear my wife sing ing on it as well. She sings the back-up for so little fun. Fact. Okay, andi, the name again, it’s called the goodbye road to baltimore. He was supposed to be good bye to the road of baltimore, but i was really tired of the time, and i wrote it down wrong. And then i decided that was better than what i had in mind. So it stuck. So here we go. Wait, sunrise on ninety five, four thousand seven times on each day, wass the day that you’d come out on time, but the gas lads on and you got a stone on the good bye, rhoda ball. More driving south through the move. A lot of use turn shore. If the winds at back in law always be perfect in awhile and care sand free, no way riza come to blows me on signs. Making friends with white daughter lives takes a laura hero to make it this far. Sometimes you’re not sure which one you want on the good bye road ball, more driving south through them, a lot of the eastern shore, and if the winds at you back, it will always be perfect in a wild and careless and free. How do you know? Oh, your new with five is in more than the distance to the mirror. Life, you’ve been offgrid soul. Is it just tio hyre get back, all right, dahna son runs on ninety five, or whatever makes you feel alive, maybe tomorrow’s the day break through and, if not someone’s, waiting for you on the good bye road ball. More driving south through them, a lot of the eastern shore. But if the winds at you back a long way, wild and careless, perfect, wild and careless, perfect in a wild care, less and free way. Dahna absolutely perfect and wild and careless and perfect and wild and careless, careless and free at some point in that song i close my eyes and i thought, who does he sound like? Enough? James taylor that’s me altum they will happily take that. Thank you. Agree? Yeah. He’s. Amazing. He’s. Amazing. Schnoll yeah. That’s says my wife amy’s here. She also says billy joel oh, and there’s. Someone in the background, there’s a there’s, an intern there’s, a studio in turn up to the mike nobody, nobody is an anonymous on non-profit radio. Just tell us who you are. Studio in turn reminded. Remind me, please. Hi, my name’s, darryl. Hi, my name’s. Darryl beaker, can you see me up? There we go. Yes, your intern. Right. You have the studio. Thanks for being here. All right, no problem. Thanks for having me. Pleasure. You’re in the background there on facebook and we can’t have that, you know, just like who’s. That guy back there. Okay. I think we got some time for more stories. Okay, reasonscall little hasn’t touched fixing the facebook frame there. Okay, um, yeah, we got first. We’ll take a break, though. Actually. Tellers. I have a new company. Tell us moughniyah lll quote tell us, provided us with great customer service throughout the initial process and that same top notch service has been provided through our working relationship. Additionally, tell us was able to offer us the best pricing and to top it all donates fifty percent of the processing fees to the charity of our choice. There is no doubt that teller is one of the best companies to partner with the credit card processing and quote you, khun b that charity of choice that’s the whole point. Watch the video at tony dahna slash tony tell us now clear my ralph, we got time for some more stories. I’m going to read one. Okay, can i think i think they could jump. Okay. This is from let singleton she’s been she’s been a fan of the show for a long time. Then she she was on hiatus for a while. But national back then that singleton thanks to the Job training partnership act of 19 eighty two summer after i turned sixteen, my very first job was administrative clerk at a crisis center as a disadvantage you, it was eye opening, life altering experience. Since then, i’ve spent my entire adult life protecting and supporting people’s dreams, volunteering and working to improve the lives of others. I’ve been fortunate to leverage that passion to build a well rounded career in non-profit and small business operations, and i now serve as the vice president of operations to support the partnership for southern equities mission to promote racial and economic equity in atlanta and the american south. And then she says, tony, congratulations on your eighth anniversary of four hundred show, thanks for all you do to strengthen the other ninety five percent. Well, thank you and thank you for sharing your story. Thanks for being so loyal to non-profit radio i’m glad you’re back got your back. Would you, uh would you be kind enough to read one clear my love to read one. Okay, there you go. This is from joanne telser. Freyre literacy chicago. I have lived and worked in france, egypt, pakistan and guitar where i learned many of the skills i need today, i started out simply teaching english and ended up becoming academic director in a french language school training sl teachers. I also spent nine years as a journalist on q b, s radio q tv television and for the newspaper, the peninsula and guitar, where i learned about how to communicate clearly and effectively so very important. Everything i’ve done in my professional life has led me to what i do today. Reading has always been a passion, and i’m thrilled to help other people enjoy the written word and that’s joanne from literacy chicago. Thank you so much for your lovely story. Thank you, joined she’s, a program manager, i believe literacy chicago. Yes, thanks, joanne, she emailed me. She mailed me that two days ago. Wei had, of course, we just add any sample ward on on ten ceo here’s, somebody who works for and ten she’s there, i think, finance, so she says it. Okay, patty carlin carlin from n ten. After working in mental health research, hearing the experiences of the participants compelled me to do something to help them. I became director of a peer support organization and it’s been non-profit ever since as the finance director for in ten, i’m living the non-profit dream, patty carlin, nice story, there’s. Uh, like if she was on, i would like to probe a little more hearing the experiences of the participants. You know what? What what was it about? What were they doing? What was she seeing that that compelled her would go a little. I’d like to probe battle it more, you know? I mean, this is a real story. This is fun, cholera there on here. I’m gonna nominate this one for a prize, would you? Would you read? You read this one from mildred devo, devo, founding director of pen parenthesis i have always been an artist first a singer than an actor than fiction writer, i started a reading siri’s to disprove the stereotype that people give up creative careers when they have kids. It was a smash we were booking authors a year in advance who wanted to read read for us to shatter the stereotype, people told us it changed their lives. A lawyer in new york city started attending the salons she heard of these writer lee stories and was moved. She offered to sponsor us to her firm to give us counsel probono to become a non-profit accepting her generosity was the first step to creating pen parenthesis. Five oh one c three devoted to helping writer stay on creative track after starting a family. We’re going on ten years that you know, that’s, a very specific mission, but really cool, she goes on to say, i’d say starting a non-profit was a win all around my work, encouraging other parents to maintain focus on their creative careers inspires me. To keep on creative track. That’s, mildew, devo. Founding director at penn parental. All right, mildred. You’re gonna get a pound of cure coffee sent to you. And she started her own non-profit i mean, that’s, that’s, that’s! Not that easy and regular non-profit yeah, yeah, and around writing. You admire that? Totally like communication arts short. Would you be good enough, teo? Read for us again? What? What? What? The mission of kira coffee is to remind mildred milled a building that she’s going to get well. Mildew. You want some coffee and it’s provided by kira coffee directly connecting coffee lovers with farmers and families who harvest the finest organic coffee beans. With every cup of cura, you join our effort to expand sustainable dental care to remote communities around the world. We are a direct trade company with direct impact brought directly to you, creating organic smiles beyond the cup. Cura coffee, dot com that’s cura coffee, dotcom. Thank you. Thank you. I love that cure. Coffee mission that’s. Awesome. That is also, um we, uh, hold that. One more story we got. We got maria simple on the phone. She’s? Uh, yes, maria simple. That she’s. Here. Yes. Hello, maria. Simple. How are you? I’m doing well. How are you, she’s? Our prospect research contributor, of course. Are the rounds out? Rounds out our our triumvirate of of contributors. She’s, the prospect finder. You’ll find her at the prospect finder dot com and at the prospekt finder and maria, you, uh, write your show. She’d along first time you were on our twelfth show. Twelfth show. Here he goes. Our first one was your first one was october first, two thousand ten way had just started in july of two thousand ten. Thank you, maria non-technical. I’m thrilled that you asked me for for participation in that first show and and all the subsequent shows as well. Yes, i am too. I’m grateful to you. You know, you spend so much time thinking about topics emailing, you know, we go back and forth. Then you come on the show, you share your experience and wisdom in prospect research, you know, for the benefit of our listeners and small and midsize shops. And i’m very grateful to you. Very grateful all these years. Thank you so much. Oh, you’re very welcome. And congratulations to you and the entire team that, uh, has really, as one of your other listeners said, really participated. And every week, coming up with a terrific content for the other ninety five percent that’s what we’re about. Thank you. Now we just read milton devos. Story and milled is goingto win the coffee from cura coffee. She e mailed me something. Quote, any show with maria? Simple is a show worth listening to forever. How about that? How about that? That’s, a testimonial? Who put that on your web site, maria. Thank you. You know that building devo that’s? Amazing. Congratulations for that man. Awesome. She’s using to you. Well, all right, all right. So i know you’re gonna be on. You’re gonna be out in a couple weeks. Going pre recording next week, maria simple. But, you know, until then and after then one. Thank you so much for all your contributions to non-profit radio over. You know, eight years. Really remarkable. Thank you so much. Thank you. And a shout out to all of you in the studio today. Great show. Thanks, brandon. Thank you. Thanks, maria. We’ll talk soon. Okay. Um, here’s sam will let me know if anybody else. Way chat. Good job, chad, chad. Okay, i was chadband is on, and we have a major announcement to make a major announcement for the four hundred show. Like we have a new sponsor, and it is chadband boyd’s company. Chadband welcome to non-profit radio. Hey, thanks, tony. Glad to be here and, like everybody else, congrats on the four hundred show that a huge milestone provoc a podcast before and to do four hundred shows. We’ve got to leave that. Thank you, man. Thank you, and welcome to the non-profit radio family. You’re you’re ceo of text to give dot ceo and a new new sponsor going to starting next week. Sponsorship that’s, right, that’s, right, we’re started, yeah, glad. Glad to be a sponsor, because you’re you’re doing mobile, giving for small and midsize non-profits and, uh, that’s, our core that’s that’s, who we produce the show for week after week. So listeners going to hearing from you and from for me, you know, promoting onboarding text to give that ceo and for now, and this is going to be continuing if if you text npr that’s november, papa romeo in alphabet, in military talk, you talk hoexter npr tio four, four, four, nine, nine, nine. Then you’re gonna get more info on text to give and there’s a special offer for listeners. Is that right, exactly right, you gotta correct, okay, all right, we’re doing so good, we’re doing good so far, okay, i got the got the first yet the first announcement done. The first announcement, correct, all right, chad. Oppcoll you want to say a little bit about text to give that ceo? Yeah, yeah. So, um, we are a mobile first donation platform, the text enabled. So, you know, you text them to make your donation, and our thing we’re trying to do is break down the barriers e-giving to make you know it really easy for donor to give to small and non-profits out there. So perfect for your target audience. Okay? And as i said, listeners will be hearing about it. Week after week will be, we’ll be shutting you out. And, uh, and again, chad, i thank you so much for sponsoring non-profit. Is there some, like triumphant music? Kottler is good. Yes, something triumphant for a brand new sponsor wave. That’s the fanfare. Thank you, scott. Now now, yeah, eleven. Thank you again. So much. Thanks for being thank you and welcome. Welcome to the show as glad to be here. Thanks, tony. All right, chance along. Wei have one more story i got get time for. Okay. It’s from jeff. Jody, lighthouse counsel. My parents set the example of being involved in the community. So this is the parents e-giving volunteering and leading in college, i was part of my first campaign raising funds to restore the historic home of a debate society. I began to volunteer at the colleges advancement office. I moved up while working in a major medical center. My boss volunteermatch volunteered me to be chair of ah, march of dimes chapter. So i went from being a very young board chair to becoming a very young ceo for most of georgia, either working in the arena on loving it ever since. Jeff jody from white house counsel neo-sage podcasting with beacon podcast. We gotta wrap it up. Okay. I want to thank. I want to thank scott stein. That scottie. Thank you so much. Hey, thank you for having me and getting congratulations on four hundred. My pleasure. Thank you. And you you fill the room with an energy playing. Really? They love it. Glad to do it. Claire miree off our creative producer. Thank you so much for tony was great to be here on the four hundred show. I can’t wait to be on the fourteen hundred forty. Thank you so much. Thank you. Twenty ninety eight. Oh, my god! What? And also thanks tio teles shanklin huge tomb chadband void jeanne takagi, amy sample ward marie a simple thank you all for being with us were supported by pursuant online tools for small and midsize non-profits data driven end technology enabled tony dahna slash pursuing by legacy piela is guiding you beyond the numbers. Weinger cps dot com bye tellers credit card payment processing to pass of revenue stream tony dahna slash tony tello’s on by text to give text npr for for for nine, nine, nine for info. If you missed any part of today’s show it’s your life, i watched it clear myer off sam lee woods is the line producer show social media’s by susan chavez thiss music is by scott stein on mark silverman is our web wiz a special shout out to mark silverman he’s working for me for ten years on, i’ve never shattered him out on the show with the closing credits. I don’t know why it’s terrible, i know alistair, you federally never i’m doing it now i’m doing it now! He’s our web is mark silverman, so remark dahna mom, you with me next week for non-profit medio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. Go out on be great. Great. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. E-giving nothing. Good, you are listening to the talking alternative net. Are you stuck in a rut? Negative thoughts, feelings and conversations got you down. Hi, i’m nor in center of attention. Tune in every tuesday at nine to ten p m eastern time and listen for new ideas on my show. Beyond potential live life your way on talk radio dot n y c buy-in. Hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business, why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com. Fired-up comics, movies and pop culture at large. What about music and tv? Then you’re in for a treat. This is michael dulled, your host on talking alternative dot com. I’ve been professionally writing comic books, screenplays and music articles from fifteen years. Catch my show secrets of the sire at its new prime time slot. Wednesdays, eight p m eastern time, and get the inside scoop on the pop culture universe you love to talk about. For more info, go to secrets of the sire dot com. You’re listening to talking alternative network at www dot talking alternative dot com, now broadcasting twenty four hours a day. Are you a conscious co creator? Are you on a quest to raise your vibration and your consciousness? Sam liebowitz, your conscious consultant, and on my show, that conscious consultant, our awakening humanity. We will touch upon all these topics and more. Listen, live at our new time on thursdays at twelve noon eastern time. That’s, the conscious consultant, our awakening humanity, thursday’s twelve, noon on talk radio. Dot latto. You’re listening to the talking alternative network.

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