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Claire Meyerhoff, Maria Semple, Scott Stein, Gene Takagi, Amy Sample Ward, Bobby D. Ehlert & Adam Weinger250th Nonprofit Radio!

It’s our 250th show and 5th anniversary! With me as co-host will be our creative producer, Claire Meyerhoff. We’ll have music, comedy, giveaways and fast talking. All our regular contributors will be with us–that’s Maria Semple, Gene Takagi & Amy Sample Ward–plus the composer of our theme music, Scott Stein, and fast-talking auctioneer and bid caller, Bobby D. Ehlert. Who’ll win the Workweek Hustle Walking Challenge between me and Adam Weinger? You need to be there!


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Oh, hi there! Hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent i’m your aptly named host it’s a two hundred fifty of show who this is going to be a great one. We have a new sponsor pursuant, they’re a full service fund-raising agency with lots of tools and intelligence for small and midsize shops organisations just like yours pursuing dot com they’re a perfect fit with our mission and our listeners i’ll have more to say about them later. Welcome pursuant, our newest sponsor. Oh, i’m glad you’re with me! I’d be stricken with familial history. Oh cited articulos iss, if i inherited the mere notion that you missed today’s show it’s, our two hundred fiftieth show and fifth anniversary with me as co host is going to be claire meyerhoff she’s, our creative producer, we have music, comedy, giveaways and fast talking. All our regular contributors are going to be with us that’s maria simple she’s here in the studio jeans, akagi and amy sample ward going to call in, plus the composer of our theme music, scott stein and fast talking auctioneer and bid caller bobby d elearning. Who is going to win the work? We cuss a walking challenge between me and adam weinger you’re going to be glad you’re with us on tony’s steak too. I got to say thank you farewell to our sponsor opportunity collaboration, thie unconference on poverty alleviation that will ruin you for every other conference it’s not until october and their ninety three percent sold out so glad that non-profit radio helped them get that far. I’m going to be there. I’m gonna be at this unconference in x top of mexico in october if making connections with people reducing poverty will help you do your work, check it out quickly because it is definitely going to sell out opportunity collaboration dot net, thanks so much for having been a sponsor non-profit radio. You can join today’s show on twitter were live tweeting the show use the hashtag non-profit radio i am, uh i’m pretty thrilled about today. One of the reasons i’m thrilled we have to cool guests in the studio who you know on going to bring on first claire meyerhoff she is non-profit radios creative director was anybody hearing what i just said? Teo okay, i don’t okay. This is live and we got a problem with my mike it’s. Been working for two hundred fifty, two hundred forty nine shows on two. Fifty it’s not it’s, not up to the task. Um all right. I’m gonna introduce claude meyerhoff again because people should know that aside from being the show’s creative director, she has a deep background in radio w t o p in washington, cnn’s washington bureau, abc radio and hosted serious except nash’s editorial director at plan giving marketing now. Okay. Marketing specialist just in case. And if people heard me introduce you twice, i think that’s fine. I don’t mind that. And on twitter, she’s at claire says that’s easy. Yes, since i was calling it ah, the first couple shows were the tony martignetti show and yeah, i was not as well known as george clooney. Right? So you’re making ad non-profit radio and now it’s on the mic flags it’s on everyone’s. Cool. Thank you. Since the very beginning since we had dinner at ruth’s chris and cary north and i said, you know, i i i’d like to do something like this. Yes. You try to talk me out of it. Maria semple is also here in the studio, as she is the prospect finder. Of course, our monthly contributor on prospect research trainer and speaker on that subject prospect researcher website is the prospect finder dot com. Her book, which is now a free download on her site, grab it it’s valuable panning for gold. Find your best donorsearch prospects now because she’s working on a new book, which we’re going to hear about she’s our doi end of dirt cheap and free ideas follow her on twitter at maria simple welcome to studio maria! Hey there! Thanks for having me today. So cool i’m glad you’re here. We’re always talking on the phone. Absolutely. And s so excited to be here for the two hundred fiftieth shows his good stuff. Thank you very much. You i went back. You were first on non-profit radio on october first, two thousand ten so almost five years ago, you were you were ah, guest. Then that was that was our twelfth show two. Fifty today. That was chilling over twelve. And then you started becoming a monthly regular contributor with the august twelfth, two thousand eleven show. That’s good stuff, so call it four years. Let’s. Go. Next month will be a four year anniversary. Absolutely. Oh, and you know, you brought some of your top tips were going to talk about throughout the show. So you will have some, uh, some ideas from our doi n of dirt, cheap and free. Um, let’s. See where we are? Um, i think it’s ah, it’s. Time to give away something we got. We got a bunch of giveaways for today. And our first giveaway is a bag of cura coffee. And this is going to maxine smeaton. She messaged me, quote, i live in london but came to a foundation center event you presented when i was in new york city. I’ve been downloading the podcast ever since. Thank you. Oh, no, maxine thank you, back-up cure coffee is going to be coming your way. Cura does great great work with dental care for their coffee being farmers and crime are off one to tell us little more about your culwell. Cura coffee directly connects coffee lovers with farmers and families who harvest the finest organic coffee beans. With every cup of cura, you join our effort to expand sustainable dental care. Two. Remote communities around the world, we are direct trade goodcompany with direct impact, brought directly to you, creating organic smiles beyond the cup. That’s. Beautiful. What a trained voice. So, maxine, congratulations, you’re going to get a bag of coffee from kira, and i thank you very, very much, maxine, for loving non-profit radio. Thanks for downloading it and listening all this time, one of our one of our ten thousand plus podcast listeners, and we’re going to, we’re going to do it live. Listen, love, of course, we got tons of live listeners, that’s, that’s, of course, going to be coming along with affiliate affections and podcast pleasantries. Let’s. See, i would. I would like to move to we have some some music. Scott stein plays is the writer income of the composer and singer of cheap red wine. And that is our theme song. And scott, unfortunately, is booked with a gig. He’s actually, music directing a show here in new york called held momentarily. About six strangers stuck on a stalled subway car. That’s why it’s called held momentarily because if you’re in the subways in new york, we are being held momentarily due to traffic ahead of us it’s, a musical comedy and it’s, part of the new york musical theater festival. And if you are interested, you can find tickets at n y m f dot or ge because our scott stein is music director for that show held momentarily on de so i went to his studio. I recorded him. And here is scott stein. Scott’s time. Welcome to the two hundred fiftieth show. So glad you could be part. Well, thank you for having me and congrats on two. Fifty. Thank you. This is a really nice milestone for thank you. You’ve been with me. Uh, well, the music has been and through you, it’s, been probably a couple of years now, i think, yeah, that sounds about right, it’s, uh, it’s, what i have been with you sort of say in spirit, but i would have been sort of bits and pieces and then, but in person while i was there for two hundred, right two hundred now, for an effort to fit your needs, and your and i have your music licensed, yes, is not something i’m beautified, yeah, that’s, a little it’s, all open up on dh. You know, i just i love this song, so wait here. Cheap red wine. Yes, we can go on on your upright in your studio. Apartness is hints, apartment studio, i should say no, but it’s, a one bedroom apartment studio, and, indeed, all right, here we go. They just keep talking. So later. I think around just what you mean? You sing a romantic advice from a bill on france’s among tv. Wait. Oppcoll work-life used charming buy-in finger. No way. Wait, just wait! Wait, strike! Tio, wait! Buy-in wait, duitz you used to wear. Wait bonem today. No way! Nobody else. No way! Wait! Yeah, you know, used kayman hyre. Wait, wait! Wait. I love it. Thank you very much. Scott. Yeah. Pleasure. Thanks, man. Thanks so much for being part of two. Fifty. Yeah, thanks for having me. And for, you know, supporting supporting your independent artist. Like make? Absolutely. Thank you. All right. Cool. Scott stein. So glad you could be part of the show. Scott is awesome. You’re so lucky to have him he’s. So talented. She bread, wine. I love that show. The other people. Yeah, yeah. It’s a it’s a cool song. It’s ideal. Okay, we’re gonna go away for a couple minutes. Break coming up. Maria has got some prospect research tips. We got more giveaways, comedy and that work. We cuss a walking challenge me versus adam weinger let’s see who’s going to win? I think i’m gonna wipe the floor with him. Stay with us. What’s not to love about non-profit radio tony gets the best guests. Check this out from seth godin this’s the first revolution since tv nineteen fifty and henry ford nineteen twenty it’s the revolution of our lifetime here’s a smart, simple idea from craigslist founder craig newmark. Yeah insights, orn presentation or anything? People don’t really need the fancy stuff. They need something which is simple and fast. When’s the best time to post on facebook facebook’s andrew noise nose at traffic is at an all time hyre on nine a, m or p m so that’s, when you should be posting your most meaningful post here’s aria finger ceo of do something dot or ge young people are not going to be involved in social change if it’s boring and they don’t see the impact of what they’re doing. So you got to make it fun and applicable to these young people look so otherwise a fifteen and sixteen year old they have better things to do if they have xbox, they have tv, they have their cell phones. Me dar is the founder of idealist took two or three years for foundation staff to sort of dane toe add an email address their card. It was like it was phone. This email thing is fired-up that’s why should i give it away? Charles best founded donors choose dot or ge somehow they’ve gotten in touch kind of off line as it were and and no two exchanges of brownies and visits and physical gift mark echo is the founder and ceo of eco enterprises. You may be wearing his hoodies and shirts. Tony talked to him. Yeah, you know, i just i i’m a big believer that’s not what you make in life. It zoho, you know, tell you make people feel this is public radio host majora carter. Innovation is in the power of understanding that you don’t just put money on a situation expected to hell. You put money in a situation and invested and expect it to grow and savvy advice for success from eric sacristan. What separates those who achieve from those who do not is in direct proportion to one’s ability to ask others for help. The smartest experts and leading thinkers air on tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. Welcome back to big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent in our two hundred fifty of non-profit radio got to do the got to do the live listen love gadsden, alabama, st louis, missouri. Hubert, north carolina. Augusta, maine. San francisco, california, philadelphia, pennsylvania and there are others. But to those listeners in those cities live listener love going to you, let’s, go abroad. Lindenhurst, new york that’s not abroad. I’m sorry. That’s long island that’s. Never yeah, and clear mind talking about it, perhaps along falik no, i’m talking about i’ve listened to love to lindenhurst and also beaumont, texas live listen, love but now we can go abroad tokyo always checking in, always grateful for our tokyo listeners live listener love, konichiwa also, seoul, south korea multiple soul listeners, as always remarkable. So loyal anya haserot, you are korean listeners. Marie samples got cem, some prospect research tips. Did you? What did you do? Go back and comb your four years of non-profit radio? Or what would you do? No, no. You know, i decided to just pull out cem cem tips that i’d be using if i were just talking to somebody or just doing a speaking engagement, just sort of the top sites that i think people should be aware of. So i brought a few those with me today. If you want me to talk about yes, you’re our diet of dirt cheap. So talk about talk about a sight. Okay, great. So, you know, i’m a fan of talked about this before setting up alerts, so i wanted to remind everyone that you set up those google alert it’s and, uh, the other two that i’ve been actually getting a lot more hits on since i set it up for your show to test it actually was talk walker dot com and mentioned dot net, i get so many more hits on that than i do on google alerts and ah, on the reason why i had tested it a couple of years ago on your show was because i i’d read an article that google might be doing away with their alert service at some point, right? We talked about it, and even even if they hadn’t done away with it, it was not very robust, right? It was disappointing. Yeah, yeah. And then the results continue. Tio go down, down, down. So i i i definitely love the talk walker dot com. And so my my advice around, though, using those would be set him up for your top ten donors, you know, put their names in in an alert so that if something comes up about them, you can call them, congratulate them, you know, hopefully not commiserates, but okay. And i’ve since we talked about it i’ve been using both of those i used talk walker and mentioned dot net different ones because they give each allow you a couple for free. You have different alert set up on each of those cool. What else? Well, so well, i thought we would also spend a few minutes talking about nosa knows a search because it’s ah it’s definitely one of those sites that has both a a free and a fee based component to it. So for free, you could do some foundation research on knows that site, but it’s also a great compilation, ifyou’re doing individual research, esso they have various levels where you could either pay for a month or pay for a year. So it’s a good pay as you go type of service. So that’s why i kind of think it falls under that dirt cheap. Okay, it’s a little more about noser so knows that enables you to go in and input an individual’s name, for example, and be able to actually find out if they’ve given any major gifts to any organizations. So it’s an opportunity to as you’re doing in depth donorsearch research on those heiner hyre net worth individuals find out where they’re donating gifts tomorrow. If this sounds a valuable stuff, right? Well, i’m thinking about about how we might apply it to our plan. Giving marketing. Yeah, absolutely. I would really like to know more about our donors. Yeah, absolutely. So, it’s it’s a pretty valuable service. So it’s ah, i think it falls under blackbaud not if i’m not mistaken, but it’s certainly an opportunity for you to check it out because they have both free and be based stuff. So okay, so there is a there is some free to it, right? Yeah. In keeping with the door. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, we have ah, i believe we have any sample ward has called in. Maybe sabat ward, you know? Hey, i’ve been on for a while. I wasn’t sure how could most nicely interrupt? No, no. Okay. You’ve been out for a while. All right? Well, i’m not sure sam saw you, but i’m glad you’re there. We gotta introduce you, of course. Ceo of non-profit technology network and ten, which runs that very cool non-profit technology conference where we got hundreds. Well, twenty five. Outstanding. Excellent. Smart people interviews her most. Recent co authored book, social change. Anytime everywhere. And you can follow her on twitter at amy rs ward hello. Hello, you have you have been on non-profit radio since the one hundredth show? That’s when that was the first show you were on. Exactly. I i know i’m so i was actually thinking about it today to interview shows. I started to do the mental map, and then i decided to not do the mental map of how long has he been that’s? Well, it’s three years, we do fifty shows a year. Yeah. And you’ve been since the hundred. So to fifty minus one hundred. One hundred fifty, divided by three. Yeah. Uh, i mean divided by fifty three years. Yes. Oh, that’s, uh, that’s. A good run. Thank you so much for being on the show almost every month. Oh, my gosh. Thank you for not getting tired of me after three years. Yeah, well, you know, what’s going on there it and ten. What do you guys focus in on out there in portland, oregon? Well, i’m currently calling you from a rest stop on the side of the highway because max tonight are on vacation. With your husband. You know you’re doing this for us while you’re on vacation? Yeah. I mean, we’re just getting started. You being on the highway out of at a rest area. Alright. Where where are you? What city or what, highway? Well, i have no idea what city. I don’t know that this is a city there’s, mostly forest. Um, are you in oregon? We’re on highway ninety seven. Are you in oregon? Even were still in oregon. Okay. You’re in oregon, southern oregon. Okay. Okay. Where you headed on this great vacation where we’re headed down to lake tahoe. Oh, my that’s. A long drive you got you got nice. You’ve got a long drive. It is? Yeah, about about a third of the way through. Already got up early. Yeah, but i think back in the office, you know, everybody’s pretty excited. Because last week was the orientation week for the sixteen vigil inclusion fellows. So those sixteen folks, they’re all now post orientation out in their eight different cities, working with their host organizations on digital inclusion programs so that that piece is all in motion. And now everybody’s kind of locked in planning for the september conference. The leading change summit. Okay. Yes. Which i will be at. I have my own my charity registration web idea. I’ll bring bring wireframe and looking for some beta testers when we get to that stage. So yeah, you know, i’m gonna be with you for a leading changing when we’re doing that september, right? Thirteen. Sixteen. Number thirteen through sixteen. Thirty dc. I remember that’s, right? Ok. Yeah. Ok. Well, listen, i want to thank you. So i want thank you so much for doing this while you’re on vacation. Give our regards. Send non-profits and live listener. Loved to max, your husband, please. I will and drive safely and have a wonderful, wonderful time in lake tahoe. Awesome. Thank you. And you all have a wonderful time finishing the rest of the two hundred fifty it’s. So yes, we are a great time. Thank you so much, amy. Thanks, everybody. Bye bye. Any sample ward got lover ceo of inten non-profit technology network tomorrow. If you gave quite a little, you and other have you been to a lake tahoe? I happen to like zoho it’s, one of my favorite beautiful places. Why? Why? I have never been tell tell may well, like north lake tahoe is kind of cool because you have, like, the old fashioned cal naval lodge and that’s where, like maryland and and and sinatra hung out. And the county va lodge actually straddles the state line of california and nevada. So there’s like a line right through. So it’s just, you know, it’s kind of a historical place. It’s also, if you if you’re a fan of godfather one, i believe it is. Is that when there are no two is that we move to? Yeah, but when michael was in charge of the family, yeah, they’re in late, and they get the house gets shot up and stuff that’s, that’s like tahoe as well. So, you know, if you’re a fan of the godfather siri’s, as i am okay, okay. Yeah, like like tahoe. You like cuba? You like all the all the settings were going to give away? We have another giveaway, claire. And, uh, we’re gonna give away the plant e-giving marketing prize, which is? Well, we congratulations to the winner of the prize sponsored by the company that i work for planned giving a marketing that’s pg marketing dot com were based in pennsylvania. We helped all kinds of non-profits with their plan giving marketing, we are not part of the plan giving industrial complex. Okay, we actually help you, and so please visit our website. We have a great gift for you. It is a fifty dollars, these a gift card, a cool and that is going to give mohr twenty four in vancouver, washington, because, you know, they’re just they were just so sweet. They tweeted happy birthday non-profit radio and i just thought that was so sweet, you know, it’s it’s simple, but it says it it’s one of my birthday non-profit radio so they are at give maur twenty for they are a e-giving day is coming up in september, i think of september fifteenth for their region, but but certainly check him out on twitter and you tell me a little bit more about that organization that more twenty for about, um, well, that’s. Why i was just saying that they’re they’re supporting a because i have a processing issue important, and i’m still processing it. They they are about a local giving day ah e-giving day around the vancouver washington area. Trying to get people to, you know, like like like so they help all charities in the vancouver area. Yeah, charity that’s all charities in current cooper washington, which is not vancouver, canada. Course that knows the state of washington state’s, our vancouver are very on vancouver and you could check them out because they’re given more twenty four on twitter at give more twenty four give for twenty four number two fundchat better. I’m going to tweet them right? Just like you are at clare says it’s easy. Okay, okay, i will do that. All right, um, we have, ah, a little something. Claire, since you are a plan e-giving marketing specialist, i, uh, have a question that i want teo very, very important plan giving marketing question about whether whether it’s smart to be including charitable gift annuity rates on in marketing right in your marketing. Well, you know, when you’re promoting a charitable gift annuity no, what is that? Oh, my god, what’s happening? What? What is happening? I believe, uh, you know, i think i think we’re in the future, tony, tony, we’re in the future because, you know, you have a lot more gray hair, but thankfully, you still have a lot of hair. I don’t think that was possible that we could come to the future. You have fallen into a time and tunnel it’s june twenty fourth, twenty, forty five, twenty, forty five clear that makes me eighty three and that makes me thirty seven i don’t know, i don’t feel a day over eighty one and your hair is still belong. Well, that’s, because in the future they have a magic stick that you just wave over your head and and you have beautiful golden highlights and deep rich base color sabat hello and welcome to tourney martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent it’s our one thousand four hundred fifty it show and i’m your aptly named host. Oh, i’m glad you’re with me. I’d be stricken with benign prostatic hyperplasia if wait a minute. I am stricken with benign prostatic hyperplasia bph i got it! It doesn’t matter whether you listen, i’ve got it so let’s. Leave the diseases alone. It’s, our one thousand four hundred fiftieth show. And i’m glad claire meyerhoff is my co host today. God, claire, your hair looks great. Thank thanks so much. And you know, tony, i got to the studio a little bit late because you know, am tracks. Bullet train was delayed. It took me twenty minutes to get here to get to new york city from d c can you believe that? I know twenty minutes. That’s. Incredible, incredible. Oculus. Well, there’s, no way to run a way to run. I’m gonna call it. I’m gonna call joe biden’s great grandson. But that’s okay. We are hosted by google mind warp. Of course. So now time is meaningless. Grand love that so let’s get started. We’re talking about how eighteen million non-profits khun stay relevant now that poverty has been eradicated. Universal hyre education is free, global warming has been solved. And then amazing global cooling was headed off. The palin panels eliminated all disease. Turns out sara was much smarter than people give her credit for it’s. So sad that she died in that tragic ego explosion and all our historical sites are funded by the trump foundation for old buildings. I haven’t torn down yet. And you know what? All the homeless dogs and cats have homes every child can read. When when? What is it that sort of thing? That trump was elected president? I don’t know. I was around like your four hundred four hundred show. It was sometime around there. I think it was. Was he before or after that first black president? What? What was his name? I think his name was obama, not president sasha obama. President barack obama’s obama first one obama senior, right, that’s, right. And then it was sasha came a few after him. And who was the president before that? And then i think it was trump. Well, trump was somewhere in there before. Oh, yeah, president for her, for her, something remember is very short term president. He didn’t last one term. That guy was beached. I mean, converting the lincoln bedroom to a casino. I know. And, you know, it was amazing because i remember at the republican national convention that year he came out to announce his vice presidential choice and he was like, okay, oh, you idiots, i got news for you. I’m going. I’m going to tell you who my who? My vice presidential candidates going. Toby he’s going to do amazing things going kick congress in the butt he’s going to be fantastic. Here he is. I’d like to announce my choice for vice president of the united states. Missed a gary abuse e i e o i remember. Yeah, it was right for that’s. Come. I forgot all about that, but yes, from president then and then he fired him on inauguration day. I know that was great. You’re fired, right, right after three inaugurations, like noon by twelve. Fifteen that the guy was fired. Yeah. And you know, trump did all these other things too, like, remember he there were those. There were the hearings, the senate judiciary committee hearings for that supreme court justice. And they were they were asking him a lot of questions, and i thought, oh, this guy is never going to get confirmed. But then, you know, supreme court justice, meatloaf did a great thing. He started singing hey started singing paradise by the dashboard light and then senator elizabeth warren remember she like god and meet lo slap and did they do? With, you know i want wait no that’s a different song, but paradise by the dashboard light that’s a cool one that’s a great and that’s s o they were singing, you know, trump really? You know, when it comes to non-profits especially like a you know, he just teaches wrecked things, didn’t and he also wrecked a lot of our beautiful national landmarks. Well on, give the guy credit. We have that water slide going down the grand canyon, right? The trump water slide that’s the grand canyon on a park and he you know, he’s. He did get his face put on mount rushmore, although they have chiseled it off. So that was good. I gave ten dollars to that on go fund me. Remove remove the fifth face removed the room. Remember it. The billboards removed the fifth bullet. They gotta go fund me dot com ten dollars. All my friends, i put it on facebook. Remember facebook? I know so so. And sometimes you get into these like dramas with people from high school where people like criticized it was terrible, it’s that now we don’t need no way have that mental telepathy thing where we all just know, whatever i was thinking it was cool for a run. I mean, it brought people together, you know, i i deserve whatever that guy’s name was, i can’t remember, but, you know, he made a lot of money, but it just didn’t just in last, i mean, the advertising took over and people just obviously migrated away. Yeah, and now we have the mind meld, and so we just, like, i just think something like tony is going to take us out to lunch and then it happens i don’t have to put it on facebook like, hey, maybe tony will take us to lunch, i just think it remember that remember that trump presidential library with the with a swim up bar and the song? Yeah, yeah, and then he had the follicle transplant center in the presidential library, remember? And and you know what? This is the first thing i remember about trump that really affected non-profits because a lot of my clients really got mad, so he came up with that whole directory of, like, best practices for non-profits and he said and he said, and i and i remember him being on tv. He was announcing. It goes yet, you know. So this is the number one thing. I think you should offer. Fi, you development directors and hyre showgirls. That’s what that would be best pregnant, raised more money that way, if you had, if you had the showgirls, its development, people waving the future because we’re headed back, we’re going back. We’re headed back cool, oh my god, wow, and, you know, we learned so much we learned we learned about when we went to the future, we learned about the past, we learned what happened when oh, no, no, it was that government can be. It can’t be that had to be like the mushrooms. I don’t think so, yeah, it’s not going to have the crystals, but that was a cool that was a cool look at the future. Don’t you think it was that gold thing? Things are gonna be good in the future. They are. So we’ve got what we have now. Really? Okay, i think now, back in back in show two, fifty, um, let’s. Uh let’s go to aa a lot more coming up, but i have to spend a little time talking about pursuing but we have other stuff coming up, jean chicago’s going to calling in their work. We work, we hustle eyes coming. Um, but i have tio shout out our brand new sponsor response pursuing absolutely full service fund-raising agency pursuant they are data driven, technology driven. I have the chance to talk to their ceo trend. This guy has a deep background and fund-raising and he understands the challenges of small organizations. They’re going to be a perfect sponsor for non-profit radio. We have tons of web tools on dh. They also do onsite capital campaign consultant. So if you go to pursuing dot com it’s amazing just pulled down what we do on the on the site and you see everything from, like i said, capital campaign counsel to media and data services. They are full spectrum, and i feel like that makes them perfect for non-profit radio small and midsize non-profits because you just use what you need. And then as you grow there’s more available to you on dh, there is an excellent way to get to know them coming up. They are going to hosting a free webinar, four keys, toe optimizing donor engagement and i put together ah, short link for them. So if you want, if you want to check out that webinar goto, tony dot, m a forward slash new pursuant no caps tony dot m a slash new pursuant the webinars on tuesday, july twenty eighth, wanted to eastern and i know that this one is short notice and for our affiliates, you know, it’s it’s passed by the time you’ve heard it, i understand that, but there are going to be others, lots of others, because pursuing is really generous about sharing their intelligence, they they really are so in the meantime, check out pursuing dot com look at everything they do, and if you can’t make that seven twenty eight webinar on optimizing donor engagement, it’s at tony dot a slash new pursuant and pursuant, thanks so much for sponsoring non-profit radio. Really grateful. I have to say thank you, i just have tio spent my tony’s take two saying thank you to everybody who is such a terrific supporter of the show, whether you’re getting my email alerts in your inbox every week or you’re listening live like lots of people do so regularly or listening from one of our affiliate stations throughout the country or the podcast, you know, however it is. Youre supporting the show, spreading the word on twitter, facebook so grateful really two hundred fifty shows five years there’s no way we’d be where we are if there wasn’t just tremendous support for non-profit radio, so i’m so glad that it brings value too small and midsize shops. I always always have you in mind when i’m thinking about guests when i’m putting together to show trust me small and midsize shops first the first time last that’s that’s, who’s who’s on my mind so i want to thank all of you for ah let’s support five years worth. Thank you so much. And that is tony’s take two for friday twenty fourth of july sorry, yeah. Twenty fourth of july and twenty ninth show of the year we got jean takagi uh, chicago’s on the line. Jim takagi, how are you doing? I’m doing great. Tiny. Congratulations on to fifty. Thank you. So, so much. Gene is our longest running contributor to non-profit radio hyre he and it’s, the very popular law non-profit law blawg dot com. And uh, he’s, the principal attorney at neo-sage non-profit and exempt organizations law group in san francisco and on twitter he’s at g tak. Gene, you have been with me since july twenty seventh, two thousand eleven. Longest running contributor. That’s fantastic. Tony the time. Where’s the time gone. It’s. Incredible. Four years every month. Um, i’m just so grateful. You know, we, uh we started. I went back with the first topic we covered together was so you want to start a non-profit which seemed like a logical place to start. Yeah. I mean, you know, just thank you so much, gene, for taking time to prepare every week and for being with me with us every single week for every single month. Everybody that’s, right? Every every month. Yeah, i don’t really read inviting your more off. Thank you. What what’s going on? There neo-sage what your clients are. Concerned about, but they’re few things going on night. One of the things that were really excited about is that board source has listed advocacy as a keyboard responsibility earlier this week, and they just updated their their seminal book on dad possibilities of non-profit boards and for the first time, advocacy became a keyboard responsibility and we think that’s that’s just great. So that’s one big advocacy, okay, we’ve talked about that lots of times, and maria simple and i have talked about boards being advocates, right? Marie? Absolutely being friendraising er’s advocates out in the community mirriam you and i have talked about that a lot online ambassadors, right? Yeah, absolutely. There, there you’re you’re they should be it at least your biggest and best right? What else do you know about? Oh, sorry. God. Sorry. Uh, i was just going to concur with both of you on that and apart from the friendraising and fund-raising some serious issues that might affect all non-profits and we’ve been kind of leading some advocacy efforts on that, both on the state level, for us with cal non-profits on the national level with the national council was non-profits and some others. As well. And then some of those provisions air, like the charitable deduction provisions that are congress is looking at right now and and where those air going. There’s, charitable registration requirements, better being promulgated by the state. Um, that are becoming a little bit more scary for non-profits if some of these things go through, it would be like if you fail to, you know, be missed a filing and you continue to operate, we might hold your board members liable for needing to operate on that suspension period. Also, scary things happening that that non-profits have a chance to push back on. And when, when you’ve got board members and others, you know who are willing to advocate on your behalf, beneficiaries, that that you’re serving, it can really make it. Okay, okay, so there’s gonna be a lot for us to be talking about in the in the coming months. That’s always okay. Okay. Hyre all right, jean, i really i want to thank you very much. Thanks for thanks so much for being part of the two fiftieth and and and so, you know, such a long running history. Thank you. So, so much great. Thank you so much. And have a great rest of the show. It’s. A pleasure. Thank you, jean. Thanks a lot, maria let’s. Spend a couple minutes on. Ah, couple more your, uh, your tips for prospect research. Okay, good. So so this tip has to do with visiting your local library. You’ll remember i’m a huge proponent, our local lagers. And so one of the online database is that i really love that the library is called reference yusa. Esso. I really wanted to bring that back as a reminder for everyone. Because it’s a source that will allow you to really find business owners in the community find businesses themselves in the community. And you can actually you can get is as focused as looking for them within a specific zip code. You can open it up to a county wide search. A state wide search. So it’s really? I think it’s. A great way to do what i like to call that proactive prospecting. So if you’re trying to get some new lists and maybe if people to send invitations to within specific industries and invitations for maybe an upcoming walk or a gala or something that you’re having, i think that that’s a really terrific resource. Great one reference, yusa reference. Use a dot com. Well, if you go to reference, use a dot com. It is a fee based resource, but many, many libraries will carry it. It’s usually accessible, right, using your your bar code on your library card, you can access it for free. So, you know, in keeping with our free theme, of course, i know you love the library’s. Yeah, what else is on your list? Eso you know, i’m always always a fan of also giving linked in some love wanted to remind everyone to go to non-profits dot linked in dot com because they’ve got tons of great resource is for you on that on that site. Andi, you could do a lot of proactiv prospecting there is well, you get access to the fee based version for free as a non-profit esso. I would really encourage you to take a look at non-profits darlington dot com see what they have there on take advantage of the proactive prospecting you. Khun dio i think the sp one of the early times if it wasn’t the very first time i met you was when you were doing a panel on linked in for non-profits years ago. Like at the westchester county. A f p or something? Yeah, you there were. There were a couple of you jerry stengel was on. Yes, and mark and mark. Mark that’s. Right. Exactly. Mark helping mark helper. Thank you. Yeah, that may have been i don’t know if that was the very first time. No, i wasn’t. The first time was when we had met, but i think we were all three of us were on your show. You were phil. You were saying filming, but you were taping from now on. We’re doing this show from there. And you did have a song because we did do what we did. Cope. Present a panel together on the topic of lincoln’s. Okay, and then we used it on the show. All right. We’ve got just a minute or so left before we gotta move to our next give away. We got to get away coming up there, meyerhoff you’re not you’re honest. You’re on deck. Man on deck. What can you tell us in a in a minute, maria? Well, in another minute, i just want to remind everyone to ah, to make sure that you’re finding out whatever your library has for free. Take advantage of all the different ways you can set up a google searches and really focusing them down so that you’re getting the search results that matter to you. Ah, you’re only interested in where somebody is ah, connected to a non-profit make sure you filter it down to include site, colon, dot or ge ahh and then that’ll just bring up the search results on a person’s name where they’re connected to a dot or giff you’re trying to find out where they’ve donated or where they’re spending their volunteer time. Outstanding. Cool. Thank you very much. Let’s. Give something away. Uh, this is going to mak pritchard because he was so generous. He blogged his top social change podcasts and don’t you know named non-profit radio he’s number one i love that that’s also. Mac. Mac pritchard, you are going to get a bag of cure a coffee with every cup of curare, you join our effort to expand sustainable dental care to remote communities around the world. Cure a coffee. Frankly, they’re just the best. Thank you, kara mara there because they’re like i said earlier they were doing this dental care for their for their coffee growing farmers. They had just done something in nicaragua that they sent a dental team of sixty people to nicaragua, unopened five dental clinics while they were there. Incredible. There, there they’re walking the walk of cura. Um, we got a couple minutes. Tio have a little. We’ll chat time, but sam says are not too much time. Okay, then, uh, that’s, that’s, that’s, the end of the chat and let’s go to a break coming up after the break, coming up after the break. Yes, thank you, ladies, thank you so much. Coming up after the break, we got the work week hustle walking challenge. Bobby d l is going to be joining us and adam weinger goingto watch me wipe the floor with that. A weinger. I hope, anyway, stay with us. Like what you’re hearing a non-profit radio tony’s got more on youtube, you’ll find clips from stand up comedy tv spots and exclusive interviews catch guests like seth godin, craig newmark, the founder of craigslist marquis of eco enterprises, charles best from donors choose dot org’s aria finger do something that worked. And levine from new york universities heimans center on philanthropy tony tweets to he finds the best content from the most knowledgeable, interesting people in and around non-profits to share on his stream. If you have valuable info, he wants to re tweet you during the show. You can join the conversation on twitter using hashtag non-profit radio twitter is an easy way to reach tony he’s at tony martignetti narasimhan t i g e n e t t i remember there’s a g before the end he hosts a podcast for the chronicle of philanthropy fund-raising fundamentals is a short monthly show devoted to getting over your fund-raising hartals just like non-profit radio, toni talks to leading thinkers, experts and cool people with great ideas. As one fan said, tony picks their brains and i don’t have to leave my office fund-raising fundamentals was recently dubbed the most helpful non-profit podcast you have ever heard. You can also join the conversation on facebook, where you can ask questions before or after the show. The guests are there, too. Get insider show alerts by email, tony tells you who’s on each week and always includes link so that you can contact guests directly. To sign up, visit the facebook page for tony martignetti dot com. Welcome back to big non-profit ideas for the other. Ninety five percent, joined in the studio with my co host for today, our creative producer, claire meyerhoff, and also our monthly prospect, research contributor maria simple ladies again, so glad you’re with me, like, so right to be here. All right, we’re going toe. We’re gonna do this workweek, hustle, walking challenge. We got, uh, we got adam weinger you’re on the line right at him. Hey, tony, thanks for having me. My pleasure. Thank you, adam. Thanks for being with me. I won’t remind everybody. Adam has been a guest. Ana non-profit radio from the non-profit technology conference. He was one of the speakers there in twenty fourteen, and i talked about improving your matching gift program. And that was the april twenty fifth, twenty fourteen show. He’s, the ceo of double the donation he’s at two ex donations on twitter and double the donation dot com and ah, when hey was he was inspired by what he saw last week because we had a show talking about walking and work in the same time. And he was inspired by that, i guess to challenge me to a work week hustle. I do not know how many steps he walked this week. He does not know how many i walked, but we’re going to find out. We’ll see who takes the lead. So, uh, thanks for reaching out. Adam. That was cool. Definitely. How has your walking been going? The sleek i’m doing fine don’t don’t don’t tease me now i’m doing okay. I’m doing fine. And of course, our prize the winner gets ah! Slice of new york city pizza. Right? You’re gonna come up to new york and absolutely and buy me a slice of pizza. I take mine with mushrooms and anchovies. Please. You can even have two slices if you went. Okay, we’ll see if i win. Okay, bobby d l are you with us? There i am. Tony, thank you so much for joining us from arizona. Bobby dee has also been a non-profit radio guest on february twenty seventh, twenty fifteen he and i talked about improving auctions and cash calls for your fund-raising events. Bobby dee is the twenty fifteen world automobile auctioneer champion. That means he’s number one champion in automobile auctioning and he’s the twenty fourteen us big calling champion on twitter. He’s at called a call to auction at call to auction and you’ll find his sight called to auction dot com. Thanks very much for being with us. Bobby deol two hundred fifty and show. Well, what? What a player. Tony, i’m actually here at the arizona chapter of ft at their conference. I’m in a hotel room right now with an honor to be at this conference and then to be a part of this celebration. So congratulations. Thank you very much. And, adam, i’m so glad you’re part of the two fiftieth show to thank you. All right, we have a traveling mate. My pleasure. All right. We’re going toe going to increase the drama a little bit. Uh, we’ll play. We got some appropriate music, and then now bobby d i am goingto okay. We lower that a tad labbate attack. Okay, bobby d i’m going to announce mine my number first. So, bobby, you want to go ahead, homey? Well, what i want to do is i want to find out how many steps you have, and what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna call off the number of steps, and if you have that number of steps, just go ahead and say yes. And then i’ll go up and we’re gonna find out what your limited. So we’ll just go ahead and get started now. Tony, did you walk over five thousand steps, please? Bobby, you’re insulting me. Five thousand five thousand. Did you walk over ten thousand steps this week? Way over ten. All right, ten. How about fifteen? Fifteen metoo walk over fifteen. Fifteen. Way over way. Over, please. You’re in some twenty. How about thirty thousand? You walk over thirty thousand. I did do over thirty. Come on, bobby, about thirty five. How about forty thousand there’s? My number. There’s a i got forty thousand one hundred eighty six bonem. All right. Thank you. Forty thousand hand pub. Forty thousand one eighty six. Okay, it’s adam’s turn. Go ahead, bob. Now, adam, work. We’re gonna go a little bit quicker. Okay? So we’re gonna have computed five thousand. Indeed, i did. About ten thousand. Yes, i did. Fifteen twenty, twenty five thousand year. Thirty thousand sets. I went over thirty thousand he’s over thirty. How about thirty five thousand? What is that? A yes. About forty thousand? Yeah. How about fifty thousand? No. Okay, we’re four thousand. Did you get forty one thousand steps? I got forty three o ee o. I got screwed. I got screaming. Just want, like, one more time. What would you say, bobby? D if you’d taken the stairs one more, maybe you could’ve beat him. No, there’s too many escalators in the city. I want to ask you to shut down on dh. Plus what? When i’m walking upstairs, i do two at a time. I do doubles that way. Sam, turn off that crummy news. You was wrong. You would rob tony. Not the music you have robbed when i did. I’m serious, but when i go upstairs, i take two at a time. So you got a double my upstairs all the time. I have. Oh, man, i do my steps twice. Time going all right. No, it was closed, tony. It was a valiant effort. Adam weinger, uh, okay. All right. I owe you. I got screwed. All right, now, all right. I’m not such a bad loser. All right, adam. Pizza place. Alright, my favorite. I’ll take you to your favorite pizza place in new york city. Okay? We got to wrap it up. Thank you so much, guys. Thanks for having me. Thankyou, bobby d thank you. Adam. Congrats, toady. I got to say, well, i lost, but thank god for the two. Fifty. I got you. Thanks. So i’m gonna thank you. Thanks so much. Uh, cure a coffee and plan giving marketing for being our giveaway sponsors today. Claire meyer huff. Thank you so much for being in the studio. It was wonderful. To be here and i can’t wait to be here for the three hundred show your maria semple. Thank you so much. Oh, great to be here as well. Thank you and susan chavez. Thank you out there. You’re in san francisco. Thank you very much for your help. Our social media manager with today’s show. Thanks so much. Been great fun. Thanks everybody for getting us this far. Two hundred fifty shows. I just love doing this show. I just love it. Next week two ntcdinosaur views from some smart speakers at ntc non top non-profit technology conference i was at this past june. If you missed any part of today’s show, how could you? How could you miss that? Twenty fiftieth. Find it on tony martignetti dot com pursuant full service fund-raising they’re perfect for non-profits. Just like yours. Data driven, technology driven, pursuing dot com. Welcome. Our creative producer is claire meyerhoff. Sam liebowitz is a line producer. Shows social media is by susan chavez susan shop dot com. And this music is by scotty stein of brooklyn. Yeah, awesome scotty stuff in the house with me next week for non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent go out and greet you. Show that. Thank you, labbate. What’s not to love about non-profit radio tony gets the best guests check this out from seth godin this’s the first revolution since tv nineteen fifty and henry ford nineteen twenty it’s the revolution of our lifetime here’s a smart, simple idea from craigslist founder craig newmark yeah insights, orn presentation or anything? People don’t really need the fancy stuff they need something which is simple and fast. When’s the best time to post on facebook facebook’s andrew noise nose at traffic is at an all time hyre on nine a, m or p m so that’s, when you should be posting your most meaningful post here’s aria finger ceo of do something dot or ge young people are not going to be involved in social change if it’s boring and they don’t see the impact of what they’re doing. So you got to make it fun and applicable to these young people look so otherwise a fifteen and sixteen year old they have better things to do if they have xbox, they have tv, they have their cell phones. Me dar is the founder of idealist took two or three years for foundation staff, sort of dane toe adam. Email address their card. It was like it was phone. This email thing is fired-up that’s why should i give it away? Charles best founded donors choose dot or ge somehow they’ve gotten in touch kind of off line as it were on dno, two exchanges of brownies and visits and physical gift mark echo is the founder and ceo of eco enterprises. You may be wearing his hoodies and shirts. Tony talked to him. Yeah, you know, i just i’m a big believer that’s not what you make in life. It sze you know, tell you make people feel this is public radio host majora carter. Innovation is in the power of understanding that you don’t just do it. You put money on a situation expected to hell. You put money in a situation and invested and expected to grow and savvy advice for success from eric sabiston. What separates those who achieve from those who do not is in direct proportion to one’s ability to ask others for help. The smartest experts and leading thinkers air on tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent.

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