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Nonprofit Radio for April 18, 2014: NTEN & NTC: Why You Should Pay Attention & .ngo

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%

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My Guests:

Amy Sample Ward

Picture of Amy Sample Ward
Amy Sample Ward

Amy Sample Ward is CEO of Nonprofit Technology Network and our contributor on social media. On the opening day of the Nonprofit Technology Conference, we talked about the value of NTEN and NTC for small- and mid-size nonprofits. Everybody uses technology!




Glen McKnight, Andrew Mack, Evan Leibovitch

Glen McKnight, Andrew Mack, Evan Leibovitch
Me with (L-R) Glen McKnight, Andrew Mack, Evan Leibovitch

Introducing the new top level domain–and its affiliated community–for nonprofits throughout the world. Plus, a primer on how domains are managed by ICANN. I learned a lot! My guests from the Nonprofit Technology Conference are Glen McKnight, secretariat of NARALO (it represents you!); Andrew Mack, principal of AMGlobal Consulting; and Evan Leibovitch, global vice chair of the At Large Advisory Committee of ICANN.


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