Nonprofit Radio, February 24, 2012: Take On Teens, Pursue Your Hero’s Journey & Going Greater Into Google Search

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Interviewing Aria Finger at NextGen:Charity 2011
Aria Finger: Take On Teens

Aria Finger, COO of, gives ideas for motivating teens and finding their passion points to get them engaged in your work. (Pre-recorded at last year’s NextGen:Charity conference.)



Interviewing Eric Saperston at NextGen:Charity 2011
Eric Saperston: Pursue Your Hero’s Journey

Eric’s journey took him across the U.S. in a VW microbus, inviting 200 of the country’s most famous and powerful to coffee. Eric Saperston is chief creative officer at Live In Wonder, and he learned some amazing lessons over coffee. His story is told in the Disney documentary, “The Journey.” (Pre-recorded at last year’s NextGen:Charity conference.)


Maria Semple
Maria Semple: Going Greater Into Google Search

Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder, and our regular prospect research contributor, goes deeper into Google search. How do your search results differ when you’re logged in or not logged in to Google? Plus, advanced search tips. It’s a short course on search to help your prospecting.


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Dahna welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent of your aptly named host it’s february twenty fourth, twenty twelve if you were with me last week, then you would have caught my guest, penelope cagney. She was she is the author of non-profit consulting essentials. What non-profits and consultants need to know. We talked about how to make the relationships with your consultants work, whether they’re helping you with fund-raising governance management or something else this week. Take on teens. Are you finger ceo of do something dot or ge gives ideas for motivating teens and finding their passion points to get them engaged in your work. This was pre recorded at last year’s next-gen charity conference and pursue your hero’s journey. His journey took him across the u s in a vw microbus, inviting two hundred of the country’s, most famous and powerful people. Two coffee, eric sapper stone is chief creative officer at living wonder, and he learned some amazing lessons from from those coffees. His story is told in the disney documentary the journey this is also pre recorded, a tte next-gen from last year and also going greater. Into google search. Maria simple, the prospect finder. Our regular prospect research contributor, goes deeper into google search how do your search results differ when you’re logged in or not logged into google? Plus advances? Search tips on google it’s a short course on search to help your prospect research between those segments, it’ll be tony’s take to look at some outstanding posts from my block recently, we’re live, tweeting the show we do every week, use hashtag non-profit radio to join that conversation on twitter. The show is supported by g grace corporate real estate services, and i very much appreciate their support. Right now, we take a break, then we’ll return turned with the first of my next-gen charity interviews. Take on teens, so stay with me. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? Are you tired of taking toxic medications, then come to the double diamond wellness center and learn how our natural methods can help you, too? He’ll call us now at to one to seven to one eight, one eight, three that’s two one two, seven to one eight, one eight, three or find us on the web at www dot double diamond wellness dot com. We look forward to serving you. Is your marriage in trouble? Are you considering divorce? Hello, i’m lawrence bloom, a family law attorney in new york and new jersey. No one is happier than the day their divorce is final. My firm can help you. We take the nasty out of the divorce process and make people happy. Police call a set to one, two, nine six four three five zero two for a free consultation. That’s a lawrence h bloom two, one, two, nine, six, four, three, five zero two. We make people happy. Hey, are you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com. Welcome back to big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent on tony martignetti non-profit radio. Very happy now to give you a pre recorded interview from next-gen charity conference last year, take on teams with aria finger here’s that interview welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of the next-gen charity conference two thousand eleven we’re at the tribeca performing arts center in downtown manhattan, and my guest now is aria finger she’s the ceo of do something dot or ge in that responsibility, she covers marketing and cause campaigns, finance, business development at do something, and her message today was about inspiring young people and that’s what i’d like to talk with you about are you welcome to the show. Thank you so much pleasure to have you here. What? Thank you effusive generally welcome that’s great. So our audience is small and midsize non-profits why don’t we start? Just generally do you think they’re doing everything they can to bring young people to their cause is well, i hate to answer that, no, but i would have to say that not-for-profits heir not having enough fun. Young people are not going to be involved in social. Change if it’s boring and they don’t see the impact of what they’re doing. So you got to make it fun applicable to these young people. Look so otherwise. A fifteen and sixteen year old, they’re better things to do. If they have xbox, they have tv. They have their cell phones. Okay, on dh when you say young people, do you do mean teenagers? Is that to us? Young people is twenty five and under. But our target market is teenagers, and we think that’s a really untapped resource. Okay, but obviously the future of social change is in today’s teenagers. Course. Okay, um so what is it? Do something thing doing tio that we can learn from? Well, i think a few things to one is using technology. So a lot of people, when they talk about cell phones, they talk about mobile aps. They talk about iphones that have about blackberries. Young people don’t have those things. Young people have boring old regular cell phones that text message. So and they send thirty, three hundred text messages every month. So let’s use that is that is that the average thirty seven receive more than a hundred girls. In forty two hundred girls are crazy, so why not use what they already do? Lets go where they are, let’s go into their hands into their backpacks, wherever they keep their cellphones to get to them onda second thing is, i would just say use their passion points, so don’t tell them what to care about. If they care about sports, i find out what derek jeter’s causes or find out what dwayne wade’s causes and you something they’re passionate about to get them even more excited about, you know, the cause and the work that you’re doing, whether it’s sports, music, entertainment, whatever. Okay, if we want to be in the within the forty, two hundred mics for, ah, sixteen year old girls text that we want to stand out, what do we need to be texting them about? How should we be approaching them so we can stand out in this message? You know, one hundred fifty messages a day, i think just by texting them, you’ll be standing out because so few not-for-profits air really using mobile to the best of your abilities, but i would say ask for something a lot of people when they take someone, they just push out. Hey, we’re doing this hey, come volunteer here and they’re not expecting anything from you, so treat them as part of your organization, asking their opinion. Ask him with you. They want you to do ask them what they think. It’s better just expect a response because teenagers like to talk a call to action. So teenage called to action? Yeah, but you want something back from them and engage them in that conversation, do you? You actively survey text message over the text has a link to a survey or something like that. We don’t do a link to a survey because they mostly don’t have smart phones. But so a great example is last week we sent out a text that said, what do you think of college? A it’s? You know, awesome. And i’m excited to go be over her price, not worth it. See, i have no idea, and we sent out one hundred thousand people and we got sixteen thousand people to respond and our sixteen percent so amazing just immediate response rate. And then we were able to send that out to the young people and say, hey, you know, this is what your peers had to say. Let’s have a discussion right now about education and poverty in this country, you know? Okay, how else can we use text? What else should we be doing? Diving deeper and help non-profits think about the details of their own promotion and branding and what they could be doing. Well, the other thing is, you need to get a short coat. So for instance, if you are, you know sloan kettering, you’re short code could be cancer or cancer sucks or cancer bites or whatever you want. But you need to figure out what that short coat is. And then wherever you go, if you have any advertising on taxi tops or banners or wherever you can say, you know, text cancer sucks. Teo a number, you know, three, eight, three, eight, three is do something short code. And then even if people don’t have the web right with them, they can sign up right on their mobile phone, no matter where they are. Concert event, volunteer event. Whatever. Okay, excellent short code. Give us one more. One more thing that we ought to be doing. Well, the last thing do something doesn’t dio because we don’t fund-raising anyone, twenty five are under, but i would talk teo the mobile giving foundation, and see if there is an opportunity for you to use text to give or any of those platforms, whether it’s at a fundraiser or just in general, if you have any public service announcements or anything else in the mix, all right, now you just said something very interesting do something does not fund-raising twenty five and under now presumed that you weren’t fund-raising among fifteen sixteen year olds, but your why not under twenty five? And why are we talking about engaging youth if if you’re not engaging under twenty five for fund-raising because we just we don’t believe in it. We want our young people to take action. We want them to donate genes. We want them to create awareness campaigns. We want them, tio, you know, advocate for music, education and so fund-raising it’s awesome, but every other not for-profit in the world is doing a lot of it so we can leave. It altum okay, okay. Other other calls to action clearly. Exactly. You also mentioned passion points. How are we going to assess what the passion points are for the teams that were trying. Teo, bring, bring, bring into the family. I mean, first you can ask them, but you can also look at, you know, why pulse or any other source out there that gives you teen trends of the moment. So last week you would see that the hunger games was the biggest trailer to hit, you know, tv ever and teens are really crazy about this book and this movie. And so how can you use hunger games, which is ah, movie about sort of oppression by the government and lacking freedom of speech and all these actually teachable moments? How do you use that? To get young people to get involved in what you’re doing? Just follow pop culture. Okay, okay. Let’s, follow pop culture. So where where should the forty and fifty year olds who want to engage the fifteen and sixteen year olds be looking that they have sites they never even heard of? Where should we be going to follow team culture? S o they can email me and ask and i’ll let them know. Or like i said, why pulse dot com it’s a great place to go and it’ll letter. Why? Why, yes, pulse and it sort of is the pulse of teens technology cause and they will give you they have a daily email and they’ll tell you sort of everything that’s going on in the teen space and that’s actually where i get a lot of my information. Ok, is there another suggestion? Where else can we look? We’re struggling where people are parents and maybe even grand parents, but they don’t know how to connect with their grandchildren at on this level. What else besides wipe all? Well, i mean just you can just go to basic things you can see. They’ll say what the biggest opening weekend was for a movie that came out. You can see what is on the itunes top ten list and all of those which is publicly available. You know, you could do a quick google search on you know what teens are watching and reading these days? Oh, teen choice awards, people’s choice awards any of those award shows that people are doing then you know, who’s hot in the teen world. Okay. And try to find the connection between what? What is? Trending and what your work is i mean, there’s always going to be that exactly every day at ten o’clock do something. Does this thing oppcoll tenant ten and so we have ten minutes at ten a m where the whole office comes together and we talk about what’s going on in the news. So, like, you know, we check out the new york times, cnn people dot com whatever and try to relate anything that’s trending in the news to cause on how to make that relevant to teenagers. So any time you can sort of hook onto new stories that teenagers care about, you’ll be able to give your organization’s message legs that it didn’t have before. All right, i’m gonna stop. There were stopped on legs. Are your finger? Are you? Finger is seo do something. Dot org’s he’s. A terrific suggestion. Really very valuable advice. Are you? Thank you very much for being a yank you very much. Pleasure. This is tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of the next-gen charity conference two thousand eleven. Are you finger? Thank you again. Thanks. Bye. You didn’t think to get independent. You’re listening to the talking alternative network e-giving. E-giving good. Are you stuck in your business or career, trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. Dahna hi, this is psychic medium. Betsy cohen, host of the show. The power of intuition. Join me at talking alternative dot com mondays at eleven a. M call in for a free second reading. Learned how to tune into your intuition to feel better and to create your optimum life. I’m here to guide you and to assist you in creating life that you deserve. Listen. Every monday at eleven a, m on talking alternative dot com. Are you feeling overwhelmed in the current chaos of our changing times? A deeper understanding of authentic astrology can uncover solutions in every area of life. After all, metaphysics is just quantum physics, politically expressed hi and montgomery taylor and i offer lectures, seminars and private consultations. For more information, contact me at monte m o nt y at r l j media. Dot com talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Lively conversation. Top trends. Sound advice, that’s, tony martignetti non-profit radio. And i’m samantha cohen from the american civil liberties union. Now i have for you another next-gen interview with eric sapp. Kristen pursue your hero’s journey he’s a very interesting guy, very interesting journey here’s that interview welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio live coverage of the next-gen two thousand eleven charity conference. We’re in lower manhattan at the tribeca performing arts center, i guess now is eric sapp wriston his film is the journey, which is based on a trip that he took around the country cold calling ceos, entertainment icons, authors, artists, global leaders and taking them out for a cup of coffee and conversation. Except kristen, welcome to the show, tony. Glad to be here to play pleasure to have you. You must have learned a lot, and i listened to you when you’re onstage, and the one that caught me was one of the people that you spoke to was volkswagen mechanic. If you were driving a volkswagen, won’t you tell us a little about your story? And that way we’d get into what the volkswagen mechanic share? You bet you know, i graduated from college and i decided i was going to take a year off and follow the grateful dead and work of ski. Season and aspen and challenged by my mentor to make the trip more meaningful, i decided that when i wasn’t following the dead and work in a ski season, i was going to call up some of the most powerful people in the world and take them out for a cup of coffee. And ah, as john steinbeck, who wrote a book called travels with charlie, said, sometimes you take a trip and sometimes the trip takes you, and this trip has taken me well beyond what i even could have imagined. I spent four years on the road. I picked up three other travellers. We learned how to use a video camera. We shot over five hundred hours of footage interviewed over two hundred of most extraordinary people on the planet ended up getting a development deal with walt disney studios, turned our journey into an award winning feature film that played in theatres, and he put us on the today show, cnn, new york times and launched us into an international speaking career and brought you tony martignetti non-profit radio also, you know which it is mentioned that in your credentials, well, that’s, because i was just about ready to say that cause that’s that’s now, i think the evolution of this journey has now brought me to this moment. Thank you. Equally is amazing. Is the other movement who was the mentor in your life? You know, i met a college professor who has gone on to be one of the top leadership consultants in the world, dr tony smith. And when he was getting his master’s thesis, i ended up walking into a speech communication class. And that meeting ended up changing the trajectory of my life. He was the one who stood for me to be greater than i thought i could be. You interviewed? Well, you met you sat with jimmy carter and no jerry garcia’s. Well, but i’m really intrigued by the volkswagen mechanic because you mentioned him just as an aside and on the stage. And i’m really interested in what he or she shared with you. You know, when you have ah, nineteen, seventy one volkswagen bus. One of the nice things about that is you get to meet lots of volkswagen mechanics on a journey. And you know, the breakdowns are are super important and valuable. And you know when i met this mechanic. The thing that really struck me is that that the journey was never about, you know, ceos or necessarily, you know, becoming financially successful. Though i met many people who are financially successful. Ah, the definition that we carried with us for, uh, the criteria in which we wanted to meet people was, are they getting up in the morning, excited and going to bed fulfilled. And this particular volkswagen mechanic that we met in houston was just he ran his shop like the ritz carlton. You know, you sat down to give you a cup of coffee. Really made sure that you were well taken care of. And i was just moved by his passion. He loved what he did and you know, the that he was really who he was being that really struck me. It just reminded me that you don’t have to. And i guess that really relates to the to the non profit world. Is that it’s? You know, success is what you measure. You know, it’s what? You determine its successful. A lot of people think that success is something in the future where if you accomplish enough things, you do enough things that someday you’ll be successful, but i tend to believe that success is with you right now, doing today and every day excellently, whatever it is you’re doing and then sooner or later you may get a reward which you may interpret a success, but it’s only a reward for doing excellently, whatever it is you say you’re going to do, and this volkswagen mechanic really just showed up with that level of excellence and compassion and and it just it was really moving and recognizing to that success isn’t from external sources were, as you said, where we most people are enjoying success right now, just not recognizing it. It doesn’t have to be recognised externally and brought to you, but that were in it right now. Totally one of the things that that i to on all the time is that success is what we measure, right? So my invitation to people is always tio to get really clear about what your measure of success is and don’t let other people dictate what success means to you. So for example, i’m a big fan of the hero’s journey and you know, if you if you go down a path that’s uniquely your own by definition, you can’t be successful unless retroactively. And what i mean by that is that if you’re a real estate agent, and this year you sell thirteen homes and then next to you sell fifteen homes, well, we can measure that your three home was more successful than you were last year, and everybody gets that. But if you are on a heroic journey in which you are following your instincts and you’re going down a path nobody has trod before, then you can’t be successful unless retroactively because there’s nothing to measure because the people who love you are trying to measure your success, and right now, it’s unclear what you’re doing. And so even the people closest to you, the ones who love you the most, were tried to guide you off of that path because they want to guide you to a place they can actually understand and measure. So if you for me, for example, when i was talking about, you know, i was traveling around the country, and i was telling people that i was going to call the most powerful people in the world and take him out for coffee. Nobody understood what that was going to turn out to be. You know what that was going? So everyone tried to advise me against it. Now flash forward a few years later and my movies playing in theatres and i’m on the today show. Then people go that’s, what you’re doing now, now you bring back the elixir. You bring back the goods, though community goes, oh, now we see i believed in you all the time, but it’s that space in between and i think that space in between prevents many people from living extraordinary lives because people are afraid of being judged and and misunderstood and ostracised. But i think if you’re on the hero’s journey, that is just par for the course with their ah categories of sort of lessons that you learned, they thinks fit into some generalized lessons that that that you share with people and you’re from your conversation after meeting after meeting to hundred the most extraordinary people on the planet. I mean, obviously people have asked me to try to come up with some of the commonalities of successful people. And so mike white, my question just is so if you’ve heard it a million times, nothing it’s not all insightful is really, really not much to it your your question is a shallow question your question is, equally is profound. You know, if i if i thought about a couple of salient messages that i’ve i’ve learned from the people that i’ve met, um one it’s it’s super important to trust your instincts toe to meditate, to be quiet, tio, to listen to that voice inside and trusted, you know, when you ask people oftentimes some question they go, i don’t know on my follow-up is well, if you did know, what would it be? You know, it’s like it’s your ultimately the journey is you against you and to get really clear about what you’re up to in the world. Oh, and and trust yourself. I think another lesson i learned from these amazing people is is teo be humble and to ask for help that if you can figure out what the what is thin, go seek out lives people and get the how and i think on stage you shared with the audience that that was one of the primary lessons that seeking help, but we’re it’s not about ego it’s about the people you bring around you. Yeah, you know, i think that it prevents people from living extraordinary lives if they get their ego out of out of whack. You know, i’ve done so many things in my life and and i don’t really have any credentials to do any of them. And so, you know, i’m very clear about what my vision is and then sought out people much smarter than me to help guide me and that people love to do that. If you’re passionate and you’re clear, you could get access to the most powerful people in the world that will give you insights, direction, support, money, resource, arses. But you have to be willing to ask for help, you know, i interrupted you. Go ahead. There were some some common lessons. You will understand you. Another common lesson is finish what you start. You know where it we’re a culture of easy starters, but very few finishers and tenacity is a great value. And even if your friends are advising you against that path, it depends. You know, i guess there’s another insight there too. And that is be really careful on who you’re taking counsel from. There are a lot of cynics out there and people who have gone and have not pursued what they believe is their higher purpose and out of good intentions, they will try to guide you away from that. I didn’t listen to just anybody. I went to talk to people who are getting up in the morning, excited, going to bed, fulfilled, who had been successful over multiple generations, who have done extraordinary things. And when they told me to jump, i’d say how high. But if i met somebody else know doesn’t mean that cynics can offer you a great insight i took, i took insight from everybody i could be on a bus and all of a sudden, you know, a city bus, and somebody offered me a great pearl. I’d like thank you and a za counterpoint to this, the cynics and naysayers or some of my best allies, because i’m an optimist and i tend to look for what’s possible and the people who are cynics are looking for whats not possible and often times if you’re open to hearing them, they could point out something. That you’ve missed and also make that part of your plan. So i i’m just i’m a sponge. I listened to everybody, but then again come back to my own intuition and and then now choose i love your inspiration toe follow what you believe in, take advice, but you would stick to that that path i mean, tenacity, the passion sort of things that you you got when you invited the audience to yell out, you know, what does it take to be successful too? I forget i don’t member how you phrased it, but a cheese or what virality what separates those who achieve from those who do not know and the audience rattled off. You know, ten answers from courage to communication, teo having a vision and and the differentiating factor for me was what separates those who achieve from those who do not is in direct proportion to one’s ability to ask others for help. Ask others for help. I’m gonna leave there. Alright, tony it’s been a pleasure. Thanks for let me sit. And for anybody that your listeners are interested, we have a website which is www dot live in wonder dot com l i v i n w endy r and there’s tons of videos, and we have a new book on living wonder, and we have our movie, the journey, and and we’d love to get a message from me, there’s, a contact us button. And right now we have a campaign to inspire the world to live in wonder. So if you’re out there living and wonder, please let us know we are eric sacristan. His film is the journey there’s, much more to his story, and you’ll find it at live in wonder. Dot com. This is tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of the next-gen charity conference two thousand eleven. I want to thank eric sapperstein again, sitting down with us, tony it’s. Been a pleasure. Thanks for my privilege. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Are you feeling overwhelmed in the current chaos of our changing times? A deeper understanding of authentic astrology can uncover solutions in every area of life. After all, metaphysics is just quantum physics, politically expressed, i and montgomery taylor and i offer lectures, seminars and private consultations. For information, contact me at monte m o nt y at r l j media. Dot com are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam lebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping hunters. People be better business people. Hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com welcome back to the show, it’s time for tony’s take two at roughly thirty two minutes into the hour my block this week. I don’t know what’s on my block this week, i’m recording this twenty february twenty fourth show about three weeks early, and i don’t know what’s going to be on the block when you’re listening to this. So i’m going to point you to two recent posts that have gotten a decent number of comments one was share my optimism for twenty twelve i’m always optimistic at the beginning of a new year, and this one is certainly included really doesn’t matter that we’re in the midst of a recession. I’m still just optimistic at the beginning of every year, and a bunch of people agreed with me so you could see that post share my optimism for twenty twelve another one that did pretty well was say thank you before you have to. This was the story of a one of my credit cards that got compromised and the card was canceled and i had a few automatic payments on it and the companies that i had those payments with, along with their requests for the new number the new credit card number. They had started thanking me, but they had never done that before. And i had been a customer of theirs for, like, five or six years for each of them. So it just got me thinking that they’re not really thanking me out of gratitude there thinking because it’s embarrassing. Now, if they don’t thank me when they’re tryingto get the new number and just get back into my pocket so that didn’t sound like genuine gratitude and ah, and i blogged about it. So that’s ah, that post is called say thank you before you have to. These are both on my block at tony martignetti dot com note the new girl tony martignetti dot com and that is tony’s take two for friday, february twenty fourth, the eighth show of twenty twelve with me now is maria simple, the prospect finder, our regular prospect research contributor she’s, an experienced trainer and speaker on prospect research. Her website is the prospect finder dot com her book is panning for gold. Find your best donorsearch prospects now, ria simple. Welcome back. Thanks a lot, tony it’s, great to be here with you again. Always a pleasure to have you were talking about going greater into google search this week. Google search results have changed very recently. What? What’s what’s up there? Yeah. You know, i thought we might devote some time talking about this because i started seeing headlines in some very reputable publications like mashable. Dot com and the headline read, google merch is emerges search and google plus into social media juggernaut. And then i read another article through comes stant contact that said, google blurs the lines between social and search. I got to thinking about what would the impact be on the overall prospect, a research community where in most cases are first place we turn to for information on individuals, foundations, corporations, whatever is google, right? I think. And i found something that said in september of two thousand eleven, google represented sixty percent of all searches that was that was, according to experian hitwise. And so i got to thinking about what is all this going to mean? So let’s, break this down a little bit first, just to kind of give people a little bit of background, you know, google set up something called google plus so their own social media network okay? And i kind of didn’t pay too much attention to it for a while, and i knew that eventually i would have to get on board and open up a google plus account, and not only for me personally, but for my business. Then i realized what the impact would be, whether you had this account or not in terms of your potential search results. So let’s talk about this a little bit, because in addition to google plus, which they say has now has ninety million users and they’re expecting it to grow very quickly. This is this is google’s expectations. Um then you couple that with what they recently just launched in the last few weeks, which is search, plus your world. So it impacts your search results, whether you’re logged into your google account or not. So i wanted to take a closer look at that, and i did some experimenting. And would you like to hear about some of the search results and how they were influenced us to whether i was lobbed into google or not? No, not really. I think we should skip that now, of course. That’s why we’re here? Of course we’re interested in your results. Yes. Ok, so what was interesting thing? First thing i did was i went ahead and i set up a search on somebody’s name who you’ve actually had on your show. And i wanted to see how the search results would differ because you and i are now connected in a circle in google plus, right? We are, i thought, well, let’s, see how the search results would be impacted now i love google plus, because i don’t know the name of the circle that you have me in, which is probably annoying pseudo friend, radio host. But you don’t know the name of the circle that i have you in either, which is why i don’t and it’s glamorous prospect researcher, but but that’s inside. So i have you in a colleague circle that’s, very thoughtful, very nebulous. Okay, all right, so but we are connected on google plus. So? So who did you search? So who did you search? Scott koegler actually had on your show talking about google, plus another regular contributor yet, and i know that you’re actually connected to him on google plus because i actually was able to see that he was in one of your circle, so you might be a perfect example for me to test. So i logged into i went ahead and i logged in, and when i put his name into the search engine without any parentheses, so again, i was not searching for the phrase scott koegler so it really picked up anywhere where there was mention of god or koegler is that how you do exact phrases? You do parentheses. Okay, we’re goingto get around. Okay. Later on, we’re going talk about advanced searches. Well, okay. And, uh the search results came up at two million three hundred sixty thousand. Now again, it wasn’t as a phrase, but it turned out that there were twenty personal results. So this is how google categorizes thie search plus results there your personal result? How do you tell personal from non part from the general right? So the personal results cama with a little icon of a person’s head. Oh, that little bust i’ve seen that ok? Is that? Does that little bust your personal results? Meaning that somebody in your world that you’re connected teo in in google has has shared something about this. So it turned out that all those twenty personal results, in fact, were things all shared by you, that that would make sense because there were things like your facebook posts on your on your radio show page, your block posts, etcetera, anywhere that now i only kind of printed out for myself is page one of the results. But anyway, those those twenty results all had to do with the fact that you had shared it. Which makes sense. And i pretty much expected that those results would look like that because of the fact that i knew going into it. You were connected to god. Okay, okay. So, interestingly enough, though, when i when i toggle off now, there is a way to to see your search results, um, so that you can opt out three result. You can see the results as if you weren’t signed in. Is that what you mean? Ok, so how do you do that? Talking right next to the top of the search results page, you’ll see the icon will have a little person’s head and right next to it, it looks like more of a a little circle of globe, i think that’s what it’s supposed to represent the globe? So if you click on that, then it filters out away all of those personal search results, and when i did that, interestingly enough, none of those for top twenty results came back at all connected to you, which means i don’t i don’t rank it all. I’m right in the global world. I’m nothing so in the global world, yeah, and and and it’s even more depressing when i want to tell you about my search results on plan giving and prospect research, but anyway, we’ll get to that a moment so very interesting anyway, that that that would happen that way. So my takeaway on that is make sure that you have an opportunity, whether you’re you know, especially if you’re logged into google while you’re doing your searches that you go ahead and you toggle off the personal search results so that you might get more of those relevant results because don’t forget, when you’re doing as a prospect researcher let’s say, you’re you’re profiling an individual. This is an unknown individual, you’re not connected to them in any way you want. To be ableto have google bring back the most relevant results for you, and we’ll talk about how you can use, i think the advanced search page, which would be even more used as a prospect research so someone in an office they could accidentally be logged into their google plus are not a sort of locked into google plus, but just logged into google somewhere. Maybe they were just looking at a google doc or something like that some other property of google’s, and then they go into a search, they need to know that their search results are going to be personalized, and they might prefer to have the global depending on what the purpose of their searches but if they’re doing, if their office that they’re definitely gonna want to global, right do if they’re at home and their log into google and they’re looking for a fun restaurant or the best pizza place in the neighborhood to eat at, well, then they might want to incorporate their friends. Searchers are absolutely something like that because that now you’re changing the whole scope of why you’re doing the search. Okay, um, i’ll tell you that there’s a link. If you want to even share it on your block at some point, that gives a really good overview. Basic overview with some videos and so forth that google has put together and it’s at google dot com forward, slash inside, search forward, slash plus dot html, and i’ll send you that link, tony, that we can get that we’ll put that on the block. I’m sorry, we’ll put that on the facebook page. We’ll put on the show, i’ll shoot you that lincoln that would. That does provide a pretty decent, basic overview of what’s going on there. Now. One of the other things that i wanted to talk about was wade just talked about controlling what you see, but also i don’t think google is going to be you’re not going to be able to ignore google plus anymore. Andi, we’ll talk about this just for a minute. You mean, in terms of having your own account, we’re having our or non-profit having a non-profit having its own write what you would call a business pages, but why do okay? Because being now as a non-profit being found and the relevancy and so forth is going to come into play and it’s really kind of changing up the whole thing in terms of search engine optimization. So i think that no longer can people ignore google it’s just too powerful, too large and expected to grow the google plus, at least is expected to grow rather large, okay, and listeners can can listen to my interview with scott koegler excuse me, we talked about this several weeks ago about getting a google plus business page for your non-profit right, right, so that might be something they want to consider doing because they would want to, of course, be found and so forth, so that is definitely something not to be. Ignored so let’s talk about then what can you do with google ignoring the whole google search plus your world thing? Okay, why don’t you just introduce us? We have just about two minutes before break s so you just get a started and then we’ll come back, okay? Great. So what we’re going to do is talk about google advanced searches, which are extremely useful. How do you find out? How do you find the advanced search so well, i’ll talk about that in a moment exactly how to get to that. And then also setting up of google alerts could be their use oppcoll for a prospect, researchers so those are two aspects of google that you can use whether or not you are a google user on google, plus user or a google search plus your world use their again understanding how to utilize some of what we’ll call the you know what existed already old school, google style, and they would be very useful, awful okay, any prospect? Researcher? So the advanced search, how do we find that? So what you would do is that used to be easier to find, but at this point what? I would say is put your search term into into the google search box at the very and then you get your search results. He hit search, you get your search results at the very bottom of the page, you will see something that says google advanced search, and then i would suggest that you clicked through on that page and then that would bring back to you an entire new set of items that you could do a search on and filter your search results much further, so that they’re more relevant to what you’re looking for. Okay, so you find this on the bottom of the first results page that’s, correct cab called advanced search. I think, personally, i think that’s the easiest way to get results, and then we have just about a minute or so before no, we don’t really have much time for a break, so we’re going to take a break. And when we return, maria will return, and we’ll talk more about google advanced search tips. 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What’s your first suggestion, maria with advanced search. Okay, so right before break, we talked about going in and just doing a search on, say, a kn individual’s name. So if you were searching doing prospect research on a person, you could put their name into the regular search box. I would highly suggest that you, when you do that, you put quotations around the name. So if we were researching tony martignetti, we would want to make sure that it had quotes around the names so that google didn’t pick up any search where the word tony or martignetti showed up, right? And now earlier you said it was parentheses. I’m sorry. What did i just say right now? You just said quotes. It is, quote, quote. So so sprint okay princessa steak before. Okay? Yeah. Quotes. Okay. I was wondering because courts are standard, but i thought maybe quote, quote. Okay, definitely quotation. Mark. Okay, so you’ll put quotation marks. Around the person’s name and then that will let google know you’re looking for that as a search treyz um when you then get your first paycheck search results all the way at the bottom, you’ll click on advanced search and then let’s say there are just way too many search results for you to want to filter through this advanced search page will do that leg work for you. There is a box called search within a site or domain and here’s what i suggest that everybody does their doing there prospect research you want you’re interested, of course, in knowing where somebody is connected in the nonprofit world or perhaps, uh, connected to their alma mater. Perhaps they’ve given a lot of money there, so i would normally when i do my prospect research, i would put the person’s name in and have have it filtered, bound out by dot or ge and dot edu, so i’ll perform the advanced search twice, so i would look for tony martignetti with quote and i would search for it and tell google hit back to may the on ly search results that come back with a dot or go after it and then i would do the search again with a dot edu i would be interested in knowing if your name is showing up on the web sites of any non profit organizations, it could very well be that i’m going to come up, and i think this happens to me all the time when i’m doing research, i will find if your name is ana non-profits website is having given on as part of their annual report, so if you’re listed on an annual report and let’s say you are in the president’s circle and you’ve donated at a level of, you know, five million and above tony let’s go big here. I was thinking that was kind of small example, go ahead, so five million and above, i’m at least gonna have a pretty good idea that, yes, tony is definitely a major donor here, very close he’s not showing up in the ninety nine dollars and below level. So it’s not going to give you an exact a gift that tony has made, but at least it’s going to give you the range that tony has made other organizations, and i think that could be particularly useful as you’re thinking about your approach to a donor and how much to potentially asked them for excellent and also if you did, as you said, the dot edu, then you could might find where they’re on the water is right, and maybe not even then ferilli donating to the alma mater, but that could be a piece of the puzzle that you didn’t have you just didn’t know, and maybe you are somewhat activewear here alumni association. Or maybe you go back to our alma mater and you do some speaking there, etcetera, and and it has shown up on their website, so anything connected to a dot edu where your name shows up? Of course, your name is it’s, probably not all that common in the united states, but if you were searching, you know, john smith, then this maybe not even quite useful, because you’re you’re going to come up with an awful lot of john smith who have donated to their alma mater. Interactive, etcetera? No, if you search my name under dot gov and you’ll find my prison record well, you have to go to the right state. Let’s, go in the right state. But i’m not revealing which which state that is that in which i have served the time. Okay, that’s. Excellent. So what else is there under advanced search so you can search down by date. So let’s say you’ve already done some research. You had previously researched a prospect. Maybe it was a year or two ago when you’re really just going to refresh the data so you can actually have google search back the results to you in the past twenty four hours the past week, the past months, the past year. So let’s say you’re just looking to get the most recent search results on an individual’s name. You can have it filtered down. Now they’ve got other different types, filters and so forth. But i think that in terms of a ah prospect researcher and the type of information they’re looking for, a donor prospects relevancy in terms of having the most timely information on then also where also they showing up in the non-profit space. Yeah. And also you might know that there’s some reason that some one of your prospect is in the news. So then you want to do something just within the past. Twenty four hours. You don’t want all the back history. That’s, right? Right. So if it really is something that’s just hit the news recently, you khun definitely have google filter down those results to just the past twenty four hours, which is particularly useful. Can we talk about google alert? You know what? We just have one minute left, so i don’t i want to i want to have you come back, which you were going to do anyway, because you’re you’re on once a month. So why don’t we devote some more time to that than just the one minute that we have now? Is there anything else that you can recommend about going going greater into google? Well, i think that i would encourage people to go ahead and sign up for a google account or a google plus account on just to really pay attention to what their search results are ta going on and off that little icon of the head so that you can see how the search results are going to be impacted for you and as much as possible, use the advanced search page, i think it’s going really filter down and get the most relevant results that you’re going to need for your own research efforts. Maria semple is the prospect. Find her you’ll find her at the prospect finder. Dot com and maria will look forward to talking to you next month. Ok, great. Thanks, tony. Thank you very much. My thanks. Also, of course, to aria finger and eric sacristan and the organizer’s dahna next-gen charity conference next week. 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