Our IRS Is Helping You

I feel bad for the Internal Revenue Service. It’s disliked because it collects taxes and feared because it enforces tax collection. Loathed and feared is no way to go through life.

But IRS has programs to help 501(c)(3) charities. Their website, IRS Stay Exempt, has courses, webinars and other resources for new and existing organizations, as well as “in-depth topics.” Here are four that cover areas I know charities struggle with:

Applying for Tax Exemption (Teaches a lot in just under 17 minutes. The Q & A dialogue is hokey, as an enormous bureaucracy tries to be accessible and friendly; kudos for trying.)

Unrelated Business Income (Learn from Coach, a self-assured “knowledgeable and straight-talking IRS agent.” He’s also modest. You can also learn from Gene Takagi and Emily Chan, legal contributors to my radio show. We covered UBI last August.)

403(b) Retirement Plans for Employees (If you work for a charity, you may have one of these plans as part of your employee benefits. I find many people don’t know what they have, even as they’re contributing to it.) (12m)

403(b) Retirement Plans for Employers (How to keep this part of your benefits package in compliance.) (13m)

I’m not an IRS insider. I’m more on the fear-and-loathing end. I learn about IRS offerings by getting their Exempt Organization Update emails. You can subscribe here.

Learn more. Loathe less.

One thought on “Our IRS Is Helping You

  1. Thanks for writing about this. It’s always good to hear about interesting resources like this. Hey, they’re just doing their job!

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