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Nonprofit Radio for May 4, 2018: 18NTC/NTEN & SMS Fundraising

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Amy Sample Ward: 18NTC/NTEN

Amy Sample Ward

We kick-off our coverage of the Nonprofit Technology Conference with the host’s leader. Amy Sample Ward is CEO of Nonprofit Technology Network and our social media contributor. Learn why the conference is wildly popular and why you need to join NTEN. I’ve been a member for years. (Recorded at the Nonprofit Technology Conference)



Rachel Kottler, Taylor Dankmyer & Sandi Fox:
 SMS Fundraising
Can this help you? Lots of nonprofits are successful with it. It’s more than text to give. The details of setting goals, list growing, finding the tech you need and more, come to you from Rachel Kottler, with Maska, Neill & Co., Taylor Dankmyer at Upland Mobile Messaging and Sandi Fox, principle of Smart As A Fox. (Recorded at the Nonprofit Technology Conference)







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Hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent on your aptly named host oh, i’m glad you’re with me. I’d suffer the effects of your atrocious if you made me sweat with the idea that you missed today’s show eighteen ntcdinosaur n ten we kick off our coverage of the non-profit technology conference with the hosts leader amy sample ward is ceo of non-profit technology network and our social media contributor. She explains why the conference is wildly popular and why you need to join in ten i have been a member for years that was recorded, of course at the non-profit technology conference and as sametz fund-raising can this help you? Lots of non-profits are successful with it. It’s more than text to give the details of setting goals list growing finding the tech you need andme or come to you from rachel kottler with mask and neil and company teyla dankmyer at up land mobile messaging and sandy fox principle of smart as a fox also recorded at the non-profit technology conference on tony’s take two, my number one eighteen and tc takeaway responsive by pursuing full service fund-raising data driven and technology enabled tony dahna slash pursuant radio by wagner cpas guiding you beyond the numbers witness cps dot com bye tell us turning credit card processing into your passive revenue stream durney dahna may slash tony tell us here is the kickoff of ntcdinosaur bridge with eighty ninety seay and antenna and amy sample ward welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of eighteen ntc non-profit technology conference. This interview is sponsored by network for good, easy to use donor and fund-raising software for non-profits we’re in the convention center in new orleans, and this is our interview number two of our coverage, and i’m very pleased to have made me stop award with us. Hello, aimee semple work. Hello interview number two i’m sad i didn’t get number one. I think i should have hustled you. I should’ve hustled. You were booked or we were booked already. Yeah, these interviews go fast, it’s true, they do go fast on non-profit video. Amy, of course, is the ceo of intent, the non-profit technology network and the social media contributor for non-profit radio. Now, when we’re on, we’re on non-profit radio, but not here. We say your social. Media contributor and ceo of intent. Yes. You gotta flip it. Yeah, but here it in ten. Your ceo first. Yeah, i appreciate that. Okay. Yeah. That’s. What? That’s. Really? Thank you. Congratulations. Thank you. Yeah, you’ve been working. The staff is working very hard on this for months and months. It’s true. Hopefully it feels like we worked hard, but that we are not working hard now and that you do not see a lot of stress on us now, i know. I see a lot of fun. Good. Okay. Good. Haley was very fun. Way checked in. Everything. Oh, good. Nice. Um, nothing. He came by today giving us high. Yeah. Um, before we talk about in ten, let’s, talk about eighteen ntc. Yeah, i saw thirteen hundred and twenty first time. First time attendees. Congratulations. Yeah, thanks. Yeah, yeah. You like that? You like, like, the first time we like our first timers. Yeah. I mean, it’s not. I think there are some folks who are in a position both too, really, really want teo and really, really be able to come every single year, regardless of location. But we also hear from a lot of folks. That that’s not really the way their organization has budgeted what we actually hear a lot of is that people come one year and then they rotate through their team so that each person gets to go, for example, every three years and, you know, they rotate who gets to go, so even those they’re great fun? Yeah, totally. Food is excellent. Totally. So we’ve got, you know, about half of the attendees are first timers, but when we do, when we run the numbers on, if their organization is first it’s much lower because it’s that individuals first time that the organization has been here in some way or another in the past, right, more people being exposed, yeah, exactly which is kind of part of our goals that it isn’t just one person in an organization trying to do this work right now that we know that intent is not only for technologists exactly. We don’t only want the technologists if you have one, right? If you have an apple and if you have one exactly, listeners do not. But if you do, we don’t want that person be the sole person coming right? I’ve already met a couple of other ceo executive director’s exactly how many total attendance here? I haven’t seen the final number, but people were even registering still yesterday. So i think when i saw it yesterday, it was that twenty one twenty three. Something like that so well, over twenty, one hundred, we’ll just leave it at that and not have to get a specific number. Two plus. Yeah. Excellent. Ah, one hundred thirty sessions, one hundred thirty sessions over three hundred speakers. Over ninety percent of sessions have at least one non-profit staff member speaking. Yes. That’s important? Yes. You like to go beyond the consultants? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. What’s that’s gonna share about non-profit we’ve have ah, we’ll have twenty five or twenty six. Interview scheduled. Wow. The over the two and a half days. Yeah, very pleased with that. I didn’t. I didn’t count the number of most most are panels of at least two. Yeah, a bunch of threes, even even a sprinkling of force. Wow, i have to have some double up. Mike’s. Yeah. Um, so i don’t know. We’ve got twenty five to fifty, seventy five it’s got to be eighty, ninety speakers, i would think. Wow. That’s. Awesome, yeah, significant portion. Yeah, um, what else about what else? About eighteen, ntc. Well, well, one of the stats, i guess you could say that i shared this morning, was, you know, and ten has hosted the ntc, but also the community had been self organizing even before antin started. So, in a way, the ntc has lasted longer than intend, but for all intensive purposes will say as long as in ten. So, you know, nineteen years. But we’ve only been in new orleans one other time, and that was ten years ago, and there are sixty four, folks registered who were at that anti seat to, yeah, you love data way. Well, it tells such an interesting story, right? Sixty four different people, and of those sixty four, the vast majority of them. It was their first. So new orleans was there first, and they have stayed for ten years. So hopefully, you know, a lot of those thirteen hundred. All right, we’ll stay for ten years. Now. We know that they’ve stayed, yes, not like they came ten years ago, and then they skip nine years. No another back, that’s what i mean, they skipped a couple at different times, but pretty consistently stayed the whole time. Okay, yeah, just wantto. Durney any questions lingering about pressure, about, share, the validity of what we’re saying, yeah, don’t question the data, okay? Falik challenge, yeah, that’s fair, healthy challenge. Eighteen ntcdinosaur at. You know, i know something once but you, you are actively. Pursuing something that you and i have talked about, ok, on eighteen ntcdinosaur it is the the affiliated but non not official activities. Maybe i’m not calling them the right thing, but you know what i’m talking about? I’m just not going there, i think. Ntcdinosaur hyre okay. Yoga morning run explorer, the french quarter, but journaling buja e i thought i thought bull journaling was twitter, but i was mistaken. So these are things that are organically created. Bye bye community members coming here, but you give them a template and a format to follow, and then you have some disclaimers. You know, it’s not our event need to coordinate with people who are creating it, but it’s it’s an organic growth you’re empowering the community to take the conference and mold it the way they would like it to be in some small respect, yeah, totally it’s time for a break pursuant, they’re not just producing valuable digital content on the listener landing page. O goodness no, they’re professional fundraisers and campaign counsel. They can work with you on sight or remotely to get your campaign started or if it’s flagging to get it re energized assessment case. Development major gift prospecting, volunteer coaching, campaign management all of that stuff. They do it all start at tony dahna slash pursuing radio. Now, back to amy. Sample ward. Say more about that. Yeah, there are a lot of different aspects. So there are some things that we definitely take kind of use your language a little bit more effort and do create the template and some examples and get them going and that’s things like the diner rounds. So anton actually does basically nothing for that. We just say you should go to dinner with five other people. Here is a google doc where you can write down where you have you just call, make a dinner reservation anywhere for six people. Put it in this document, and then five people add their name. Total strangers that want to go to dinner with you. And then the next person just copies the same, you know, table puts in. I’ve made a reservation under my name at this restaurant. Do you want to go there? Five people add their names before the conference even started, every single dinner spot was fall. People were calling us and asking for help making. More reservations because restaurants were false, everybody wanted to be able to go, and i think it’s a great example both of what we do but what anybody can do the community is happy to self organize, but they often don’t know what’s allowed or what would work. They’ve never been there. They don’t know what the restaurants are, they see sametz samples and i think, okay, i too, can call a restaurant and make a reservation for six p m and that’s all i have to do, i don’t have to know those people. I don’t have to go recruiting, solicit yeah, i don’t have to recruit friends to come and ten will promote that the dying around is happening, and now i get to meet five other people. We all just pay for our own dinner like that, you know, there’s, no other logistics that i think people get intimidated by in trying to be a part of an event like i have to get six people who are going, we’re going to the conference and right? And how would i find them? And yeah, and i think that’s true, certainly in person events like this, but all the time in organization, so long as you give people the template, you know, you tell them what the lanes on the the bowling line are, they want to do it, you know, and they want to have a place, especially when it’s something like this that lets them connect with other community members, you know, and meet people, and we all have to eat dinner, right? So why not, you know, do it in this path for smart? Yeah, it’s and is consistent with what you and i have talked about on the show, right? Organic growth within the community? Yeah, exactly. Some boundaries ends a little assistance. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, and like you said, i think the disclaimers are important, not toe, you know, not what brings past that, you know, to make sure people know and then is not responsible for your dinner reservations if you didn’t make it, we don’t know any details about, you know, so just and i think that goes with creating the guidelines or whatever. So they know where the organization stops and you, as the community member, have to start with responsibility. But after that, i mean, you’ve seen people just totally take it and build it how they want it to be. I don’t see that a lot of other conferences that kind of allowing that spaces take it. Yes, tio, take it in a direction where you’d like to, you know, very simply and within reason. That’s got a lot. I know you don’t want to trash talk your your your conference competition, but yeah, bond, i’m not trash talking, but i don’t i don’t i don’t see it. It’s part of the special sauce event ten. How do you come up with these good ideas? That was that. Was that a staff driven idea? Yeah. I mean, a lot of these ideas are staff driven ideas that we see in other places, not even necessarily other conferences, but just another aspects of our life. For we read a book blogged about something, and it gave us an idea. But we have all staff and t c meetings, you know, all year round and staff just bring ideas to those and say, oh, i was at this event in town this weekend, you know, for my knitters group and somebody mentioned this. What if we turned that around and did it this way for the anti see, you know, and then staff either say that’s a horrible idea. No. Or yeah, let’s do it. And who wants to be on the project team and let’s build out a plan. And a lot of it comes kind of through staff. But from the community, you know, from from engaging with them, hearing their ideas and a lot of our online groups. The different kind of topical peer groups that we have, we’ll bring ideas to, like, they’ll be having a monthly call and discuss something and say, is there a way we could turn this into an open conversation at the ntc was such a interesting idea that we had. I bet more people have ideas to share, and then we work with them on, you know, creating a space for that conversation to happen. You know, let’s, talk a little about staff. Yeah. How many? How many staff? Fourteen. Okay. And not all in portland, oregon. No. Portland is our only actual office, but then we have three virtual staff. Three virtual. Okay? Uh, yeah. You know, i love intern you doing? Remember? You’re on the show every month. Yeah, and you have been since show number one hundred. Yeah, coming up on four hundred, oh, my god. S o that you would’ve joined in two thousand eleven. We started in july of two thousand ten. You would’ve started in july of two thousand eleven on and you’re coming up on seven years. July. Wow, really? I think i have that right because you were on the first time you around was shown number one. It was, and we’re coming up on show number four hundred. So, however you slice that that’s, another three hundred shows, six years, it’s, six or seven years. Wow, that’s. Awesome, you know. And when you were at the time when you first game, you were never membership director, yeah, before you became before you were promoted, moved up tio tio. Yeah, but also i love intent. I love it so much. Sometimes i over think it. But, you know, the staff is i mean, the staffers, like motivated, yeah, motivated and driven are synonyms. So there’s, no point staying motivated, driven, but like a bee. Ah, a little bee colony, and they call it a day, and they, you know, they really just care about interacting with people in helping the broader mission, which is smart and use of technology that you listeners people in small and midsize non-profits can focus more on your program in mission work and not stress so much over over tech, right? Did i did i phrase that, yeah, that’s all great, yeah, okay, so smart staff it’s, not even possible toe shout out the people who have worked on eighteen ntcdinosaur because it’s all it’s, all staff? Yep. Okay, all right, yeah, i believe that there. Then let’s talk about and ten as a membership organization as more than just his conference, as awesome as it is every year. And then in the end, we’ll ask about remind me if i forget about nineteen. Ninety? Okay, whatever we can say about nineteen ntcdinosaur forget great. Okay, um, intense it’s. A very affordable membership for for non-profits. Right? Correct. Yes, you are. You acquainted with thea? Well, levels of how just how affordable it is. Well, our membership dues if you you could join us. An individual just joins individual. But you could also join as an organization. And if you’re joining as either a non-profit aura for-profit, both organization types have dues levels based on your annual budget. So if you are a really small organization, you only be paying seventy five dollars a year for all of your staff. Have membership way. Don’t count. How many staff do you have that i want to remember? As many staff won’t participate? Yeah. The organization has a membership for them. Yes, exactly. On then. And then the tears go up from there. But you can see by the fact that small organizations are at seventy five it’s. Not a lot, regardless of how large your organization is. And what do you get for your seventy five dollars? Well, ah lot. Of folks at this, you know, here at the nbc now know that they get a massive discount on their ntcdinosaur ation. That is a big perk. For sure. On dh, you get discounts on all of our other educational programs, including fifty percent off the price. If you are trying to achieve your professional certificate so that’s a huge discount to get a professional certificate. You have a profession. You have a certification program now, right? Yes, we have. Ah, non-profit technology. Professional certificate. Okay, yet we’ll talk about that, too. Okay. Now try to remember a few things. Okay? Non-profit technology certificate. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. So what send off educational programs? But when we asked members what has the most value for them and what’s most important to them about being a member it’s less of the transactional discounts and much more about getting to be a member of this community come and getting to find those people that can answer their questions when they did them answered, but also find those people who could answer questions they didn’t know they had. And they just want some colleagues, you know, they just want people that they can connect. With regularly and you could do that virtually there also meet ups around there in person, tech clubs that are kind of monthly free events, lots of online groups, tons of online content, and we see a lot of that in ten community really engaged on social media to especially twitter, and you don’t need to follow-up necessarily the organization if you don’t want to. But if you follow the hashtag and p tech for non-profit technology there’s just so much they’re happening that’s really, this community using that hashtag let’s talk about some of the virtual communities that you do communities of practice, though i have that right way, just call them online groups, but they are essentially a community practice. You know they’re kind of peer groups, and many of them are formed on a topic like digital communications or using wordpress for your website so things that maybe are a part of your professional identity. You know what your job is or what you do at work. There are also a few groups that are a little blurry between professional and personal identities a women in technology, for example, but you can also create a group if you see that there is not a group for you, we are happy to support you creating that group and you could become an organizer and we’ll help you make sure people are in your group and they’re engaged and you have access to all of our tools. You can run a free monthly call or webinar, you know, whatever you want to do to engage your group, you don’t have to you put in the time and we cover the costs. And do you need to be a member of inten pretty joining those krauz groups, you know, that’s that’s, part of let’s talk about that part of your mission, which is goes beyond the membership, right? Yeah, i mean, ultimately and ten is a five oh, one c three non-profit like, basically everybody else in the community were not in association. We don’t. I believe in having a big pay wall that says you can only access our content are access the community because you paid to get that access because if we did that, we wouldn’t meet our mission and we wouldn’t be able to reach as many non-profits as we need. Teo, that need help. So it’s a pretty open community. And we hope that that helps people, whether they can pay or not still benefit and the tech meet ups around the country. Do we know how many? You know how many? Well, there’s a couple dozen that were brought also. Yeah, we do have some in canada and over in europe. Okay, yeah, a couple of dozen in the u s okay, but of course, you know, you always have the virtual groups exactly fall back to. Yeah, there is. And if you and if there is an attack club in your city, you can also start one of those. We’ll help you support that, too. Okay? Okay. Um, what else would you tell me? Uh, tell me what else you want to talk about. That professionals. And if we get well, we’re going to get way, way. Have a little enough time to talk. Ok. I know. I did write down. So now i can remember. Okay, nineteen, ninety sea and also the commercial traffic you’re off the hook. More about in ten. What? Oh, no. Anything any insider? Who? Anything. Insider group. You know it’s, a smart group. You know, we try. To not have any inside knowledge. Really? I mean, you know, we have quarterly town halls where we share what’s happening behind the scenes were working on what’s going on, folks ask us questions, we always answer them publicly, you know, we we really try to not have inside, i mean, other than like, you know, how the sausage is made kind of way we do still share that we actually get a lot of questions in the summertime about hey ntcdinosaur great, would you have a call with me? And, you know, teach me how you did dine around xero how you did birds of a feather or some aspect of the conference that other folks liked and staff always take those calls and tell other organizations how to do the same thing that we do, but we don’t necessarily write it all down publicly because it would be the most boring long you’ve ever way community be much more grateful for a twenty minute phone call. Yes, a twenty page document, right? Yeah, she sure is what we did and three sarah more i mean, you’re you’re chatty group yeah, people we like chat, they do they do. You do, you neo-sage okay, let’s, let’s, talk about the certificate, so taking pictures. Thank you for shooting picture. Thank you, where’s. It gonna be twitter, tweeting. Okay, thank you. Yes, we love well, his pocket and twitter. We’ll stick with the twitter. I won’t pursue the pocket check ben’s twitter right now, then let’s, give me showed up. Yeah, then bisbee. Yeah, yes, it is, ben. Welcome to the welcome you want to. You want to pull up what has been due. No, no, no, because we’ve already shared ben’s name and that’s enough for ben it’s. Good. Okay, osili. Ah, on saying not with just in case i don’t know, we’re picking this up on micro ben is saying not with not with the c e o all right, all right, well, thank you for thank for promoting. You hear what he said? Well, i don’t know if anybody i didn’t hear that part. So, listeners, i’m not cheating you out, okay? Thank you. Ben bisbee for that little fly by. Alright, the non-profit technology certificate? Yeah. Is only a couple years old. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What? What is it about? Well, we have heard from this community the you know, the broader and time community for many years at this point that there are a few different kind of career struggles. One is that most of the people here, even if their title is technology or they would identify themselves that technologist very fuel folks in the community have a technology degree, right? People didn’t go to college for a computer science degree and to advance in a career path that is focused on technology. Our institutions have not really embraced that that’s not how people come into these rolls, right and so there’s a lot of folks. Facing the reality that to get a promotion or to get that director job that, you know, they have twenty years experience working in non-profits managing technology, there’s no reason they can’t have that job, but the job description says they have to have aa degree in that field, right? So we’ve here we’ve heard a lot of that struggle and frustration and that, you know, institutions aren’t moving as fast as the community is, and we’ve also heard a lot of people say, i know that i have these skills, but as you will appreciate, i think all your listeners will appreciate our titles in non-profits are not often representative of all the wee d’oh and to apply for another job and say, oh, yeah, i managed our website, but my title was communications coordinator, no one really gets that. I do have those skills, i do have that experience, my organization was really bad a job titles that doesn’t mean, you know that that i didn’t do it, and so we created a professional certificate both to give people the knowledge and the kind of certification that they want and for those other folks who feel like they have a lot of knowledge teau help make sure it was rounded out and comprehensive across an organization so that both of those paths could say here is a way for me to demonstrate. I do have this knowledge, i do have this experience and i am qualified for whatever job i’m applying for, and we have been really thrilled that even in the first few people that that graduated with a certificate, they were writing back to us saying as soon as i had that certificate, i applied for this other job and i got a promotion and a different department, a different organization. I am able now to communicate that i do have these skills, so that was like exactly what we wanted to hear when we started. And now over fifty people have gotten a certificate and many more are in the process with a few more courses to go. So, yeah, it’s really it’s weird, we are trying to not be surprised because we didn’t design this ourselves. We didn’t come up with the idea of it ourselves. You know, this was many years of listening to what the community needed and just answering that call. And not designing something in private by ourselves, you know, when we were piloted this content in different forms and through other programs where we could kind of test it for a few years before we released it as the certificate. So we’re trying to not be surprised because we know we did the right work on we did you know, we did a good process to get here, but honestly, we are still surprised because even when you do it well and you do it right, you’re still nervous that, you know, no one will come or that it won’t be the thing that the community wants and it’s great, that it has gone so well, and now we’re working on developing just a lot more courses, so i guess i’ll backtrack and explain the way it works. Is that there’s a ten week kind of tomorrow? Some language from college is, like required content that everybody has to dio yeah, yeah, and then outside of that, in order to get the certificate, you have to do at least five other courses and those you can choose whatever topics you want and that’s our way of helping people kind. Of focus or say, my knowledge is really in this area, you know? Yeah, if you’re going kind of for a specific angle or have it all over the place and show that you’re more diverse with your experience, eso we’re really doing a lot to build out that kind of curriculum, essentially so that people could do a much more tailored focus like i have a major, you know, like like borrowing that college language, so we’re building that i think there’s over forty courses on the website right now, the people can choose from and continuing to add to that. Right now, we’ve done a lot toe add a number of courses specifically around digital equity because that’s something certainly in line with our mission but also a much more harder field for people to find content around. Even within and tens world, you could find a course on digital marketing or online fund-raising technology management or budgeting? Eso we weave also given ourselves the challenge of making sure we haven’t a lot of content around digital equity and what that means for designing your programs to reach communities who maybe not online. How you make your own organizational strategies that kind of thank you on dh. People will find information about the certificate at, of course, that in ten dollar yep. And tn dot org’s. Did you get initials after your name? Is that kind like? I mean, we could come up with some initials. Way could come up with somebody, you know. So in ten dot or gue, you know, join the organisation for pete’s sake. I’m a member. I’m not just not what we say. Tony can be about. So you can be one of technology, but i learned a little bit every month for maybe okay, we got to do a quick shout out for nineteen. Ninety let’s do what we know dates. We do know dates, okay? Yeah, we will like t c it’s, it’s, technically, public knowledge. But we haven’t directed anyone to the public knowledge, so we’ll we’ll announce it more formally on friday. But it’ll be in portland and tens hometown, portland, portland i’ll get to see really the food drive? Yeah, yeah. The food car starts the trucks in new york courts. Important? Yes, we’ll get to sleep in our own beds for once is the conference staff and it’ll be in march. The thirteen through the fifteenth. Okay, so that’s just like this. Where? It’s a wednesday. Thursday. Friday so everybody can stay the weekend in portland? Yeah, long time. They’re seeing you getting to get to know maximal. Better access. Ah, max. Max. Sample ward? No, just mac’s. Ward. Yes. Maxwell maxwell. Amy’s husband eyes he stage managing today he is he’s back there with a headset on. Okay, we got a rabbit there. Thank you. So oh, and very night. We got a rat with this it’s. So good to see you in person. Yeah. It’s. So great to get teo to share a microphone. A microphone table. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for having me and thank the staff. I will. I will. I love it. I will remember for join the organization in ten. Dot org’s. Thanks, everybody. Thank you. This interview sponsored by network for good. Easy to use donorsearch and fund-raising software for non-profits. This is tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of eighteen ntcdinosaur non-profit technology conference. Thanks so much for being with us. We need to take a break. Wittner cps. And you eat lunch too. You need to talk to you. Um, first, check out the firm at wagner cps dot com naturally going to start you due diligence there. Then pick up the phone and talk to you. Eat. You know, he’s been on the show. So he’s bona fide he’s friendly, no pressure he’ll explain to you how wagner can help you from doing your nine, ninety up to the annual order that you need weather cps dot com now time for tony’s take two my number one takeaway from ntcdinosaur non-profit technology conference in new orleans a few weeks ago. 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Good link dot com and its link with a c now it’s time for our panel on sametz fund-raising welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of twenty eighteen non-profit technology conference hashtag is eighteen ntcdinosaur in the convention center in new orleans and this interview like all at ntcdinosaur sponsored by network for good, easy to use dahna management and fund-raising software four non-profits i guess now are rachel kottler, taylor dankmyer and sandy fox. Rachel see the closest to me is digital account manager at lautman master neil and company taylor is mobile strategist at coupland mobile messaging. I said it right, it wasn’t troubled, but i did, and latto pat myself and sandy fox is founder and principal consultant for smart as a fox l l c rachel teller, sandy welcome, thank you, thank you. Have you thank you? I’m glad you’re here, too, and your workshop topic is raised. How much with sms mobile programmes let’s start down there with sandy fox? Give us some motivation why mobile should be part of our fund-raising plan moguls to be part of your full integrated digital strategy, it should be part of fund-raising it should be part of your advocacy. G part of your engagement with your supporters period and and that’s complex, i’m correctly you first what i said you said for fund-raising fund-raising oh, yes, ok, i’m saying it could be a part of your full digital strategy to be integrated into everything you do, and that is your makeup just took their better that’s a little bit ago, and and that is because everyone is on mobile. You want to meet people where they are and ninety five percent of americans have a mobile phone. Seventy seven percent of americans have a smartphone on, and so when you are texting them, they’re more likely to read your message and see it and respond and engage with you as an organization on and really feel like they are part of the organization. Okay, part of your total engagement strategy, okay? Okay. Thank you. Thank you. I’m the remedial student of we need to bring me along happy. Teo, just hold up there. Yeah. Don’t be so willing, hyre okay, uh, no. Okay. Let’s, let’s, jump right in. We know that open rates are very high. All right, open rates are they are yes, they are. But what i like to say is i don’t like using the term open rate because when you think of open right, you think of email, which is something that you can actually track, you can say this money people opened an email out of the people you sent it to you. Where is you can’t technically track how many people see your tax message, but we know from studies that the majority of folks who get a text message actually do read it, ok. And rachel, don’t they open them very, very quickly, too? Yeah, most people open their text messages within two minutes of receiving it, and if you think about it, most people like get an anxious feeling. If they see in their phone they have text messages that they haven’t read yet. So that’s why, when we talk about open rates, were talking about the fact people actually are opening the text messages and seeing it, whereas email like i’m asked actively at this point, i mean, there’s, just so many emails coming in every minute, emailed that still have some credibility. Oh, yeah, yeah, okay, okay, your heart rate actually goes up when you receive a text message that is a a real study behind the physiological change. Yes, in the body. Yes, when you receive a text message, she mentions, he kind of gets a little ankle. You have until you, you get excited until you have read it. There’s, a fizzy latto. Alright, thank you. I’m gonna okay. Tell her i’m gonna put you on the spot. Labbate i ask this of another group. We’re a couple of sessions ago sessions ago we were talking about sms and i said, surely there’s gonna be another technology sometime down the road. I don’t know if it’s under development now it may very well, maybe maybe not, but there’s good. There will be something that’ll be more urgent buy-in sms and we’ll end up trumping s enough. Doesn’t that seem inevitable? Maybe. I mean, i think people have been thinking that estimates was going to go away at some point. And that’s still hasn’t happened. Sort of radio. You know, the platform run right now. People think radio is going to die. Radio is not going anywhere. It’s just kind of adapted over time. Were also yeah, right. Exactly. This is the back to the point. So videos in the name? Yes. No, i took yet. Still still on audio medium, right? So audio focused you have exactly. No, i got you so that’s. Kind of. Yeah, s o i think of other i don’t know. I know i have to tell her i didn’t do it. Because you’re sitting close like you got. Okay, so but to go back to your question. No, i wasn’t i wasn’t trying to trash radio, actually usedto as an intern, it was an intern. I did some school stuff in high school on a pr. So it’s got yes your npr radio radio is a very personal yes, i don’t know. Yes mess i don’t think i am fm is going anywhere exactly. We’re finding ways to engage with even more in our in our exactly. And so i think that’s kind of what we’re seeing with messaging. We talked about different ways that people are using text messaging, um, different messaging tools. So now we’ve got, you know, facebook messenger and whatsapp and all these tools that are used what we consider quote unquote, over the top messaging. So over the top of what i guess that’s the mess, but those tools are continuing, developed, they’re not as ubiquitous as sms sms is a standard that is on everybody’s phones we don’t have exactly what’s that thie sms to point it will be rcs rich communication services. It hasn’t it’s still in development, it requires the carriers to basically improve it so it’s very slow, but once it comes around, it will sort of be a new age, just a mess. It’ll have a lot of new features to it. Seattle it’s difficult going anywhere. I don’t know if there’s anything like there’s, no thing that’s going to replace it. But if it is it’s, it’s, different messaging tools and, you know, rcs, if that actually because think what you will articulate, they’re always be early adapters, something new, but it’ll take a long time for folks to catch up to it. You know, for instance, like i said, we have ninety five percent of folks have a cell phone by. Only seventy seven percent of folks have a smartphone, so we know that there’s that gap right there, right between that ninety five. Sensitive to that two things are not always riding a link to clear exactly which is why we tell jokes. Sometimes a really great wayto engage your audiences, ask him to respond and take action within the text messaging platform. So tech sign or and then give us your zip codes. You consign this petition that’s why phone calls are so successful through mobile devices. And texting it’s because you’re always already on that platform, we ask you to text call and oversignt you’re calling your senator so yeah, and you’re rachel greene to bring it back into fund-raising if you think about it, i remember maybe five years ago, my father who’s, the target donorsearch age, he, like, refused to text with me. He just wanted teo email me and now he texts me every day we have a family chat, we’re on, we get pictures, see baby pictures, everything like that. And so, i mean your donor’s air now using text, getting more comfortable on their phones and poor and toe add a stat that every year over the last three years, it’s increased by forty percent, the number of people who have given beer their mobile devices. So with the last three years, forty percent forty four section order year after year after year, and my father is one of those folks to who now is on a text that i used to take a picture of an article and send it to me on dh he very, very cautious of identity theft, but i think he’s getting to a point where he would give on his mobile device. Okay, taylor let’s talk about some of the gold star talked around them a little bit, but what, aside from fund-raising what else can we do with that? Sametz yeah, going backto what sandy was saying, you know, actually it’s kind of knew that we started talking about fund-raising over s a masked people didn’t directly think of building enough sametz program five, ten years ago, just about fund-raising it didn’t seem to make sense, people were afraid they weren’t going to donate over text that’s starting to change for sure now, and we talk about people are comfortable that so most of our customers were just engaging like they are in all their other channels, so there they’re they’re educating them, they’re asking to make calls they’re, you know, sending the videos, they’re asking for them for their supporters to send in content or pictures of, you know, maybe them at an event, um and also crabbing lots of information, i mean, in some ways what we first started doing this, it was essentially ah, let’s have people text in when they’re in an event and let’s grab their emails and names. Because one collecting hundreds of people’s names at an event on paper is terrible and awful for everyone involved, but also this’s just much easier if organizations to handle and we know that they’re going once they text in its very likely, they’re goingto quickly respond. They’re used to having conversation overtaxed, you know, so the more we can make it conversational, like it is with their family and their friends, the better off we are, and because of those open rates and response rates now, you can collect a lot of information very quickly. So none of that answers your question, but a few things about it. Breaking, breaking news alerts. People are looking at their phones right away and their text messages. I mean, already today we all got, like three texts from different organizations about paul ryan announcing that he’s not running again. I’ve been doing interviews. I didn’t hear that, yeah, ryan is not your first. Okay, well, now, by the time this airs, it’ll be old ways, but i’m intrigued, okay? Mary-jo dahna part of your workshop was spent talking about human rights, human rights campaign. They did very, very successful. Who’s who’s, the nobody’s from hrc here who wants to talk about on why they’re a model to follow so i can’t talk about that. So i’ve been working with hrc for about three and a half years now on their e mail and mobile fund-raising and advocacy programs drew from hrc was on the panel with us when it wasn’t through here. He’s too cool, no that’s, not the reason true he’s, very cool, very busy provoc idea was important, man all right, well, i’m a shout out to drew he’s awesome hey is the person you get the text from for hrc. I would say part of the reason that they’re mobile program is so good is because they’ve actually been around a lot longer than other organizations. They were an early adopter of mobile and they’ve been able to really invest in it and try new things to testing segment their list, use it for calling congress use it to raise money use it, especially around some supreme court decisions as a wayto both engage and grow supporters and also to tell people breaking news and get them to donate and become members. You’re using it robustly, using it for a lot of different, not different purposes. What specifically can our listeners in small and midsize shops we’re all very cool? By the way, our listeners a cool on this show is cool? I’m not. I don’t know about this guy drew, i don’t know him, so i’m not going to say it’s his life. He chose not that it’s just like he’s the better answers he’s busy he’s a very important guy. You know what can? What can our listeners take away from hrc? Aside from the lots of white gold lots of different diverse goals with it, what else can we take away? I would say first, take away if you’re trying to start from scratch, start adding a mobile field collection, tow any petitions and forms you do online that’s how hrc first started to collect numbers and grow their list and at a spot for it on your website so you can get started and second if you’re doing male and you have people’s mobile numbers start integrating if you’re setting an email and you have mobile, send a text with the e mail, send a text with the mailing that way. It’s a quick little reminder for somebody and it’ll help with your multi-channel strategies. Okay, what are these he’s solicitation or not? That’s not station to try to grow the list, but, uh, where you put these field? What are these called? Actionsprout feels that you’re asking people to fill out in orderto teo, opt in it just just phone number a check that i’m willing to accept checks and, you know, tio include yeah, you don’t even need to put a check because everyone has a standard email. Often you just add the mobile. Opt in language with it to any of your forms for an action for just to get on your email lists. You just include the whole opt in number and if they give you their your mobile, their mobile number, they’re on your list. Longfield get the compliance language at the bottom of the form here. You’re pretty much good. Okay, now and then how do we grow that list? Over time, what are some different order? Some good growth strategy was to go tell ugo. Well, i’ll definitely latto how’s, sandy she’s run these programs at a higher level than i have, but with sms requires a lot of promotion off the bat like anything else, and if you’re starting from scratch or from a smallest, you really do need to do a lot of work too. Get that going? I guess my rule of thumb is you really need to promote it everywhere. Your best bet is adding them to web forms, so we just talked about that got all these existing forms just at a field to those, and hopefully people will provide their numbers and you can start texting them. The other place that it could work, though, is really everywhere else. So didn’t you have a huge list on emails? Most likely, you may have a very large audience on facebook, you know, building graphics, that’s a text, you know, hrc two, three, six, four, four or text marriage three, six, four, four you know, send us your reaction for your story or something like that. So really, you’ve gotta promoted everywhere because, unlike, say, maybe facebook or like your website, i can go find those on the web from looking for what your organization does tto find your text message, lest i really need to do some work, so adding it to that form, having graphics on your social media, promoting those maybe putting some money into it. But then also specifically, when you having people joined the list, you want to give them a reason why you’re joining, you might ask for emails just like and people understand. Oh yeah, i’m email because they want to reach out to make with mobile it’s great, if you can specifically say, hey, texting for this specific thing. So whether that’s a free items, some kind of gimmick, or if it’s, you know, text in to tell us how you’re feeling about this marriage equality decision or something like that, so making it really specific and people seeing the value right off the bat is really important otherwise, like, well, why do i want to get text from you? What’s the value so you want to provide value immediately? I gotta take a break. Tell us i have a tell us, moughniyah ll for you, quote. Tell us has opened up a whole new stream of donations for our non-profit it has allowed business owners to support us without any additional cost to the company and, quote that’s barry dodson, founder of accelerate ministries, a whole new stream of donations that’s the long tail of passive revenue have been talking about for you. No cost to the companies you refer. Watch the video get started at tony dahna slash tony tell us now, let’s, go back to sms fund-raising do you have more dead? Definitely. So so i am. I worked at planned parenthood for three years and built their mobile program from the ground up. They already had a decent number of mobile numbers has planned parenthood, and they’ve already had mobile on some of their form, so they had already had some options, but they didn’t have unengaged list, and within the first month of me being there was june and a supreme court decision came down. That was not a positive one for the reproductive rights movement on, and ruth bader ginsburg gave a scathing recession on part of our judge we had obviously planned for whatever result will come in, and if we lost we wanted people to sign on to ruth bader ginsburg’s descent, so we put on all of our graphics all of our banners on facebook, twitter, text descent to our short code. Um, and we got a ton of new, often just from that. So really, what? What teller was saying is, is true to speaking. Sure, you include a tech stopped in in a lot of your visual graphics on instagram and snapchat and facebook and twitter also utilizing your actions that you, er you’re doing so really just integrating that in on dh, then taking advantage of events. We’ve seen a lot of activists getting out there and going to these large scale marches and rallies, and someone from your organization is speaking at one of these rallies, make sure that in their speech at some point, they say, hey, everyone, pull out your cell phone. I want you to do this right now. I want you to text the word, um, join or marked tio six, nine, eight, six, six or whatever the short code is on and say i’ll wait for you to do it xero and have them do that it really the march the march that we had the women’s march back when trump first took office, the women’s march group got so many text, often tze from that one event, they had millions of numbers that they could reactivate for different actions throughout the year. So it really you need to take advantage of those moments, be it a supreme court decision, b a be a rally or an event on dh? Just utilize it about some some of hyre yeah, maybe we’ll come back to best practices. We still have some time, but i want to spend time on on the technology. The platform? Yeah. How do we do this? How do we do that? Rachel, we haven’t heard from you in a few minutes. How do we do this back end? Well, don’t currently have it. What are we looking for? What we’re searching for? What kind of technology we need. Yeah. There there’s a bunch of different cos or vendors. You could use that have these programs so okay. You just need a budget that you can put towards it and to choose the right vendor for whatever your situation is. What do you searching for? What search? Terms that i used to try to find the vendors mobile texting, that’s it okay, usually a decent number. There’s a really easy one if you just type in upland mobile messaging and the google that’ll come upside i just my shameless like i’m sorry you didn’t really need to call it out. And honestly, most of us have used mobile condit’s up messaging for all the work that we’ve done with other organisations. So there’s a reason folks use them? Okay, yeah, yeah, but of course there are other or there are other vendors out there. They’re different price points depending on your list size. The more numbers you have, the more people you wanna text, the more it’s gonna cost more calls to congress. You want todo that’s more expensive than texting? If you want to send a multimedia message mama’s that’s more expensive than just a text with words so it’s all a question of budget and figuring out what makes sense for your non-profit alright, so that so that all right, so the technology’s pretty easy to figure out. I mean, you have to have the budget saying it’s think of it as like any email. Platform it’s very similar to an email platform. Only you’re you’re doing one hundred sixty characters instead of putting together a full email and your segmenting your list and it’s a very similar. If you’re pretty good at learning an email platform, you’re going to be it’ll be easy for you to learn a mobile platform, okay? Yeah, okay, very good then let’s go back to some more best practices we still have we got like six or seven minutes together, so some things we haven’t talked about yet, yeah can give a fun example that hrc did this past summer. We knew there was a big march coming up in d c during pride month, so we knew a lot of people wouldn’t be able to physically got there. So we decided what if we do a virtual pride march? Teo, go with the physical march and pride month and have people have to text in tow have their name added to a school, so we promoted it on email. We promoted it on facebook on twitter, uh, pretty much all over the place, and then we ask people who did it to promote it more and if people like seeing their name. You had to text it to text in to get your name out of it so people could see their name in sync krauz love to be shouted out yeah, i send live listener love non-profit radio. I do like city and state people say, you know i love it wei have heck else do listeners of the week this week, people looked looked like their name or hear it it’s a feeling. Yeah, nature’s. He was actually able to grow their list by over ten thousand people from that one action. So i mean, be creative with it. Yes. Add it to your forms. You have an event. Ask people to do it. Even our session. We started off by asking people to text as the mass tio six six two to six. Six to rate how experience they were with it. And then we had a little bit of pull way have helped life. Okay. Yeah, well, your insiders so that no. Alright, i can i can give ah, couple examples. So to go off on rachel is saying planned parenthood, we when we had our first pink out day, which was a really rallying cry for around planned parenthood when they were being attacked in twenty fifteen what we did is we had a digital wall that was everyone who is tagging their tweets and instagram posts with pink out and on mobile what we did as we asked folks to send in their pink out pictures. So we got well over a thousand photos, including men wearing pink high heels way got it was also national coffee day, so we got photos of a woman with pink lipstick on her coffee cup. We got lots of family photos of everyone wearing paying s it was really wonderful, they engage them on the on that medium on mobile when they were out and about and then another good example of fund-raising example for you is that every year since i was at planned parenthood, we did this tactic, which actually hilary clinton during her campaign stole from us. What about that? Tell other hrc so what we did is around your end, it’s holiday time, so we would send a message tio r list, and we’d say cecile richards wants tio wish you a happy highs ing and has a special greeting for you text here on dh. Well, well, you’ll hear that greeting, um and so they would immediately get a phone call with an audio recording from cecile think of it is, ah, new age robo call right with her wishing them a happy holidays and then with an ask tied into it, i’m saying we would love your support on this holiday season and then once the message ended, they got a text message with a link to get andi saw really great results with that on dh, then with follow-up text over your end on dh so there’s lots of ways that you can utilize the platform for engagement. So who wouldn’t love to hear from your ceo, right? One organization that they love doesn’t have to be planned parenthood, no organization, you’re and a lot of folks, every town has done it with celebrities that are supporters, so they’ve done recordings from julianne moore on other folks who are some of their hyre up supporters so it works and it’s something that you khun dio on mobile on dh that folks really respond tio yeah, okay, just best practices. I mean, just a quick when you know communications should be regular varied in two way, so they should be you should be really very regular vary to a communications that’s that’s the name of the game regular is and then we need to be reaching out to them fairly regularly. We don’t want to leave them strange it for two months, someone another panels, otherwise they’ll forget that i did. And if i stop if i stop texting you after two months and i asked you for some money part of like, well, no, i’m not getting any money, so you know, you got to keep that relationship going maybe two to four times a month, maybe once a week it started to change varied we talked about different kinds of things to promote advocacy fund-raising really build it into your existing programs and don’t leave some stuff out really kind of make it, you know, diverse people are neo-sage fund-raising plan, yeah, exactly don’t just don’t continue to ask people for money overtaxed, that’s going to look really bad, and they’re not going to see the value that your organization’s bringing and then two way again it’s a text message let’s make it personal and let’s make it very human and have them respond to us and ask questions and all kinds of stuff like that. Okay, we’re gonna we’re gonna leave it there. Guys, go. Okay. All right. They are rachel kottler ditigal account manager leichtman mascot neil and company taylor dankmyer global strategist for upland mobile messaging and sandy fox. Sandi with an i founder and principal consultant at smart as a fox llc. Thank you so much for being with us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being with our coverage of eighteen ntcdinosaur provoc technology conference. This interview is sponsored by network for good, easy to use donorsearch and fund-raising software for non-profits, thanks so much. Next week. Maur smart guests from the non-profit technology conference. If you missed any part of today’s show, i beseech you, find it on tony martignetti dot com were supported by pursuing online tools for small and midsize non-profits data driven and technology enabled. Tony dahna slash pursuant radio weinger cpas guiding you beyond the numbers. Wagner, cps, dot com and tell us credit card and payment processing your passive revenue stream durney dahna may slash tony tell us. 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