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NextGen:Charity Interview With Adam Smolyar

As Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing for the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), Adam herds cats. He’s got six areas of responsibility, including online relationship building and public relations. Those are the two he shared insights on.

Adam’s work is consistent with my radio show’s mission because he works for a large nonprofit and supports over 400 small and mid-size nonprofits. We’re both bringing big nonprofit ideas to the other 95 percent. Watch here.

NextGen:Charity Interview With Chris Forbes

My first interview with an Oklahoman. Chris Forbes is co-author of Guerrilla Marketing For Nonprofits. And he got lost backstage trying to find our interview room. He got locked in a vestibule and texted me for help. Texts like, “I thought there would be a knob on other side of door I walked through” and “Don’t blog this.” With the help of backstage crew I found him. He emerged embarrassed but not dehydrated. Here’s the post-rescue video.

Chris was quick to gain composure and he shared smart ideas for marketing on a shoestring budget. Guerrilla Marketing is devoted to using the resources you have to great advantage. He’s got 200 ideas. In this interview he talks about his favorites.

And a bit of humor. Chris somehow got locked in the stairwell at the AXA Equitable Theater where NextGen:Charity 2010 happened. Here is footage of his rescue. 🙂

NextGen:Charity Interview With Ari Teman & Jonah Halper

These guys are the NextGen:Charity co-founders. They met at a special needs nonprofit, hit it off, and wanted to see nonprofit conferences do it better.

Ari announces a deep, deep discount of $150 for next year’s NextGen at the Town Hall theater in NYC.

At the end, I say we’re at NextGen 2007. I was excited into the past.

Click here to get the discounted price for NextGen:Charity 2011, November, 17-18, 2011. (Note: you don’t need the discount code. The discount will be open until December 25, 2010.)

Click the video to watch.

NextGen:Charity Interview With Peter Panepento

Backstage at the NextGen:Charity Conference on November 18th, I was busy interviewing. One of my guests is a guy who spends a lot of time interviewing others, and supervising those who interview others.

Peter Panepento is Assistant Managing Editor of The Chronicle of Philanthropy and he sat down to tell me about the Deficit Reduction Commission’s proposal to replace the charitable deduction with a subsidy to charities. That’ll cause a stir.

Click the video to watch.

NextGen:Charity Interview With Seth Godin

Seth Godin and Regina Walton at NexGenCharity 2010

Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio sat down with Seth Godin after he came off stage at today’s NextGen:Charity Conference. But Tony Martignetti didn’t. I had a commitment speaking (proudly) at Bernstein Global Wealth Management at the time Seth was available.

Regina Walton, principal of Organic Social Media, stepped in and talked to Seth so the opportunity was not lost.

He’s a bright guy, so take a look at his advice for the nonprofit conversation.