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NextGen:Charity Interview With Chris Forbes

My first interview with an Oklahoman. Chris Forbes is co-author of Guerrilla Marketing For Nonprofits. And he got lost backstage trying to find our interview room. He got locked in a vestibule and texted me for help. Texts like, “I thought there would be a knob on other side of door I walked through” and “Don’t blog this.” With the help of backstage crew I found him. He emerged embarrassed but not dehydrated. Here’s the post-rescue video.

Chris was quick to gain composure and he shared smart ideas for marketing on a shoestring budget. Guerrilla Marketing is devoted to using the resources you have to great advantage. He’s got 200 ideas. In this interview he talks about his favorites.

And a bit of humor. Chris somehow got locked in the stairwell at the AXA Equitable Theater where NextGen:Charity 2010 happened. Here is footage of his rescue. 🙂