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NextGen:Charity Interview With Ken Surritte

I met Ken through Chris Forbes (link to Forbes post) at the NextGen after party on day one. I interviewed him in the old bank vault (now private dining room) at Johnny Utah’s about WATERisLIFE and his water filter that is built into a straw. Have a look.

NextGen:Charity Interview With Jonathan Greenblatt

Jonathan is the co-founder of Ethos Water, and a professor in the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. He applies microeconomic theory to the charitable sector to develop the theory of the impact economy.

Watch as this thoughtful intellectual guides me through a heady subject that I was talking about for the first time.  Thanks, Jonathan.

I interviewed him at the NextGen, day one, after-party at Johnny Utah’s. We talked in a bank vault, surrounded by (empty) safe deposit boxes. Props to Utah’s coat check women for finding us a mostly-quiet place. I tipped them well.

Watch Jonathan educate me.

NextGen:Charity Interview With Andrew Noyes

Wonder what it’s like to work for Facebook? Andrew is their Manager of Public Policy Communications, creating and managing strategic relationships in official Washington D.C.

We started off talking about Facebook’s interests in the capital and moved around to privacy management and “optimizing your Facebook experience.” Watch our conversation here.

NextGen:Charity Interview With Majora Carter

Majora hosts the public radio show The Promised Land, produced by American Public Media.

She finds visionaries throughout the country who are creating positive change in their community. While we talked, she shared her most inspirational stories, like Judy Bond, planning windmills on mountaintops in Virginia coal country. Watch us here.

NextGen:Charity Interview With Rachel Sklar

Rachel Sklar, Editor-at-Large for Mediaite.com and the founder of the social microgiving site Charitini.com, encourages nonprofits to think about birthday-driven fundraising. Everyone has a birthday and your friends, family and supporters can use theirs to raise money for your work or an organization that you support. Watch our discussion about this novel fundraising avenue.

And, Rachel’s birthday is tomorrow, December 8th, so click over to her chosen charity, DonorsChoose, and make a donation.

Happy Birthday, Rachel!