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Webinar: Jumpstart Your Planned Giving

I’ve got a free webinar on the basics of getting your Planned Giving program started for small- and mid-size nonprofits. There’s a lot you can learn and there’s a lot you can do to kickoff your program. We’ll cover types of gifts; best prospects; marketing; resources; and answer your questions. It’s hosted by Perlman+Perlman. 

Registration: tony.ma/JumpstartYourPG 

“Demystifying Planned Giving” Webinar

Donation$ courtesy of oneiroi aka David Minder on Flickr

Due to technical difficulties today’s “Demystifying Planned Giving” webinar is cancelled. I’ll let you know when it’s rescheduled.

While I’m not keen on the word “webinar,” it’s widely recognized, and I’ve got one this week.

Hosted by smart-fundraising-guy Jay Frost, I’ll explain Planned Giving in a way that you’ll understand, using plain language to explain what many speakers regrettably make confounding. I’m trained as an attorney but I don’t talk like one.

I also do stand-up comedy (and I have a show the night before), so a damn funny story or two is bound to work its way in.

Alongside the mirth and merriment, I’m quite confident you’ll learn:

  • What Planned Giving is
  • Why it’s important to your fundraising
  • Who the best prospects are
  • What the different methods are
  • Tips for marketing and promotion
  • Resources for learning more

My web seminar is this Wednesday the 19th, from 1:00 to 2:15 Eastern.

I hope you’ll be with us. We’ll have some fun! Register here.