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Nonprofit Radio for August 26, 2011: Goods on Google+ and Breaking Down Barriers

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%

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Tony’s Guests:

Scott Koegler
Scott Koegler: The Goods on Google+

Our tech contributor and the editor of Nonprofit Technology News, Scott Koegler, shares insights into whether Google+ is different than what we’ve already got, to help you decide, “Should we jump in when organization pages become available?””

We’ll do a live G+ Hangout! Add Scott and Tony to your G+ circles and join us!”

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Interviewing Megan Galbraith at Fund Raising Day NY 2011
Megan Galbraith: Breaking Down Barriers

Megan Galbraith, managing director at Changing Our World, has strategies to get PR, communications and fundraising working together for greater efficiency.



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Dahna hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent, i’m your aptly named host, and i hope you were with me last week when we first explained earned income that was with our legal contributors jean takagi and emily chan, they broke down what earned income is why it can be good. Why it can be bad why you need to understand it to protect your non-profit and keep it out of trouble and the second segment last week was leading the leaders motivate your board to fundraise that was pre recorded at the fund-raising day conference here in new york city in june, and we had a consultant, andy robinson and carry kruckel vice president for development and communications at w n e t t v, and they revealed how to move your board to be the best fundraisers they can be this week. Scott koegler, the editor of non-profit technology news in our regular tech contributor is back with us. We’re going to talk about the goods on google, plus he’s going to share his insights into whether google plus is different? If so, how, then what we’ve already got in the social media space to help you answer the question, should we jump in when organization pages become available? We’re going to do a live google plus hangout, which i’ll talk about very shortly, so i hope you have added scott and me to your google plus circles. Second segment breaking down the barriers megan galbraith, managing director at changing our world, has strategies to get public relations, communications and fund-raising working together, playing nicely together for greater efficiency between the shows. Sorry between the segments, of course it’s tony’s take two this week from my blogged are you asking for more when they’ve given enough scooter pies in a folksy restaurant? Let me to remind fundraisers that we need to be sensitive about asking for the next gift, and i’ll talk more about that. We’re live tweeting today. Use the hashtag non-profit radio to join the conversation on twitter and as i mentioned, we’re doing a google plus live hang out in the first segment, so go to today’s show post on my blogged at mpg a dvd dot com and you’ll see links their toe add scott koegler and me to your circles, and then you’ll see the feed, and you’ll get the information on how to join us. So it’s. After this, break the goods on google. Plus, stay with me. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. No. Durney are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? Are you tired of taking toxic medications, then come to the double diamond wellness center and learn how our natural methods can help you to hell? Call us now at to one to seven to one eight, one eight three that’s to one to seven to one eight one eight three or find us on the web at www dot double diamond wellness dot com way. Look forward to serving you. Is your marriage in trouble? Are you considering divorce? Hello, i’m lawrence bloom, a family law attorney in new york and new jersey. Sick. No one is happier than the day their divorce is final. My firm can help you. We take the nasty out of the divorce process and make people happy. Police crawl. Offset. Two, one, two, nine, six, four, three, five, zero two for a free consultation. That’s lawrence h bloom, too. One, two, nine, six, four, three, five zero two. We make people happy. Treyz hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com no. Welcome back to big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent, which is what we’re always thinking about on tony martignetti non-profit radio with me now is scott koegler he’s, the editor of non-profit technology news, which you’ll find at n p tech news. Dot com he’s, our regular tech contributor scott, how are you this afternoon? I’m doing great, tony, how are you? Terrific. Thank you, it’s. Good to have you back with us. We’re talking. We’re talking about the goods on google plus. And we’re doing a live google plus hangout, which we’ll get to shortly. Um, let’s see, google plus is a new player in this social media space. What’s what are you finding? That’s interesting there on dh. How popular is it? Well, it’s it’s been around for about two months now. Andi came out of the gate with a real quick start. I believe the last numbers i heard what you’re actually probably a couple weeks old now is that google plus garnered about twenty five million users just in the first month or so of use my lost track of what they’re up to now. But i’m sure that it’s significantly more than that dahna that, of course, pales when compared to facebook’s, depending on the numbers that you believe seven hundred fifty million or so. But, you know, for a month or two months worth of activity, it’s certainly a good showing. Yeah, no kidding. Right? Twenty to thirty million in just a few months. Well, of course they have, ah, powerhouse of advertising and people using it are people using google for other purposes. And in fact, you have to be ah, part of google, right? You have to have a google account in order to use this, right? Well, that’s not so unusual. Although people have made a big deal of it, whenever you create an account when we try to use any kind of social media you have to create on account of some kind, whether it’s, twitter, facebook, whatever you have a you know, some kind of pages says who are you? How to get in touch, that kind of thing? One of the things that is differentiating google plus from mostly from the other two twitter and facebook is that google doesn’t want youto lie. They want you to actually use your riel information. Your real name. They had a, uh, disclaimer about using aliases. In fact, they kicked off a bunch of people, prominent people that you would recognize. When they signed up with aliases rather than their true names that’s been controversial, but personally, i think it’s a great thing. Why do you prefer that? Well, there’s a couple things one is that you really become more like email and that’s kind of the basis for google. Plus, is that your google email address? Your gmail address in this case is, is your actual we now? I mean, it’s what? You used to get information back and forth so people actually know you by that by that moniker. So at the very out start, it does away with some kind of, you know, spanning or advertising and those kind of things which are pretty easy to do on on the other social media platforms where you could just create an account with whatever bogus name you want and start sending out trash to everyone. Uh, and so far i have to say, my my google plus stream is fairly clean, not much trash in there. Okay. And how active for you, how many people do you have in? Well before we haven’t even talked about what circles are but how many people you connected with what’s to be generic at this point? Yeah, i’ve got, er i think just under three hundred or so and i have to say, although i’m a proponent. Hi, i monitor and i read what’s on google. Plus, i have not been a big contributor and, in fact, that’s that’s, another kind of a measure that i saw some numbers on the other day. There was a a statistic that while google plus has whatever twenty five to thirty million users, approximately eighty five percent of those air inactive, which yeah, first blush is pretty stunning. Andi, i’m one of those eighty five percent i read a bit, i i do some hangouts, i post a few comments, but i am not anything like some of these people that you see on there that are superstars of google plus yeah, okay, and that’s actually consistent with our audience, too, because i pulled in advance of the show and asked, are you using google? Plus and fifty percent of the people said i’m interested but haven’t started. About forty one percent said i’m using it a little and only about eight percent said i’m very into it, adding lots of people into my circles. Are getting connected with lots of people that’s only eight percent. So really very consistent with what you’re saying more broadly. Back-up okay, let’s, talk a little about some of the features we have just about we have a couple minutes before break, so we have a few minutes. Some of the features in google plus circles weave mentioned it a couple times. What? What how did these circles work? What is that? Just kind of compare that to what’s out there already in terms of again twitter and facebook with facebook and twitter. When you get when you add people to your account, you start to get this stream of information and it’s basically everybody, it doesn’t really matter who but how closely associate id you are with those people or what that association is. In other words, your mother is, you know, in the same list as somebody who just found you and added you to their friendship. Yes, so there’s no way to really differentiate google jumped on that as probably one of their first major, um, additions, and they have these things called circles, which kind of makes sense they’re circles of association or friendship circles. For instance, so out of this list of people that you have, you can you can put people into different circles, and one person can be in multiple circles so princessa my brother is in my family circle and he’s also in my photography circle, and you can classify people and scott, do you get to define what the circles are? Are those air predefined by google, plus there’s a couple that come with the application just to get started, but you can make them whatever you want, as many as you want and whatever names you like, and then you can add people to them or move them on one of the nice things is that when i had you, for instance, to my circle, you got a notification that scott keiko added you to a circle, but you have no idea which one i put you in my ignore this stuff f ignore and minimus i’m in the ignore enemy circle. I had this guy, but he wants, but i want him to think that we’re connected right thing that’s the name of circling all right, we’re going to take a break right now when we come back. We’ll try to get the our hangout active where live tweeting used the hashtag non-profit radio on twitter. Stay with us e-giving dick, dick, dick tooting getting ding, ding, ding, ding. You’re listening to the talking, alternate network things get. Get in. Cubine are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam lebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s, create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. 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And i’m samantha cohen from the american civil liberties union. Zoho. Welcome back to the show with scott koegler we’re talking about the goods on google plus and scott, we were just talking about the circle, so that that’s an important point, i think that people know that you’ve added them, but they don’t know which circles you’re in, people that think that’s important for people to understand, right? Yeah, go ahead. So one of the things that facebook has been you know, targeted about is their lack of privacy and being able to direct your your comments to specific people. And so the circles is google’s answer to how to get around that. So you know that in facebook you post a comment and it goes out to your entire world with with google plus, when you approach the comments, you actually have the ability to select which circles you want to send that, too, and it could be all of them, or it could just be one or a few. So you have some segmentation there that you can actually see your communications. Now facebook does have something called lists, but those they seem to be a very minor part of of facebook, i don’t think many people use them they they’re not highly highly used and they’re also not easy to get to it’s. Not something that’s in your face circles are right there and presented every time you make a pose. Yeah, and circles it seems like google plus is built around circles, whereas lists sort of seemed to be like an afterthought or like an add on, i guess at facebook. Okay, so we have circles way also have hangouts. What are hangouts? What? Google’s dahna really nice job of integrating google plus with mobile platform and the there are a couple of differentiations here when you go onto the web and you bring up google plus the button you see, there is hang out, which is the video kind of a video chat and it will support up to ten people. Can video feeds in the same browser window. So right now, if if anybody joins up, we can actually have up to ten people screaming their video into the same hangout. Yes. So now, eh? So we’ve gotta hang out now. Regrettably, i can’t join your hangout because it interferes with our live streaming of the show way. So we saw you on the hangout page waiting for others to join, but we can’t join you for that reason. Yeah, interferes with technology, so and the earl for people to join the hangout is very long. I was hoping it would be something a little more recognisable, but what people should do, i guess, is add you to their google plus circles, and then they’ll then they’ll get your feet and they’ll know how to join the hangout. Is that correct? Yes, that’s what you want? You see, if you can work for me for my profile and then you’ll see the worst of my post in the last one i got up there, my hangout announcement. Okay, on the way to join scott toe, add scott to your circles is to go to my blogged m p g a d v dot com, and the post for today’s show is on the top of the block, and in that post there’s a link to to scott’s profile and that’s how you joined you, add him to your circles so if you do that during the show, you’ll be able to do what scott just said and you’ll be able to join our hangout. Which right now i think it’s just scott it’s just me at the moment. Okay, good. Lonely over there. Okay, but what’s cool about hangouts is you see small pictures of everybody in the hangout, right? But then they get bigger as people talk, right? As you know, it’s, the change of focus. So as he has one person talks, that the picture gets bigger, they become more visible. So it’s a nice implementation and couldn’t. Is this something that non-profits could use for a meeting, right? Sure anybody could use it. In fact, if you have a non-profit that you have a group of your your workers, your helpers, you, khun set up circles with just those people in it, and you can create a hangout and just invite that circle. So everything kind of works together. Oh, you can restrict who joins it. Okay, so you can even you could have a circle for trustees, which might be, you know, too far from the office to come to meetings all the time. Right? Right. Absolutely. Looks like we do have let’s. See, regina, just trying to hang out. So we have somebody in the in here with us. Okay, that’s, our social media manager, regina walton, is okay. Uh, and let’s, see, now, so the two of you can talk, right? We can talk now, it’s going to get real noisy because i, her, whatever she says, comes over the microphone over my speaker. Hey, there you go. Okay, well, maybe when i’ve got my microphone muted, so i’m only going out on one microphone. Okay, good thinking, regina, hello. Can she hear right? Well, she should be listening to the show. First of all, i imagine you can. I don’t know what kind of way. Okay, could be delays. Okay, tony, you’ve got a huddles on dh that’s on the mobile devices. What google’s done is they’ve got an application first came out and no surprise with with the android applications because that’s their platform and so android is a google platform. Is that right? Uh, the google android platform? Yes. Ok. And so when you install that and you can now installed on the apple itunes i ios devices as well. But what you get is a kind of different list of functions you get, uh, something called huddle, which is not a video chat. It’s a text chat, which is i’m not sure it’s the right answer. I mean, for most most phones that that support that kind of application also have cameras so you would think they would be able to join hangouts is well, but anyhow, they dont have that. But that’s, the difference between that and the other thing in the mobile platform is that it’s it also includes check ins. So, you know it’s kind of taken a page out of four square, right? So if i am, if i have my my phone with me and i say check in, it looks at my gps and find out where i am. Looks for a local business that’s close by because it’s business oriented and offers me the ability to check in at that business. Okay, so checking like, like similar so it’s integrated, like four square, right? Exactly like foursquare. So they have in addition to the other, um, uh, the other applications twitter and facebook, they also have four square kind of in their sights for taking function from okay, so i just got a text from regina onda. Hurricane irene apparently is interfering with her a little bit. She is listening to the show. Should be a heretic if she’s not, but she is listening. And esso and she’s still in your hangout. Scott okay, okay. Cubine let’s, try. We’ll try not communicating with her through that through the through the hang out. We’ll just leave her. Is the silent as the silent hangout member there are very laughing. Okay, there’s just got to get that robust laugh here laughing. What else is we’ve got? So do you think that google plus is more robust on the phone man than facebook is on mobile? It’s different? You know, it highlights the different functions from facebook. I, uh i like the way it’s integrated on the phone and i like what? What happens there? I’m not sure that it’s better or worse, to tell you the truth, but i’m a fan of what google plus is doing, but we should probably talk about, you know, what’s what’s coming up for google plus in terms of organisations in there kind of things, okay, yeah, organisations can’t be active in google plus right now, right? Right, right now, every member of google plus is a is a person and so for instance, i think we talked about this one of the shows before i have my and i have a google aps account, which is koegler dot net and that’s, obviously not a gmail dot com address, and so i cannot have a google plus account for k grow dot net because those were not available yet. Back-up but i really believe that that that whole thing about setting up organizations, businesses, private domains on the google maps is where the future of google classes i think they’re getting their feet in the water there, figuring out how individual people want too and are using the system and eventually they’ll open it up to businesses because, you know, you think about it googles and advertising this sets that’s what they do. So right now there is no advertising on google plus, which is kind of surprising, but you know that it’s there it’s kind of working beneath the circus so soon as they open up the functionality toe add businesses, an ad organisations and private domains, i think that’s when we’ll begin to see more than business integration or of the advertising functionality and, um, on and that’s really where they’ll start to kind of overtake what facebook does with its advertising. I’m with scott koegler he’s, our regular contributor and the editor of non-profit technology news. We’re talking about the goods on google plus, we have a live hang out on google plus going on right now, and you can join that if you’re on twitter, follow the hashtag non-profit radio and in that hashtag in a couple of my one of my recent posts, you’ll see that that there’s a link to join the hang out that we’re doing the i did, pol asai said. One of the questions i asked kat was, has your non-profit discussed whether it will have a google plus presence when that’s available and just a little over eighty, about eighty three percent of people said no. They hadn’t even talked about it in their office, and about seventeen percent said yes, they had. So i’m not sure i do. If people even know that, that might be coming. Do they know that? I don’t know how it’s, not something it’s publicized google’s not really talking about it and you say it’s coming so they’re not hinting at capabilities or functionality, but they did initially, and they still do say, do not set up company accounts in google plus infact initially, many, many companies did on google disabled. They just shot him on the same as they did with people who did it by pseudonym. Right. Exactly. Okay, should we be concerned? You think when when that capability starts that that the advertising will start to, you know, letter the letter of the platform, you know, literally the same way that it does on gmail or any other google property? I i think ghoul does a pretty good job of, um, you know, moderating that keeping it appropriate. Certainly it will present ads based on who you are and what they know about you, which is, you know, the way that google does, where the facebook does looks at what you did, what you said, what your interests are and then presented presents items that may be of interest to you. It really doesn’t help him to do anything. Different from that so and it sounds like you expect organizations teo jump on the opportunity when it does become available for for organization pages? I believe so i think that there’s the demand is it is getting pretty built up right now because with however many millions of users they’ve got, a lot of those users are actually cos or work for companies, you know, hopefully all of them work for somebody and so there’s, you know, people getting used to it, they’re getting accustomed to how it works. Go? Yeah, i think so. I think it’s going to be a a major shift right for non-profits of course, the issue would be that if they create this presence than they have to keep it up to date, we’ve talked on a couple different occasions about not getting involved in social media if you can’t keep it uninterested fresh presence. So you have to think about the time and perhaps money that you might be devoting to google plus, which is probably not going toe, certainly certainly not going to be our last social media platform. Absolutely, i think we’re still in the the kind of consolidation phases at this point where, uh, but things are changing, adding and eventually coming together. Interesting. Scott koegler is the editor of non-profit technology news, which you’ll find it n p tech news. Dot com, of course, he’s, our regular tech contributor with us once a month, scott, thank you very much. Thanks, tony, good to be with pleasure again on dh, just so that our audience understands you. People do understand the difference between google plus and facebook, so i had said earlier that people aren’t really jumped in the way, scott said. But about ninety two percent of people who you answered our poll said that they definitely do see a difference between google plus and facebook, right after this break, we’ll come back for tony’s, take two, and then it will be breaking down barriers, so stay with me. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Are you feeling overwhelmed in the current chaos of our changing times? A deeper understanding of authentic astrology can uncover solutions in every area of life. After all, metaphysics is just quantum physics, politically expressed, i and montgomery taylor and i offer lectures, seminars and private consultations. For more information, contact me at monte m o nt y at r l j media. Dot com are you concerned about the future of your business for career? Would you like it all to just be better? Well, the way to do that is to better communication, and the best way to do that is training from the team at improving communications. This is larry sharp, host of the ivory tower radio program and director at improving communications. Does your office need better leadership, customer service sales, or maybe better writing, are speaking skills? Could they be better at dealing with confrontation conflicts, touchy subjects all are covered here at improving communications. If you’re in the new york city area, stop by one of our public classes, or get your human resource is in touch with us. The website is improving communications, dot com, that’s, improving communications, dot com, improve your professional environment, be more effective, be happier, and make more money improving communications. That’s, the hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com dafs metoo welcome back to the show. Time for tony’s take two my block this week is are you asking for more when they’ve given enough? I was in a sort of southern food restaurant, which happened to be in new jersey, and i was paying for lunch at the register, and the woman offered saying that scooter pies are on sale and that they make great snacks. Andi i said, ok, no, thank you. Um and i was signing my receipt. And then she said, and we have a sale on summer clothing, and i thought, okay, this is over the line. I just kept signing my receipt and, you know, gave it back to and said, no, thank you, but that’s where i thought this has some implication for fund-raising i thought she stepped over the line with the second offer, you know, i’ve just paid whatever, thirty five, forty dollars for lunch, i eat a lot, and i had a couple of guests on and then, you know, she’s giving, you know, i don’t mind one attempt at cross promotion. I mean, i do that myself in business, but i thought the second one was over the line and so the implication for fund-raising i think is be careful when you’re asking for that follow-up gift, you know, there are there are some people who believe that an acknowledgement. Ah, thank you letter that scent is should not be should not include a solicitation, foran additional gift of any type, and in fact, one of the comments on my block is a decent one, it says says that but then there’s another school of thought that it’s okay to ask for some types of gift, maybe it’s a gift in your ira if you’re over seventy and a half this year, well, that’s available or some other type of planned gift or maybe it’s purchase of a ticket of the gala, so you just need to be, i think, conscious of what you’re asking people to do when they’ve just done something for you and that’s the whole point of the block post again, it’s called. Are you asking for more when they’ve given enough just trying to raise your consciousness and sensitivity? My blog’s at mpg a dv dot com, and that is tony’s take two for friday, august twenty six we’re going now too, a conversation that i recorded at fund-raising day, which is a conference held annually here in new york city. It was this past june, and this one is with meghan galbraith, managing director at changing our world. We’re talking, she and i talked about breaking down barriers and here’s that recording. Welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of fund-raising day two thousand eleven, we’re at the marriott marquis in times square in new york city. My guest now is megan galbraith, making his managing director of interactive services changing our world. Meghan, welcome, thanks so much. Durney megan’s topic is integrating your online fund-raising uniting communications, pr and fund-raising for better results. Meghan, i suspect you see a lot of silos that you’d liketo breakdown. Yes, exactly right that’s where we came up with the idea for the workshop in our client work from the interactive perspective we’re seeing like everyone knows that there’s a ton of innovation change going on and the rate of change within the organization to be able to adapt to that with their our mind strategies is a struggle. So we’ve identified what we think is one of the primary challenges as being organization on the sense. Of marketing, wanting to do certain things with social media development, having their online fund-raising goals programs wanting to be able to talk to each other within the field, or sharing stories about those types of things your group kind of dipping in every now and again. So how do you truly look at it from an umbrella point of view and develop a strategy that satisfies all the goals within the or organization? How do you start to break down these silo walls and get people thinking ballistically about the whole good of the organization as well as their own work? From my experience, what i’ve seen is really one, starting with the leadership sonal ege building there to put some attention and some resource is towards it primarily for small organizations that have people doing ten different jobs with one person. We’ve found that we’ve recommended doing what we call a cross departmental task force, essentially focusing primarily on interactive strategies. So we’ve recommended that those core people one people who want to be doing this if it’s not there, their primary job responsibilities, looking at across the department’s who were those people that are excited by the opportunity is excited by the research in the benchmark he’s out there and putting a formal name to who they are and having them work together if they don’t have someone leading a strategy working together to try to double it up. Okay, what are some of the resource is that leadership needs to devote to this? It depends. It depends on if we’re thinking strictly everything’s online e-giving as a whole, looking at what’s been brought in over the past five years setting up your your own baseline for understanding what your return is, and then determining your resource is off of that, basically, but in terms of social media, i think everybody’s in the same boat, we’re trying to figure out what makes the most sense with human talent and then how much financial you’re going to put in there and go, i’d say over the past three years, from what i’ve seen in just from conversations with people and i think most people involved in the interactive space, the research that’s coming out now is extremely useful to help us educator clients about the need for human and financial investment, but also it’s starting to wrap some. Real analytics around these falik well things around social media, which is key. Yeah, the analytics. Megan. You know, i forgot to ask you to take your name tag off because the glass, okay, just because it creates a clam with no light, no, no creates a glare in the light so well, because everybody knows now you know, we’re alive. This is obviously library. The analytics what google analytics obviously very important to say little about what, how maybe a smaller a midsize shop could be using google analytics. Sure, google analytics is key, teo, smaller dammit and larger but with the groups that we’re talking about here, it’s it’s, a tool that one is supported by a lot of knowledge around from google from the non-profit google group, as well as being able to get trained on it if you could search it and learn about it, but from an analytic perspective, it allows you to understand who’s coming to your organization’s website what kind of content they’re engaging around, how they’re moving through your sight, how they’re exiting, how they’re coming in all those types of things, but in addition it off, it allows you to develop goals that you could men see if people are achieving those goals it’s free, which is terrific, but again, it’s an evolving tool, which i think is really key for smaller non-profits that don’t have people too, you know, they can’t always be the experts in every single tool that they have. So i have found that google non-profit group is terrific in providing resources. And training online things about the training. Is there enough online support that a smaller midsize shop could could learn to use google analytics wisely? And there’s also the google grantspace o gram, which i’m not sure if you’re familiar with that place. Still, google grants is an opportunity for non-profits teo get i think it’s not positive on the dollar value, but i think it’s about ten thousand dollars for free advertising our google advertising, google at the edwards so what it does is to it allows it’s an application process, certain organizations there’s definitely restrictions on who can get it, and you can not but it’s a terrific program and it’s part of a suite of opportunities with google on the training that you, you said is available, is that on ly online? Or is there has actually help lines that people that non-profits gold is there live help like that? My understanding of it is more informal in terms of having, you know, tutorials online, youtube type things, those types of things, but again then also depending on the size of the organization, a lot of groups outsource to people as well, but i’d say for the smaller to mid there’s there’s plenty online to get you started. Okay, including the video struck not just reading a screen exactly an interactive piece that’s shows you how to do things and there’s people again in speaking to the idea of people user generated content there’s lots of people who are creating content that isn’t put out specifically by my google, so you could look for those tutorials. And what are some of the goals you mentioned? Having goals is that is, that is specific as we want so many unique hits on this particular page or i guess dollars could be a goal, but i’m thinking, very, you know, small minded because it’s not my field, what what what are some examples of goals that you would have around this work? Well, we approach it from again from an umbrella strategies notice how quickly she agreed, small minded, my small minded suggestion, but it speaks to also sort of the mind set around, and this is something we in our workshops we talk a lot about because people go to the tactical very quickly, and we’re trying to elevate that conversation as a practice to be able to. Say ok, let’s look at this as a whole and say what? Our communication schools, what are fund-raising goals in terms of the types of goals that those could be, you would say, okay, let’s, look, at the past three years with our online giving, what of the vehicles that we used to get those donations was just email? Was it social media all the what of the various channels that got us to this point and helping the set sort of some bass lines around that now, in terms of organizations, you know what i question that i hear quite often is what’s the what’s, the return what’s the formula, what we’re going to get back and to my knowledge and if it’s out there, let me know there really is no true formula like a direct mail model, so organisations are creating it for themselves. They’re looking at their data, they’re looking at the benchmarks that are coming out from the big, you know, organizations researching these things people like service company, product software companies like convenient pantera blackbaud all those have these research benchmarks coming out you khun looking organization from this on the sub market so if your health care organization, what did the other health corps healthcare organizations performing on online and so trying to create a system for yourself and i find the smaller to midsize that’s using that sort of shared knowledge is where they can get to where they can get that that’s all they need to analyze. And of course, the small shop always has a small missile shop always has the advantage of not being so siloed they can’t afford to be, and so they khun so you can use google analytics that will be your that’ll be your own analytics, your micro, and you can compare these to compare your performance to the benchmark well, google analytics as well specific to web site traffic, so depending on the level of the organization in terms of what they’ve invested for there, considerate relationship management software are a variety of things is a variety of tools that allow you to track source asses and performance. So depending on, you know, some organizations have don’t have that they don’t have a system where their tracking, how donations air coming in online most. So i’d say there’s going to be different tools that you can pull and create a dashboard out of that that’s, all talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping hunters. People be better business people. This is tony martignetti aptly named host of tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent technology fund-raising compliance, social media, small and medium non-profits have needs in all these areas. My guests are expert in all these areas and mohr. 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What would you like to see organisations think about? Suppose there just a year older, so because your work is breaking down walls. So what would you like to see organizations do in their first year that would help prevent walls from being built up between pr marketing? Fund-raising well, i think it i’d say from the beginning, having looking at their overall organizational goals and then having the the foresight to plan and be patient with their planning that makes that everything can be short term exact every return is not six months on and also to try things out, you know, try different ways of communicating within the organization. I think siloed activity is not reserved just for interactive work. So i thinkit’s a cultural it’s within the culture of an organization. So if it’s a brand new organization, one most likely the people that are joining it and this is a hypothetical, i would have awesome understanding of the value and the amazing opportunities that are happening with interactive technologies. So it should be at the forefront of their communications and development plans, which i think for some of the more traditional organizations where they have the more traditional developed programs it’s a challenge, but it’s also again returned. So a lot of times, if your energies, if you can prove that it’s bringing bringing some value to the organization, either through qualitative or quantitative, and show that to your leadership show to the people making decisions around your budgets, those types of things and the leadership to a new organization you mentioned earlier we were talking about more established organizations, the tone of the organization, the culture is really set by the leader, which would probably be a founder, and also, i think, you know, it’s interesting to think in terms of the evolution of the workforce, you’re goingto have people coming into the workforce, that these tools and ideas are part of their nature. It’s not something that is a new thing. It’s it’s, how they communicate and how they share content it’s, how they talk to their family and how they talk to their friends. I’m talking primarily from a novel in perspective right now, but that’s going to come into the work force if it hasn’t already, i mean, it has in many ways, so those are the future leaders of these organizations. So it will, i think, for new organizations, my assumption again, that’s an assumption would be that some of the people starting it would be of a generation that is thinking in those ways, no is there is the role of the board very significant here in tryingto again going back to the yurt seminar topic, breaking down the walls between i think, marketing, pr, communications center at what’s the board’s role here, i think the board’s role is to is to certainly show that it’s a priority or feel our communicate that there’s value to these things in their conversations again, it doesn’t have to be wait really strive to educate our clients about and help our clients with is that this doesn’t need to be a separate activity. Interactive is not a separate thing aligns with your development goals in the lines with your marketing in the lines of the organizational goals, so i’d say in terms of the board’s roll, it certainly is if they are on board in terms of understanding the value and being a champion of it in all of the activities where there’s opportunities to integrate it, then that’s key. What about dahna? The leader of a team in a mid size shop who is just not willing to play with the others who are very willing to break down these walls and collaborate, how do we bring that recalcitrant team leader into the into the fold question? Well, you speak hypothetically, i’m not asking to use any client examples by name, but you’re a consultant, you’re out a lot, you have some difficult unit leaders, department leaders to work with. How do we bring them? Go without your go outside of your organisation in terms of showing what other organizations are doing as an examples? I mean, i think that’s a really key there’s a community, you know, this isn’t just what’s happening in terms of shared information beyond an organization’s walls is is key to being able to articulate the need to have these types of strategies within your organization. So if that leader is someone who i would say, if you find that they’re resistant to developing innovative ways to reach donors, which is essentially what what we’re doing here, i would say show, show other examples and trying to get him on board there’ll be a process and that’s what you do all right? And again, i’m going to go in that third time leadership if there’s a leadership commitment, leadership could be helpful in bringing them? Absolutely, absolutely yeah, i mean, i think it all depends on what’s interesting is who owns it too? I mean, which when we talk about breaking down walls, there’s, there’s, sometimes nobody really owns these strategies. So in some ways, i would say, depending on a culture of the organization, we would help to identify who that person might be within the existing tower and say, this is something that could really lead this and help drive an idea hyre or advising that the organization may potentially need to bring somebody in if the goal is to get to a certain level with their online e-giving i’m with meghan galbraith, she is managing director of interactive services at changing our world. This is tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of fund-raising day two thousand eleven haven’t talked too much about budgeting on maybe cost sharing because we’re thinking about interactive work in director service across across departments. What was your advice in your your seminar around around cost sharing? Definitely one of the recommendations we have is looking at potentially having identifying task force around these activities and in that in your budget planning process to identify where one where you’re spending money across double spending to saying, well, who owns it and who needs to be responsible for and where should have fall, but definitely looking for cost sharing opportunities in my previous life before consulting, i worked for an international development agency where you ran the strategic communications, and we were constantly finding ways with the program group with the development group to fund the content generation trips so everything online, this content right? You need to share it. You need thio make a compelling case, all those types of things and the technology behind it, of course, but we really worked hard at learning year after year of saying we don’t have the money to do these things we want to do so how do you do it? So you look at what you’re spending in your traditional marketing. You look at who’s going on a trip. How can you train them with certain tools like a flip cam are mobile phone at this point? How can they capture the media to be able to do the various things right to do because the content doesn’t have to be high end high production value, right? It depends, and somebody with a flip cam can do some pretty compelling video if they’re committed to the work and they’re on site somewhere exactly, and the and the active what that continent supposed to do? You know, if it’s if it’s building awareness around your cause or your of your impact, and depending on the channel that you share it with there’s lots of ways tio have to have super high and sophisticated production. There are times for that super hot, but i do think it’s in terms of cost sharing, i think it’s an area that it’s certainly sametz needs to be paid attention to, particularly in this in this area. Megan galbraith is managing director of interactive services at changing our world. This is tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of fund-raising day two thousand eleven. Meghan, thank you very much for being against pleasure was great pleasure. That was my interview from this past june with megan galbraith dahna thanks, scott koegler for joining me today and talking about google plus and also meghan galbraith, as well as the organizer’s of fund-raising day two thousand eleven, for all their help back in june next week, an important show robert penna, author of the non-profit outcomes toolbox, discusses the wave of reliance on outcomes measurement and gives concrete steps and shares tools so that small and midsize non-profits khun stay ahead of this trend toward outcomes assessment on da on a little lighter side, we also talk about easy bake ovens and my eagle scout project. It gets used as an example of what not to do in outcomes measurement. 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A Test Of Google+ For Your Nonprofit

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to comment for a New York Enterprise Report article on Google+ for small businesses. The way I’m evaluating Google+ for my small business may help your small or mid-size nonprofit.

Caveat: I’m not a social media guru, maven, thought leader or expert. I’m a user, just like you.

Google+ doesn’t yet have business profiles, but they’re expected within a few months. The question is whether your nonprofit should create a profile page and devote time to keeping it fresh. That’s not a trivial question, given the time it takes to keep content up-to-date and engaging.

What I’m doing–and you might consider–is evaluating who accepts my Google+ invitations and who puts me in their circles. If you’re not familiar with circles and how Google+ works, take a look at this explanation, from Google.

If my new Google+ friends are all my old Facebook friends, I’m less inclined to put a lot of time into Google+. But if people are connecting who I don’t already know, I’ll think differently. So far, it’s mostly people I’m already connected to, but not all. I am having fun with it.

Or, if there are terrific features that I don’t find on Facebook fan pages, I’ll be more inclined to encourage people to join me on a Google+ business profile for my radio show. I’d be particularly interested in a decent calendar and strong polling functions. You may have other needs that would draw you to the newcomer.

So, I’m judging Google+ based on who my friends are and whether there are features I crave.

I hope this gives you some help in figuring out the value to your nonprofit of what will certainly not be the last new social networking property.