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TMNR official logo squareA lot’s happening for Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio. It’s all good, I love it and I want to share it!

Live Listener Love & Podcast Pleasantries!
I’m so grateful to our 9,000+ listeners, whether live or archive. I produce the show for you. You are the reason Nonprofit Radio is thriving. Thank you!

Last Week’s Show
Last week was the Faceoff. An exhilarating show–I’m not exaggerating!–where Atlas of Giving and Giving USA dealt face-to-face with their issues about each other’s work. This is what dubbed the “philanthropy food fight” and I played cafeteria cop.

There were a few transgressions, but nothing unmanageable. (I did have to turn off someone’s mic.) A few jibes, but no Jargon Jail. 

To Our Contributors:
You’re amazing! I’m so grateful to each of you: Scott Koegler, Gene Takagi, Maria Semple and Amy Sample Ward.

Each month, you take time to prepare and share valuable info for the benefit of small and mid-size nonprofits. Such devotion! You each exemplify what’s great about working in the nonprofit community: sharing; loyalty; expertise; professionalism; and good fun.

You each are a pleasure to work with!

Farewell, Scott!
This Friday is Scott’s swan song. Editor of Nonprofit Technology News, he’s our longest running contributor, at close to three-and-a-half years! I decided to change topics (see below), and I don’t want to have more than four regulars. They are half the show and I want to keep half open for other brilliant guests.

We’ve had a good long run together. Many thanks, Scott!

Welcome, Cindy!
In April, Cindy Gibson will join as our newest contributor–on grants fundraising. She’s principal of Cynthesis Consulting and has over 25 years helping funders (like the Carnegie Corporation) and grantees (including People for the American Way).

And Now, A Word For Our Sponsors:
Thank you! RallyBound, peer-to-peer fundraising, and TBRC, reducing credit card processing fees. I’m very thankful for your support of Nonprofit Radio.

I love producing Nonprofit Radio and I’m grateful to everyone who has a part in this incredibly valuable resource we create each week for nonprofits.

Thank you!

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