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Podcast: Creative Thank You’s For Year-End Giving

One Justice Thank You 2

Your year-end giving plan is well under way. I’ve got simple and cheap–yet thoughtful–ways to say “thanks” so your stewardship gets off on the right foot when gifts come in.

Actually, I hosted Fundraising Fundamentals, my monthly podcast for The Chronicle of PhilanthropyMy guests had the savvy thank-you ideas.

They were
Claire Axelrad, the fundraising consultant behind clairification.com, and
Julia Wilson, executive director of OneJustice

Get ready to take notes. Their ideas ranged from cookies to videos. We talked about at least a dozen ideas in the 12-minute interview. That’s incredible ROI!

Listen here.

Want to check the archive? Or subscribe and get new shows each month? Check out Fundraising Fundamentals on iTunes.

I’m always interested in what you think after you listen. Drop a comment here or get me on Twitter.

Number 1 Podcast And 2 In The Top 5

'One' courtesy of HundredNorth on Flickr
'One' courtesy of HundredNorth on Flickr
Blogger Cheryl McCormick, principal of Ascend Nonprofit Consulting, named her Top 5 nonprofit podcasts.

The two I host–Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio and Fundraising Fundamentals–are each in there.

Nonprofit Radio is #1!

Cheryl says Nonprofit Radio’s guests:

include the most credible, highly-regarded doers and thought leaders in the field of nonprofit work.

I agree. I’m grateful to each guest for sharing their expertise. They’re a very generous bunch.

She approves of Jargon Jail to keep the credible, highly-regarded guest explanations simple and easy-to-follow for listeners. That’s critical. There’s no value in technical fog when you’re trying to put strategies into practice. Transgressing guests are thrown in Jargon Jail, but easily paroled when they define their terms.

Of the host:

it’s his wit, sense of fun with his guests, self-deprecating humor that gets me. His passion for his work and the nonprofit sector really comes through.

I want guests to be comfortable, so their passion reaches listeners. I strive for a conversation listeners want to be part of.

Listeners, since you can’t be in the studio I’m channeling you. You’re whispering questions to me, even though 99% of you 9,000+ won’t listen until days or weeks later on iTunes.

That doesn’t matter. I hear you.

Cheryl’s only negative is that I put out one show a week. She wants more.

Fundraising Fundamentals, which I host for The Chronicle of Philanthropy, is her #3.

In Cheryl’s words, the 10-minute monthly is:

Great for busy nonprofit professionals on the go!

And she wishes I’d do them more often.

Credit for the #3 ranking goes to the folks at The Chronicle. Assistant Managing Editor Peter Panepento has been a strident supporter from the outset. Web Editor Cody Switzer makes the show sound great.

Regina Walton is the social media manager for my podcasts, consulting and everything else I’ve got my hand in. She promotes all the stuff I create with an enthusiasm and professionalism that is exhausting. You rock, Regina!

Cheryl McCormick, thank you so much! Each show is a true labor of love. Your recognition of my work is much appreciated.

My Podcasts Are On Top

There’s a good chance you’ve heard rumors to the effect that I host two podcasts for nonprofits.

I can confirm the veracity of that hearsay.

Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio has over 9,000 listeners each week. Thanks to a burst of activity that more than doubled the number of iTunes ratings because of my 500 Stars Campaign, Nonprofit Radio trended in two categories last week.

Here it is in “What’s Hot” for Government & Organizations:

What's Hot 2

And here, in iTunes’ Nonprofit category:

What's Hot 1

Please give the show a 1 to 5 star rating in iTunes. It’s simple. Start here, then click “View” in iTunes.

My monthly podcast for The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Fundraising Fundamentals has about 3,000 listeners. It’s a short, 10-minute format, compared to the hour-long Nonprofit Radio.

It may be short, but it trended impressively last week also:

Top Podcasts in Non-Profit

Listeners, I’m very grateful for your support of my podcasts. I want them to bring you value and I want you to tell me if they don’t. Thank you very much for listening.

Future listeners: come into the fold. Join the flock. It’s only a matter of time. You might as well start now.

You can listen and subscribe on iTunes at these links:

Are You Listening To “Fundraising Fundamentals?”

I host a podcast for The Chronicle of Philanthropy called “Fundraising Fundamentals.”

It’s a monthly, 10-minute show devoted to fundraising, and I’ve been at it for over a year.

December’s episode is year-end fundraising tips. My guests are Casey Neese, social networking marketing manager for Heifer International, and John Murphy, CEO of Zuri Group.

You’ll find this month’s show, Creative Ideas for Year-End Fundraising Online, on The Chronicle site and on iTunes. You can subscribe from either of those pages.

Each month I have a charity rep and a consultant, and I pick their brains for my listeners.

In June through August there was a 3-month series on grant seeking:

Back in April professor Jen Shang shared her academic research that led to “5 Words To Boost Your Fundraising.” I also featured her on Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio last May 18th.

As you listen to “Fundraising Fundamentals,” please give me your feedback. I listen to listeners.

“Fundraising Fundamentals” on The Chronicle of Philanthropy

This is really cool.  Starting last Thursday I host a monthly podcast interview show for The Chronicle of Philanthropy.Fundraising Fundamentals” will be released by The Chronicle every third Thursday of the month. You can listen there or on iTunes, where you can subscribe.  

My first guest is Gail Perry and she’s perfect to kick-off the show!  She’s the author of “Fired-Up Fundraising: Turn Board Passion Into Action” and that topic is so critical for success, yet so many nonprofits struggle with it.  She shares super ideas, like “redefine ‘fundraising’ so even board members who hate it can be part of it.”  She has a lot of practical, easy-to-follow advice that comes out in our 20 minute conversation.

Listen to the first podcast with Gail, and subscribe to the series.

(Gail has been a guest on Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio.  If you want to hear an hour-long interview with her, it’s show number 47.)