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“Fundraising Fundamentals” on The Chronicle of Philanthropy

This is really cool.  Starting last Thursday I host a monthly podcast interview show for The Chronicle of Philanthropy.Fundraising Fundamentals” will be released by The Chronicle every third Thursday of the month. You can listen there or on iTunes, where you can subscribe.  

My first guest is Gail Perry and she’s perfect to kick-off the show!  She’s the author of “Fired-Up Fundraising: Turn Board Passion Into Action” and that topic is so critical for success, yet so many nonprofits struggle with it.  She shares super ideas, like “redefine ‘fundraising’ so even board members who hate it can be part of it.”  She has a lot of practical, easy-to-follow advice that comes out in our 20 minute conversation.

Listen to the first podcast with Gail, and subscribe to the series.

(Gail has been a guest on Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio.  If you want to hear an hour-long interview with her, it’s show number 47.)