Are You Listening To “Fundraising Fundamentals?”

I host a podcast for The Chronicle of Philanthropy called “Fundraising Fundamentals.”

It’s a monthly, 10-minute show devoted to fundraising, and I’ve been at it for over a year.

December’s episode is year-end fundraising tips. My guests are Casey Neese, social networking marketing manager for Heifer International, and John Murphy, CEO of Zuri Group.

You’ll find this month’s show, Creative Ideas for Year-End Fundraising Online, on The Chronicle site and on iTunes. You can subscribe from either of those pages.

Each month I have a charity rep and a consultant, and I pick their brains for my listeners.

In June through August there was a 3-month series on grant seeking:

Back in April professor Jen Shang shared her academic research that led to “5 Words To Boost Your Fundraising.” I also featured her on Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio last May 18th.

As you listen to “Fundraising Fundamentals,” please give me your feedback. I listen to listeners.

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