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Maria Semple

Nonprofit Radio, March 8, 2013: InteGREAT Communications And Marketing & PRI: Program Related Investments

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%

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Diane Lansing: InteGREAT Communications And Marketing

Diane Lansing, president of Lansing Associates, has ideas for getting your communications and marketing in sync. Then she wants you to apply analytics so you know what works and what doesn’t, in the short- and long-term. Sounds simple. Are you doing it? Diane will get you started.

Maria Semple
Maria Semple: PRI: Program Related Investments

Our prospect research contributor and The Prospect Finder, Maria Semple, is with me to explain why foundations don’t only make grants. Some offer loans, loan guarantees, equity investments and other PRIs. How do you find these foundations? Listen to Maria. She’ll also have info on conferences you’ll want to pay attention to.


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