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Nonprofit Radio for July 20, 2018: LinkedIn Marketing

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Marc Halpert: LinkedIn Marketing

Marc Halpert returns with ideas from his new book, “You, Us, Them,” for promoting yourself and your nonprofit and attracting the people you need.




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Duitz hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m your aptly named host this’s show number three, ninety nine next week is four hundred win a brand new studio, so we’re welcoming well, welcome us to the show i get to the studio first time in the studio with and we’ve got a wonderful in studio guest as well to inaugurate the new studio experience, and i’m glad you’re with me for it. I’d get slapped with a diagnosis of brick, your radio prayer itis if you unnerved me with the idea that you missed today’s show linked in marketing, mark halpert returns with ideas from his new book, you, us, them for promoting yourself and your non-profit and attracting the people you need durney steak to be part of our four hundredth show next week we’re sponsored by pursuant full service fund-raising data driven and technology enabled tony dahna em a slash pursuant by wagner, cpas guiding you beyond the numbers wagner, cps dot com and by tell us turning credit card processing into your passive revenue stream. Tony dahna em a slash tony tell us my pleasure to welcome back marc halpert to the to the show and to the studio he is owner of connect to collaborate. He spreads his length in and networking evangelism to help others better explain their brand positioning on linkedin. He’s a linking trainer, speaker and coach. His book is you us, them linked in mark i’ve to take a breath before this you, us, them linked in marketing concepts for non-profit professionals who really want to make a difference longer than the book you’ll find him at connect to collaborate dot com and that’s with a number two. And at mark helper and that’s marked with a c so it could also be read at march albert like he was related to her about the jazz. Do you want to on jess? But no he’s at mark helper. Welcome back to the studio and the show. Mark alpert. Thank you. Somewhat. What a pleasure. Come a little closer to the microphone. To that house are our listeners. Can all hear you very well. And you call me anything you want. March alpert more job and have more children. Many things. Okay. More jumper did not among the worst of the moster and i’m glad you took that big breath to read the subtitle it’s a long one, but xero search engine optimization and marketing, i presume it’s jealousy which you’re about to assume that these words are important now i s o you have been on the show. You were the first time on the show was december twenty third, two thousand eleven so you were near beginning. We start in two thousand ten. But you were pretty close to the beginning. Oh, and you have been squawking about linked in since then. Squawking? Yes, you are. You’re the eyes vandalizing. Okay, evangelizing is one way of describing it on dh. You’re on again in twenty thirteen. And you talked about linked in for hiring right specifically just for hiring. What? What? What is your? What is your obsession with with lengthen? It is the tool that it’s a power tool. And if you don’t know how to use a power tool correctly, you can get hurt very badly or get very bad results. I was in the emergency room first time i used the phillips head screwdriver i zoned out and now you know so you can’t drive a nail with a screwdriver and if you really want to make a difference, then understand oppcoll how to approach the business community as a non-profit professional and really get between their eyes. This is the tool that will get you there, but you just don’t do a lousy job of it. You do it the right way. That’s what this book does and you feel that non-profits who were focused on them are largely doing a lousy job that most of the ones i see a doing a poor job, they don’t think like a business, they don’t market it like a business. They would like to see more revenue come in, but they don’t think cash flow that’s a business concept that a lot of non-profits just don’t get so then i teach them a little bit about how to approach people who want to help, whether it’s financial help, whether it’s expertise or any sort of other assistance and how to find the right people to put around you to support you and that’s the u us them concept you i teach you individually as a non-profit professional what you need to be doing properly on linked in, if you cannot tell your own story. No one is going to tell it for you, or they might, and you won’t like what you see us is everybody collectively has a great linked in profile because they have each done the you part and you are in your organization organization, and that includes everybody from the e d down, and it also includes a board of directors. By the way, the board of directors needs to be the exemplary forces behind what makes the non-profit amazing. But when a donor looks at a non-profit and they see a disparate group of personalities all talking about weird stuff and all over the place, they get the position that the impression that i’ll look someplace else, i want to go someplace where they really have their acting looks disjointed, okay? And then them and them is everybody you haven’t touched yet or are in the process of approaching, cajoling, having them either part with their expertise, their money, their time, however you’re trying to get them involved, okay, us, then we’ll talk about who the who’s more specifically, who’s involved who’s, including the us is and the them’s as well, say little more. About this non-profits not thinking enough like business is not necessarily limited toe linked in, but that theme runs to the book way want to do this as a business? We need to be thinking about lincoln as a business would, as you said, it’s a little more about what you wish non-profit it would be more attentive, too. Okay, let’s start with the premise that non-profits are some of the largest industries industry groups in most countries at this point, especially the united states, so it is in itself a business force that must be reckoned with. It employs a very large number of people it operates and very many in many different ways, with different vendors with different services that it needs to understand but like most non-profits life, you send a donation in the old days, you mail the donation to a very large, medical oriented non-profit it took them six months to almost a year to send you a thank you note those types of disjointed messages that non-profits typically are involved with these days, their emails air disjointed, there’s, not any sort of organized marketing push. They’re all over the place they’re trying to do. The shotgun method to gather as many people as they possibly can they’re not thinking in the strong central voice like businesses think to market their services for their product. The cash flow issue is hugely important. Cash flow is what makes the organization run, whether it’s a for-profit or non-profit business, if there’s not enough money coming in, god knows it’s easy enough for the money to go out, then you have a disjointed issue i nova non-profit that everybody took an eight percent a salary cut this year came out of nowhere because they just weren’t pulling in enough revenue. The concept but talked behind this book is how do you approach the people who have the high net worth the business community who wants to donate money or services or expertise to benefit the non-profit how do you approach them and market your organisations mission beyond all the other competing missions and those people are on non-profit arlington, they should be many year altum have just a very poor resume looking linked in profile, they’ve done very little to make themselves stand out. No one will give money to somebody who doesn’t stand out i mean the’s. High net worth and well connected business people there’s you’re confident they’re unlinked. If you’re not, if you’re in business and you’re not on linked in these days, you don’t exist. That’s the fact and you may have a lousy profile, but you at least have a presence. You the non-profit people listening need to understand that you can march you khun look at linked in as a database and pol names and associations, and understand who knows whom to approach people that you want to use as the fulcrum that’s where you get the benefit of lincoln. All right, it’s time for a break. Go ahead. Published this month is pursuing e-giving outlook. They took the latest fund-raising reports boiled them down to the takeaways that you need in a concise content paper. The work is done for you. You can also watch the archive of their related webinar. You continue seeing video. Both are on the listener landing page which is at tony that m a slash pursuant with capital p for pursuing on doll sofer, please. Now, back to linked in marketing. Okay, thank you for being more precise and going deeper about the business orientation that that i think is essential also and and often lacking go just actually lacking a bit deep. Ok, then i won’t talk about your book, okay? So and in the book and i just go ahead, i’ve been called many things, like i said, um, there is a competition amongst non-profits for the attention span of the donor and for the money of the donor and today’s world just think about how your attention is being drawn to its political activities that you want to donate to that are very important to you, and maybe the animal rights or some other human rights or some other organization will take a step back in your mental acuity and your mental attention because something else is competing with you. The competition is absolutely huge non-profits don’t understand that they compete with other non-profits often they’re in the same building or they’re down the hall or there across the country, around the world and for profits understand the competition factor very, very well, and they slay themselves to make themselves more competitive. The concept in the book is written. I wrote many pages on the fact that you have to understand what makes you unique? Why you do what you do not explain what you do or who you do it for. But were is the gut the fire in your belly? All right. Why is that importance? And kalu bring other people into your mission. Then you engage with them. Okay, there’s, the competition let’s talk about ok. And that that’s actually an ideal segway to the you. Because you do talk about being what makes you unique. You refer to a simon. Is it cynic, cynics and sinek? Cynic? Yeah. His mantra is that we react to why cos do what they do, not what they do and he likes to use. Apple is an example of organs of a company that devoted to beautiful design and empowerment on dh. Even though it’s a multi billion dollar company you know, occupying sort of a fringe niche at least initially. And they like to play on that. So that’s, some of the why and why they’ve got such loyal like me. Apple’s users. So okay, so what? How do we use? Linked in to show how and why we do what we do, what drives us? What makes us unique? All right. Step back, simon cynic for those people who are not familiar with him, he has a book start with why? And he also has amazing ted talk that you can find on youtube. So those there for people who are s i c k e k, right? For those who were not familiar, you really need to absorb the concepts in simon cynics book or ted talk books or ted talk. He also uses people like nelson mandela, martin luther king, john f kennedy as examples as role models beyond apple. But for people who were trying to convey a a a a mission or a concept that people weren’t understanding at the time and the if they talked about what, what, what, what, what no one would buy-in when they talk about why it is central to our existence as a people or as a organization or is their mission, then people buy in, they see it on it in a more gut and mental level combined and that’s. What makes this more interesting for people too? Give more attention to something they’re not familiar with that makes you unique. That’s what way have we each have a story? Of perspective that brought us to the work we’re doing that’s, the uniqueness you want us to bring out and it’s the during one of our career. That brings us to where we are today many people in the nonprofit sector your career, but here you are non-profit radio, the culmination of your life to deal today as it is that i met you and we’ve worked together and those types of things i did not go to graduate school to go write two books and to be involved in non-profit i never thought that would happen, but my life has led me there. I need to tell that story. I have told that story on my linked in profile about what makes me go. Why i exceed expectations. One of my mantra is why i do what i do not what do i do? Because that’s a resume and that’s not interesting, but when i express in colorful, rich words using power verbs and if you need to find power rubes go google one hundred eighty five powerthru herbs, you’ll find a million power verbs out there use really intelligent language to convey where you’re coming from, where you came from in the past makes you who you are today so who you are today indicates where you’re going in the future don’t put your resume on linkedin tell your story that’s the what? Not the why? All right, so where do we do so now this? I’m not sure what it’s called, but the preview below your lincoln photograph where you just have one hundred twenty characters that what is that called candy on the headline that’s weighing one hundred twenty characters there? Yeah, it’s a challenge? Yeah, it’s probably the hardest going teo do a couple of sections, but that’s the toughest thing it’s the hardest thing because you have to collapse in my case like thirty five years of experience into one hundred twenty characters and that’s a challenge, four characters per year? No, not even not even even i wouldn’t even do that when i was around when i didn’t have a lot to sustain thirty, but the concept is you do not put something like director of development at x ray xero torque that doesn’t tell the person what they’re about to read it’s like the headline on the newspaper that’s you got it. Capture them to say that at the other end of the spectrum can we do we have to? Does everyone have to use the word passionate? I’m getting tired, seeing passionate, passionate, passionate and geek, passionate and geek thinking. It’s not a word i overused well, no, i wouldn’t use it for you experience. You know, there are other words to use that one hundred eighty five power verbs. Yeah, just find what makes you tick. Ask your colleagues, ask your friends, ask your entourage. How would you explain me? Or i’ve written this? Does it adequately explain that’s? Good. Ask them for their honest opinion and they’re with a really honest they’ll say, tony, this stinks or tony, you’re right, you’re almost there. You need to develop this, that of the other so that’s the headline on the newspaper they will not read beyond the headline unless you capture their attention at the headline the next section underneath it. If i could just further is what’s called your summer memory. Your summary is the lead paragraph of the newspaper article. This you have it’s wide open and you have a lot more characters working. Thousand powerthru thousand ok, that’s. For some people, that’s not enough for some people that’s a way to this’s where you use complete sentences is that start with the pronoun? I imagine that it’s just like me talking to you as i’m reading your linkedin profile, you’re speaking to somebody don’t make it look like a ready. I don’t like the personal pages that read like a wee a corporate, they read like a corporate paige, but it’s the personal pain or mr halpert, those this that’s really strange or, you know, he or she does that you’re talking to somebody you’re trying to make them want to engage with you, why push them off first and talk about and your summary the summation of what you do today and where you’re going in your future? This is not fun, it is not easy to write. We were all taught, many of us were taught not to talk about ourselves. So for some people, this is like pulling every tooth out of their head. You know, that’s why i’m a coach, i teach people how to do this as a coach to draw them out, get them out from under themselves as i like to say because most people are just stuck, they don’t know what to say, then you move farther down the linked in profile, and so so experiences next-gen experienced. So you’ve got this very short headline. You’ve got this elevator pitch type of summary, and then you talk about your experience, not in terms of what you accomplished at every job in every job you’ve ever had. But what are the main themes that brings you to where you are today? What does some of the things you learn that you have in your back and your pocket back pocket that you bring to the table is your value proposition. Where did you come from? The summation of your past experience makes you an engaged, understandable, great person to work with you today. My linkedin profile sucks. I was going to talk to you about that. But that’s ok. Really? Did you look at my yeah, of course i look, i look everybody’s. I mean the other conversation. Okay, um and mark this private coaching. So you do. Lincoln coaching. I mentioned private coaching is the most enjoyable of all the work i do. Okay, if you want help with your linked in profile, and i do that international pact with this, you know? Yeah, that’s, right. A team for god’s. Easy. All right, so you clearly don’t make it your resume. The experience section should be a lot more than a title organization and dates. I mean, that should be there in person. But you, you want the summation, this interesting, everything that brought you to to the value that you now contribute. Exactly. Yeah, and why you, in case you think i’m gonna take a lot of time. No one said this is easy or fun. Yeah, i said that. You said that in the book a few times. Yeah, all right, all right. Next after experience comes skills what for most people, yes. Okay, skills are things that you can actually improve upon. So don’t tell me that your skill is management that’s a big textbook on your spoke stand. Yeah, tell me that one of your skills is non-profit divestment management or because i’m george in jail. I put you in jail for that that’s okay non-profit divestment management. What is that? That is when people are working in non-profits to either divest some of their assets or to break their not large non-profit into pieces, these air skills, these things that are not easy, todo that’s donor-centric acquisition is a skill uh, sure, all any of this. If you don’t know what your skills are, look and see what your competitors skills are pretty quickly. Figure out what your skills are and go one better than your competitors and write your skills in terms of things you do on a regular basis every day. Keep a pad by your phone as you’re performing those skills, write it down because you don’t even realize you’re doing it is you’re doing it. I tell people to record their phone calls just on their end and then hear themselves back so the thing’s they’re asking people to do the things that we’re working with people to do thes air actual skills that we have that there are so innate and us we don’t even know it. But if you don’t tell people what you’re skills are, no one will ever know you have that skill and the other thing that’s really important about skills in addition to headline in addition to summary, you know, is that these air searchable terms on link, then so somebody’s looking to find somebody like you? They will use certain searchable skills in the search. They confined you on a shorter list. They can engage with you and find out are you the right to employees or you the right consultant? Is this something that you want to do on a board basis? Probono whatever that is. Okay, so this is just a big old database at the end of the day. Yeah, all right. Recording your calls. That sounds a little creepy. Using just one side. One side sabelo just to record my own. You want it? You want to play back? What? I saito clients. Potential clients. Exactly the sort of guests potential guests me coming back to this and listening to myself recording with you. I like to hear how i come across. Yeah, i like to see myself in a video and i want to talk about video as well. That’s a really important things. Very easy. Tio toe lincoln how do you come across how you viewed by others? It’s an out of body experience for most individuals, they can’t stand video, they can’t stand audio recordings of themselves work on that. This is a really important aspect. We’re due in twenty eighteen let’s do video since you mentioned it because i want to talk also about the head shot in the background, that banner, but video. Where do you get video into lengthen your linked in profile there two sections where you can add video? You can add it to your summary, just below it. How do you do that? There’s? A little, but the little so you’re insecure in editing. Now your head in your summary is summary, and it says advil eo click. You can either talk that’s. What says yes that’s just to warn you and you can either add it from your hard drive if you have it, download on your computer or were you going at it from the web? Easy. Best way to do it is to do it off of the youtube. So take whatever video you have. Put it on youtube channel. Pull it down over youtube. Channel in tow. Linked. It works like a dream every single time. In summary. In sodom editing the summary, i click the pencil. So it’s azad video. Yeah. All right. I’m gonna hold you. Okay? Where else you said there’s? Two sections. Where else, in your experience, each experience, various job you have. If you have video from that job, you can add a video pertinent to that job. Same thing at video. Take it off you two. My throat on their wellington sucks. I have hundreds of videos. You well, you ought to put him on now. Don’t go crazy. A lot of people for too much video get into video stagnation. But, you know, you don’t think every job should have a little video now. The most recent ones, i suppose. Yeah, and i keep rotating. I just did three videos for the cf a society. Here in new york, they came back to me. It really is a certified financial analysts. It was about finding job’s about what to do if you’ve been recently published. How do you put it on linked in what to do if you want to be a thought leader, how you can pull my other people’s articles and give your opinions on it and what to do and link tio the’s air three little video snippets i threw him up on my youtube channel, i pulled him down to my linked in profile under my job is a linked in trainer and evangelists, and they worked really, really well. Head shot headshot what’s your advice around that that’s, the little circle so what we see is the little circle. First of all, get a professional headshot. Do not do a iphone this’s those terrible you could tell them immediately don’t do a headshot anymore with a white background behind you, it just looks old. It was an older style. Put something with a scene or some suits if you’re an attorney or if you’re in a non-profit put something for the cause. It’s behind you on animal if you’re an animal rights have you know the animal? A picture of the animal behind and the banner you raise banner banner schnoll banner is blank your bandit on humiliated. I can’t even have a continuous conversation with this. This is great! My cough! I i’m humiliated. All right. What do you do with the banner? That’s? A big space. A big space it’s. Almost fourteen hundred pixels by six hundred pixels. You put an immediate image of what you do. You want to do you on radio like i’m looking at you right now. You in front of the microphones. You are? That is easy. I have done a mosaic of various photos of me in various aspects of what i do. It’s my headshot, though my little michel circle is me. If it’s a close up, though, i could do something broader. Do broader? Absolutely. You should do that with your speaking. I could have me there. You know a montage i think you mentioned in the book. Well, that’s. What i instead of instead of one one image for the batter, i could do a montage or a little more pieces from it. If it’s ah, thumbnails from your various videos we were talking about video before. Easy to do if you really can’t do this yourself, folks go to canvass, see envy a dot com and search for linked in banner could be easier going one. Drop it in dunaj okay, i don’t like people who go lazy on me, tony. No, no, no. I want you to do one the ten for you. Canvass. See? A well, i have a way of social manager. I think i could pull something you could’ve said. But all right, can va va dot com dot com for others for other people who need candidate comes asking for a friend. Alright, this’s. Excellent, excellent advice. But i mean, we’re going to get many gritty, and i’m focusing a lot on you because this is the basis of it. And then we moved to the organization and them, you know, that’s attracting. If you optimize the you end us, then the them is going to be there going. People are going to be finding you and and recognizing the value of your organizations, right? You’re going to do a great job. And that’s exactly what wallace about exactly. I read it. I know i just tries i’m disappointed in you surprised i’m disappointed at your shot. I don’t think i throw this thing together. I read it last night, but it could have been this morning. I don’t care the image i want a girl to take away from this part of the conversation is that many people in the non-profit community did not start in the non-profit community. This could be our anybody, hardly anybody. Millennials now are studying and becoming non-profit professionals from school and go into non-profits whole new environment, right? But many of us you were an attorney, i was a corporate finance guy. The journey is amazing how we got interested in all this stuff. This is what the story you have to tell in you. This is where i have come to, and this is where i have come from, and this is why i can offer you. So this is the past to the present, to the future orientation that you have to tell in new york. I’m not ready to move to the us, though. That was a very nice summation for the fact that i’m not ready for you to move to the oh, yeah, no, because the recommendation section. Okay, you have some advice on recommendations e-giving them soliciting them. Let’s talk about that. What’s your advice there, right? Let’s, take a step back to skills. People can endorse you for skills. That means they can come to your skill and they can click. Yes, i know tony has that skill, right? Many people think they’re doing you a really big favour with the endorse you for every single skill you have of which is not those they’re playing perfunctory skills. Well, when you improve your skills on your profile, then people will come to your skill section and say, yeah, tony really has that skill. Yeah. People you can weed out the people don’t really know you have this good. Why given image that people know you have that skill when they really don’t? And they could only because embarrassment when people really want to put words on paper or electrons, they want to write you. You want a recommendation? You’ve done some really great work for somebody. They call you up and they say, tony, great job really appreciate you save there. But thank you and that’s the time you say to them on the phone it’s my pleasure. I’m going to ask you two, please write a recommendation for me on lengthen. I’ll start the whole process with ewan lincoln. Of course it presumes you’re connected on link there i’ll tell you along the lines of what i’d like to include you send it to that person for their recommendation. Humans being humans not having a lot of time being a little bit lazy, basically going to get back what you asked for asking for recommendation with the right wording in the recommendation ensures your success in getting back a recommendation if you just say the somebody hey, write me a recommendation. You’re going get garbage back. Mark is a really great guy. Mark did a really good job here, but we live that’s boring. That’s not good stuff. You want somebody to use an anecdote, a situation where yeoman work really great work was done. And you were the one who did it. And someone else a pining about how well you did. That is really, really valuable. Yeah. Uh, there’s so much of that throughout the web. Recommendations from yelp too. Latto linked in. All right. And content fresh. We just have about a minute before break. We gotta keep our content fresh, always rotating videos. What else can we do? Well, we can post about our work. Well, that’s, what i did, i’m posting yesterday, and i’m going to be on tony martignetti is radio show. And i commented and you did, and i appreciate that. And tomorrow, on top of on monday when this is actually recorded, hey, if you’re honest, you know i want you to have a look. You have a listen in that type of thing. There are so many ways i read an article that i really want to share with other people you’re selling, plop it out there and share it. You tell in the comments, why it’s important? Because if you’re a thought leader and people believe in what you’re talking about, then you telling them to read this article will make them want to read the article. All right, you take a break, regular cps. Now i’m getting personal about wagner. You eat huge tomb. He’s a partner there. He’s. Been a guest here. Check out the firm, then talk to eat. Why? I talked to a very good guy. No pressure. I wouldn’t have it. Why wouldn’t allow it if he was high pressure? He’s not. He’ll explain how wagner can help you with all the stuff that cps do and how they go beyond the numbers. Tete, check out regular cpas. Dot com now, tony state too. Next week is our four hundred show. I want you to be a part of it in line with what mark and i are talking about actually sharing your unique story. I want you to share your story of how you got into non-profit worked like we’re saying nobody. Well, very few people now. I grew up planning this as a career. What got you in? I’m going to read the top two stories on air, so you will be part of the four hundredth show. You will live forever in the non-profit radio archive. Plus, you win a bag of pure coffee. Are four hundred, show sponsor cure a coffee. So my video explaining all this is at twenty martignetti dot com where you can comment to leave your story there. Share it there, and it’ll be part of our four hundredth show. Um, you can you can hit me on linkedin too, if you like. Share your story. Let me know how you got into non-profits now go back to mark alpert and linked in marketing. Okay, we’re going to live. Listen, love, but not right now, okay? All right, s i wanted your yes, i wanted you advice on practices for recommendations. Thank you. Okay. Taking back charge of the show now. Now we’ll move, teo. But already we move. I’m ready, but i’m not ready for you now. Ok, i’m ready. You’re ready? I’m ready. It doesn’t matter. Let’s, go. We’ll go though we’re going. All right. Who are the us? Is you mentioned? The executive director needs to be optimized linked in. So all this all this you advice we just talked about applies to who each individual in organization that has a public face. If you touch the public, you should have a great linked in profile for and on behalf of your organization. Because one loose link in the chain makes the change terrible week. Yeah, it’s only strong as the weakest link. All right, so on ly, if you’re public facing, i mean, you could be. It could be a back, you’ll be data administrator or something that most people have one, anyway, should let’s concentrate on the with the public face let’s, be sure that the public is seeing the organization at its best that this story’s air consistent the examples that people are citing are consistent, but they’re using their own words their own intonation in showing what they want to show about themselves, often in non-profit e of people have been there for a long time. They’ve all come through the door, you know, through the grasses together they’ve grown up together. This becomes something that they can talk about individually, what they’ve learned and how they developed in the organization, all within the mission of the organization. But if you have one really great linked in profile and you have several orm or really poor linkedin profiles, an individual can look at everybody in that organizations linked in profile and see that it’s disjointed. When it’s disjointed, they lose faith, they lose faith, they lose interest and they probably are going to donate whatever you’re looking for them to donate that’s the us. The book has three case studies with family centers wave and why and unicef wave what is it? Waving? Waive any it’s, not wave. And why no nights not only to your down your work, you know, v and why that’s wave and why waving me so even direct too. But i mean half of my friends and wave me there’s going to be leaving? Why? There are only listening. I’m color i thought the senate and eunice if i don’t want to cut off, i said yourself united nation international children emergency fund everyone knows that very all right on one of them, one or two of them the you profile, the communications, marketing people there. Or that you are asking them questions and profiling the organization and how it uses linked in smartly one or two of them says said that they provide content four individuals to use on their their personal pages, i think optionally and no, nobody mandated it. But they like that out of shared drive of content that you can put in your in your personal page. So that’s, one way of we’re gonna be optimized and having a consistent message exactly right works really, really well, a lot of for-profit ce do. This is well, their managers in the organization that read articles or know what’s going on in the company and their articles that are written about people in the company and it helps keep the met, the message organized. And then when there’s a hot topic that comes up in the industry or in the non-profit little world, they can pull that article really quickly, send it out to the various people who are using leaked in on an effective basis, and have them push that article out with an introduction of personalized introduction in their own words saying, this is what we do. This is why we do it. Unicef there’s a crisis anywhere in the world any day of the of the year. They have a shared organizational effort to send out material so that people don’t have to recreate the wheel. It doesn’t make sense. Okay, so that’s one it’s simple. One method is simple. Starting content. I know what it was about. Wave at it spelled w v. And why? And the why is not capital. But i just assumed that that was a misprint. A typographical error in my book. Come now. Yeah. There were a couple money. No. But i thought that was one i thought this way. I thought the end was supposed be capitalized. I just assumed you typed it. Wrong way. Vinnie is a very i know and elder elder’s center for people who are multiple centers across the spectrum from assisted living to five star nursing care really read waving and i guess i owe him that much i know you are since i thought they were waving. Why i owe them that much of a shout out. Okay? Damn hyre you mentioned onboarding or maybe it’s in the case studies onboarding new employees making sure that they follow the the the organization page. Andi also, i think it’s in one case studies orienting them about what we what are expectations are around your personal linked in now that you work for us if we start talking about that, i don’t think any of your clothes i think that’s very common. It’s joining the club, it’s toeing the line. This is what we do. This is how we communicate with the world. This is what we’d like you to understand, but if you can’t communicate it yet, you’re too new. Learn it, learn it. From one source, instead of having it from disparate sources. So it’s great for onboarding it’s great for bringing in a new boardmember it’s great for bringing in having the new executive director understand from the outside, only great you’re saying it is essential you want us for new on new employees knew our new volunteers. It makes perf boardmember zoho doesn’t make sense. Every organization needs tto have it’s company profile pages of what linked in calls there it’s, a micro website just for the organization so you you can be a part of and follow and organizations company profile page and the company of the organization can communicate through that profile page any news that they have any new project they’re working on whatever there the volunteer appreciation day is with pictures and videos and all that, and everybody who follows that organizations company profile page gets that message through linked in so it’s just yet another way to reinforce the marketing and the branding of the organization of the central let’s talk about the profile, the company profile page now the non-profit paige, we’re talking about the individual what you could do to optimize all yours all your individual ones for the company page. Obviously, we talked about following sharing it you want you want staff and volunteers in boardmember to share the non-profit paid absolutely. You can share the earl of the non-profit page. You could put it in your signature of your email. See what we’re doing today at our organization’s linked in company profile page. Any business person is going to recognize that’s another place to get information on the organization. Ultimately, you’re trying to reinforce a consistent message in the us through the company profile pages one tool or just having fairly consistent messaging for each individual as a well, we want to bump bonem can’t hurt to send it twice in one item i want optimize our our corporate page. Is it called the corporate page? Goodcompany probono latto we want to optimize our company, the profile page are numbered, but we also want all the individuals right optimized so i want the ah ha moment when an individual who was outside your organization reads and sees that there’s a consistent, organized message. Why? Because so few non-profits do this, you’ll stand stand out exactly right let’s, let’s more about the company. Profile page employees can contribute to it. They can you can empower employees tio to make contributions and, you know, depending on what you may not have a marketing communications staff. Duvette but you’re encouraging individual employees to contribute, but you want to have one adamant in the organization be responsible for the company profile coming to consider one boy, but he’s got all right. Somebody should vet it has to be done that way. Okay, okay, but it becomes something that people can point to and be proud of and that’s really, and you want to see fresh content on there just like you do on the company facebook. But you know, the organization facebook page, your link things, your twitter stream, of course, fresh content, family centers, those that wave and he does that you mean stuff? Does that that’s why i really chose these three? Because they do the very best off almost everything they should be doing on linked in these are not the first two are not large organizations, of course unicef is immense, but they doing the two small organisations, they’re doing every bit as good a job with just one person being responsible. For all the outbound marketing and branding, using lincoln is just one tool. In doing that they use facebook, they used twitter charge they use instagram, but they’re using linked in to communicate with the corporate sector. That’s where the high net worth individuals are going to give the big bucks or give the great expertise that they’re looking for that they need you in the organs and your friends is that when a cz these people are doing their research, they’re going to look for you on linkedin exactly because they’re using linked in all day, every day anyway in their office. That’s what business people use all the time just just a nout growth of using yeah, you know, i don’t know if that’s widely known among non-profits that people in the corporate sector are using linkedin routinely. Yes, yeah, that when they come in in the warning, they turn on their e mail, they turn on their internet and they go to rightto link todo many of them. They want to see it getting any messages through linkedin if they’re looking for a job if they’re looking for it, even if you’re not looking, yeah it’s, it’s there, it’s a tool it’s, a communications medium that business people used to speak to other business people, they’re vetting uh, vendors, they’re looking at consultants, they’re seeing who knows whom and how they can get to that next person that they want to influence. This is the tool, i don’t think that’s, widely known in the non-profit community that the corporate community is using linking so widely, yeah, that’s, that’s the premise of this book that if you want to get to the high net worth big giver, you gotta talk the language, the high net worth big givers using all the time you have to be where they are. Of course not don’t make them think too hard don’t make them work too hard, put it on, linked in over there already there in any way and that’s common sense, unfortunately not appreciate. Well, yeah, but we’ve had we’ve had social media guests say you’ve got to go where, where your constituents way audiences are not where you want them to be, right? So your point is and it’s not only high net worth donors, but maybe you know this could applied any major donor new, new major. Donor looking at the organization. That they’re going to do research on you on linked in there, they’re less likely to go to your twitter stream then they are just like for your for your facebook because they use that at different times of the day. Lincoln is open business hours, primarily it’s open twenty four seven, of course, but it’s used by people on their screen while they’re sitting in business. You’re going to them. You’re seeing the usage statistics. I mean, you see that it’s tze predominately a nine to five. There are times when it is busier than others. It takes it it’s quieter saturday and sundays. Yeah, but it’s clear it wasn’t clear, not really. Nine to five monday through friday, depending on the time zone people are in, right? Yeah, there’s, there’s a lot of use and people are learning how to use linked in for purposes it wasn’t intended, which is good because they’re using creative ways to engage with each other. Who’s going to a meeting? I’m going to a networking event. Who’s gonna be there. Who do i want to meet? Who’s part of this organization doing this, of course, is not aspirational know there’s going on. This is going on. This is absolute this’s, and the better your linked in profile is, the more apt ur or possible it is that you’re going to meet somebody good, and you’re going to find somebody good to meet. So you want to have this all optimized, you know, as you’re approaching new potential volunteers a cz you’re approaching, we haven’t gotten to them yet, but corporate sponsors also local businesses. I’ve got i’ve got a i’ve got a vendor coming in this afternoon. I don’t know a thing about this person or what the organization does. Somebody said you need to see them or give ref averted onto me. They’ve got a product to seem interesting. I want to know more about them before they actually walk yet. So you do your research up front, you could have a much better conversation during that sales call and get to the nitty gray. You know what they’re about? They’ve probably read your linked in profile to at the non-profit level. They know what you’re all about, it’s all about sale that part i understand, right? It’s, the business it’s the business people using lincoln so so commonly that i don’t like i said, i don’t think it’s so widely known. All right, all right. We have, like just a minute or so men and a half before the break. You talk about something i was not aware of in the company profile page. A showcase showcase. Sub page. Yes. What is this? My book is a showcase sub page on my company profile page. I can take a product or service and i could give it extra extra notoriety on my linked in profile company profile page. And you can see just about that little last. How do we create a sub sub showcase? Okay, the admin on the company profile page is the one who lords over the right. Okay, spaces, you should guard. They goto says, creates showcase page bank it’s done. Says where on the company profile page on the admin is paige. Oh, head men see a different aspect of the company profile pictures. Got everybody else is okay. All right. So look for the showcase some page and you can put all kinds of content in their absolute video to video audio. Yes. Pdf. Slide deck you anything you want? You spend a couple. Of pages talking about all the different formats from everything you mentioned to png die what people don’t know they don’t have dozens of formats that lincoln will accept if you don’t have a visually interesting linked in profile, you know people walk away that’s the concept okay? Gonna take a break this time for tell us i have a new tell us moughniyah ll and this one is from a company talking about companies tell us has allowed my business to support my favorite charity without even feeling the pinch of writing a check. I am donating money every month that i would have spent on credit card processing anyway. And quote, you heard me say it. Fifty percent of the company fees go to the non-profit each month that’s what you get when you refer cos to tell us a long stream of passive revenue check out the video at tony dahna em a slash tony. Tell us now, it’s. Time for the love that’s, the liveliest in love, of course and it’s going out. And we started right here in the u s of a wilmington, north carolina live loves to you swan’s, borrow north. Carol, look. At north carolina chicken in since i moved there so wise about north carolina wilmington, north carolina live listeners love to you multiple new york, new york even though i moved, they don’t mind that low new york, new york love it live love to you also nashua, new hampshire and tampa, florida, is that i don’t know that might be a congressional candidate in nashua, new hampshire. I don’t know, but live love to national new hampshire, irrespective of who it is irrespective. And you’re a good nose regard irregardless no, regardless regardless, not irregardless, right, regardless of the respective that’s. How it works national new hampshire in tampa, florida live love to you, let’s! Go abroad. We got berlin, germany. Good dog. Oh, we’re going abroad again! Staten island! No! Take that back. Staten island live love to you and brooklyn too. We got it. We got three out of five boroughs checking in where’s, bronx and queens. Not today. All right, they suck live love to staten island in brooklyn. Thank you so much. And let’s, go abroad again. Konya. I hope i said that right in turkey. Turkey, you’re on my mind a lot. A lot. Of political unrest and seems to me dictatorship going on live love to turkey the podcast pleasantries that’s where the vast majority of our over thirteen thousand listeners are are positioned on the podcast. So pleasantries to the podcast audience whatever device whatever time thank you for being with us. Pleasantries to you and the affiliate affections go out to our am and fm affiliate stations. The terrestrials throughout the country. Terrestrial radio is going nowhere. You stay with it. Don’t it’s such a personal and close medium. I am fm radio. Thank you for being with us. Thank you to your stations. Your station speaking to you right now you thank you for your station, for hosting us and to you for listening on am or fn affections to the affiliate listens now let’s, go back. Tio linked in marketing with with mark halpert. And i think we’ve, uh i feel like we’ve exhausted the us. Maybe we’ll come back. We’ll see how the timing goes. But thank you for that showcase explanation. Never heard of these things. Showcase some pages. The thing about lincoln hey, it’s, hard to use. B it’s confusing. It is. It is hard, it’s. Confusing, a lot of people get very messed up. You’re gonna figure out how to use well, my job is to make it easier, simpler, more intelligent to use. And there are all these little nooks and crannies that people don’t know about. So i blawg every business day about a nuclear cranny. Alright, richard block my blood is connect the number to collaborate. Dot com yeah, you go to lincoln nuggets on that page and you can subscribe for free. You get something every morning at eight a, m eastern time every single business day. It’s if it’s not something new, i’ve got three good new things that came out for monday, tuesday, wednesday, coming up next week. And then i also talk about things in my life for other people’s lives that are linked in oriented, this always a linked in twist to what i write about. Okay, that’s, we get the good stuff. Well, the good stuff is here and non-profit radio we’re talking about almost holdout on non-profit radio listeners, almost this good stuff. You don’t do it every business that no, but they’re getting good stuff from you right now for analysis so much the better all right. Don’t hold out on non-profit idealist. I should never i won’t have it okay to them. S o basically, your premise is that thes people who are potential volunteers, board members, donors, advocates and one way or another, supporters generally are going to be using if they’re in the business world going to using linked in tow. Look at you two reach to do their due diligence. And obviously, it’s got to be optimized the way we’ve talked about individually and organizationally. All right, this is so this is their first impression. They may very well be their first impression of you. Gotta be strong. Don’t make it there only impression. Yeah. Keep the oppressions consistent and regular and tell your story. The more people see things, the more they remember them. They’re not gonna remember any of you want to get to the why? How always, why always why? Why should i want to help you? You talk about some other them’s in the book that i haven’t rattled off yet. Listen, rattle off a few yourself. Well, i just happen to have the book right in front of me and that’s. Why, you let’s talk? About some them we talked about donors, we talked about corporate sponsors, corporate sponsors are huge, you know they’re going to definitely big money. They’re based on what you’re saying oversignt competition back to my competition comments, you have to show the business that is going to be a corporate sponsor on linked in which is a medium they understand where your value is and how they can be a part of making the world a better place. You have something in a book called cooperative in court. Is that is that a misprint? I’ll be the one dish, my world, my word, it’s, a portmanteau oh, it’s a portmanteau you’re doing that there was a misprint again, like, wait, you’re even new york. Yeah, coop oppcoll hour to swap a tours, tours the has the noun of the challenge and warm of the adjective cooper cooper. What is it? Coop petition competition petition is cooperative you as an individual in the non-profit working with in a community of non-profit professionals, other people on a collaborative basis, though you may compete for the same donordigital. And this is a really important thing. Is there’s a very there’s a lot of comment that bill broker makes in the case study about family centers about how they’re working on community aspects and working with other organisations in the community the’s, air cooperative action players with bill and so, as if we work together, we could do things better, and then we have to understand who our competition is and how to approach them and that’s the premise of the chapter on coop petition so does so does coop it? Er begin as a competitive er and then you coop them into being a cop it er it’s a process, because if i’m to go up there, if i am to coop, if i’m competing with somebody, my guard is up, i’m not really ready to collaborate until i understand how they can help me and i can help them, but mostly how they can help mei that’s human nature when i see in their linked in profile that they are actually doing something that resonates with me, though they may compete for donorsearch vollers, we can do things better and that’s people that most people don’t even. Recognize as people that that could be assistant helpful. I want to flush that with a little more. Okay, yeah, that seems like, uh, i mean, you have to be very gentle about how you start, recommend a or offering teo cooperate with competitors dahna business all the time. Yeah, not really done in non-profit i know another business concept they bring from my experience and from what i’m seeing in the market to bring to non-profits so just help make things a little bit more intellectually interesting. How might you initially approach? Ah, competitors to tryto coop them into a being a coop it er first i search for them on linked in using keywords, we talked about keywords before search engine optimization. Keywords are your skills and words that you use in your headline your summary and you experience. I would make a short list of the people in my general area if you are in a geographic mode and you khun see and read their profile and understand where there are overlapping areas of interest were there overlapping connections. The people you both know with their overlapping areas ofthe need because we’re all talking are not lincoln. Profiles about the things we want to do to make the world a better place. And then you can approach them. You, khun, send them a request to connect. You can call them up on the phone. You can have coffee with him. You connect with them if they were deserving of your connection. You just don’t connect anything that moves. Because that’s just not a good thing to do. And then you continue to send the material. Hey, tony, we talked to coffee about this, that of the other here’s, an article i just came across. What do you think? And the more you send to me and i send to you the stronger our allegiance becomes to each other, even though we’re competitors were able to collaborate on certain areas. And we build trust between us. And this is unique to some people have never even thought of doing this before, because we’re all hunkered down in their nine to five. But there’s a greater need for not want non-profit professionals to be professional with each other and to help each other along the way. It’s a tremendous effort. All right, i made you tigress twice. That’s. Why? I asked you, but we’re coming back to it. I keep a mental map of where we’re headed, so you’re going to listen more them’s. Okay, so more talk about people who make decisions on grants. You know, we haven’t talked about foundations, of course foundations. They’re certainly going toe look atyou. Think then it’s probably not probably not enough of them actually asking. What is your linked in profile, earl on the grant application, but there’s probably going to be some of them were going to take another look. Well, even if they look, they look well, be looking well within their right to go beyond the four corners of the applications, right? And if they are corporate oriented, they’re gonna be looking or they come from the corporate world into the non-profit well, they’re going to be looking, um, plan e-giving you know, a lot of attorneys and a little about that. I know you do. You know, a lot of attorneys who work with givers, they want to show givers who are typically might be corporate people. They might have retired from a great corporate career, how this all works name one more and then we got to wrap it up, how about the press? Linkedin is god’s gift to the press because when they need something fast, they’re looking and if your profiles great, you’re going to get more press, better press and you’re going to get a story if you can convince somebody why you have something to say. Mork alpert, the owner of connect to collaborate at connect the number to collaborate dot com the book is you us, them linked in marketing concepts for non-profit professionals who really want to make a difference, thanks so much more helpers are available on amazon, in paper and in kindle. I just had to throw that and thank you for having me. You’re well, good to have you back next week. It’s the four hundred show live music giveaways share your story to be part of our eighth anniversary show share it on linked in or at twenty martignetti dot com. If you missed any part of today’s show, i beseech you, find it on tony martignetti dot com were supported by pursuant online tools for small and midsize non-profits data driven and technology enabled tony dahna slash pursuant capital p wagner ciba is guiding you. Beyond the numbers. Wagner, cps, dot com and by tello’s, credit card and payment processing, your passive revenue stream. Tony dahna slash tony tello’s, our creative producers, claire meyerhoff. She’ll be on the show live next week. Sam labor, which is the line producer. The show’s social media, is by susan chavez. On our music is by scott stein. You’ll also be on the show in the studio with his with his eighty eight next week. You with me next week for non-profit radio the four hundred show. Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. 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