Tony and Maria Cuomo Cole a meeting of Executive Women in Nonprofits

Women’s Touching Relationship Stories

Tony and Maria Cuomo Cole a meeting of Executive Women in Nonprofits
Maria Cuomo Cole and me at a meeting of Executive Women in Nonprofits
Last month I was privileged to hear professional women share touching stories about relationships that meant the world to them, from moms to mentors.

I was a guest at a meeting of Executive Women in Nonprofits, part of the New York Society of Association Executives. I interviewed Maria Cuomo Cole, chair of HELP USA, talking about relationships that have helped her professionally.

Then we broadened to a group discussion.

Brave executive women opened themselves to the 30 in attendance revealing how all kinds of relationships helped them get where they are. The stories moved me to tears.

At that moment, I felt I was invisibly witnessing women talking when there isn’t a man in the room. In fact, there were two of us. The other was silent and, as facilitator, I was not.

Of course, I can never be a live witness to women talking when there isn’t a man in the room. But that was how I felt.

Thankfully, it was captured in HD video which you can play below.

Members of Executive Women in Nonprofits, I thank you for inviting me. My special thanks to leader Holly Koenig.

It was a unique, exhilarating morning.

4 thoughts on “Women’s Touching Relationship Stories

  1. A great discussion about the defining relationships and significant mentors that continue to authenticate future leadership . Well done Tony with the Executive Women In Nonprofits special interest group of NYSAE.

  2. It was my pleasure. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s wonderful that you were there for Julia’s 85th!

  3. Hello Tony!

    This was a great session with you, Maria Cuomo Cole and our colleagues from NYSAE. After I left the taping I headed for Florida for the 85th birthday celebration of my first important mentor–my very first keyboard teacher. When I was a kid she was the one who impressed upon me that if I could imagine it, I could do it. She was right! From her very able care I was able to go on to the nearby college of music to study keyboard and theory and harmony–while I was still in high school! A great experience. Today I am not a professional musician, but she is the one who stoked my creativity for a lifetime. Thank you Julia Durig!

    Thank you Tony for recognizing our marvelous mentors!

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