Last Chance! Help Me Out & Get My Book Free

My free book offer still stands, but it ends on Saturday, September 15th.

If you’re kind enough to take my 3-minute Charity Registration survey, I’ll be pleased to give you a free download of my book, Charity Registration: State-by-State Guidelines for Compliance. It costs charities as much as $299.

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. Help me out by sharing your understanding of Charity Registration–even if limited–and you can claim my book for free.

Do it before Saturday the 15th. I don’t see a downside.

3 thoughts on “Last Chance! Help Me Out & Get My Book Free

  1. Unforrrtunately, just received the offer on linked In today. the 15th. Tried to complete the survey. Did not work. Would be most helpful for the non-profit corporate clients to whom I provide incorporation development consultation.

  2. This is the process of registering with state authorities in each state where you solicit donations. In some states it is with the secretary of state. In most, it’s the attorney general’s office.

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