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Take Time To Play Pirates

Photo courtesy of jozjozjoz on Flickr.
Earlier this month I played pirates with my 7- and 9-year-old nephew and niece. It reminded me to take time to balance family and friends with work.

Perhaps you have to, because you have children. I hope work is the chore and your kids are a pleasant–if trying–pastime.

Or, like me, you may not have children at home, so you don’t have that personal demand on your time. You still will benefit by taking time to be with family and friends. It’s not a mere distraction from work. If you see it like that you’ll cut it short and won’t enjoy it while you’re in it.

It’s a lovely time to explore ideas unrelated to your work; share stories; laugh your ass off; tell jokes you can only tell with family and dear friends; talk politics without restraint; laugh at yourself; share meals and drinks; swear like a teen; and act like a fool. All worthwhile endeavors now and then.

I have a big opportunity coming up later this month. I’m hosting a birthday party at my home in North Carolina for my high school friends who turn 50 this year. Not just a night. A long weekend. It’s going to be quite memorable and I’m confident we’ll have a very good time.

You won’t find this kind of leisure time. You’ll have to make it. I believe it’s time well spent.

Whether it’s searching for gold doubloons that look like plastic easter eggs, and slaying enemies with machine guns (our pirate ship was very technologically advanced), or it’s adult time, make time for leisure with others.

It’ll refresh you and improve your work. Just like a good nap.

None of this is laziness. It’s rejuvenating time, to make you better and sharper at your work.

Nonprofit Radio, November 11, 2011: Work/Life Balance, Volunteer Visibility, & Westchester AFP

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Rachel Emma Silverman: Work/Life Balance

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Maria Semple
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Joe Ferraro: Westchester AFP

Joe Ferraro, from the Westchester county Association of Fundraising Professionals, explains their National Philanthropy Day conference on November 16. What’s the objective? And who are the speakers? Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio is a media sponsor.

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