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Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio and Atlas of Giving are hosting a review of 2013 U.S. fundraising and the forecast for 2014. We’ll live stream the event, which will look back and ahead to giving by charitable mission, funding source and state.

Join us here–on this page!–on Tuesday, January 21, 10 to 11am eastern,* for the live stream. Leading up to the event, follow #Giving2013.

What you’ll see during the live stream event in the video embed window:

— Rob Mitchell, CEO of Atlas of Giving, will deliver a 10-minute press conference, releasing the review and forecast

— I’ll host a discussion of the results, forecast and fundraising trends with

  • Ken Berger, CEO of Charity Navigator
  • Marcia Stepanek, New Media Faculty & Advisor at the New York University Heyman Center for Philanthropy
  • Rob Mitchell


Rob made his 2013 announcement on Nonprofit Radio last January.

I’m impressed by the Atlas of Giving methodology because it is based on economic, demographic and historical data. Hard numbers for precise measurement—and forecasting. Their team of mathematicians, analysts and statisticians unlocked the algorithm that delivers 91 to 99.8 percent historical accuracy back to 1972.

We’ll come to you from the stunning 34th floor Boardroom in Mutual of America’s flagship building on Park Avenue in NYC.

#Giving2013! Be here!

* I sincerely apologize to those in the pacific and mountain time zones. We didn’t anticipate live streaming when we locked in our venue. It’s our first time out. We’re shooting HD video and I’ll let you know when it’s up. Plus, it’s a G+ Hangout on Air so the stream will be available immediately.

4 thoughts on “#Giving2013

  1. would like to get a digital copy of your 2014 fund raising forecast, specifically information on the outlook for raising endowment dollars in the next 5 – 10 years.

  2. Yes, technology is v. enabling, even at this nascent stage… good news for all, especially less-geographically accessible orbs
    Thks (Marcia ++) for the nice panel and presentation,


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