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Janet Falk: In Front Of The Media In 2014

Janet L FalkJanet Falk, principal of Falk Communications and Research, shares what belongs in your 2014 media plan and how to execute so that media pay attention to you.





Amy Sample Ward: Social Sites To Watch In 2014

Picture of Amy Sample WardAmy Sample Ward and I wrap-up our discussion of baby boomer engagement, talking sites and strategies. Then, which social media sites will explode in the new year? You’ve heard of Snapchat, right? Amy is our social media contributor and CEO of NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network.





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Hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent i’m your aptly named host and happy new year. I hope that you had a lot of time with friends, family loved ones over the holidays. Happy new year wishes to you. We got some from twitter very recently at wasco ca beck tweeted me and said good souls need be known to the world prosperity to you and all your listeners. We’re tuning in and loving it at wasco quebec. Thank you very, very much. Also got an email from betty ann who said i love your show and she also suggested a guest. I hope you know that guest suggestions are always welcome. Betty ann. Thank you very much, non-profit radio loves you back. Oh, i do hope you’re with me. Two weeks ago, i’d immediately suffer loring go tricky. Oh, bronchitis. If i had heard that you missed dan’s donorsearch attention ideas, your end of your campaign got you lots of new donors. Dan had ideas for holding on to them. He’s, the assistant director of development for individual giving at international house and goodbye, google alerts. Will it happen? In twenty fourteen, maria semple are prospect research contributor, and the prospect finder has free had who who writes this copy? Sam, who writes this copy sam shrugs his shoulders she had two weeks ago free alternatives in case google lorts disappears this week in front of the media in twenty fourteen janet faulk principle of faulk communications and research shares what belongs in your twenty fourteen media plan and how to execute so that the media pay attention to you and social sites toe watching twenty fourteen amy sample ward and i wrap up our discussion of baby boomer engagement, talking about sites and strategies and then which social media streit’s sites will explode in the new year you’ve heard of snapchat. I hope amy is our social media contributor and the ceo of inten, the non-profit technology network between the guests on tony’s, take two fundchat it’s, a weekly twitter chat it’s a blogged it’s, a great community of fundraisers that i’m a part of. We are brought to you by rally bound peer-to-peer fund-raising for runs, walks and rides and t brc cost recovery that’s telephone bill reduction, consulting, getting you money back from phone bill errors and omissions. I’m very glad that janet fall committed to the studio today. It’s a very snowy day in new york. She was here early. She’s, the principal of for communications and research. She’s, a communications professional with more than fifteen years of experience and has worked with lots of cultural membership, religious and community non-profits she speaks spanish and french. You’ll find her at janet l, fox, dot com and on twitter she’s at janet l folk general folk. Welcome to the studio. Thank you so much, tony. My pleasure to be here. Thank you. It’s. A pleasure to have you. Thanks for coming out in the snow. Um, how do we say in french? Tony martignetti has the the most outstanding chauffeur non-profits in the universe. Tony martignetti ah, the plu conned a program. Pull. A’s. What was the question? Universe dahna universe? Excellent. I love that the universe is universe is bigger than the galaxy, isn’t it? I believe some of the milky way is a galaxy. I think the universe is made of many galaxies, so i chose the right one. I don’t want to limit myself to just a galaxy in the universe. Thank you. Very much my place like you, we’re talking about our media strategy for twenty fourteen why why is this important? Why did non-profits want to be in the news? They want to attract donors, they want to attract funders, they want to attract members, they want to attract attendees, they want to attract clients, they want to build coalitions with like minded organisations. They want to raise their profile with political leaders and with business leaders. I can’t think of, you know, one reason there are so many reasons why non-profit organizations want to be in the news. So this is all for exposure for all those reasons, well, it’s exposure, but also it may be that there’s some pending legislation and you want to have your imprint on it, and maybe that you have an event coming up and you want to drive attendance toward it. It may be that you’re cultivating mohr board members or your recruiting more volunteers. There are any number of reasons why non-profits need to be in the news, raising the flag and putting forth their best foot as to what their agenda is and what impact they’re having in the community as you and i were promoting the show in advance on twitter. You pointed out that a foundation executive director said, quote, i give two groups i’ve heard of one way i hear of you is to read about you in the news and quote, right that’s, exactly current that was, i attend to the luncheon here in new york, and it was a foundation director who said that, and immediately everyone sat up straighter and thought, you know, what am i going to do to get myself in the right media? Because you have to think that your audience is somewhat different volunteers air looking for one kind of activity and funders air looking for other kinds of information. So you have to reach quite broadly in your contact with the media, figure out who’s on the other side of the table, who’s monitoring, reading, listening to that media. What is it that drives them? And how can you connect them to your organization? And we need not wait for news toe happen for us to jump on it and then in the in the urgent moment, you know, pitch ourselves as a as an expert, i can comment on that. That’s not much of a media plan, right thie idea is to put yourself forward and you can do that in a number of ways. First, you should introduce a spokesperson for your organization, someone who can talk about issue’s, not only what our organization is and what we dio but what is meaningful in the work that your organization does. So say you’re a literacy organization, so you are dealing with school children or you’re dealing with immigrants or you were dealing with adults and you are helping them to be able to read so that they can deal with their day to day issues. So identifying thie issue? Not necessarily just everything about our organization and that person who is the spokesperson for your organization has to be introduced to the media in a way that establishes who they are and why they are a credible authority and resource. It’s not enough to say this person has been working for twenty five years in the business or in the organization or in this field. Have they written a book? Have they published an article or an opinion piece in the local media? Have they given a presentation at a national or regional professional conference? Is there something that they have that says more about the impact that your organization is having in addressing these issues? So finding a way to introduce this person to the media takes what i call a media profile, and it basically summarizes the person’s bio in three sentences no longer than five lines and highlights several areas of their expertise and then raises thie issues that reporters are not paying attention to, and that if only people knew more about this, then they would want to talk about this person. So so so so we were talking about you, tony, we could say you’re an attorney and you’re experienced in plan giving, but one topic of interest that people are not paying attention to is, say, changes in the tax laws that are going to effect donations to non-profits nasco so that’s something that has an immediate impact, people understand if they don’t do something now, based on these changes in the tax laws that are being enacted for twenty fourteen, then it’s going to have a consequence for their donors? It’s goingto have a consequence for their non-profit now, let’s, let’s delve in there, we just have a couple minutes before our first break. Thiss media plan how this media profile of the spokesperson how do we best get this two media? Okay, you identify who the spokesperson is all you think about, what are the issues they’re going to talk about. And then you identify what are the local news organizations that your readership or your listener ship is most concerned with? What are they consulting most often. Is it the daily newspaper? Is it a local blogged? Is it a local radio or tv station? And then you look to see what they have already commented on or published in that area. And then you reach out to that person or that reporter or three male female male introduction to start? Yeah, okay. And it’s, always good to follow-up afterwards with a phone call. Basically, you want to be there so that when the issue comes up, the reporter knows gi. I need somebody who can talk about literacy or about planned giving. And i will get in touch with the person who’s information i received a couple of months ago. J it’s a good thing that i had that on. So you’re getting your getting yourself identified before there’s, an urgent need that a reporter has with a with a ten o’clock tomorrow morning deadline. And here she is scrambling, and reporters call the people that they know they don’t call the people that they don’t know. And if you want a sample of a media profiled and have your listeners, contact me, janet, janet, l fe, ok, dot com. Okay, we’re gonna take a break. When we come back. Janet and i are going to keep talking about getting you in front of the media and getting you in front of the news in the media in twenty fourteen, so hang in there. E-giving didn’t think dick tooting getting ding, ding, ding ding. You’re listening to the talking, alternate network, get him. 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You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Welcome back to big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. We’ve got to send some live listener love there’s, tons a story in new york and queens. Live listener love to you, boca raton, florida, atlanta, georgia alcohol in california. I know i have been to alcohol own. I’m wondering if listeners in alcohol do you know barry and roxy? I visited barry and roxy years ago. They were aunt and uncle of someone i was dating in college. So if you know barry in roxy, give them a shout out, please. Hello, elka. Home live listener love to you and many more let’s. Um, or live come live love coming. Um, jennet, as we think about our media profile that’s going to go for this spokesperson, what should we be, including things like head shot? Ah link to a video clip of the person speaking what else? Maybe those air knows. I mean, if those air knows, tell me know what else belongs in that media player, i think simply stating the name of the person. They’re titled their contact information, phone and email. Ah, three sentence bio that takes about five typewritten lines and a few areas of expertise and some key questions or hot issues is more than sufficient there’s no sense cluttering up with a long bio or with a photo or with a video clip, because when the reporter is interested, they will come back to you for that kind of information right miree years or clutter than but good. I’m glad you said clutter don’t clutter it up, keep it simple on dh then follow-up now, do reporters not get not get agitated when they get the call a week after it says just wanted to be sure you got my email, you know? Is that not annoying to reporters? It’s ok to do it shows that you care, okay? You can always say in your call to the reporter, you’re coverage of the such and such issue, which is aligned with our organization, prompted me to get in touch with you. So then the reporter knows that you’re not just smiling and dialing and randomly college, right? Right, right, right. You are calling that reporter for a specific reason they’ve covered a topic that’s aligned with your organization, and you want to point out additional information or a new perspective, or recent events or report or survey something a case study that’s going teo want the reported to go back and revisit the subject and provide the depth and inside that your spokesperson will be able to do if you don’t hear back from the reporter now you sent an email just as you described. You didn’t hear back you left a voicemail several days or a week later. Don’t hear back. Should we now let it lie or jointly sustainers let it lie. We should let it look because you are in a reporter’s database and when the time comes and they need to talk to someone on that subject, you will have effectively introduced yourself. Okay? And if a news hook should arise on something relevant, the way you’re describing, should we then be in touch and say absolutely, i even if six months ago i sent you my bio, etcetera, i can help you with if there’s a new development in the organization or in the subject matter, you should absolutely go back. And i would caption an email saying source available to comment on x so say there was an unfortunate incident like what took place in newtown, connecticut about a year ago, that incident took place on a friday and within, you know, a few hours there were spokespeople from all different resource is commenting on the impact on children and gun control and mental health issues, a great many non-profit seems were represented in the commented on, and then on monday there were commentators from yale university where they have a child study center, and they have a center for study of violence among children, how it affects children, and they held a press conference on that monday. So the idea is, is that they capitalized on what was a sudden news event, but they already had established their credibility by their affiliation with these centers for study of children and when, you know, with the name of yale university, but say you were unorganised ation that was interested in gun control issues or in mental health, you would be perfectly i mean, it would be perfectly commendable for you to reach out and say source available mental health issues and reach out to the media on that basis. All right, let’s, move on in our twenty fourteen media plan. What else? What else belongs? In there, after spokesperson and introducing the spokesperson, i think it’s important to have a case study so that you can point concretely toothy impact that your organization is having. And i have been a small community in new york called roosevelt island, and we have about twelve thousand people. So it’s, a town called alan is part of new york city’s, part of manhattan, but it’s in the east river that’s an island in the east river, which we get to buy it’s a way or tram or bridge. That’s correct. Okay, that’s correct. If you’ve seen the spider man movie, then you’ve seen the tramp. Okay? Oh, i didn’t see it, but is he spider man saves the tram is cool. It’s ah it’s like those amusement park rides overhead cabling, but much bigger. And you get incredible view as you’re going either way. From from manhattan, back and forth to roosevelt island it’s really it’s. Stunning views right over the water. A little unnerving the first time because your many hundreds of feet over it is the first commuter aerial tramway in the united states. It’s a four minute ride across the same is writing with somebody. So to go on on roosevelt island, we have a number of small non-profits and they have to fight for their own visibility for funding and for news coverage. Now, one of my neighbors runs a group called island kids, and they have an enrichment program for preschoolers and for their families, but they also have a day camp, and one summer there were three five year old children who attended the state camp, and they had been cared for at home by an aunt or grandmother who didn’t speak english. Now the children spoke english, but they had never been to nursery school if they showed up at this day camp and they didn’t know their letters, they didn’t know their numbers. They didn’t know their colors, and they had never been socialized with other children. They were part of a special curriculum developed by the director of island kids, and they became school ready. In four weeks. They learned to get along with other children. They learned their alphabet, their numbers, their colors. Now imagine if the’s children had shown up in kindergarten and they hadn’t had any of this training for less than a thousand dollars thes. Children were made school ready, and they did not disrupt the classroom. They got along with everybody else and over the course of time, years and hours and thousands of dollars. All of that money was saved because of an early intervention that got these children ready for school. So if you can put together a case study that will show how your organization has helped other people and has saved dollars that’s a great story to be able to tell to the media, to be able to tell two foot funders, to be able to tell to business leaders and and two elected. So showing your impact in a larger issue, right? So in a in a broader context, okay, um, what you have some ideas about again getting ahead of the news in terms ofthe finding special days and months, right? A zoo. Excellent, i think is really is a savvy part of media plan. We’ll share those show those ideas. Okay, there are two websites that i visit from time to time. One is called national day calendar. Dot com and the other is called national whatever day. And these are two websites that list multiple days. Commemorative days that take place every day of the year. So you you might think it’s valentine’s day or washington’s birthday or presidents there’s something like that. But i guarantee you that it is grilled cheese day an ostrich today, somewhere in the world today is today is national, among other things, chocolate covered cherry day. Okay, on dh national humiliation day i’ve because i went to the sites and check now they didn’t corroborate each other, though one of them had some things and one of them had the other. These these two competing for the i feel sametz complimentary view the miss complimentary because of you that i think that gives you even more options. It does because, i mean, a couple of months ago i was talking with an organization and they’re interested in literacy. So we decided that may first, which is national mother goose day, would be a great day for them because it’s all about reading and it’s about nursery rhymes and so forth. But if you think about it, may first is also save the rhino day. So may first can be an important day. I was more than one organization i was thinking about it, but national rhino day did not come to mind when you said think about may first, and i was thinking of mayday, mayday for labours. I was not thinking of rhinos, right, but does ok, so those sites again our national nationbuilder national whatever day and national day calendar, okay, and so you can look through the calendar look for days that are related to your issues, and this is part of what you can build your media plan around. Well, what you do is you search thematically, type in whatever theme comes to your mind, whether it’s literacy or reading or animals or environment or, you know non-profit volunteer celebration and and you will find that they are complementary. Let’s send a little more live listener love. We’re going to go abroad. Teo first, teo, seoul, korea, on yo haserot a, beijing, china, guangzhou, china wishing you ni hao, as always and there’s more there’s, more live listen, love domestic and abroad so? So of course you’re going, keep listening. I don’t want to say that. Um all right, so i love those. I do love those sites, those air, those are clever and they’re kind of fun. I also saw that this is national hobby month january’s national, so that could have a lot of impact for lots of different community organizations. I think right elearning work is involved around involved grantcraft or any kind of hobby work, it could also be good for organizations that are promoting recreational activities for seniors. Excellent, yeah, yeah, it’s okay, very great. Um, there are some other things that belong in our in our media plan we’re going, we’re going to get to those way did have a question from twitter, which was from new path foundation on twitter on dh. That person asked if new path foundation asked if you have any advice on how to align the your strategies across media fund-raising and communication generally okay say you’re having an event and you’re having a gala or some sort of fundraiser part of your plan should be to reach out to the media in advance so that they will know who the honoree is and why this person is important and you know how the monies raised are going to effect thie community how they’re going to be directed within the programs of your non-profit organization and what the what the effect is going to be. So i was working with a group called staten island legal services, and they gave an award to a retired judge and staten island legal services obviously provides services to the people on staten island who need legal advice, whether it’s for immigration or foreclosure, domestic violence and so forth. And i was able to get the new york law journal and the local staten island newspaper, the staten island advance, interested in this fundraiser because the person presenting the award to the retired judge was former governor mario cuomo. So getting that news item in the newspaper a week ahead of time helped them with selling more tickets, right? Okay, but but the question that was about keeping consistent, consistent across your media, your fund-raising messages and your communication generally, i mean that aside from being part of a plot of land like we’re talking about, right, i mean, that has to come from leadership mean, other thoughts about consistent messaging, i think is what the questions about? Okay, well, i would say that for some non-profits communications is the last piece of the pie, and it should be involved more as a forethought and then an afterthought. If your organization is not large enough to have someone on staff who is dedicated to communications, then you have to find a way in you’re planning process throughout the course of the year to say, what are we going to communicate? How are we going to do it? Are we going to put this in our twitter feed? Are we going to put this on our facebook page? Are we going to make, you know, make regular references in our newsletter? Are we going to be reaching out to the media? You have to make this part of your entire planning process it’s not enough tow added in at the last minute or two, forget about it all together and working together collaboratively, right? Not in not in silos, even for a small shop. I’ve seen small shops that khun b terribly siloed that’s not going to create consistent messaging. Cross your fund-raising and your media plan by the way, listeners, you know you can always you can tweet us following using hashtag non-profit radio that’s how i’ve gotten all these messages from twitter and by using that hashtag non-profit radio and lynette is listening that’s not the saying lynette singleton and on twitter she’s suggesting that ap planner is another good source for upcoming events. A p underscore planner for upcoming events. Thank you, thank you. Um, janet let’s, go back to our to our media plan. Um, news let’s. See, making news. You can there’s ways of making news and not waiting for it. All right. And we just have a couple minutes left. Okay? You can issue a report. You can invite a celebrity or political leader to come to visit your organization. You can hold the demonstration. You can call attention to yourself in any number of ways. As a way of saying these are our themes. The’s the issues that we care about, this’s thie impact that we’re having in our community. You want to wait for news to be made around you? Petition, petition drive and presentation. Teo politician could be another news event, right? If you know that a politician is attending an event somewhere else, then, you know, find a way to insert yourself in the dialogue. I’m not saying that you should be it’ll disruptive, you know, people have been known. To do in the us whole of congress. But there are ways that you can insinuate yourself into the conversation. And when news does happen around you, you need to be around and available that’s, right? You have to a zay said. If you have already distributed your media profile to the news media in your area, then you know they will think about you and you can remind them by sending them a flash notice source contact available. You had some advice for someone who i spoke to this week from life life vest inside l v i just a couple of your points. Could you could you share because it’s ah it’s, a small organization working teo, get exposure and and let’s sort of leverage their name. You had some advice for life vest inside. They’ve already identified with their spokesperson is or the orly job, right and she’s gotten her name out there and been successful at that. So i applaud her for doing that. I think what you want to talk about is the impact that their activities air having, whether it’s on self esteem of girl’s, self esteem of boys what’s happening in the classroom. And what’s happening in the school in general, based on the activities of their participants. And i think they need to be more outward looking in terms of their case studies. And how about one more tip for for early and life vest into inside? I think they should generate some sort of report about thie impact that they’ve had in their school programs. And that would be a way of building a larger audience, both within the school system and also with non-profit funders jenna folk. You’ll find her at janet l fox dot com and can follow her on twitter at janet l folk. Janet l folk, thank you very much for being against my placement tongue. It’s. Been a pleasure to have you. Thanks for sharing your expertise. I want to tell you about some of the people that help us produce the show. Rally bound, for instance. We wouldn’t be able to bring the show if we didn’t have rally bound as a sponsor. And, ah, what they do is peer-to-peer. Fund-raising if you are thinking about runs, walks, rides. Look at rally bound dot com i know some of you have already been talking to rally about because joe magee said that he’s already gotten calls from non-profit listeners, which is very smart because as a non-profit radio listener, you can get a discount through the word from the work that rally banned rally bound does so if in your twenty fourteen fund-raising plan, if there’s runs, walks, ride race, take a look at rally bound dot com talk to joe mcgee. I also know the ceo there, but joe was the one who will answer your questions. Help you set up your campaign aside from rally bound dot com, you’ll find them at triple eight seven six, seven, nine o seven six and i’m glad people are calling and getting that discount. We’re also supported by t b r c cost recovery telephone bill reduction consulting that’s yourself, rabinowitz, he’s going to go over your phone bills looking for errors, omissions, services you didn’t order and well above market pricing ninety percent of the time he finds mistakes and then he picks up the phone and he deals with the phone company to get your money back if he doesn’t get your money back. You don’t pay him. I’ve known yourself for very close to ten years. I trust him. I wouldn’t refer you to him, and i wouldn’t accept him as a sponsor if if that wasn’t true and, ah, he was telling me that there was a norm non-profit that he saved about twelve thousand dollars for and i’ve mentioned this before. He looked back three years and got them twelve thousand dollars in ah, returns returned money from the phone company, no pressure. I don’t deal with sales of people, and i wouldn’t recommend such people take a look at youssef. Talked to him at two one to six, double four nine triple xero or t brc dot com fund-raising a terrific community that i’m a member ofthe this is not a sponsor. This is talking about my block this week, it’s, a group of development officers, consultants, marketers and i’m very proud to be a member of fund. There’s also a block that i contribute too, and my hat is off to brendan kinney who’s been a guest on the show he’s talking about fundchat and i appreciate, and i’m grateful that he started it a couple of years ago. That was on the march twenty third, two thousand twelve show, when brendan was a guest. You can follow the hashtag fundchat on twitter. You can also find the blogger at fundchat dot org’s and there’s more on my blogged about fundchat and i’m at tony martignetti dot com that is tony’s take two for friday, third of january first show of the year you may be called last show two weeks ago, i wondered why there were only forty nine shows in two thousand thirteen. Turns out i did not get screwed. There were only forty nine non holiday fridays in two thousand thirteen. Sam counted them up. Thank you, sam. Amy sample ward is on the phone. We know who she is. Ceo of non-profit technology network, which is that in ten dot or ge, her most recent co authored book is social change anytime everywhere about online multi-channel engagement her block is amy sample ward. Dot or ge? And on twitter she’s at amy r s ward. Hi, amy. Sample ward. Happy new year. Hi there. Happy twenty fourteen. Thank you very much. Um, you were you spent some time with friends right? Recently for your for your new year? I did. We have been going for a number of years for sometime in late december, out to the oregon coast with our good friends. So it was our annual our annual trip out. They’re wonderful. And what is the what is the oregon winter like? Well, oregon and washington are part of ah, temperate rainforests in the amount of change in weather through all the seasons isn’t that dramatic? You know it’s like hi forties low fifties in the winter and then seventies. Maybe even louise in the summer. So it’s not severe landscape, but the oregon coast is because it’s next to the ocean going to be warmer than inland on dh it’s, very rugged and rocky. And you have all of the whales are migrating during december. So you have, you know, someday they’re big storms other and you get to sit in a cozy little beach house with a fire on then other days it’s clear and you can go out and watch for whales. That sounds wonderful. I gotta visit our pacific northwest. Really very interesting about the temperate zone that you enjoy. Yes, i do not enjoy being hot or cold. I mento live inhe middle zone. Well, it’s a good thing you’re not in new york now because wind chills overnight were down in the minus seven in some parts of the city. It’s very cold here today. Yes, we’re continuing our conversation about baby boomers. We we left off on december thirteenth when when derek feldman hung around because he was talking about millennials. And then you and i were talking about baby boomers, and we ran out of time. Teo, explore some of the sites that are right for them and some maybe some engagement strategies that you might have for baby boomers. Yeah, well, i think that, you know, as we were talking last time with derek, some of the influential components to think about with different demographic group adopting or how they’re going to use different tools are other demographic groups, you know, it isn’t just their own usage in a bubble, but especially boomers are going to be influenced by their own children, and which sites are they using that, you know, they’re using it so they can stay in contact or share photos, etcetera. And twenty thirteen, it was a really interesting year. I was going back through different posts from twenty thirteen, where different people were talking about, you know, what was gonna happen in technology last year? And there was a good amount of buzz at the beginning of twenty thirteen that, you know, this is really the year where mobile is going to boom there’s going to be people using non desktop devices, whether their tablets from all different companies or mobile phones, whatever, and it was more at least what i was noticing is that it was very device interested, it was, you know, a lot of those predictions of twenty thirteen where that people were going to be using these devices, these access points, but there wasn’t a lot of conversation about when everyone starts using these non desktop devices. That means they’re going to choose totally different app then maybe they had been previously using or use, you know, different, um, sites in different ways because a tablet uh, is pretty beautiful. We’re looking at photos, so you know, maybe that is somewhat teo too. I want to say to blame, but that’s the only phrase that’s coming to mind to point towards why there’s such a growing number now in these photo on now, even video sharing applications because it isn’t just something you know, you’re sitting at your desk and you’re going to read a blood post well, now here, maybe sitting on your couch oh are sitting on your couch in front of the tv, which is a huge percentage of users, you know are using a device in their hands while the tv, which is also a device, eyes on in front of them, you know? So they’re kind of duel device users and how that is changing what they want to be looking at which which they’re going to use on dh last time with eric and we talked about the number of millennials, you know, kind of quitting facebook, moving away from facebook? Well, they have to be going somewhere, right? They’re not not using technology and they’re definitely not abandoning social technologies, so it using what i was saying. Before about twenty thirteen, kind of being this device adoption year. Now we’re really seen what happened as people adopt those devices with both younger and older adults adopting things like instagram flicker came out last year or yeah, a year ago with on ap version of the flicker experience, which, you know, flicker has been a mainstay in the in the top tier of social social sites. On the web. It was a very early early option and it’s cute, you zoho many photos were uploaded into flicker, and then as people started moving to devices, well, that web experience with liquor, you know, just it wasn’t going to be ableto work, but they smartly created app mirriam of flicker and now they’re seen actually arise in younger users, which again, when younger users adopt something and then it pulls in their parents. Essentially, that will mean a site that’s already established and trusted etcetera is ripe for that older adoptions. Okay, so so moving to sites to look for and watching twenty fourteen flicker for for people in their fifties and sixties hey. Okay. Okay. Excellent. Cool is a they migrate over. Go ahead. Sorry. Oh, no, i was just going to say, i think, you know, outside of flick or two, this is really the the rich media year, you know, twenty fourteen is when we now have well, over half of americans have a smartphone, right? People have all these different devices they’re using all day, whether it’s a tablet or a laptop, etcetera, but importantly, people have these smartphones with them at all times, you know, something i don’t remember, the specific number was like forty eight percent or something in one of the twenty thirteen pew reports that forty eight percent of people say they have to sleep with their phone next to them by my goodness, really, like people are not separating themselves from their smartphone from there also now equipped with, you know, instantly captured video and photo, and then these aps, like instagram and flicker in vine make it instantaneous to capture it, but also to be sharing it with any number of people. There are additional app that many of them are free, you know further customize our edit that media. So you’re almost cutting out the need, you know, for your laptop and for those those larger editing tools. Like i’m movie and photo shop instead, you know, there’s these tools that you can use for free on your phone with your finger and are creating images, you know that you’re sharing with the world. So i think twenty fourteen after a year of of focus on people adopting devices now twenty fourteen is going to be that focus on the content and very rich content that people can create with these very, totally technology powered but small and travel with them at all times devices forty eight percent of people have to sleep with their phone near them way are just exploding with sharing i mean, like like our lives don’t exist if we don’t share it somehow, right? Okay, i don’t know it didn’t happen if no one liked your photo, graham, right? Like it didn’t happen if you can share it now, are you sure you were in? You were on the coast of washington because i don’t never seeing any picture, but i haven’t been to your facebook page lately, so maybe i missed it that maybe on my i was sharing many of them on instagram or some sort of italy not sharing is many vacation photos or any on facebook because that is where we were posting facebook and twitter bulls had some of aunt tends ear and fund-raising messages on, i didn’t want to overwhelm people with this message of police donate two and ten while i missed the coast snuggling with my dogs, which is all fair, and that was real. I didn’t want to really, you know, compound the message, i understand, yeah o r or confused or ahh yeah, i mean so that’s part of that was part of your so your your personal life is interwoven with the multi-channel engagement strategy of ah event in which your ceo seo of there’s no, you can’t help that, right? Exactly, and i think that’s true, i’m not ceo of anything, but so i hesitate to put myself in the same credential category, but yeah, i find that for myself, i mean, there are things that i want to promote on the block or about the show, and so i don’t put something that i might otherwise have in twitter or facebook, so right, we’re going tow, ok? We’re going toe to toe with that tony martignetti multi-channel strategy it is. It is, and i’ve refined it with because i pay attention to what you and i talk about month after month, we’re going to take a break. We’re going away for a couple minutes, and when we come back, of course, amy sample ward. Now i’m going to keep talking about sites to pay attention to in twenty fourteen. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Have you ever considered consulting a road map when you feel you need help getting to your destination when the normal path seems blocked? A little help can come in handy when choosing an alternate route. 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Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. Ken berger, of course, ceo of charity navigator, is such a modest guy where, which is laden with ceos and it’s just incredible. The number of ceos we get, boy, you know, i think back three and a half years, i was struggling to get middling level, i don’t know, uh, and now the ceo’s air coming out of the woodwork now we never have too many ceos. They’re very bright people that’s, why they’re there in those positions we got live listener love, it’s, incredible brooklyn, new york. I don’t know if that’s ah, i don’t know that could be early early. I hope you’re on earlier, brooklyn, new york, mountain view, california, kansas city, missouri, east orange, new jersey live listener loved to you lots of listeners in japan, tokyo, yokohama, kobe, nagoya, konnichiwa, amy sample ward in portland, oregon, which i know is not oregon there’s no e on the end of oregon, i learned that exactly, i know that from you, so i so every time i get to be on the show and you send out all of your life with their love to people in all of these places, i can’t help but think. What are all of these people doing in these different places while they’re listening to the show? Right? It must be a multi-channel experience, they’re probably not just, you know, sitting there on the floor on their stomach like with their head, you know, rested on their hands, listening to the radio one hundred years ago. So so what are they doing there? Are they researching things that are getting talked about? Are they secretly in a meeting? Like what? What what’s the work that they’re doing? And i also just now did a quick internet search for what time is it in japan and it’s currently three forty eight a m in japan? Definitely. What are they doing? Okay, i’m not going to speculate it. Three forty eight i hope it’s something fun? Ah ahs faras we’re going to go. This is a clean show, mostly mostly clean not always, but today i feel like a happy new year time it it ought to be clean now we know a couple of listeners are also joining us. Well, they’re tweeting as they’re listening because in a vision and shayla price tweeted using the hashtag non-profit radio and listeners if you are listening live if you want to tell us amy and i what you’re doing while you’re listening, then please do so on twitter use the hashtag non-profit radio um, okay, let’s, talk about this media rich twenty fourteen that you are you are forecasting for us, there’s, a site called snapchat anap called snap it’s really not such a snapchat and it’s getting a lot of attention from some of the millennials who are leaving facebook, as you were talking about, tell us about snapchat. Yes, snapchat actually has, um, you know, it’s it’s relatively new in terms of applications that are on the radar for third party like demographic and statistic review, you know, s o it isn’t that it was just set up yesterday, but it is is fairly new on that data objective data side, but even so, there’s already research showing that ten percent of young people globally are on snapchat, which means it is larger than pinterest larger than fine, you know it’s very quickly become a mainstay at especially for young people and it’s just a really simple, easy to use, you know, photo sharing application again, the idea that social networking needs to be, you know, long written updates and lots of messages uh, that’s already there. And even though we talked about before, you know, last month with derek, facebook users declining, especially among young people what’s really interesting is, you know, i don’t know how much you use facebook on your phone or what kind of smart phone device you have on, but i do know you have one eye on my phone, i have an iphone and i have used the facebook app yeah, i don’t know, maybe an hour or two a week or something, not too much, yeah, so facebook actually has two separate app interfaces, so one is facebook, as you have used it, and the other is facebook messenger, which is kind of like the private, you know, the private messages with facebook okay can also have its own app in her face and that the facebook messenger app hasn’t necessarily seen the decline that the normal facebook site has, which indicates that that kind of messaging service is already there. So a lot of these other platform’s, whether it’s, snapchat or minor instagram, that air really very simple, very like here is your photo, do you like it, you know, aren’t necessarily missing the messenger because they just have recognized they don’t need to be every function, they just need to do the one function well and in a very clean interface. So they’ve focused on the photo or the video and left that messaging piece toe other sites. Excellent. Okay, now, interesting snapchat also has the feature that the photos or videos are not stored here. You tell us about that. So something that’s interesting? I think with a few different online services, whether it’s flicker at google plus or things like snapchat, is this idea of cloud storage versus sharing service. You know, if you want to make sure you have a backup of all of your files, maybe you say i have an android device, i’m goingto have google plus back-up all of my photos, but i’m not going to share any of them there. I just i just want the security of knowing they’ve been backed up, right? Or i don’t want the issue with i don’t want to deal with this site now permanently owning my photo, which has, you know, often come up in different kinds of uh, privacy policy revisions? I don’t want to deal with that. So i want to use a site that’s not going to permanently store it. And even though people have often made the claim that, you know, young people are going online and they’re they’re not gonna be safe. Young people are actually pretty savvy, as we talked about before because they’re trying to make sure they’re sharing content and really, you know, sharing their lives in places that people do not see it because they don’t want the whole world to see it all because they don’t want their parents to see it all or like, you know, this kind of like to see it or whatever well, and there’s also the concern about job applicant places where your plans job seeing your your history. So so these things they disappear, i think it’s within thirty days if someone doesn’t read what you sent them and it disappears much quicker because it is instantly when once it is once that something is opened. Yeah, yeah, okay, yeah. And something that i think is interesting about, you know, snapchat being used, you know, through it through a smartphone, the average age of you know, receiving your first phone is now thirteen years old. Oh, my goodness, stone, yes, so is very young people that are becoming super savvy, not just with technology they’re exposed to, but technology they are personally owning, you know, we’re we’re creating thirteen year olds who are sleeping with their phone next to their bed for those updates, you know, it’s very much being a kind of integrated into how we interact with the world and the people around us before we’ve hit an adulthood and decided this is the kind of phone i would like, you know, we’re now bind a phone for a thirteen year old and setting them on that that path. We’ve got to leave it there. I think that’s a pretty interesting place to leave it. One of our many ceos, amy sample ward, ceo of non-profit technology network, her blog’s amy sample war dot or ge and she’s at amy r s ward on twitter. Thank you so much, amy. Good to talk to. Yeah, thanks, tony. And just like last time all post a few interesting sites about these newer, newer applications in the democratic surround them on the block and on the facebook page. Thank you very much. So you’re going, you’re going to put on your block and then and then we’ll link to that. Is that there? Will you share that? Cool? Thank you very much. Bye. Amy. Buy-in we got a lot more live listener love there’s still more it’s. Incredible washington, d c, houston, texas and leanne in baltimore sent me an email. She said, i just found non-profit radio and i love it. The end. Thank you so much. We have some more live listen love that i omitted a couple of new cities in china. Yes, shang jin, shen jin and shanghai, china have been to shanghai sending you ni hao next week, allison find returns. People matter to non-profits but alison fine says we don’t treat them like they matter. We’re going to talk about her idea of matter-ness. Also, our legal contributor, jean takagi, is back. 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