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21842_282120324711_6001304_nI’m contributing to Hank Lewis’s “Fundraising For Nonprofits” blog. Thanks, Hank!

It’s a popular blog and I’m glad to have been invited to the party.

I’m writing about Planned Giving for small- and mid-size charities, explaining how to start a program. I just got started in January with “What Is Planned Giving?” and this month is “Why Have A Planned Giving Program?

As you can see, I’m talking basics, with simple steps you can execute written in language you can understand.

Hank and his other contributors blog on the likes of board fundraising; social media fundraising; grants; special events; and a lot of other topics. (They’re listed in the right hand navigation window on any of those sites.)

You’ll find my new posts on each third Thursday.

Check me out over there.

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