Share My Optimism For 2012

"Bright Optimism" courtesy of Theen Moy on Flickr.
I can’t help it. I am optimistic at the beginning of each year. Join me. It feels great.

In January 2010–in the depths of recession–I thought the future was bright. I always think a new year holds great promise and cannot remember being disappointed.

In 2012, I’m genuinely excited to expand my keynote speaking to encourage more love so that we raise more money; broaden the reach of Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio through iTunes and at conferences; generate more Charity Registration clients, because the regulatory and compliance environments for charities will tighten as the boundaries between them and corporations blur; automate my Charity Registration work to make it so much easier and cheaper for our clients; perform more stand-up comedy than I did last year; and keep working toward my audacious dream of creating Bloomberg® for nonprofits.

What excites you for 2012? Please share your optimism.

7 thoughts on “Share My Optimism For 2012

  1. being optimistic is the only way to stay sane in this world, as i grow older i realise that optimism gives more energy and one’s productivity increases, i wake up every morning and tell my self ” margaret yesterday is gone today is the better product of yesterday so embrace it before it is gone too” this allows me to do my best in whatever am doing and believe me i always sleep a happy person knowing tomorrow will be beter than today. try it and 2012 will be the best year ever


  2. I like this forum.
    I am an optimist by nature and each day I try to see the beauty around me. Because my current position provides me the opportunity to coach longer-term unemployed, I have the ability to learn each day from my interactions. In 2012, I will document a learning experience each day to implement my goal to be a good listener and life-time learner. Although my job is not full-time, regular employment, I will continue to learn through and with others to maintain my optimistic nature.
    Dani Flores, MNM

  3. “Whether You Think You Can or Can’t, You’re Right.” Henry Ford

    This time last year, soothsayers were all gloom and doom about the economic prospects for small businesses, yet my small business grew by 30%. Why start out with “assumptive failure?” If so, your outcome will surely mirror those expectations. Its amazing how magnetic a strong positive attitude can be in attracting UNREASONABLE outcomes! People like to associate with those who radiate confidence and a winning attitude. To espouse this, however, the attitude has to be real. It’s totally within your grasp…

    Here is my favorite quote: “We become what we think about.” Earl Nightingale

  4. I like big thinking! When we think bigger, we have way more impact on those we serve, and ultimately change the world.

    Go Tony, go!

    Sandy Rees
    Fundraising Coach

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