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Share My Optimism For 2012

"Bright Optimism" courtesy of Theen Moy on Flickr.
I can’t help it. I am optimistic at the beginning of each year. Join me. It feels great.

In January 2010–in the depths of recession–I thought the future was bright. I always think a new year holds great promise and cannot remember being disappointed.

In 2012, I’m genuinely excited to expand my keynote speaking to encourage more love so that we raise more money; broaden the reach of Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio through iTunes and at conferences; generate more Charity Registration clients, because the regulatory and compliance environments for charities will tighten as the boundaries between them and corporations blur; automate my Charity Registration work to make it so much easier and cheaper for our clients; perform more stand-up comedy than I did last year; and keep working toward my audacious dream of creating Bloomberg® for nonprofits.

What excites you for 2012? Please share your optimism.