My NextGen:Charity 2011 Interviews, Part IV

I’ve got my last three HD video interviews from the NextGen:Charity conference last November. Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio was a media sponsor, so I got excellent, insightful commentary from the 12 inspiring speakers I interviewed.

Here are the previous posts:

Part I with the founder of Craigslist and CraigConnects, Mr. Newmark, urging simple, consistent messages to donors; Peter Thum, founder of Ethos water, on radical ideas and perseverance; and‘s Aria Finger with ways to draw teens to your cause.

Part II with Wali Collins encouraging a regretless life; positive communications with Sharyn Abbott; and Charles Best on connecting donors to their causes. He’s the CEO of

Part III with Rachael Chong from on meaningful volunteering; Marc Ecko, the clothing magnate, on branding; and Neil Strauss with fundraising tips generated from the art of seduction.

Here’s what’s new this week:

  1. Innovation in social change, and the leadership to envision it and drive it forward. She’s the founder and CEO of Global Citizen Year. She urges you to, “Continue dreaming.” My interview with Abby Falik.
  2. His site is his credo: Live In Wonder. He wants you to pursue your hero’s journey. His journey took him across the country, meeting about 200 of the world’s most influential and powerful people over a cup of coffee, and learning amazing lessons. The Journey is his Disney documentary that tells the story. My interview with Eric Saperston.
  3. Lessons on motivation and innovation from this director of the X Prize Foundation. Be audacious! Make space to dream! My interview with Jaykumar Menon.

Click here to get to the NextGen:Charity interviews from 2010.

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