My NextGen:Charity 2011 Interviews, Part III

Here are three more HD video interviews from the NextGen:Charity conference last November. Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio was a media sponsor and I got really thoughtful and insightful commentary from the 12 speakers I interviewed. Part I is here and Part II is here.

This is what I have for you this week:

  1. Make volunteering meaningful and accessible. There are highly skilled, busy people who want to help nonprofits. At, which she founded and leads, they recognize that and make the connections. My interview with Rachael Chong.
  2. Branding–and other business lessons applicable to charities–from the founder of the very consistent brand, Ecko Enterprises. My interview with Marc Ecko.
  3. Nonprofit tips from the art of seduction and attraction, learned when he was on assignment for Rolling Stone to go undercover in a secret society of pickup artists. “Don’t open with your close.” His book is “The Game.” My interview with Neil Strauss.

Click here to get to last year’s NextGen:Charity interviews.

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