4 thoughts on “Show Your Love & Raise More Money

  1. Welcome to Nonprofit Radio, Kim! I’m glad you’re here.

    I think you ARE in the majority. People want to matter and they need to know they do matter. You’ll hear Allison Fine explain that when you listen to today’s show. She calls it Matterness, I call it love. And it has impact way beyond raising money.

  2. Unfortunately, I will not be there. I am from the Chicago area and just signed up for your non-profit radio program a couple of days ago – so just now listened to your post. I was intrigued by your topic because its not something people typically want to address. It always seems everyone wants to come up with marketing strategies, etc., etc., but I’ve found (and I realize I am not statistically significant), people really like personal contact of some type – which I consider showing the love.

  3. So glad! Will you be at the conference Monday when I’m presenting this?

  4. This so resonates with me. We can’t do our work or help people without love and a part of that love is showing genuine love back to those who support our work financially. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

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