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I Love Planned Giving

Young Energetic Seniors (YES) at St. Matthew's parish on Long Island
Young Energetic Seniors (YES) at St. Matthew's parish on Long Island


Late last month I was reminded how much I love Planned Giving when I visited a senior church group on Long Island, outside New York City.

These folks were nearly all over 70, all retired and a delight to be with.

I love the company of older people and it’s one of the big reasons I love Planned Giving. When you do this type of fundraising you get the privilege of hanging out with our elders.

They go to more doctor appointments than anyone would want; they’ve got aches and ailments and a few have serious diseases; all of them have lost friends and family; they don’t know the future of Medicare or social security; and they worry whether Obamacare is good or bad.

All that on their shoulders and our elders are still fun and relaxed!

They haven’t lost spirit. What an inspiration! They are a joy to share time with.

This group of young energetic seniors calls itself YES. I love that.

When I was a director of Planned Giving at two colleges I had more contact with older folks. Meetings and calls several times a week. As a consultant there’s less direct donor contact and I miss the frequency.

Nonetheless, I love Planned Giving.

Thank you to the YES group for reminding me.