Florida TV & Radio Appearances

Florida in January. Not so bad.

I’ve got two south Florida media guest appearances coming up.

On January 20th I’ll be on the Michael Chatman Giving Show. It airs at 11:30AM Eastern on the web and, for those near South Beach Miami, on AM 880. For months on Twitter, Michael has been saying I’m the second best-looking guy in philanthropy. I wouldn’t pay that any heed, except I disagree with his choice of number one. If this were TV I’d demand a call-in vote. Maybe we can do one by directing listeners to this post, with his pic, and have you vote by comment. (Note my blatant attempt to get blog hits.) Whatever, it’ll be a fun show, so join us.

Then on Friday the 21st I’m a guest on Wall Street Wrap-Up, hosted by David Morgan and Howard Jordan. This cable TV show is from Naples and I’ve been on twice before. After making money in the market, their audience wants to hear smart ways to make charitable gifts.

Click on these show pages and you’ll see why I’ll be quite differently attired for each.

I expect we’ll be talking about giving strategies that make sense now–right now–like the IRA rollover and temporary private foundation (aka charitable lead trust). If these were my shows, I’d call the segments “Two Tips for Tax-Wise Giving,” but I don’t want to constrain my hosts.

Michael, David and Howard, thank you for your invitations.

On Saturday, I’ll visit my aunt Josie in Deerfield Beach. I like the drive across Alligator Alley, Route 75. It’s long, straight and flat, ideal for introspection, contemplation and speeding.

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