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Nonprofit Radio for August 16, 2013: LinkedIn: Make Hires & Page Analytics

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Marc Halpert: LinkedIn to Make Hires


Marc Halpert at Fundraising Day 2013
Marc Halpert at Fundraising Day 2013

Marc Halpert is a LinkedIn trainer and evangelist. He returns to explain how LinkedIn branding and search, along with your nonprofit’s profile page, can work together to help you find the best people to fill your job openings. Recorded at Fundraising Day 2013.




Maria Semple: LinkedIn Page Analytics

Maria Semple

Maria Semple, our prospect research contributor and The Prospect Finder, introduces the new LinkedIn Page Analytics. Identify your LinkedIn updates that drive the greatest engagement; get detailed demographic data about your followers; and even benchmark your follower base against similar pages.




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Metoo hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m your aptly named host. Oh, i hope you were with me last week, you’d cause me mitral regurgitation if i heard that you had missed get the best out of your board, our panel shared wisdom on identifying, recruiting, training, engaging and transitioning board members. That was alison chair now terry, billy and holly bellows and back to board basics part do jean takagi are legal contributor returned to continue our discussion on sound board practices, term limits, automatic removal and very young trustees this week. It’s linked in for the whole show first linked in to make hires. Mark alpert is a linked in trainer an evangelist, he returns to the show to explain how linked in branding and search along with your non-profits profile page can work together to help you find the best people to fill your job openings that was recorded at fund-raising day back in june, and linkedin page analytics maria simple, our prospect research contributor and the prospect finder, introduces the new page analytics very new. Identify your linked in updates that drive the greatest engagement. Get detailed demographic data about your followers and even benchmark your follower base against similar pages between the guests on tony’s, take two. Create the impossible. We have now the interview with mark halpert on linked in from making hires and hears that. Welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of fund-raising day twenty thirteen, we’re in the marriott marquis hotel in times square, new york i first interview first guest today is mark helper. He is a linked in trainer and evangelist, teaching businesses and non-profits nationwide to use linkedin as a power tool for their marketing and recruiting his seminar topic is five ways to find great candidates or we’re going to talk about using linked in for your work as you are seeking the best candidates for your organization. Mark albert welcome. Thank you very much. Nice to be back again. That’s. A pleasure. Yes. Pleasure to have you back. You have been a guest. Okay. You have five five methods of organisations finding the best candidates before we get into one through five. How come you always say linkedin is an underutilized tool? Why is that on the non-profit community? It’s perceived to be either a job recruitment tool or just for businesses. And lincoln has ahold of vision just dedicated to non-profits called lincoln for good. It works with non-profits to help them achieve their mission, find good candidates, find board members to all sorts of things that linked that non-profits typically struggle with but to use this tool in a really effective way. And how did they find linked in for good? Where where did they go to get this? Well, there’s, you go to the lincoln website, you can go to the help center type in lincoln and non-profits, and it’ll do a search for you. Give you all sorts of topics that you can go to other websites, sub websites that will lead non-profit with video and with many great suggestions. Or come listen to me. Talk about it this afternoon. Well, so it could be a little late for that now, because people are gonna be listening to this that’s after today. That’s okay. They missed you at fund-raising day. But you do a lot of speaking all over the place. People on dh when we get into what you’re gonna be speaking about, your first recommendation is branding your staff board and agency saying that everything has to look their best. What’s this what? How do we do this on linked in? Well, if you’re looking for candidates, they’re going to do one of two things they’re going to look for your at your website, hopefully have a good website, not all non-profits do that’s a whole nother top or they’re gonna look atyou on google if you still don’t come up well in the google search and your website’s going to the top of google search, you’re gonna go someplace else and they’re going to go toe linked in because business people go to link to him business people in non-profits who are or work with non-profits that are board members that are officers of non-profits if they’re seeking a new position, they’re going to look in the job section a lincoln, then they’re gonna look at your organization. They’re gonna look at your company profile page most non-profits don’t even know what a company profile pages or where to find it or how to make it effective. That’s part of the secret sauce? Okay, but a company profile page is basically a lincoln website for your organization that allows you to show what you do and what your products or your services are all right now, we can’t optimize this in this the time. Twenty minutes, right? But how do we begin the process of creating one if we don’t have ah, company paid. Okay again, go to the help center and type in create company profile page. It’ll start you along with the instructions you need to do a very simple okay. It’s designed to be easy is designed to be actually fun. It will allow graphics. It will allow you to connect the names of the people in your organization who either work there, volunteered there are on the board there and it will connect them. So when you find that person on linked in, it automatically shows that they’re connected to your non-profit so the whole concept here is branding ah, bring your brand, tony. You work very hard at your brand. I’m a brand. I work very hard at my brand. We each bring to the table something unique. We each also have a value proposition. We each also want to convey to the market that we are unique and relevant to what we’re doing. Try me. Buy me. Buy me again, alright? Yeah and i don’t think organizations non-profits think of linked in for that purpose. I wish they would love the idea of connect you can connect your board members so that i guess you’re the organization page will appear on their page or organisation is mentioned on their personal profile pigeon can be associate it with your great organizations, you give your time and you give your money as a boardmember right? Why not mention and show off the organization you so strongly believe in and vice versa your company profile page as a non-profit can show all the people that support you, they may be volunteers, they may be boardmember sze, they may be the officers and the employees, and it should be every employee that has a public face for your organization that could be your payments clerk who talks to people outside. It could be your your your donor in-kind collections, folks, all the volunteers in a volunteer absolute volunteering there should be connected if you have the past, you’re absolutely right. So so we’ve established the fact that each of us is a brand we’ve established the fact that each non-profit needs to shore brand has also established the fact by association that one should reflect on the other, but that’s not where. You stop, you have to write your profile, whether your personal profile, your company profiles a non-profit in a way that stimulates and gets people excited it’s not cut and paste her resume onto your personal profile page that’s death, because if you’re not getting business or you’re not getting calls for new opportunities, you have yourself to blame because you did what you should never do, and that’s, make yourself look dull and boring. Same for the non-profit if you’re not getting enquiries and you’re not getting donors or volunteers coming to your door to psych, i believe in your mission. You’re doing a great job. You’re not telling your story, so there are ways to optimize your company page for linked in search say it right use search engine optimization keywords that are relevant to what your mission does search engine optimization key words are the words that people think to say, oh, i wonder if there’s a non-profit out there that believes in whatever that is. The other thing that’s really, really amazing, which is badly undersold here, is that corporate people, people in corporate backgrounds who are either big donors or corporate sponsors and have a sway with the company that they work for can find your organization if your organization’s mission matches what the company wants to fund and corporate people use linked in all day long, they’re on linked in from the moment they turn on their email in the morning to the moment they turn it off in the evening when they leave. That true we know is true. We know, though this we know this we’ve seen this. I’ve heard this anecdotally from people who stopped using google to search out people who can provide services or product to them. They go toe linked in because it’s a much more effective search. Lincoln is business people to business people. The web is everything and anything, and you get a much better search on linked in if you’re looking for somebody who can service your company, so vice versa. If a corporate person is looking to find the right organization to sponsor or wants to buy a table at your gala, they’re gonna look for the right person to speak to through linked in, and that is huge. Also after perhaps you’ve approached them, maybe you’ve already found them. They’re then gonna look. Atyou unlinked them as the as how is this organization brand itself? And what are they asking me to be involved with as a sponsorship? Because everybody corporate understands branding, and so they have to believe in you, and you have to show them you also come to the table with the right brand and then finally there’s something a lincoln has that is available to every single non-profit in united states, and that is a free subscription to what head hunters use called talent solutions. But what non-profits khun uses called boardmember connect, and it allows you to do a highly effective search gives you access to a free subscription, which headhunters pay for aa lot of money every month. One non-profit one person in every non-profit excuse me can have access to the subscription for free for as long as you need it. And we have a gift we’ve talked about boardmember connect yes in the past. Yes, when you’ve been on oppcoll and all right, what? We have to leave that topic. But how did people find boardmember connect same way. Go to the search and search for yeah help center and search boardmember can do within lincoln and it’ll send me right and, like, and then there’s, lots of guidance, lots of videos. There are groups and lincoln. Just deal with boardmember. Connect their people in lincoln for good, who will help non-profits learn how to use boardmember connect constant webinars, seminars or contact may contact anybody else who really gets how to use lincoln. 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What can be done about it? So gain special access to the ivory tower. Listen to me. Very sharp. Your neo-sage tuesday nights nine to eleven new york time go to ivory tower radio dot com for details. That’s ivory tower radio dot com every tower is a great place to visit. Oppcoll. Entertainment and education. Listening. Tuesday nights nine to eleven. It will make you smarter. Hey, all you crazy listeners looking to boost your business? Why not advertise on talking alternative with very reasonable rates? Interested simply email at info at talking alternative dot com we’re gonna go to tip number two, right? We’ll tip number two is for you. Be searchable on effective profile page. We’ve done that right, ok, fact, the profile page, but if your profile your profile page allows you to put your brand allows you to put your logo allows you to put a picture of what your organization is doing in action on the company profile page, it allows you to show all the services that you provide to your market or to your to the people that need your services, and then it allows you to go one more step deeper too fully explained that product of service on a separate page, and i have many non-profits would’ve added youtube’s. They’ve added audio, they would add whatever makes sense in a multimedia because people remember, as you and i know multimedia much better than when they just read it, right? This is huge and videos or very much i think clique candy people love to watch a two minute video salon. It’s two minutes. Yeah, well, you know what i’m talking about? Yeah, yeah, no, i’m not a charlotte know people love to click that that little triangle to play and you you’re saying you can bet that in your profile page unlinked? Yes, specific to the product that you’re trying to demonstrate you going multiple videos, i have meant i’m going to show unexamined love. Ah non-profit in connecticut’s and an extremely good job of this so well that lincoln is looking to them is one of the poster children of what makes sense what you should be doing right now. Okay, let’s, move teo knowing how to best post jobs and be searchable while we talked a little about being searchable but posting jobs. What what’s there going on post jobs in three different ways on lincoln, you can post jobs right on linked in, and you see that all day every day and that’s something that costs a bit of money and i’m getting e mails to that lincoln thinks i’m looking for a job and it’s based on a guess based on my profile and your marriage to once a week, i get an email that says these are jobs that you may be interested in when there’s a half a dozen or so right, and they’re hoping that i’m not learn a job. I’m never very gainfully employed working for myself, but so it i don’t want you to think i’m using this as a as a platform to get employment not true, mark, you’re not looking for employment, right? You’re happily employed, i’m very happy and self employed, but but for those who are are looking for jobs and candidates. How do you get into those emails that i’m getting? Well? You get those emails and he said you had a conversation with somebody the day before week before who is looking for a job then that pops in your mind? Oh, yeah. Mary’s looking for a job. That’s a cool job. Maybe mary wants that. But how does a non-profit get into those e mails that i’m getting? How did they get their host? May actually go on to lincoln. You post those those job postings, those job openings there’s. Another way to do that and it’s more effective. Probably because it’s specific to the organization. And that is on your company. Profile page. You have a tab called jobs and you can actually list all the jobs that are open in your organization. So it pripps supposes that your company profile page tells the story of what your mission, what your organization does well, and it does a good job of telling what you do well and when you post a job, the immediate purse place that a job seeker looks is on your company profile rage, and then they determine if they want to get involved, okay, with your organization and there’s a third way, which most non-profits don’t even know about and many for-profit sound even know about creative group just for your non-profit so these people who are invested in or believe in what your organization does on a regular basis invite them to join your group there’s a tab on every group called jobs so you can hit people in many different ways. They may not happen to stop at your company profile page and see your job tab. They may be in your group, and they may then see that you’ve posted to the group. Hey, i have a new job that’s open in my non-profit now there is an implication to creating a linked in group you have to keep it current, not necessarily posting every day. I’m not saying that, but you have. To keep your group current with content so that members are engaged through the group well, here’s, a radical thought on your personal profile page you have to keep your personal profile page current get very used to making an adding comments to your company personal profile page, you’ll get very eased me easier for you to make comments and updates to your company profile page someone in your organization or two or three people new organisation should be responsible for updating the company profile page on a regular basis, and the net will not be all the same voice in the same intonation in every posting, it will be varied and then if somebody’s on vacation, it doesn’t fall apart of somebody leaves it doesn’t fall apart, but the idea is lincoln is a participant sport in every single way. If you’re going to join linkedin and just watch it all go by here in the wrong place. So on your personal page on your company profile page and especially your group page that allows you three different places to keep your constituents that people who believe or watching what you’re doing right in touch with what you’re doing. As you do it on lee, you can post a lincoln and only post the way. And what you want to say that provides really very current up to date voice it’s, a micro website. And then the group is a method of engagement where other people can composed by group members composed. They can post it all along. By the way, i want people to know we have ah, sort of a bingo wheel in the background. You can spin a wheel at a neighbouring booth and win prizes that that was the cooking that you’re hurt. I thought that was you thinking now that that’s a that’s, a much more rudimentary process than then this very sophisticated spinning wheel that we have next to us. Okay, all over a good advice on dh and all goes back to being searchable. If candidates going to find the jobs that you have posted on your jobs tab, you’re organization needs to have been found by the candidates searching for jobs of that type that you have available exactly is that use their search terms. You have to use the right search terms. You have to know what the search terms. Our gift to play with them to see and you can actually go and do searches on your own to see how high up in the search results your organization or your name comes up. Yeah, depending on what you’re searching for. Okay, but flip it if you’re looking for a job and i know that’s a little off base here, but i just want to be sure that we’re talking it’s a two way street right here. If you are looking for a job you need toe have in your personal profile the right search terms so you can be found so non-profits that are searching for you can find you in a list of candidates, all right, and that’s really important and search is very, very powerful on lincoln, especially if they have linked in boardmember connect, then they non-profit has access to it tremendously detailed and very, very fine sifting of the data, and they will stay consent in males to candidates and say you may not be interested in this director development job that is open currently in my organization, but you may know somebody else, but here are the job requirements and here’s our company. Profile case, let us know and that’s a perfect lead into your next tip, which is searching for candidates the non-profit doing search four individuals that they might like to reach out to. How do we do that? Well, first of all, again, you have to have a great personal profile page you have to fill in every single aspect individual does individual that’s how you get found. Ok, but how does the organization use linked in to go out and find people lets you go to the advanced search or if you already have boardmember connect, you can use boardmember connect is a search it’s a little bit of a stretch it’s designed to find boardmember is but at the same time, you’re finding boardmember you might just find good job candidates. Is this is your this is your fourth tip. Now you’re you’re you’re you’re backpedaling on me. I’m not putting on the spot search for talented candidates, you number four go out there. Got something there? Yeah, okay, so what non-profit so do? Use advanced, advanced, so use boardmember connect member can hopefully you’re already yes engaged with boardmember cannot but if you’re not, you can use advanced search, an advanced search allows you a very good way of sifting through all two hundred twenty five million people down to a shortlist of i need a director of development who has at least fifteen years experience and has experience in fund-raising and has key words that are fund-raising and aids research and medical medical practice and things like that and lives within or works within ten miles of zip code one oo too, too. And you’re going to get a short list when you get the short list. It’s gonna be a longer list. You’re gonna get that long list. You can shorten that list by looking at their possible candidates, and lincoln sends you the results ordered by first level connections. Which of the people you actually know you might not have given thought about might be good candidates for that job. Second level connections are the people that you already are connected to, who actually know those people so you can work through and say, hey, tony, i see you’re connected to mary mary’s. Come up in my search. Is she possibly looking? What do you know about mary? Let me know if you think. That’s a good avenue for me to go down, actually, and then your third level connections are just people you’re not connected to, but it does give you the chain of the links that you can follow to get to know that third level person. And then finally, the last level that it shows you is the group’s. So if you’re involved in groups and non-profit in aids research or whatever your non-profits involved in, then you’re going to be able to look at their profiles through the group, then you take that list, and then you shorten it up, you shorted up to the best of the best candidate, and then you go and approach them if you have boardmember connect your poaching through annan, male and in male is a link to an email to somebody you do not know. Does that include others? That includes the third level? Yes, if you’re in boardmember connected to use the in male to contact people that you’re not currently connected to yes and that’s a very effective way, because otherwise you would just send either a blind email, which would go into email hill or you would have to pick up the phone call and it goes to the first hound dog on the phone it was going to filter through those those calls. So this a lot when you get on in male unlinked in somebody’s trying to get hold of you that this is important stuff because they don’t happen often in males are really effective if you are if you have linked in boardmember connect, you get a lot of in meals that you can use, you can send a lot of in males there’s, right approach because there’s a limit monthly limit there’s a monthly limit, but most people don’t even see why it’s very astonishing, but if you don’t have linked in boardmember labbate just misses me. It’s it’s not an issue. You just don’t ask me about that, okay? I’ve never heard a non-profit that said, we’ve maxed out our in males, ok? And can have fun. All right, if you’re not in boardmember connect, you really just get one or two in males a month, you know? You know, you’re not getting a lot so that’s not going to be a good place for you today. So it’s a no brainer to use boardmember connect and then you get a response and then what you want to do have to get a response to your e mails? You want to take that person out the coffee you want to take that personal lunch, you want to understand verbally beyond what they’re saying on linked in which may or may not make it all good and get to know you? Yeah, put it, you know, make it very ad hoc, and then you get to know whether that person is a good kid, a good candidate often peoples done non-profit folks a personal profiles don’t really tell what they’re experienced level has been they’ve again, they made it that resume, and so it doesn’t give you enough of the background, the deep background that you need to know to see if that’s a good job candidate for what you’re doing, but you’d probably take it to a phone call first, explore a little more, and then if there’s mutual interest bring it, as you said face-to-face for sure, and they bring him in for an interview, and then you’ve already read their profile. They probably read your profile and you’ve cut through that ice. And you have a much warmer, richer interview because you’ve gone through all the formalities of where did you go to school? What did you do here? Tell me about this. You can ask better questions. You khun get mohr examples of how would you handle a situation like that? I see you handled a really difficult situation. The maid off money disappeared. What did you do? Had it? What was your damage control issue there? And people give re alive examples. You get a much better sense for a candidate thinking on their feet, which we all have to do in all job that we do. But what is it that this person uniquely brings? You have a better interview, per with that person here you can stack rank you’re candidates. After the interviews were already talking about your fifth tip i want make sure people don’t think we’re giving short change to it, which is keeping them establishing the connection and keeping it warm and making even warmer. And you’ve done all this without having paid a recruiter. You done your own sophisticated screening through the search and and your own outreach, and you’ve grown your network, you’ve you have now in your stable of network connections, people you can rely upon, so maybe that person is not a good candidate for the job, but maybe you know somebody else who could really use that person, and you’re at coffee at the next day and the job comes up in somebody says, this is good. This is this person’s really good candidate for your for your open position or there’s a new open position down the road or that the worst you’ve made a new professional connection, as we’re all here for you just don’t know when you can draw upon somebody’s expertise in an area you don’t have that expertise. So you’ve done nothing wrong, and you’ve gained everything buy-in just saying, i’m sorry, this is not a great position for you. We tried, we both tried, but here we go. So you add connections too. You’re linked in profile people that you know and like in the two vetted, you just don’t add connections willy nilly because you’ve exchanged business cards. That’s not a connection, okay, i mean, i get a fair a number of invitations to connect now that’s personally and i maybe i don’t get them as diligently as i should. Well, there’s a few schools of thought here i’m rather a narrow point of view, but i don’t connect to anybody that i am my mind say, but i invite that person into my house for coffee. He was once i connect to pieces people on linked in, they now have access to all of my connections, so if i’m lax about inviting somebody into my connections and since you and i are connected on linked in, they can now see your entire personal profile because you and i have agreed to connect a linked in. So if i’ve got a guy is just not a good player, he now has access to you if he approaches, you and it’s not a professional way are approaching you, and you work back to chain and see that he’s connected to may i ruined the connection between you and may, so you’re going to you’re going to connect yourself from me when you get back to your office already did before us now, you know, i’m an open door and i’ll just i’ll take anybody, so i’ve exposed you to the to the mass is that you i would rather the shielded from be careful who you connect to. Tony. Okay, i’ll b more and i’ll be more. I’ll be more strip listening. So you you look at their linked in profile, but that doesn’t tell you whether they’re going to be. I don’t scrupulous person and going contact one of your connections, contacts i get give them an opportunity. I meet them at a lunch at a breakfast. I talked to them on the phone. I know you don’t see that with every person that i have done that with every person you haven’t connected to really twenty, one hundred connections. I have met, spoken and vetted every single one in-kind i don’t really did i get that courtesy? Maybe you’re already knew each other. We knew each other. I mean, i didn’t get taken out to lunch. We had lunch. If you want to get a lunch, try to connect with mark halpert on linked in and he’ll take you to lunch and he’ll get you in the worst cases. You get a free lunch right after this. I’ll get your credit card number. How’s that all right? Okay. No, i’m not being a scrupulous as your recommend don’t be promiscuous linker, right? Maybe i am a little for mr, right? All right, let’s, leave. We have about a minute. Let’s. Leave non-profits with one tip for there that they’re there. Now i’m going to assume that they’ve got their corporate page. Leave us with something that makes their corporate page really valuable. Look at your competing non-profits the ones you’re competing for the donor dollars, see how they’re showing themselves off on linkedin. See how they’re staff is showing themselves. Their board is sewing themselves and their company profile page looks on lincoln take style notes from other non-profits you know our leaders and i’m not going to name them there’s some really wonderful ones out there you do. You could do the research you khun take style points do graphics video make your linked in page company profile page. Jump off off the screen and say, contact us. We are a great organization. We love what we do. We have a passion for what we do. You need to join us. That’s, what you need to do personally unlinked in because you have to be the brand and a company profile. Page, you have to be that brand as well. Thank you very much. Mork alpert, trainer and evangelist for lincoln. Thank you very much. Always a pleasure. Thank you. I appreciate that. 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This is claire meyerhoff from the plan giving agency. If you have big dreams but a small budget, you have a home at tony martignetti non-profit radio. Thank you very much. Claire meyerhoff. We’re expecting claire in the studio sometime today, just for a short time. But she’s it’s uncertain wind. So, you know, creative producer, these creative types, you can really count on them to be precise. But she says she’ll be here. She’s in traffic. It’s not her fault. She’s in traffic. Yeah. Tony’s take to my block this week is create the impossible i was. I read something on the npr site about triangles that are simple to draw but cannot exist in our physical world. Yet our minds easily visualize them, and we see them as something that can exist very simply and quoting the writer’s. Robert krulwich who’s, the science writer for npr. This is what he said. Our brains, it turns out, are not prisoners of the world we live in. We can fly free. We can at any time we, like, create the impossible end quote. And i love that we can create the impossible. You need not be constrained by our physical world to imagine things that you want to. So, you know, what have you got on your mind that other people have said is impossible or that you’ve felt is impossible cut through that because the first step to creating it is imagining it, dreaming it, visualizing it and you’re not constrained by what the rest of the world says is impossible. I find that very uplifting, very encouraging. I love it. I’ve got one of my own and it’s on my block at tony martignetti dot com and the name of that post is create the impossible that is tony’s take two for friday sixteenth of august thirty third show of the year maria semple hello, maria. Hello, tony, how are you? I’m terrific welcome. Thank you. Maria semple is the prospect finder she’s a trainer and speaker on prospect research. Her website is the prospect finder dot com her book is panning for gold. Find your best donor prospects now she’s our doi n of dirt, cheap and free and you can follow maria on twitter at maria simple, and this month we’re talking about linked in page analytics, leading from your friend and colleague mark halpert. Paige analytics on lincoln is very new, it is very new. It just launched like weeks. Yeah, yeah, i think it was officially july thirty first or august. First, that this all launch so i thought it be something timely that we could talk about and certainly plays off of your interview that you had with mark helper. What a coincidence. How do you know has imagine how these things line up, just just by coincidence? So give us an overview before we get into details overviewing of what paige analytics is all about. So mark was talking about the difference between a personal profile and accompany page. So paige analytics focusses entirely on your non-profit company page that you have set up that really outlines all of the products and services your mission almost too many web site, if you will, within the link in space. Ok, right, so we’re not talking about your personal page, understand on dh, what can we do with again? Just overviewing this point, what can we do with these analytics? Well, the interesting thing is that you can figure out where you’re driving the most engagement and seeing the types of posts that are really resonating with the people who are following you as a company on lincoln, and you get a list of followers, so, you know, people are accustomed. To going on facebook, for example, and liking a company or a brand on facebook, they can do the same thing, actually unlinked it. And i know lots of corporate executives, for example, who are happy to follow brands on lincoln, and they’re not on facebook at all. So if you’re on ly strategy for connecting with these people is on facebook, then you’re missing a potentially huge part of the audience. Okay, you could get detailed info on your followers and of course, and they are court followers now, because these are not connections, because, again, it’s, not your personal page. So these are followers. What else can you do with this? So you can, uh, once you have this company page set up, you can actually try and get more followers, right? So that you can engage with more people so you can create. They have right within length in you can find out how to create that ah, a button for your website, for example, so that people can follow you there. But once you’ve got a large following on dh, you decide to start making updates on your company page, just like you make you know. Occasional or maybe frequent updates to your personal profile page in that you know what you’re doing now, type of section um, you can see those targeted updates, you can find out how far they’re reaching, and also, if you want to target those updates to specific followers, um, say you’re a national nonprofit organization, and you want to be able to start targeting your updates to specific states or specific regions because the update perhaps, doesn’t pertain to the entire national scope. You can actually target those updates, even by geography. Okay, andi, you can see how far they reach as you’ve said, we’ll talk about the engagement percentage and things like that, and then you can also benchmark against other non-profits yeah, which is really kind of interesting. You can see how your own organization is kind of stacking up against other, so lincoln will give you a sampling of where use your posts and engagement levels are in comparison to other organizations that are similar to yours. How do we set up the analytics so that we start getting them actually it’s already built in there, so if you have a company page set up, you’ll see. That one of the tabs that you can actually click onto once the pages set up and you you make some post some updates, you’ll see an analytics button, and what happens there is it’ll list all of the updates that you’ve been making. So even though this just launched, for example, august first or july thirty first, you can see going back a specific date range, they actually let you go back. Tio let’s, see today yesterday looks like a far as the previous month they’re tracking, so you can, you know, follow about two months worth of engagement. And is this, uh, is this a tab? You said button, but i just want to be explicit. Is it a tab on your on the company profile page? Yes, it’s a separate i guess tab is what you would want to call it is a post if you’re if you’re on your if you are the page administrator to actually be able to make the updates on behalf of your company or non-profit in this case, you would be able to see that you’ll have access to a home page products, services, page insights and analytics. It’s, one of the other cabs available. Okay. Excellent. And only for the for the administrator. Well, that makes sense. Okay, right. So they have this thing called on engagement percent percentage. Where this is how you measure the reach of of different updates. You can see what topics do well, what’s this engagement percentage. Yeah. It’s kind of interesting. So what they do is they kind of have this little formula. So the way they define it is it’s it’s, the number of interactions, clicks and followers that air requires, right, divided by the number of impressions follow-up divided by the number of impressions. So, you know, you can really start figuring out what types of posts are getting that that commenting that sharing on dh then you can give your followers more of that type of content. I love it. Yes. So it’s a ratio of how engaging, how engaged people were with your content with respect to how many people saw it because over the denominator is the number of impressions. So you get and exactly so it’s very similar to ah, in that respect. Anyway, to facebook analytics, yes. So they are definitely starting to give you a lot. Of that back end because people are sitting back and sort of asking, well, you know, if if i set up this entire company, paige and i go about making these up stated posts and so forth what’s going to be my return on investment here that are, oh, i that you hear tossed shout all the time right on. So people want to know if we’re going to put any effort or focus into this, how are we going to benefit? And i think that that linked in has really done a tremendous value for both for-profit and the non-profit world in coming up with the scent of benchmark data that will be able to look at overtime. So the further back you can look, though, is the previous month that’s. So that’s what it appears like to me as i’m looking at my own company page, for example, i’m seeing i can, you know, update different ranges in terms of dates, i can look att today on lee and then going back as far as previous month is the last thing that you can select. I would think that that will be built out as time passes, surely. They have all the historical data. It’s probably just a question of making it accessible. Yeah, you’re going toe. I’m going to say that you’re company profile page is probably a model. So where would where? Where on lincoln would people find that? Just searched the prospect finder? Yeah, any company page actually, that you’re looking for you go into that search box at the top. Start typing in the name of the company and it’s very intuitive. So it’ll start giving you a list of companies that have the characters that you’re typing in. So, yeah, you could find mine under the prospect finder, and i’d love it if she was your followers came over and followed my company page on lincoln that’s. Great. Okay, don’t look for tony martignetti non-profit radio. While we have a group, we don’t have the great we don’t have a company page for the show, but we do have a group. Um okay, let’s. See, um so aside from this, all right. So that’s that’s assessing what the good what the content is that your followers are interested in? You can also get information on who those followers are. That’s. Right? So when you see the when you have your list of followers, when you have, when you’re on the company pages, the administrator, they will be ah, number it will tell you, you have x number of followers, so you can actually click on that and find out who all of those followers are. Yes, and, you know, contrary to what you would find on facebook, for example, if you went to look at all the people that liked your page, people have all different levels of security settings, right, and their facebook pages, whereas on linked in for the most part, you’re going to be able to see their entire profile. Yes, you’ll know who’s following you as a non profit organization and that’s that could be tremendously helpful and valuable, right there in and of itself, in terms of, you know, trying teo, you know, figure out, as i mean for me is the prospect researcher i’d be interested to know who are the people following us in the linked in space? Are these people that we should be considering, you know, putting into our research pool and looking at a little bit more in depth? Andi, you can really start being a little too segment what’s kind of interesting to is that you can get an idea on those follower demographics from the analytics page alone, so you can find out what level somebody is like senior entry level vp level. And then i believe you can even find out some of those metrics not only by seniority, but you could find out your your followers could be broken down by industry by company size, by function by employees so you can see how as a researcher, right, and as a development function, this would be very interesting for you to know about. I have one more that you can get aggregate data on that’s, a region region of the country or, well, which of the world. All right, we’re going to go away for a couple seconds and when we return, of course, maria simple, the prospect finder, will keep sharing wisdom on the new linking page analytics, and i’ve got a little more live listener love to. So hey, hang in there. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level, and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s. Create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three, that’s to one to seven to one, eight one eight three. The conscious consultant helping conscious people. Be better business people. Have you ever considered consulting a road map when you feel you need help getting to your destination when the normal path seems blocked? A little help can come in handy when choosing an alternate route. Your natal chart is a map of your potentials. It addresses relationships, finance, business, health and, above all, creativity. Current planetary cycles can either support or challenge your objectives. I’m montgomery taylor. If you would like to explore the help of a private astrological reading, please contact me at monte at monty taylor dot. Com let’s monte m o nt y at monty taylor dot com. Talking alternative radio twenty four hours a day. Hey there, welcome back with more live listener love, new york, new york, newport, north carolina and north king’s down rhode island. Welcome live listener love to you, rhode island. I love block island. I’ve been there probably six or seven times in late august this year. We’re going somewhere else, but i’ve been to block island many times. Love it. So north kingstown, we haven’t had you before. Welcome. Oh, gotta go abroad. Soul and inchon, korea. Anya haserot loved the live listeners. Claire mara have just walked in studio, so we’ll get her settled. Of course, she buzzed when i asked her not to, but she buzzed on the commercial. So we were ways. No problem. Perfect. You are. I thought you were. You’re fooling me a week. Buy-in dafs maria semple, of course we’re still talking about linkedin page analytics so we know that we can get the engagement. We could find out. What’s what’s, popular weaken look, a detailed info on who our followers are and let’s talk now about benchmarking against other non-profits how does that work? So what they do is they’ll list your engagement levels for example, on dh then list for you. How you compare so your number of followers compared to other companies, so i’m just looking at my own analytics. It’s it’s kind of interesting. I have no idea why coca cola would be on the list of materials. You maybe they just pick one really big one know your company is bigger than you realize. Coca cola is your competitive with the coca cola. They’re talking, they talk about, they talk about the prospect finer dot com and coca cola board meetings all the time. Clearly. All right. I mean, islington says it it’s got to be true. But you know what i thought was kind of interesting to that they have is have you seen that? They also offers something now called sponsored updates? I have not seen that. So when you go to make an update to your page you will you they’ll ask you if you want to make a sponsored update. Now i know i am the brian of what? What do you call me towards? Trompeter duitz cubine free and free. Yes, well, this is actually sea bass, and i’ve not experimented with it myself. But it’s, you can do it like on a paper, quick advertising type of thing and these this’s away for lincoln to make money, obviously, but it’s getting your post now in front of targeted audience of people who are not currently your followers so, you know, you could be part of a new organizations budget if they wanted to try and get very specific updates, i could see it working for advocacy, you know, organizations, perhaps or if you’re trying to drive lots of people to a specific event, you might make a sponsored up identical. Now they’re getting in front of people identical to what i’m seeing in facebook. Yes, i’m seeing these ads appearing in my timeline. I know i’m not a fan of any of these, i think, and, you know, because in fact, i know i’m not because in the upper right there’s, always a like button, so i must not have liked it yet, and they’re annoying actually know the in the middle of all my friends posts there’s, this unwanted, sponsored add toe like a page on it’s, not even something that i’m interested in. I’m sure they have algorithms for figuring it out, but at least in my case, they haven’t. Perfected it, but but any case i don’t, even if they were interests, don’t really want to see them on the timeline. I don’t mind them on over on the right side of the page, but they have to be right among my my posts that i’m enjoying from clara miree dafs carle place high school reunion. No, they don’t belong there, right? They don’t belong, no that’s, right? They don’t belong in there about backstabbing and bitchiness. Oh, geez, i don’t want to hear about these reunions stories now, not on the air you’re ruining. No, no there’s, a whole story about carlos, really? Just imagine a high school reunion, and some people love the facebook page that claire created and other people a little more, a little more traditional, feared it. We’re off topic, so when it’s about social meat is interested, it is. It is a pretty riveting story, actually, okay. You were you’re talking about the sponsored posts, but the companies that are there, sorry, the non-profits that you’re going to see on your benchmark page. Are you saying you can’t select which which pages you’d liketo be compared to? Maria? I don’t think you can. I’m not saying that ability here, so they, you know, they come up with, you know, how you compare now? Maybe they’re going teo again, that’s something that they’re going to refine and perfect over time as this new analytics tool, you know, evolved. I certainly hope so, because i prefer to see me benchmarked about, you know, they have several other companies in there. But, you know, certainly i shouldn’t be benchmarked against coca cola. That’s unfair to coca cola. It’s unfair to them. Let me just ask, are the other the other choices that they have? Are they my voices crack like a thirteen year old? Are the other choices reasonable? Are they are they in your ballpark? Yeah, some of them are mean. Yeah. Okay. Clarity. Maria, i have a question for you, and i’m just wondering if in your travels and all your expertise, do you see anyone an organization? That is using linked in in any way effectively to market bequests to organization, putting the organizations in their will, that type of thing planned giving, um, plan e-giving specifically know, because i’d have to look through a lot of different posts that organizations have, uh, put out there is there updates, but i did kind of put on tony’s facebook page that the environmental defense fund, i think, was doing a pretty good job actually helping can post came out with a sort of a top ten list, i think it was near the end of the year or something. Um, and i was looking through some of those, and i thought that the environmental defense fund was doing a good job in terms of their updates and so forth. Now what happens is, you know, this is sort of the, like you hear about anything else at eighty twenty rule, you want to make sure that you’re not doing always just promotional stuff, that you’re giving people really great content eighty percent of the time, and then they’ll tolerate about twenty percent of promotion, so it could be that those those types of postings are interested first, i just didn’t look back, say even on their page history to see what you know what else they’re posting about. Okay, we have to pretty much stopped there. Maria, thank you very much for sharing very timely information about the new linkedin page analytics. Maria semple, the prospect. Find her. You’ll find her at the prospect finder dot com and on twitter she is at maria simple bye, maria. Thank you. Thank you. Okay, we have just like thirty seconds or so. I hate teasing people. We talked about the car place high school reunion if they want to go to the facebook page and see some of this drama played out a little bit where they should send me a friend request, send claire meyerhoff a friend request on dh, then become my friend and then i’ll let you into our our fabulous reunion page, which is great because now it’s chuck full of photos. It’s really the only place you can see any of the photographs so the people that weren’t on facebook i don’t know how they’re going to see any photographs they need to get on facing program. I’m glad you were able to come. Thanks. Thanks so much for having no it’s always a pleasure couldn’t i got last minute live listener love osaka and met taka japan, of course. Konnichi wa and cambodia. I can’t see your city sorry, but welcome live listener love japan and cambodia next week. Fantastic. Thank you. Um next week we have cool crowdfunding. Dana ostomel, founder and ceo of deposit a gift shares our wisdom on how to create a successful crowdsourced campaign and grow your in-kind e-giving anita fi willis, vice president of strategic partnerships at new york, needs you. And why n y very clever at fund-raising day in june, we talked about how to create or grow your in-kind giving program. Have you looked at our youtube channel there’s over ninety interviews, including nine new ones from fund-raising day in june and there’s a couple of cups of my stand up comedy the channel is riel aria l tony martignetti our creative producer is sitting right here with me. Claire, my say that you say your name clear meyerhoff on the creative producer of the tony martignetti non-profit radio show sam liebowitz is our line producer shows social media is by deborah askanase of community organizer. Two point oh, go geever and the remote producer of tony martignetti non-profit radio is john federico of the new rules. 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