Personal Philanthropy

“I want my philanthropy to make a significant impact but how do I get started?”

“Better to invest in an existing social change organization or create my own?”

“What about a family foundation?”

“Do I need to join a board?”

If you’re asking questions like these, you’re thinking strategically about your personal philanthropy, but you don’t know how to proceed. I can help you determine the investments and methods that meet your goals for the social change you want to see.

Does a donor advised fund make sense for you? Is there a high-performing social enterprise, foundation or nonprofit you can partner with? Should you create your own foundation?

Since 1997, I’ve been structuring plans that make organizations thrive and investors smile.

I do a lot of listening. Together we’ll narrow down your areas of interest. We’ll talk about your vision. And your goals. Identify the right metrics. I’ll need to study the markets. I don’t know everything about the 1.6 million organizations out there, but I do know how to get us what we need to help you make decisions.

I’ll help you avoid the risks of

  • an underperforming board
  • an organization that can’t measure impact
  • one that doesn’t match your goals
  • one that’s not sustainable
  • one that doesn’t match your risk tolerance
  • over promise and under delivery

In the end you may decide to strike out on your own. It’ll be an informed decision. I may be able to help you with your newest startup.

Your vision and goals need to be tempered by reality. Depending on how ambitious you are, I may need to remind you that “The Impossible Will Take A Little While.” *

If you’d like to talk about whether I can help you, send me a message from my Contact page. Be aware that others see those messages. From there we’ll move to my private email.

* That’s the brilliant title of a book by Paul Loeb, a guest on my podcast, Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio.