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Work-At-Home Moms Rock

Working Mom by rankun76 on Flickr

During Women’s History Month, I want to salute and commend a group of women who have helped me considerably: work-at-home moms.

WAHMs are energetic, motivated, serious and fun to work with. It’s been my pleasure to work with Cary, Tracey and Kristine. They help me build my Charity Registration practice, pitch me and promote me.

Cary has a seventeen-month-old and was worried about her son crying or fussing in the background while she’s on phone calls, which is often. Maybe having to excuse herself. I told her my company isn’t merely friendly to families, we embrace families. That if anyone ever hints (because they probably wouldn’t say) that she or the company is in some way unprofessional because there’s a child crying in the background, I want to know about it and I’ll speak to the person. It’s never happened, and she’s been back with me since her son was 3 months. We also worked together before and during her pregnancy.

Tracey and Kristine have older children. That means different but no less significant issues. Nothing insurmountable. I just have to be flexible. In exchange I get committed, exemplary workers.

My suspicion is that if someone in an office hears a child in the background of a phone call, they’d be envious; wishing they could be home with their kids. If it’s someone who doesn’t have kids, they’d be hopeful that if they do, they can work at home. Really, though, it doesn’t matter to me what someone might think. I know how good we are.

Maybe I’m more tolerant because I don’t have children. Whatever my initial motivation was, it’s now clear that work-at-home moms are good for my business. I want to make it as easy as I can for work-at-home moms to work for me.

They’re rock solid, and they rock.