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Nonprofit Radio for February 28, 2014: Increase And Engage Web Traffic & Moving To The Cloud

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Sophia Latto & Mike Snusz: Increase And Engage Web Traffic

Sophia Latto & Mike Snusz
Sophia Latto & Mike Snusz

From bbcon 2013, Sophia Latto, principal consultant at Blackbaud, and Mike Snusz, senior internet marketing consultant at Blackbaud, uncover strategies to use metrics—beyond Google Analytics—to help you increase web traffic and engage visitors.




Scott Koegler: Moving To The Cloud

scottkoegler2009-150Scott Koegler returns to talk you through moving your critical functions—think donor management and payroll—to cloud computing. Scott is our technology contributor and editor of Nonprofit Technology News.



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Hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio you know what you’ll find here? Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent? Of course i’m your aptly named host. Oh, i am glad that you’re with me. I’d suffer the unsightly nous of eruptive xanthou mma if it came to my attention that you missed today’s show increase and engage web traffic from b become twenty thirteen sofia latto, principal consultant, that blackbaud and mike’s news senior internet marketing consultant that blackbaud uncover strategies to use metrics beyond google analytics to help you increase web traffic and engage visitors and moving to the cloud. Scott kegel returns to talk you through moving your critical functions think dahna management and payroll, for instance, to cloud computing. Scott is our technology contributor and editor of non-profit technology news, so i covered that up on today’s. Tony’s take two between the guests non-profit radio news. We’re sponsored by rally bound peer-to-peer fund-raising and by t b r c saving you money on credit card processing fees. Let’s go right now to the interview from bb khan twenty thirteen about increasing and engaging web traffic. Welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of bb khan twenty thirteen we’re at the gaylord convention center outside washington, d c and maryland with me are sofia latto and mike’s news. Sofia is a principal consultant for blackbaud on mike is senior internet marketing consultant also a blackbaud sofia, mike, welcome. Thank you. Thanks, tony it’s a pleasure to have you both you’re workshop of topic is tactics twenty tactics pardon me, teo. Increase in engage web traffic. I don’t want to don’t want to undermine already. You have twenty ideas. I’m i’m guessing that this starts with analytics. Mike, you wantto where do we begin? Yeah, yeah. So we had four different kind of topics or or categories for the different sessions, but a lot of it was based on ah, analytics and how non-profits are kind of under utilizing some ways to increase traffic things like search engine traffic and what tools are out there. What house search has changed in the past couple of years and even in the last week and and basically how they can take advantage of these to do some of the things that the corporate marketing world relies on heavily to increase it engaged traffic so we shouldn’t be fearing what we can learn from the for-profit sector? No, no, not at all, and i know it’s a little scary sometimes for non-profits they have limited staff, they have people who have different backgrounds that may not be an area they have expertise in, but there’s a lot that they can actually do to kind of stand out from other non-profits, for example, search engine results have changed quite a bit in the last year or two there’s a lot more local results coming up. When you search for, say, high schools, you’ll see high school’s around where you’re searching so google’s pretty smart google knows that you’re probably looking for something around your area, and so this is an opportunity for non-profits to have a better chance to drive traffic for mohr kind of general words like volunteers and events and things that previously they may not have come up that high, but now if they if they localised search engine optimization, they could drive more traffic that they weren’t getting before. Okay, so you want to say more about this localization of of search results? Well, in terms of localization way actually have ways that people actually use terms in a regional area. So one of the things that we recommended, one of the tools that we talked about was using google trends. And so if you are let’s, say, an organization that’s based in a ocular state and you’re looking for the best phrase phrasing for call the action or maybe a very prominent link on your website, you can actually use google trends to find out if the kind of words that you might be considering are going to be high search words of those popular searches. And you can actually dig down a little bit deeper and get into certain metropolitan area. So places like around florida or metropolitan new york or even in l a and you confined that you’ll you’ll notice regionally, people use different language teo to search information than they do across the u s o in terms of localization, you can actually drill down a little bit closer and get words and phrases for your links and your calls to action that’s going to resonate with your area with your reason region excellent how do we start? With google trends, where do we find that you find it in google analytics and you can go in and what’s nice about google trends is it allows you, teo compare terms with each other to see, so for example, you could take the words like donate, make a gift and give now and run those through google trends, and you confined what people, what words people normally used for searching and if you do that today, you’ll find that the word donate is actually a more popular trending term that people are using in searches. So maybe if you’re if you’re an organization that relies on donations from people let’s, say, you know, hurricane sandy, you’re actually going to help those people and you know that people are searching. Teo give teo a natural disaster. The likelihood of people finding you easier is if you use terms that people search with more often on your calls to acting so donate hurricane sandy relief would actually be a better a better bet for you in terms of driving traffic than saying, you know, give to relieve victims so that it’s just one of the tools that you can use, ok? Outstanding let’s, stay with us. How do you activate google trends in google analytics? It’s actually, nothing that you activate its a simple tool and a lot of search engine optimization professionals might use it for research and so it’s just very simple. You you khun, you know google google trends and get on to that tool and you can pop in terms that you want to compare and then, you know, clicked quick go and it’ll actually show you a nice graph, and then you can start to drill down in certain areas in region. So if you’re an international organization, you can look globally at what trends are, what words are trending, or you can actually dig down a little bit more locally and go to more metropolitan areas. So it’s it’s a handy tool it’s very easy to use like you mentioned search results changing even just within the past week. Yeah, we’re recording on monday, september thirtieth, twenty thirteen what’s happened in the past week. No eso google had a big announcement last week that kind of upset or i guess, i guess less a lot of search engine professionals little bit dismayed that usually in google analytics you can see the phrases people search by to find your organization and a lot of non-profits used this to see, okay, they’re searching for mission names or the name of our organization, and this is data that you can see about who comes to your website. Google announced it to be a little bit more private and to make sure that they’re there respecting people’s privacy is this is not going to be available to non-profits or anybody moving forward that this information about what terms people search by to find your website are no longer going to be available in google analytics, but they will with the word is initial word that they’re still gonna have this and something called google web master tools that a lot of non-profits don’t use and there’s a lot of great information in there. It actually shows a lot of information about people who see you in search results, but they don’t necessarily click through to your website. So now i think the challenge for non-profits is to utilize this a little bit more. It was kind of under the radar tool that organizations weren’t used a web master tools. Let master tools yeah, and this is where it this is where the word is that you’re still gonna be able to see this information. You could go back three months now, and i think they’re going to change it to a year. You can go back and see that data shows a lot of valuable information, so i think that’s going to be one shift for for online marketers and non-profits okay, let’s, help them, then our audience is small and midsize non-profits about nine thousand of them. How do they? Well, first do they need to be a web master with that level of skill to use google web master tools? Yeah, not really, so they can use the same log in that they use for google analytics, right? And it’s just it’s activating google web master tools, there’s a little piece of code you can add onto your website and it starts tracking the information so it’s not a very complex process that they would have to do. Okay, is it more than we can talk through? I mean, where would you find this code if you don’t? You don’t know where the code is, so so. Go to google what master tools just just google it it’ll come up as the first result. Log in with your google log in that you use for analytics for your organization and it’s going to give you very clear instructions a couple of things you can do it different ways you could take a little snippet of code and then you add it to your website. Google makes it pretty easy to do if they can’t find, you know how to do it, then you know somebody, somebody, maybe within the team can do it, do it very easily. So don’t be put off by the name web master tools right now, i have that you don’t need to have that level of skill toe, right? Take advantage of you. Go ahead. So i mean with google there’s there’s such a vast array of things that you can look at and you, khun d’oh, and they cover all skillsets so if you’re not, you know, web master, there are things that you can get from those tools and still use that data, you don’t have to be a genius, but in some cases, you know, some web masters are going to be using those tools for some very high, high level code analysis, so it runs the gamut. Ok, don’t be scared. Yeah, there are things in there for you that you can use. Yes, absolutely. They didn’t think that shooting, good ending. You’re listening to the talking, alternate network, you waiting to get in. Cubine do you need a business plan that can guide your company’s growth seven and seven will help bring the changes you need. Wear small business consultants and we pay attention to the details. You may miss. Our culture and consultant services are guaranteed to lead toe right groat for your business, call us at nine one seven eight three three four eight six zero foreign, no obligation free consultation checkout on the website of ww dot covenant seven dot com are you stuck in your business or career trying to take your business to the next level and it keeps hitting a wall? This is sam liebowitz, the conscious consultant. I will help you get to the root cause of your abundance issues and help move you forward in your life. Call me now and let’s create the future you dream of. Two, one, two, seven, two, one, eight, one, eight, three that’s to one to seven to one eight one eight three the conscious consultant helping hunters. People be better business people. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. All right, now i know in your in your seminar you went beyond google analytics. Sofia, where did you start? Well, one of the things that we were talking about is, you know, google’s great, because it’s giving you data, it’s giving you numbers and so numbers tell you a story, but they don’t tell you the full story. So, you know, let’s talk about driving traffic to your website and so, you know, getting traffic to your website that’s, something that google is really helpful doing, you know, search engine optimization, you get traffic there, but once you get traffic there, the whole issue is, are you going to engage those people? So, you know, you literally have seconds for somebody to make a decision about your organization. Do they want to engage with you? Do they find you credible? I mean, we’ve all done those searches where you know, you’re clicking on something after a google search, and you get to this hideously design website, it looks like a ransom note and you immediately say that’s, not a credible organization, i don’t want to engage with them and you and you move away, make that decision and within. Like within seconds, we’re five seconds, absolutely. And so, you know, the whole idea is you can actually do some tests to find out if your home page of your landing page is resonating with your audience and, you know, design is what’s going. Teo, draw somebody into your side and it’s goingto make somebody want to click on your site so there are usability test that you can conduct, and one of those is a five second test and that’s a great test that we do a lot with their clients at blackbaud and we do what we do is like, if we’re embarking on a web design, we usually run a primary conversion path. So, for example, a donation will run their original website through a usability test, and we can identify some problems in that conversion path and what’s nice about usability testing as well. Google gives you numbers, you can actually drill down and look in a usability test result and see where people are clicking from step to step within a conversion path, and that can help you identify some issues. Okay, so when we finish a design, we’ll run the same thing through usability. Test the new design and we can actually measure to see if we’ve actually made improvements. Okay, mike, could we get some detail on how we conductor usability? What? Sophia just called a five second usability test. Yeah, way we start that. Yeah, well, i think the tools that the team uses a lot free tools out there or some that are small feet per month usability hub i know is one that you recommend sophia usability hope dot com o k it’s a great tool for another one, i think there’s also, i don’t know off the top of my head, but there’s there’s other ones out there and there’s also ones where you can actually measure convergence on mobile on mobile applications. Well, ok, now would we just google usability test? Is that going to find us the platform? Absolutely. So, mike, summer free and summer lo fi based. Yeah, i think a small monthly fee, but but definitely when you’re thinking about people coming to your side, i think i think that is well worth that. There’s also some other tools. Well, we can talk about when it comes to email testing and getting more from your email that are definitely worth it as well. Yeah, let’s talk about fine let’s talk about email testing to go ahead. Yeah, so so well, i think that’s really one of the underutilized areas that non-profits look to do with their emails so, so much they want to get emails out and they get him out the door. But one of the things that could really improve the result of your email campaigns are testing things like subject lines or you’re called action links. We did a campaign with a back to school campaign last year with an organization, and they went through six different subject lines bef for they found one that really resonated with their recipients at twice the conversion rate, and they were able to use that for the rest of their campaign, and they raised two to three times more money. So it’s he’s really simple things that if non-profits could focus on them and being efficient that they can really help to improve their their email programs. Sophie, i know you. You have some examples of working within different types of testings to get mobile results to get to get other kind of information without on tools that you could use for your emails as well. Ok, so let’s, stick with the mail. Well, how do we start doing this email testing? What are there again? Platforms? Tools or what? Well, a lot it’s a lot of times, they’re they’re right. Within the system where you can, you can utilize within the system, you know you may split up your list into small little chunks or segments and do a test of a subject liner. You may do a test of a lincoln and flexible age simulating, yeah, do it to ten to twenty percent give it a day or two, see which one does better, and then send the winning message to everybody else, and especially with end of your campaigns coming up fund-raising critical time for non-profits to make sure they get the most of their under your campaigns, and there may be a better version of an email that’s out there that’s going to get you more donations hyre conversion rate, a lot of that’s free, a lot of that’s, right within simple email tools that we offer that’s offered out there on and then there’s some ad on things that if you want to dig a little bit deeper and find out who’s opening up a mobile device who is how long they’re seeing your email really, really interesting things are people taking a couple seconds? Are they taking ten or twenty seconds that you can start to find out which of your your messaging and you’re content actually resonated and people people were engaged enough to read it. Okay, we’re gonna get to the mobile twice now in sofia’s nodding every time we’re gonna get to the mobile let’s stick with you, mike. What? What are some of the variables that we should be testing mentioned? Subject line. Yeah, yeah. What else should we be? A be testing. So marketing sherpa does a huge four hundred page study every everything second again marketing sherpa sherpa, they put out a study. And what they found in the last couple years is the effect of elements to test were targeted, targeted audiences and tailoring content to them. Which organizations really should be doing anyways, if i’m interested in a certain aspect of your organization? If you deliver information about that, say it’s a certain type of cancer lung cancer, breast cancer i may respond more to an email about that or an ask about that tailoring, you know, content by audiences, by interest, but if you’ve never done testing before, subject lines are a great place to start way see results and different types, you know, whether they’re intriguing, whether they’re shorter, whether they’re fun or direct testing, what what’s going to resonate their studies out there, but until non-profits tested with their constituents, they don’t actually know what resonates with their comm in situ in bass called the action links or another great variable to test and, you know, when eating meaning the words that are that are that are linked, yeah, yeah, yeah, like donate now we were, you know, that donates going t vs chip in and move on dot org’s uses chipping a lot. Yeah, so that is that what you mean? The wording of the of the clickable links? Yeah, yeah, and sometimes they just say, click here sometimes it’s just register and when you’re scanning e mails using these tools and you see some people just look at it for a second or two, they’re probably going to look at your leg because that stands out. A little bit more and if they just seek, click here. If they say register it’s not really going to tell them what? Why they should do it when they should do it by so testing out, maybe longer legs testing out when you have images, donate buttons, different placement, different colors. You know, the ultimate goal of a lot of e mails is to get people to the next step to your web page. The more you get there, the greater chance you have of raising money, getting people to register. So if you could increase that, click through rate. It’s it’s a great variable to test as you get into your different emails and campaigns. Okay, excellent. Sofia, we contest mobile. I’ve heard i’ve heard rumors to this effect in the past couple minutes, way contest people’s reactions on mobile to our site. Well, it’s not necessarily the reactions on mobile, but one of the important things i mean obviously email is i call it the lava lamp. Its ever changing and you can never figure it out. It’s always a challenge for everyone. There’s. So many e mail readers out there there’s so many different devices, so many different sizes, and so you have a choice of either sending a scalable e mail or response of email, and they’re both very challenging. And so how do you make sure that you’re delivering a good experience a scalable e mail versus a responsive yes on tony martignetti non-profit radio. We have drug in jail that neither of those words or phrases are particularly difficult, but you’re gonna have to define them once the words get put together. All right, so a scalable e mail, it can also be referred to as a mobile, friendly email and that’s, an email that is usually designed a little bit more basic. So it’s usually one column, the fonts are a little bit larger. You usually have very simple copy the links, their very large because the scalable email and also it’s, usually a little bit narrower and it’s designed so that when it gets delivered into a desktop or a tablet or a mobile, it actually scales to the size to fit in the wit. And so you want larger font so that when it scale small for a mobile device, you can read it and you want links that air. That air open that have space around them. So when you put your thumb on that link, you can actually click it when it’s really small, responsive email actually realize on media queries and so a lot of devices that are out there have media queries. And so what it does is it’s actually based on a grid, and it actually performs calculations, and it delivers a different experience and different devices. So your desktop is one experience and it looks great. And then if you deliver let’s, say, on an iphone it’s going to change the configuration based on some calculations and it may stack all your information so you have one nice long, thin email that’s, easy to read and the pot charge sizes change, but it only works for media for devices that have media query. So the good news is it’s going to look great on all of those devices? And the bad news is that all devices have media queer so it’s hard for me to believe that this is all going on, but it’s all going on behind on email message yeah, and it’s a chance. So so when we’re selecting une male provider whether that’s, i guess, a sophisticated pay service there are, or something like e mail, mail champ or or constant contact, we need to know whether it’s sending responsive versus scalable e mail well that’s in the code of the email so it’s not whether they consent it any any email service provider provider consent either one of those e mails, but it’s, how the emails coded so it’s the back in code, the html, and so and so one of the tools that you can use there’s a couple of tools out there, there’s email on acid, which is actually built into eliminate online tool, and you can use another tool called litmus. These work with any email service providers and it’s usually again a small and on fi, and when it does, does it actually take a little bit of code and you run your email through these through this test and it actually will show you what your email looks like and all the e mail readers and all the devices so you can actually start to see how your email is being rendered in all these things. So not everybody. Not every non-profit has a budget. Tohave ah, big testing lab, where they have twenty devices, they can check everything so what’s a little bit better is to use one of these great tools and actually see how your emails being rendered. And then you can make some changes based on, you know, whether or not you feel like you need a scalable e mail. If you’re content, dick state dick takes for scalable or response. If you have a lot of content, you know, maybe you might be working with the response of email. Now the tools you mentioned that that’s working with blackbaud products working illuminate luminant online has email on acid built in to its email tool. Okay, but email on acid is a great tool that’s out there, that’s available to anybody if you’re using male chimp vertical response in the same thing with litmus, let ms dot com that’s another tool that’s great to use, and that will help you actually take a look at how your emails being rendered in. Another thing about these tools is that especially litmus, they actually have a subject line. They show you what your subject line looks like an email inboxes and it actually helps you look at your pre header techs to see how that works with your subject. What is your pre header text? Well, if you have a mobile device and you take a look at your inbox, you see that there’s a subject line and then there’s about eighty to one hundred falik isn’t usually if you can’t read this message, but that seems like a waste. It is the way it’s doing it wrong. Okay. All right. So this is this is usable landscape, arable land on an e mail that is being wasted. These the way i usually see them is if you can’t view this properly, etcetera. Right. What first, mike, how do we how do we get into this pretender? Text? Where is it? S so it’s it’s usually the opening tex of your email. It can also be coded into an email if you want something different than what? What is the first line? Or the first couple of lines? But what’s interesting is a lot of emails. Usually at the top of the newsletter is something else. Save you this in a browser view this in some other technical language. You know courtney, your show you can throw people in jail for using these people don’t always understand this and having that, when they see that with the subject line there’s a disconnect, they see a subject line on one subject. They see the technical jargon the really good non-profits it are taking advantage of this and doing it the right way, they use their subject line together with the pre header to really engage people. So the subject line may start to engage you with one element of the campaign or what what’s contained in the email and then the pre header gives you more information. I think one example comes to mind best friends, animal society did a really good campaign last year with the subject line talked about e-giving toe animals and then the pre header actually went a little bit further and engaged you enough. So you wanted to open up the email because in your inbox, it’s, very easy for people just to delete your email out out of the inbox on mobile devices, everything else, and so the real challenge is getting them to the next step, and the pre header could really help to engage if it’s. Taken advantage of it. Compliments the subject line. Okay. Excellent. I just assumed that that was uncontrollable. I don’t know so many. So many of them are abysmal. As you said, mike. Okay, uh, we have, like, another three minutes or so left. What else? Sofia let’s. Go back to you think you’re looking at mike. I’m gonna go. I’m gonna shake you up, but i think what’s, uh, what happened? I ask you about what more can we share about this? Well, i can i can actually share one simple thing that i actually mentioned a mike and mike said, wow, i never really thought about that. And so one of the things that i shared with the group this morning, as i said, think mobile first when you’re making social media posts and the reason is that most people are looking at social media on their mobile device. And so i start to think about putting your information at the top of your social media post to make sure that they see the important information. And then the most crucial part of this is any page that you’re linking through social media, it better be responsive and it better be mobile friendly because if you’re driving people to your site and they’re going to your site on a mobile device, you have to make sure that that experience is good for them when they’re coming to your site and they’re getting a desktop site on their mobile device, they’re going to leave. So always think mobile first, when you’re posting for social media, all right? And then how do we go ahead and optimize those pages that we are sending two for mobile? How do you do that? You cannot create a mobile page or a mobile, a micro mobile site that you can use for for special landing pages and actions that you want teo draw people into, or you can create a response of website so that your website actually looks great on all the devices. Okay, can it also be a simple if you have a wordpress site is just turning on the mobile theme? Is that going to do what you’re talking about? I believe so, but i don’t know this for sure, but yes, i think so. Okay. Okay. We got another minute behalf. Mike, what do you want? What you want to? Wrap up with yeah, so i would say a thing to focus on better email sign up process, so email generate online donations greatest source of online donation generator, but non-profits don’t always put a great emphasis on female sign up on their home page on their internal pages. It’s sometimes buried have abetter process where it’s prominent on your home page, he tried to convert people on internal pages when they go to the form, have it engaging, tell them what they’re going to get, overcome their objections of too much email. Repeat that in the confirmation e mail. If non-profits khun grow their email list, they’re going to have a greater chance of raising more money online from email. See, the thing is that i would say if they haven’t checked out youtube’s non-profit program, they should sign up for that because all of these videos that are out there that are compelling that caused people to donate. If you sign up for youtube’s non-profit program, you could put a link at the end of the video or in it, where people can click on it and go to donate right from there rather than seeing videos of kittens or dogs or anything else on youtube that may distract them after they watch it? There’s a call to action that takes them right to your donation form could really look to boost could versions that way by by signing up for that program and utilizing those links. Where do you find that youtube program for-profit good. Sign up. Youtube dot com slash non-profits. Okay. Yeah. Excellent. He’s a terrific ideas. You guys are chock full of ideas. Twenty of them one way only. Really scratched a couple. Really outstanding. Sofia latto is principal consultant with with blackbaud and i shortens our title. But we were doing a be testing. I shortened it in the beginning. Why don’t you give me the full title of the section that you’re with a principal consultant within? I work with the user experience. A design group in blackbaud interactive. Thank you. Andi mike’s news, sr internet. Sorry. Senior internet marketing consultant erect. Thank you very much. Thank you so much. Enjoyed it. Tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of bb khan. Twenty thirteen. Thanks so much for listening. And my thanks to everybody at b become for helping me get all these terrific. Interviews tons of live listener love, it’s, amazing haskell, oklahoma. Beaumont, california. Fort lauderdale, florida. New bern, north carolina. Charleston, south carolina we got another south carolina. Do you know each other? Goose creek, south carolina also worcester, mass atlanta georgia live listener loved to each of you let’s go abroad. Only one listener in china today. Ni hao to jeonju how? Where are all your friends? There’s? Usually multiple chinese listeners? Moscow we’ve got one listener in moscow. Wonderful. Welcome. I don’t think i’ve seen you before. Welcome moscow live listener love to you konnichi wa too. Matsuyama, iga tokyo and tokushima, japan. Konnichiwa live listener loved to everyone there’s, more there’s even more live listeners. I can’t do them all right this moment, of course. Podcast pleasantries. If you’re listening in the time shift, wherever the heck you are listening. I love you too. Podcast pleasantries to everyone listening at their leisure. Our sponsors. They helped me bring you this show this non-profit radio you’re listening to right this moment. Rally bound is one of them. They make simple, reliable peer-to-peer fund-raising campaigns. Pick up the phone and talk to joe mcgee. It’s that simple. 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I am grateful, in fact, to each of our over nine thousand listeners, and i’m getting very personal here, i’m thanking you, i’m in your ear right now, radio even internet radio very personal medium and i’m getting personal. I’m thanking you. I appreciate you for listening for spending time with me. Thank you there’s. More non-profit radio news on my block at tony martignetti dot com and that is tony’s take two for friday, twenty eighth of february ninth show of this year scott koegler you know him he’s, the editor of non-profit technology news, which you will find at n p tech news dot com and you’ll find him on twitter at scott koegler. Scott, welcome back. Hi, tony. Good to be here again. It’s. A pleasure. We’re talking about the cloud. You and i first talked about the cloud and software as a service or sas in a segment that i called sassi because that’s, my clever creative wit sassy on that was april fifteenth of two thousand eleven. So even, you know, back almost almost three years ago, you and i were talking about cloudgood puting and software was a service. What has happened in three years? Why are we talking about this again? Well, you know, interestingly, what happened is that people talk about it less. Um and i think that’s a good thing, because when we first talked about it, it was kind of the new oh, wow. This is cool. You know what we’re gonna do with that kind of a thing? Yeah, and anymore, it’s. Just the way things work. And it makes all kinds of sense. Um, just because, well, i’m sure that you have had your you go rounds with stalling software and maintaining updates and, you know, purchasing disks and installing them on computers and having this match is between this computer and all that kind of stuff, right? Yes. I have experienced that from time to time. Yes. And i think it’s common, i mean, it’s one of those things that has been the bane of computer administrators forever until crowds came along. Our sas. Same same thing. Well, it’s moving the program’s off into a vote computer and connecting to them buy-in in that connection so that it doesn’t matter what you have on your desktop or in your hand, right? Right. And, you know, the experience is pretty much the same way you’re looking at a screen. You get a keyboard and allison, you click and type and move. Things around and for most of us, it’s way really can’t tell the difference anymore between something that was installed locally and is running on a crowd service. Um, that’s a good thing. Okay, so we are over the security issues that you and i know talked about close to three years ago. Is that? Is that off the table now? Um, security issues in the cloud are off the table. A cz much of security issues in the office. So yeah, in a way, it’s less of an issue because there’s always a security issue. You know, you can’t get away from the half target about that. Well, yes. Oh, right. So, you know, it’s reality that has to be dealt with, but the clients turned out that called computing is no more or less secure than then locally hosted. Okay, are you aware of any, um, a large? Not well, any any non-profit security breaches that have that have resulted from from cloud computing? Is there anything that i’ve maybe missed through the years? Have you ever heard of anything? I have not heard of them. And hopefully that’s because they haven’t happened. You know the thing with target was just so big that number one legally they can’t avoid announcing it. Secondly, there were so many people affected by it that it was impossible to avoid the kind of publicity. Um, you know, we have way had a similar thing here in south carolina. I think it was a year ago. Now where the in the states i think it was the tax records got hacked, so i know if he called state of non-profit i guess that qualifies okay, okay, but i haven’t heard of any any particular non-profit entities, nor non-profit service is that tak tonight, i think you probably have the same level of legal obligation to announce those kind of things, maybe more so of them. Maldon public companies. Okay, certainly to their constituents anyway, so that that could be why we hadn’t heard. Also, i think about throwing at the listeners if you have been aware of or been a victim yourself or somehow have heard of ah, non-profit that that had a data breach. Let me know that may that may merit a show. Maybe there are lessons there that that can be learned. Or if if the institution would rather not do a show then of course, we don’t have to, but but i’d be interested if if you’ve heard of anything and just so that we know that everybody is thinking our eyes on the same plane. What scott’s referring to with respect to target the the retailer was millions of credit card users. Information was stolen right around christmas time just last year. Yeah, talk about bad timing. Yeah, well, yes, for for all of us who aren’t the hackers, it was brilliant for them. Maybe i shouldn’t call them. They’re all thieves, but but they’re they’re they’re the rare thief. I think most thieves not too brilliant. All right. But anyway, we’re going to be on the social social commentary tangent. Sorry, or i am. I don’t know where i’m going so open. So i’ll stop going there because it’s ridiculous. Okay, what should if we know that we are now pretty secure in the cloud. No worse off than the desktop on. And we have great compatibility problems that don’t exist anymore. What? What kinds of processing and data belong in the cloud for us? Well, you know, in general, i would say everything i’ve gotten personally, to the point where i have very few applications of locally, i used the google, um, you know, google bach’s suite. So all my emails up there, like my documents are there, um and, you know, part of the initial problem or concern with that was that what if my connection goes down? You know, it happens, right mean, cable get cut on all this kind of thing, bad weather that whether can interfere, yeah, definitely, yeah, like we’ve experienced, there may be a storm that puts out an entire region so right, you know, so the question there is is the baby that’s on your local computer that is also backed up to the cloud, which one is the one that you could get to? So the good point is that if you have that kind of facility with duplication of data, duplication of programs, but then one of the other is is probably going to be available to you. Now you may have to go somewhere other than where you currently are because, you know, your your officers or your living soul did maybe under water or electricity may be out, but your data, you know, should be either maybe on a laptop that you’ve got that you can use or is a safe and available by the cloud once you get somewhere else. All right, let’s see options that really could save, you know, you save anybody. Well, let’s, use your example of google docks on google calendar, i presume you use google calendar. Also, i do. Okay, obviously, in the cloud now for local, though, are your are your google documents stored locally? Also, yes, i have what’s called google drive, which is a connector. So when i say the document, it is saved to my local and also saved to google docks on my google drive, i didn’t know that, you know, for instance, i will be traveling next week, so my google ducks that are on my desktop computer will remain mayor, but all i need to do is connect my laptop to the internet, and i’ve access to, you know, all of my email, my calendar and my documents. Okay. Ah, let’s, explore this little bit google drive so google drive is accessible locally on your on your desktop even if you don’t have an internet connection it is. And how do you how do you get to the documents that are stored locally on your on your desktop? Um, well, first i’ll say that i’m using a windows based desktop computer. I assume it works similarly for mac, but i i don’t have that experience. So there’s a little program that i installed from google called google drive, and what it does is it sets up the location on my hard drive on my computer it’s really a folder on the drive, and anything that i put into that folder is automatically synchronized with my of my cloud based google docks. Cool dr so it’s an automatic function, so i when i want to open a file, i can either go to my file folder on my desktop, go to that document, double click it and it opens up whore! I couldn’t go to my google drive, which actually looks just like a local drive, but its timeline click on the document and it opens up so there’s two ways to get to it, then, thanks. I’m not really sure which one of you’s most frequently, but i switched that enforces because you know, they’re both there and and i do. Whatever’s. Convenient at the moment. Ok, so that local and remote capability should be should be very reassuring and that’s that i presume this is something we should look for. If we’re doing any kind of cloud computing it is. And i have to say that not all fast paced programs offer a local the local options. Some of them do. Certainly, if you have a constituent management system, um, that you know where you store all of your constituents data and pretty much everything else for you. Non-profit, um, part of the appeal there is that the information, the data, the programs and the activities are available for use anywhere by anyone who you allow to have access to it. It’s all password protected, that kind of thing. Um and so the fact that it is, um i guess, for lack of other description, that it doesn’t exist anywhere in particular, it means that everyone has access to it. In that case, having it also locally would not really be a good thing because it’s not personal data, right? Share data. Right? Right. All right, we have teo to go away for a couple minutes, but we’re going to comeback scott. Now they’re going to keep talking about moving to the cloud, including, we’ll get teo. Back-up we haven’t talked about back-up we’re talking about operating, and i’ve got more live listener, love, stay with us. You’re listening to the talking alternative network. Duitz have you ever considered consulting a road map when you feel you need help getting to your destination when the normal path seems blocked? A little help can come in handy when choosing an alternate route. Your natal chart is a map of your potentials. It addresses relationships, finance, business, health and, above all, creativity. Current planetary cycles can either support or challenge your objectives. I’m montgomery taylor. If you would like to explore the help of a private astrological reading, please contact me at monte at monty taylor dot. Com let’s monte m o nt y at monty taylor dot com. Are you suffering from aches and pains? Has traditional medicine let you down? 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We can’t see your city if we could, i would certainly shout out your city, but we know you’re with us. Um, did i shout boston, massachusetts in roswell, georgia live listener love to you if i didn’t, if i did so more love, but you can’t send enough what’s the big deal, uh, on your haserot too many listeners in seoul, south korea, and also an young south korea on your haserot. Scott koegler he’s in south carolina, and i wanted to talk. Scott, i want to ask you about privacy versus versus security. Do you do you worry that google can read everything that you put in your google docks and in your google calendar and possibly serve you up ads or use it for other purposes? I do, i worry about it now. I don’t worry about it, i take it for granted. Yeah, okay, well, it’s wise, to take it for granted, because we know they’re doing it. That’s what they’re i mean, that’s. Their business information is information and and targeting advertising, too, you know, to appropriate audience is doing, and i like it. But you know, the the truth is that most people see those ads and almost nobody clicks on them, you know, it’s it’s a sad thing, but it but it is the case there was a, uh, there was a study down on facebook ads, and i don’t sorry that i don’t recall the specifics about it, but the quick rake on them is just abysmal. So even though they’re there and kind of, um, you know, you see them, they become eyesores. Most people just disregard them completely. For instance, i’m looking at my gmail right now and in my primary list, okay? Just the inbox. There are no abs. It’s just it’s just you know what? Yeah, once i opened one of the e mails, now i begin to get ads across the right hand side. Yeah, they’re pretty innocuous. Okay? I don’t know. Yeah, the targeted ads bother me. Maybe i’m maybe i’m an aberration. Um, i feel like i’ve talked about this before when it’s come up. Other times i feel like i’ve been a little invaded when i get a ad. That’s that’s targeted that i know is because i went to the site but didn’t close a sale or something, you know? I went to a site and browse around or it’s because i read some kind of content and so, you know, you could sort of see the relationship. I know i feel like i still feel a little invaded when i when i get those i haven’t, you know, i have not overcome that yet. Well, it does give me pause because i know that i went looking for boots from my wife one time and everywhere, every page on every website that i went to where these women’s boots coming up. So you gotta wonder, okay, what does that say about me? And god forbid, i go anyplace that i really don’t want to know about anymore. Yeah, right. Well, what also says about you is that you’re a cross dresser. Well, exactly. Well, not exactly, but it’s it’s out now, but don’t nobody listens to the show, so i don’t want nobody knows nobody hears this show. Don’t worry about that. Let’s talk a little bit too. Moved to the subject of of back-up in the cloud. Very well advised, right? Yeah. Back-up is back-up there’s? Definitely something that you want to do. I mean in general, but in the crowded is even better. The issue with that is that if you are backing up local data, there are restrictions about the practical restrictions, not necessarily legal or technical, but just practical restrictions on how much you can actually back-up based on internet bandwidth. Good on we all look at the the download statistics for no the speeds. You know, when you get an internet connection to your cable company, they brag that you get twenty megabits of download. What they don’t talk about is the upload. And if you’re backing up it’s the upload that little matters that’s, the that’s, the speed at which data moves from your computer to their cloud server. Cool. Okay, so typically a twenty megabit god download speed, which is pretty fast. Ok, they fast? Actually, the comparable upload speed is more like one two, two megabits. So when you download a whatever a gigabyte file, you will get that in a minute or two. But when you try to upload a file even now, let’s face it. A digital image photograph is going to be a couple of megabytes. Um, it’s really going to take a long time for that? The upload now, what’s what’s constraining the upload speed is that your own service that’s slower than the server the clouds over giving it back to you? Or what’s what’s constraining us it’s the it’s, the connection that you’re paying for yeah, so you have a if you have a cable connection, right? Cable cable company connection uh, it’s it’s their service, that is slower. Yes. Okay, now it is possible to get hyre speed, but obviously it comes across so major corporations they’re goingto have called by synchronous in other words, it’s the same opposite is down what they’re saying, lots of money for that, you know? All right, so we need a small non-profit probably doesn’t write s so when we’re talking about backing up in the cloud, we need to be aware of our upload speed. And then and then you know how you get it back is important because that’s your retrieving your data? Yeah, exactly. And where you get it back, you know, may not. How you get it back may depend on where you are and what you need to do with it. So if you’re, uh, if you’re local, computer environment is underwater for instance. And you moved to a new location. You need to download essentially your entire data. Your entire set of data. Yeah. So if it’s a lot when they want to order a order it on the hard drive and have it settled tonight rather than try to download it. Okay, a lot of services offer that kind of capability. Scott, we have just a minute left, and, uh, i want everyone to know. This is scott’s swan song he’s he’s going to be leaving after about three and a half years. We’ve had a good long run together. Scott, we have it’s been a lot of fun planning. It’s been my pleasure, you’ve been you’re the longest running contributor, it’s all because, you know, i want to change up topics and more about that another time. I don’t wanna talk about new person coming on to talk about scott and the three and a half years that he has spent. As you know, basically a monthly contributor. Definitely. Regular contributor buy-in technology. Scott, just as it’s really been a pleasure working with you. Thanks, tony. And same to you, it’s been a good run and, uh, you know, i uh, how would we go? Sounds very good. I know we’ll be in touch on twitter. Yes, we will. All right, thank you very much. Scottie scott koegler tulani take care, my pleasure editor of non-profit technology news n p tech news dot com and at scott koegler on twitter next week, another interview from bb con earning that society level gift and jean takagi are legal contributor returns he’s a very smart guy always learned something from gene rally bound and trc they support non-profit radio. I’m asking you to talk to them joe magee and yussef rabinowitz ifyou’re in the market for either peer-to-peer fund-raising or if you accept credit cards, talk to gdpr rally bound or tb rc rally bound is at triple eight seven six seven nine o seven six or rally bound dot com and t brc dot com or to one two, six double four nine triple xero our creative producers claire meyerhoff. Sam liebowitz is our line producer. The show’s social media is by deborah askanase of community organizer two point oh, we have to say farewell to debra. 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