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Nonprofit Radio for February 12, 2016: @TheWhinyDonor & Social Media Rants

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The Whiny Donor: @TheWhinyDonor

The Whiny Donor

She tells the nonprofit community what she doesn’t like about the nonprofit community–mostly around fundraising. @TheWhinyDonor shares her most urgent whines. She’s on two board development committees. Is one of them yours?


Amy Sample Ward: Social Media Rants

Amy Sample Ward

Amy Sample Ward, our social media contributor and CEO of the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), introduces NTEN staff’s top rants for the social networks. Are you committing these social sins?


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Hello and welcome to tony martignetti non-profit radio big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. I’m your aptly named host. Oh, i’m glad you’re with me. I’d be hit with whipple disease if you fed me the idea that you missed today’s show the-whiny-donor she tells the non-profit community what she doesn’t like about the non-profit community, mostly around fund-raising the-whiny-donor shares her most urgent wines she’s on to board development committee’s is one of them yours and social media rants. Amy sample ward, our social media contributor and ceo of the non-profit technology network and ten introduces and ten staffs. Top rants for the social networks are you committing these social sins? So were filled with winds and rance today on tony’s, take two, be a non-profit radio insider, responsive by pursuant full service fund-raising data driven and technology enabled, you’ll raise more money pursuing dot com also by crowdster online and mobile fund-raising software for non-profits now with apple pay mobile donation feature crowdster dot com if you want to join the conversation today with your own wines and rants, tweet us, use the hashtag non-profit radio sam is in the studio is checking that feed. So use hashtag non-profit radio if you want to join the convo and it starts with the-whiny-donor she is at the-whiny-donor she feels the need to complain about some of the fails and foibles she sees as a donor to several charities. Part of the tail end of the boomer generation. She lives on the east coast of the us the-whiny-donor serves on the board development committee’s of two non-profits in the city where she lives. The-whiny-donor welcome to non-profit radio. Thank you very much. How are you? I’m great. How are you doing? I’m fine. Thank you. Wonderful man. You mind if i call you whiny? Is that or you can call me whiny? Okay, miss miss donor-centric formal way, right? I like informality on non-profit radio and okay, whiny um what do you about? Their why? Why? Why do you exist in this persona? Well, it’s, the reason that i exist, i guess it’s, because sometimes i just need teo to rant about things that come in the mail with direct mail and tweeting gives me an outlet to express my frustrations and irritations network for good had something to do with your your existence? Yeah, the way. The-whiny-donor came about wass several years ago, i, um i was an avid reader of network for good non-profit marketing block, which was at the time written by cacho anderson and i had just joined development committee’s so as a volunteer, i was very interested in what she had to say, and i was learning a lot, and so i emailed her one day with a couple of things that had happened to me as a donor, thinking that she might want to address them, and she turned my email into a blogged, which turned out to be very well received by her fund-raising readers so i realized that there was a man on audience that fundraisers actually did want to hear the perspective of people that were receiving what they were sending out. And so twitter was an easy way to have my voice heard, and so i’ve been tweeting for a little over three years and having fun with it, alright, now way want listeners to know that you’re not a professional fundraiser, right? You’re right, we’re not at all inspector, purely a volunteer, and so i i don’t know any of the sort of hard core things. That fund raisers do. I’ve never worked with razors edge. I’ve never had to send out a mailing myself as a volunteer involved in development committee’s, i’ve been on fund-raising campaigns, but never the person that actually have to do the hard work in the office. All right, so you’re you’re you’re generating awareness, though, of the donor-centric reesing awareness not like right now, what i hope to do in my tweets, besides just venting, is giving the perspective of the person who is receiving the appeals. I think sometimes when the staff person is sending things out, they may not really be thinking they know what their agenda is, they need to have they have a message that they need to get out there trying to raise a certain amount of money, whatever, whatever not understanding how the donor feels that the end merry callon, had a really good quote in a block post last week, she said, don’t put the ease of your inside operations above the weapon you make your donors feel and which i thought was great, because, um, you may have a certain, you know, the way your database works, you want to do it. This way well, that may not be the way that i want my information presented in mary’s case she uses her maiden name. And so if if if it’s convenient for the non-profit to use mr and mrs, that doesn’t work for her so and the non-profit may never have thought about the fact that there are people that are actually taking a fence at some thing that they’re doing. So i hope that in my tweets somebody will say, oh, well, that never occurred to me that that might be a problem for somebody. So, yeah, i hope that that my tweets may occasionally cause a lightbulb moment in somebody who works for a nonprofit. Okay, okay, um, whining i’m just going to fix you up on one thing everybody knows her on twitter is mary calais. Nor but it’s actually, mary kalon rhymes. Okay, sorry. Rhymes with salon. No, no. Ah, good to know. I never knew that. I just have not met her. I just read her avidly and i’ve had the benefit of having her on my other show fund-raising fundamentals that i do for the chronicle. Right, lance? All right, it’s kalon. So just you. Know, i don’t want people thinking that the-whiny-donor has all the answers and one hundred grams clearly i don’t know everything and you’re you’re clear about that to know all right, all right, cool the donor perspective and you like to thank people to this is not all a negative twitter stream you’re you’re very gracious in a lot of time saying you’re thank you came quickly or what a beautiful birthday card i got etcetera, your compliment right and well on another thing that i do on twitter it’s that i do share good content now that i know how to pronounce her name, marries content it always very good she’s, particularly donor-centric and there’s a whole bunch of people on twitter that really are, you know, there’s a whole new hashtag donor love and it’s that donor-centric city, and so i do like to share that content. Um, twitter is a great resource, i think not only do i get to tweet my own stuff, but i have learned so much from reading other people’s content that has informed the way i perform as a volunteer for the organizations that i’m involved in. So i love twitter when you, uh, when you give and we just have about a minute or so before first break you give you you feel very vulnerable, you’re you’re sending a piece of you exactly. There some donations are purely transactional, but there are certain organizations that i give to that i feel very personal about there’s, a crisis agency locally that i give to every year because my brother has needed crisis intervention, so when i give to that organization, it feels extremely personal. I’ve sent a piece of my heart to that organization, so when we do that, we really we want to, we wanted to be noticed it’s not trust transactional, thank us enthusiastically for it. We may really feel personally invested in in why we’re sending to your mission. All right, we’re gonna go out for ah break and come back one day and i will continue talking will get into some of her specifics. Specific urgent wines stay with us, you’re tuned to non-profit radio tony martignetti also hosts a podcast for the chronicle of philanthropy fund-raising fundamentals is a quick ten minute burst of fund-raising insights published once a month. Tony’s guests are expert in crowdfunding mobile giving event fund-raising direct mail and donor cultivation really all the fund-raising issues that make you wonder, am i doing this right? Is there a better way there is? Find the fund-raising fundamentals archive it. Tony martignetti dot com that’s marketmesuite n e t t i remember there’s, a g before the end, thousands of listeners have subscribed on itunes. You can also learn maura, the chronicle website, philanthropy dot com fund-raising fundamentals, the better way. Dahna oppcoll with the-whiny-donor we’re talking about her her most urgent wines on de eso eso let’s ah, whiny, let’s get let’s, get into some some details because this is this is what you’re known for on twitter, let’s, start us off with something that’s like, you know, your your your top? What what really irks you the most? Uh, there’s a couple things that hurt me the most, and people that read my tweets? No, that i do pay attention to how long it takes an organization to thank me. Um, my husband and i usually sit down sometime in december, last week of november, early december and right out about a dozen checks and send them to organizations, and so they’re all dropped in the mail at the same time. So it’s very clear which organizations are thanking quickly and the ones who thank me within about certainly within a week, while i’m still feeling that glow e-giving i’m impressed by that, um, this time around, i one organization didn’t send a thank you for about six weeks and that’s very noticeable when every other one has already come in and yours lags by about two or three weeks it’s pretty obvious, who was very slow on the uptake with their acknowledgement letters, you know, let me let me just say, just, you know, to relate this to what you said you, you know, you feel like you’re giving a piece of your heart, you said, right? So that’s, very vulnerable, and if you’re not thanked for many weeks, right, how does that leave you feeling? Uh, it makes me feel that you didn’t really need my donation in the first place, that it wasn’t really appreciated, and by then i’ve already sort of almost moved on, you know, i think that there is there’s a sweet spot when you thank somebody where we’re still in the glow of e-giving i sent it off, i’m feeling really good about it, and if you get me back when i’m still really a met feeling good about it, stage, i think that that probably reinforces my glow of clip e-giving whereas if you’re six weeks later, i’m already kind of ticked at you and it’s just not a good thing. Teo and worse, of course, is never hearing from the organization, but but a very late acknowledgement just by the time it comes you’re kind of like, well, finally for i am yeah, you ah, in december, you tweeted something about an organization that cashed your check very fast, but the previous year they have been very slow to thank you, right? And that was an organization, that particular organization actually i had to call them because they were doing a high frequency appeal strategy, and i can’t imagine why that works. And also let me preface everything that i say in my tweets it’s my opinion, i don’t offer expert advice so clearly high frequency appeals work for people. I can’t imagine why, because i find them cortly annoying, but this particular organization was doing the high frequency appeal strategy and i had gotten to more appeals from them before i finally got shanked for my check last year, and i ended up calling the organization and saying, look, i can’t stop sending me so many appeals. So oddly enough, the only option that they could give me was all oer one mailing a years. Of course, i took one mailing a year. What? The high frequency was just it was awful. Are you still supporting that organization? I do, and that’s the thing that’s so frustrating when organizations do something that i find actually offensive, but it’s an organization that i want to continue to support. So, yes, we do still support that organization because i guess one reason why i called them to say, look, stop irritating me with the high frequency of people’s because i did want to keep supporting them. You like them well enough to try to make it work, right? What they’re doing, their mission is extremely important. If you didn’t feel that affinity to their work, you would have just written him off and not called exactly exactly you feel. In fact, it was funny when i told the woman over the phone that her that her organization’s appeal was the last one acknowledgment was the slowest one to get to me out of about a dozen she was really surprised. Ah, in fact, she was kind of dumbfounded, and i don’t know why because they were really slow with their acknowledged letters. All right? Do you recall what she apologetic? Oh, yeah, she was very gracious and i was gracious over the phone. I didn’t, you know, in real life, i’m actually quite the life i have to take your word for that some of it comes across one hundred forty characters, but but it’s it’s probably good that you reinforce it. Alright, right, let’s. See you also. Ah, you also have some wines about donation pages. You mean the reply forms? No dahna online, the online donation pages i don’t do a lot of of oh yeah paper. Well, paypal is kind of difficult. They’re very small organizations that can’t afford better whatever and, you know, so they just do the papal and you and you all you get is a transactional receipt. Your payment of such and such was given to paypal, and it sucks the joy out of it. But you can understand where their why they’re doing that. They don’t have the money, yeah, to develop their own page. Or maybe they’re not there. I’ll bet. Amy sample word may wantto come in on this in the second half, but there are there are payment systems that are not papal that are probably low cost or free for non-profits on dh, they may not, you know, smaller organizations, unfortunately, you’re just not aware, you know, they’re just they’re not. Aware of a lot of tools that are out there so people defected to the big gorilla, you know, with paypal, right? And of course, that’s one of the things because i am not a fundrasing professional, you know, i’m sure that if people in the fund-raising community read my tweets and hear what i’m complaining about, they probably say, oh, come on, she’s a third asking for that kind of service when we don’t have the ability to do that, but as a donor, i don’t know any of that, so i’m expecting something without having any idea what kind of work it takes to put out a website or in donation page or get an acknowledgement letter out on time. Yeah, you are not familiar with the inner workings of a development office the different exactly. I have no clue departments, officer’s service donor, and so my expectations are very high even though my expectations may be completely unrealistic. That’s still how i feel and i would imagine, you know, and i’m reasonably sophisticated. I have some level of knowledge about what happens in a development office, but a lot of donors don’t, so all right, let me go, teo, let me go to one of yours. That that i thought was rather high expectation you tweeted about the heat being up too high in in a non-profit office. You know, that tweet was really tongue in cheek, and it was to the controversy about the wounded warrior project and overspending. And again that’s something that’s completely subjective. How does a donor in your overhead costs are legitimate and when you’re wasting money? So? So that was tongue in cheek. But it was in reaction to the controversy about the wounded warrior project. Okay, i my apology for that one. I didn’t. I missed the context of that. Okay? One hundred forty characters. I couldn’t put it in-kind context, but it was it was in reaction to that. Okay. That’s. Good. All right, so you’re not that unreasonable. No, gosh, no, not not that. Unreasonable. What else you got? Throw out something else that that irks you? Well, let’s. See, um, appeals that don’t recognize that i’ve given before. Oh, yeah, you know, or or of course, dear friend and that’s. Another thing i’ve noticed, actually, sometimes it the smallest non-profits that are the worst of doing that. With the dear friend, maybe they just don’t maybe they don’t have a development person on staff, but you would think that with the very small organizations they’d be able to personalize more somehow, i have no idea how that kind of thing works, but if i’ve given before, if i partnered with you for many years, i think you should acknowledge that in your letter that you know, i’ve been with you for a long time, or i gave last year or whatever, but when i get an appeal letter that has not acknowledged that i’ve given before i noticed that recognize that i’ve been with you for a while. Your husband got one from his alma mater that was a dear friend. Yes, that’s very surprised. Yeah. There’s there’s. No way. I mean, among any level of education, i don’t know with elementary middle high hyre ed that really that’s an inexcusable one. Well, and i stopped giving to my own altum otter because and i was never giving them very much money. So i was never. I never reached the level of where i got any good donorsearch stewardship. I was just one of the masses in the small donors, but, um, i got one acknowledgement receipt sort of letter thing that said, dear college supporter, i have been giving to them consecutively for twenty three years, and i thought, for heaven’s sakes, if you haven’t figured out my my name by now, you really don’t need my donation, and i have not given them anything since then. Well, that’s yeah, i mean, they certainly know your name that’s a that’s a method of keeping mailing costs very low because i know it was this particular thing was sort of a receipt receipt with a letter attached, and so the receipt had my name on it with the notation that i’ve been given for twenty three consecutive years, so it was just a question of i mean, they have it in their database with there i don’t i don’t know how you merge fields and all of that, but they could have put my name very easily on that sheet of paper. Yeah, and they didn’t bother just just to explain, i mean, it’s it’s a method of keeping costs lower because if they have to pay the printer assuming and i’m assuming high volume, but if they have to pay a male house to produce letters that are personalized, as well as receipts that a personalized, each personalized item increases the cost of a of a mailing. So if you, if you print it, if they print your name on the outer envelope versus having a windowed envelope, that takes advantage of the inside address on the letter that that costs more on, of course, that’s the kind of thing that the donor doesn’t know. All i knew was that i had been giving it to them for twenty three years, and and they didn’t use my name. I understand, ok, ok, your perspective, the donor perspective. That’s. Exactly what we’re gonna do is purely my perspective, understand? Um, you got a little disenchanted in in real life when you went to make a donation to your local thrift shop. Oh, yeah? What? You mean when there were so many things i wanted for a twenty foot pile? Exactly. I think that’s the result of the khan mari method book that was so successful lighting everybody’s de cluttering anything that doesn’t spark joy. And so the thrift shops air overwhelmed. Um, but yeah. Ah, that was an example of doing something, giving something and realizing they really didn’t need what i was taking. Suck the joy out let’s. Suck the joy out of it again. Sucked the joy. Right? So maybe thrift shops. And for those who have thrift shops, you know, maybe you want teo conceal that pile, not have the drop off area where the pile is, right. Okay, you know, possibilities dahna perspective. Um, you, uh you well, you want to you want to throw another one out? You got something that you want to whine about? Uh, boring. Thank you. Please use a few exclamation points in the thank you. Like i said, you know, as we noted, i sent my heart out to you. Respond with enthusiasm. This was not a business transaction for me. I like exploration points. So thank you so much for your donation whiny, exclamation, exclamation that’s! All right, but there are people who would disagree with that and say, you know, the exclamation mark is overused and particularly, if you know it’s okay, maybe online and tweeting and emailing, but but to have that transcend too u s mail is inappropriate and bad grammar and ah and bad punctuation, and we shouldn’t we shouldn’t be doing that. So i’m sure you’re well, i’m never into bad punctuation, but an exclamation point well placed, i think can make a difference. Okay, you did have ah, an example of bad punctuation that that hurt you when your was incredible. Your wasn’t i’ve been all over your feet, you know, this is this your was incorrectly dunaj a reply envelope, right? This organization sent out a reply envelope and the idea was good by putting your generous gift makes a difference except that instead of y o ur, it was y o u apostrophe r e. So when it first came the first time it came, i laughed about it. I’ve been a copywriter. We’ve all sent out things with mistakes and just been mortified, but i mocked it. But you know that. Was fine, but the problem was they sent it out in another mailing, and so either they haven’t noticed or didn’t care that they were sending something out with such poor grammar on it, and i did end up sending the envelope back because i intended to support this organization, but i couldn’t resist crossing it out and correcting their grammar, so i can’t imagine a company that a non-profit that would know that they have that kind of error on their reply envelope and still send it out. Now, i’ve, as a professional fundraiser, i’ve been on the receiving end of those types of corrections, et cetera, sometimes they sometimes they come with snarky comments. Was there a comment that you did you associate? You put a comment next to your correction? No, all i did was corrected, and i thought, you know, did you highlight it? Somebody’s already pointed this out, but if they haven’t, they need to know that this envelope is startlingly wrong. Okay, but you didn’t say that you didn’t have that is a comment no, i just crossed it out and corrected the word you didn’t you didn’t highlight it in with a marker. A yellow highlighter know i’ve gotten those two. Okay. All right. So sort of. Ah, an alternative to the exclamation mark yellow highlights. And then underlying with pink, you know, framed, framed in red. Right. All right, all right. All right. Um, what else you got? You want to throw another one out? Uh, let’s. See, uh, goes reply envelopes where you have to fill out the flap? I don’t like those, but the funny thing is, i was i was complaining about this with a group of friends, and they said, oh, we never even bothered to fill those out. We’ve just enclosed our check and let the organization figure it out and i thought, oh, that never occurred to me. I i i’m very compliant. I fill out my reply form, so i don’t know how the organization’s feel about it when people are just enclosing checks without bothering to fill things out, i would think that the organization would want people filling out those flaps. Your friends don’t hate those those those particular flap envelope i don’t like where the flap is the form that yeah, yeah. And you have to fill the whole thing out it. Hasn’t been filled out for you in december when i was filling out, you know, a dozen all at once, it was like it was the reply forms that were already filled out and nicely done. That made me feel good about those those organizations, they filled it out for you. You have pre filled right, but that cost them now going back to when i get that cost them yes, it actually cost him more than leaving a blank. Yes, right. You got a little embarrassed by something stamps, crooked stamps. Yes. I tweeted very starkly about mailing that i’d gotten where the stamps have been put on wrong and i so i sent out this snarky little tweet about meeting to have straight stamps, and somebody replied and said that it has probably been done in a sheltered workshop, which of course, made me feel terrible on now. I hope that i get lots of things with crooked stamps because obviously i would i would love it if people were using sheltered workshops to do that thing. So that’s also the beauty of twitter is that people do respond to me and put me in my place and explained to me that this is why organisations they’re doing what they’re doing. So i learned a lot that way. Let’s, let’s wrap up. We just have a minute left. You loved the birthday card that you got from your local? Why, yes, just in a minute. Why? Because it it was a it was a nice design, but also the message said something about may your day or maybe coming year be filled with the same wonderful things that you’ve done that your donation has done for people here. It’s just really nice and had a cupcake on it. Yes, it did. So the filling the cupcake? Yes, yeah, it was just really nicely done, she’s the-whiny-donor you’ll find her on twitter at the-whiny-donor that’s it i can’t at the-whiny-donor is where she is, whiney, thank you so much for being a guest. Thanks very much, tony. Good to talk to you. Real pleasure. Thank you, sabat. We got social media. Rance with amy sample ward coming up first. Pursuant, i have talked to the ceo. They’re trent ryker ah he’s got thirteen years working in small and midsize non-profits he understands you’re fund-raising challenge and his empathy trickles. Down through the people, other people that have talked to know in the company who work there and in the pursuing products, they’re using your existing data to help you raise more money it’s that simple, pursuing dot com and crowdster i’ve talked to the ceo, they’re too joe ferraro. In fact, i have decided that if i can’t talk to your ceo, then you can’t sponsor non-profit radio because i want to talk to the person who’s in charge, and i want to hear from them how their company is helping small and midsize charities. So that’s ah that’s, a new prerequisite, joe ferraro at crowdster he runs a small charity, so he gets your fund-raising challenges he’s in the trenches with you, and he was a senior marketing guy at t so he knows your challenges and he applies corporate marketing to overcome them. That’s why what i see is crowdster with their well the cutting edge the payment system apple pay for mobile donations because why shouldn’t small and midsize shops enjoy a cutting edge payment system? So you get apple pay and the sites are the crowd funding sites that they build for you are elegant. And simple, they’re easy for you to set up mean, when i say build for you, you know you’re you’re doing the building but it’s all through a user interface and it’s, easy to navigate and easy for your donors to navigate the-whiny-donor would like would like thes sites. You want to talk to joe ferraro, joe dot ferraro at crowdster dot com now tony steak too. Do you want to be a non-profit radio insider? I would love to have you in the inside. We have weekly email alert each week i sent an e mail letting you know who the guest star and with advanced news about my weekly video and also takeaways from the previous week. So if you are a casual listener, so if we’ve got a casual friend with benefits kind of thing going on, then you might want to become an insider and then you’ll know each week who you’ll be sleeping with and what we’ll be doing together. The three of us go to tony martignetti dot com and click the email icon that’s tony’s take two any sample ward? You know her for god’s sake she’s, a ceo of non-profit technology network and ten, her most recent co authored book is social change, anytime everywhere about online multi-channel engagement, she blog’s at amy sample war dot, or ge and she’s at amy r s ward on twitter. Welcome back, amy. Hi. Thanks for having me back. It was fun getting to listen to all those complaints. Well, you’ve got you’ve got a litany of of them yourself, but i know, but you know the-whiny-donor she’d bring the donor perspective. It’s true? Yeah. Okay, uh, let’s. Give a shout out for anti sena non-profit technology conference. What do we need to know about it? Coming up there’s a lot that you need to know about it. Okay, try to compress it into a minute. I think based on the forecast in most people’s locations today, the most important thing to know is that it’s in san jose, california, with palm trees and sunshine. So doesn’t that sound wonderful? Very nice. Okay. And where do we go for it? Yes. So the conference is in march, the twenty third through the twenty fifth in san jose. And there will be an overwhelming opportunity for tons and tons of knowledge and networking because it’s two thousand people over one hundred twenty five educational sessions and three days so you can get the agenda. You can get the registration information. Everything you want is that and ten dot org’s, flash and t c and who is hosting the live audio stream and tc live for people who can’t attend someone that you may know this thiss a pretty interesting guy. Tony martignetti interesting that’s, the best you could come up with like that thing was an ellipsis at the end. I can’t fill in everything else on the radio. Thank you so much. I mean, charming would’ve been good. I’m not going to fill them all in for myself. Funny would have been nice, right? Personality driven host. Ok, thank you. Yes, i’ll be hosting ntcdinosaur. So if you’re not able to go, you should go. You should definitely go because it is a terrific, smart conference. But if you can’t there’s ntcdinosaur the live audio stream that i’ll be hosting. All right. Ah, we pulled. I asked you to pull the ah ntcdinosaur dafs because non-profit thean ten staff thankyou, non-profit technology network. So much of technology is social media. And, uh, you got some? You got some rants? Yeah, it was exciting and a little scary that i put out the call the staff and very, very quickly, you know, the floodgates opened and people even commented, i didn’t realize i had so many complaints and let me start complaining. So we’ve got a lot from all the different intense, okay, let’s, see where we go? Let’s, uh, since we were with the the-whiny-donor why don’t we start with twitter? Yeah, okay, well, i think we’ve got a lot on twitter and i think twitter because other platforms have kind of followed, followed suit, you know, over time, other platforms introduced hashtags, for example, so some of these things trickle over into other platforms, but i think most folks here and tenet lee still consider them core twitter complaints, so a few of those are based in the world of bach and all of the content on twitter that is just totally automatic through little plug ins and box that people have enabled on their profiles and staff could have gone on for days about bots and how much they like them. Yeah, i think i wonder if twitter is just going to be you know, in five years, it’s going to be a bunch of butts talking to each other. Thank you. Thank you. Want teo talking to itself? Welcome, welcome. Thank you for following commune dot. Thank you for all you know, they’re totally some of the examples staff brought up the things that you automatically tweet to you or that automatically send you a direct message. A private message saying, you know, thanks for following. And i was laughing when the-whiny-donor was complaining about those generic messages that say, you know, fund-raising appeal that just says, do your friend, you know, please donate when people are trying to use these boss on twitter to create some weird level of personalization, but it’s twitter, you know how many of us can write out our full name in our account or, you know, a lot of people just have ah kind of shortened abbreviation. So then you’re getting these these direct messages as if their personal but they’re not they’re from a body that say, you know hi, amy rs lorts all in one word, you know, please go check out our website and donate like, what is this is so weird? Stop. Stop the bottom! I see the ones i see the ones was, you know, have a good and then there’s like too many spaces. And then it’ll say friday, and then there’s another couple spaces and a period like they they have to leave room for the longest day of the week, which i don’t know what which has the most letters, but like friday is a short one, so it doesn’t, you know it’s just it’s weird, but i think you know, there’s another there there’s the the complaints that we can have about box where it just feels weird or the content doesn’t make sense. Or, you know, it’s obviously not personalized, but staff also brought up a number of examples where people have, you know, it’s, not it’s, not the same whereabouts kind of tweeting at people for you, but the body is making it so that your account is automatically replying to other people or automatically retweeting certain accounts. So there’s people who have said, you know, any time this other account tweets, i wantto retweet it, but there’s no contacts there, so literally anything that account tweets you’re now re tweeting, that doesn’t work well. I mean, that’s, obviously waiting for disaster to enjoying zoho had what’s that, like, enjoying my birthday today, you know, which is not is not the greatest tweet, but, you know, a bunch of friends for my birthday, you know, getting together for my birthday today. I mean, you know, i could i could tolerate some that’s personal stuff, but, you know, to retweet that, right? It’s, ludicrous it’s, right, that you have other people just automatically re tweeted someone else’s you ran from personal tweet, but the other example, you know, where, where, but are going to make you look really bad? You know, if you’re automatically tweeting or replying to people’s content so i’ve seen this trend now where folks have enabled bots to say, like, you know, oh, you are my my highest engaged, but, you know, follower this week or my no thanks for the retweet on this, it got the most retweets or, you know, those kind of it’s like sharing stats somehow like it’s a competition, and we’ve seen, you know, in ten content for example, it’s, we don’t like that these occasions happen, and we do post this content, but when community member passes away, we will post about whatever happened and provide some honorarium language and, you know, allow for a lot of community members to find out the news from from their own community, which normally means a number of community members right in with their memories and, you know, it’s it’s, a very sad but touching opportunity to kind of bring the community together on dh grieve a community member who’s pass, but because people in the community have these bots turned on, it means a post that is sharing memories of a community member that’s now gone will be turned into tweets that say, you know, thanks for sharing that great post. It was my highest one this week or something, and that feels so horrible, you know? But again, you’re just leaving the body. They’re not gonna have any contacts, the body’s not going to turn off when it’s not appropriate it just put your account into a bad place, you know? It just does what you’re telling it to do. Yeah, there’s one osili i don’t want to appear to be a hypocrite, there’s one that i i use and i continue it because people like it. I get lots of likes and are they still know that what they’re called now favorites on? Is it likely i entertain their word? Yeah, is it likes now our favorite? I don’t know, but the heart when the heart goes on and people and people do react to this one it’s the one with its clear because i label it i mean it’s labeled by commune dot i t i don’t, i think it’s kind of dishonest if you pay the have that that tag taken off so that it looks supposed to look real, but so it says courtesy or, you know, thanks to community or from community and it’s the one that says you’re you’re the you’re the, um you’re the new follower with that’s the highest rated or so are the most popular new follower this week or something like that, and i didn’t like it because it looks phony, but people like people who get it like it. Who people who are named in it, they favored it, and sometimes they are t it now, not too often with the artie’s, but it gets lots of it gets lots of favorites, even though it’s blatantly from community on my stream so that’s, why i that’s why i think you’re welcome you’re welcome, teo use the tools however you would like there will be no inten staff person harding or re tweeting that post people like it. So you know, if there if there along with me on twitter and they like it, that’s, why i’ve kept it up, but i don’t want to be hypocrite, not not make that explicit, all right? Yeah, okay, let’s see, maybe i think, you know, leaving the world of body, um, talking and of course, like i said before, super big on twitter, but of course you’re going to see examples of boss on other platforms to but again, another piece that’s big on twitter and we see going elsewhere, but that staff are just driven crazy, crazy by our when people basically turned their entire post into a hash tag like every word is a hashtag or you know, it is one long one hundred forty character hash tag that’s trying to be a sentence because hashtags are meant to provide context to your post, right? And they’re meant to connect that content you’re posting into a stream. Of similar content, right? It’s it’s a topic this is anything related to non-profit radio so when your entire poster hashtags, it implies that you have nothing else to say other than i would like to be an account visible in lots of random streams. So if you’re not providing any message, you’re just you’re just dragging it into lots of spaces let’s, do one more on twitter, the the follow on follow-up follow dance oh, god that’s the harsh one and, you know, i think a part of that is i’ll get the notification that somebody has followed me, i look at their account and i choose to not follow them back and then they tweet me, you know? Hey, i would love to connect with you the very first time they do that, i say, okay, well, it’s not hard to find how to contact me on the internet, you know, you here’s my e mail address feel free to reach out and then they don’t know that i don’t hear anything more from them and then a month goes by, i get a notification that they followed me and they send the exact same tweets saying i would like to check with you. So at that point, i tried to give them the benefit of the doubt that they were a human. But now it seems that they are not trying to act that way. So in the meantime, they done followed you and then followed you back to try to get your attention. Exactly. You again followed you again. Yeah. Yeah, i know. And that’s, you know, that’s enabled by technology. I know it. And ten, you recognize that technology has a downside to that’s enabled by men i get. I get these weekly emails. People who want followed you. The new followers you have here is this the stupid people who want followed you and and you’re and they’re not follow you. You follow and they’re not following you back or something, you know? Please, i delete that nonsense. I should turn it off. It’s gotta be a it’s. A it’s. An option. I chose somewhere. Uh, tell you what i think. I think it can be turned off because i turned that off a long time ago. Because, you know, to your point, it just makes it feel like it’s. Kind of like when? We’ve talked in the past about vanity metrics. Yes, because it as the platform, whatever platform is every platform, is going to try and force these things upon you. Just because it’s highlighting something doesn’t mean it’s actually the most important aspect of that bull, you know, making an action an action item just because they’re highlighted exactly, exactly. All right, we gotta go out for a break. Amy and i going to keep talking about the the social media rants that came from the intense staff. Stay with us. 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Lively conversation, top trends and sound advice. That’s. Tony martignetti non-profit radio. And i’m lawrence paige nani, author off the non-profit fund-raising solution. Duitz welcome back to big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. Oh my goodness, would lawrence pack nani, please start pronouncing his name? Panjwani lorenzo panjwani you’ve heard me rant about that before, but it’s it’s wine and ran today, so i’m i’m i’m repeating myself live listener love did you think i forgot? Live listener love dafs please st louis, missouri, new bern, north carolina, new york, new york we’ve got to washington, d c home villa p a, brookline, massachusetts, milwaukee, wisconsin live listener love to each of those city and state cities and states live. Listen, love plus, we got a couple that are, uh they seem to be masked. We can’t tell what city or state you’re in very strange, very strange, but you’re in the u s mexico city, mexico live listener loved to you, tokyo, japan, konnichiwa and, of course, seoul, south korea, always checking in just like just like japan, always seoul, south korea on your haserot we got taiwan tai chung in taiwan ni hao any simple word is in ah, portland, oregon and ah, we got some more rance so let’s move on to some other ah social network other fat forms? Yeah, let’s ah, let’s look at instagram. We got meghan. Meghan contributed some things about instagram what’s she got to say there megan had lots of complaints about instagram, primarily that you can only post from your phone when you know, i think from a lot of organizations perspective we’re normally scheduling all kinds of pieces of content right across the internet on different days or around different campaigns and feeling like, okay, i’ve got my computer open where i’m tweeting and posting the facebook and doing everything else, but then i have to go get my phone, make sure i’m logged in, you know, and posted this from my phone, which i think the root of some of that complaint is that posting anything from your phone on behalf of the organization, just like exponentially increases the potential that you’re goingto spell things wrong because we all have experienced auto correct on our phones. So so she really wishes that she could post from her computer to instagram, but staff staff sent around a lot of fake instagram captions that were all hashtags thing. I think instagram is very much a world where people go crazy with because unlike twitter, that at least is stopping how many characters you can use instagram just let you keep adding more hashtags. You know, i’ve got friends of mine and that they are my friends, so i don’t want to get get disconnected from them. But, you know their instagram post included like i swear it must be things that they’re just seen out their window. I don’t know how they’re coming up with, you know, just word what you don’t know what the relationship of the weak things they had back-up list that aren’t even in the post, you know, it’s, just like anything that comes to mind, word association becomes a hashtag ah let’s, go to aa, we want to thank meghan, where at the end we’re going to shut out all the contributors. Okay, okay, but let’s go let’s, go to ah, facebook, you got some ideas on facebook? Naturally. Oh, yes, i think facebook, we see some of the boss that we talked about earlier, but the big thing on facebook that folks were complaining about is the relationship between twitter and facebook and organisations thinking that they’re somehow saving themselves time by making it so. Anything they posted facebook, you know, automatically goes to twitter or vice versa. Anything from twitter goes to facebook, but they’re different channels. You have different members of your community in those two different spaces. You know, we’ve talked about all this before. It shouldn’t be the same message, but further, you don’t want to tweet that’s literally just a facebook link to a post because it doesn’t even say anything and under quitter, you know, it’s literally just did you are el facebook, dot com slash whatever, right? So that was a huge a huge no, no, that staff talked about was that cross posting and who knows what? Um and then, of course, ash brought up something that we do see all the time, by people and by organizations, and that is, you know, this knowledge or or assumption that posts on facebook do better if there’s a picture. So we better go find a picture and they just pull a picture off the internet that still has, you know, stock photography still has a watermark because it’s not just, you know, and they’re just hoping that they can crop it out and it looks ok, but there. It is, you know, looking looking. Totally stolen. Yeah, right. Blatant self with the watermark removed. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Megan, had megan had one about our fitbits? Oh, gosh, yeah. I mean, make it megan kind of wrote a longer message are longer rant to everybody about this, but ultimately those kind of a different world of boss, i guess where people are enabling their phone or different apse that they used tto auto pose all of this personal data about themselves to facebook so it just automatically posting, you know, i just walked half a mile and now i’m a starbucks. Great will all track you down. Why are you why are you enabling all of this personal data sharing just to be automated all the time? You know, that was a huge, huge ran turn that off. I mean, that’s an option, right? When you buy a fitbit it’s gotta be when yes, definitely and turn that nonsense off if we wait if we didn’t, if this was only a podcast and we’ve we didn’t have affiliate versions, i would i would have said something stronger than nonsense. But e i can’t i can’t say it because we’re governed by fcc rules on the affiliate side let’s go to ah let’s goto linked in okay endorsements, yeah, lengthen thie endorsements we had an interesting conversation with staff because ah lot of the things that we were complaining about are not necessarily the way you know you are. I are using the tool, but the way that lincoln has set the tool up for us to even be able to use it. So one of the biggest complaints was that any time you’re on the site, unless you kind of go to someone’s profile and click that you want to connect with them and are able to write a message anywhere else, it has that button, you know, connect with this person, you click it and it never it just sends a message. It just sent that generic, you know, with you only dinner, whatever. So there’s no, the the platform itself doesn’t even allow you to share a message or say, hey, i’m the one you met at the conference. Yes, today or high, i’m a really human and i would like to talk to you, you know? It just sends these automatic messages, which make it feel make it feel like now people aren’t going to know if you’re for real or what your intentions are, you know, there is a way, right? Like you said, you have to make the effort to send a personalised invitation to connect, yeah, exactly, lets on. And then we went down a rabbit hole about lincoln talking about endorsements. All right, we got to do this one your time, lengthen it, try and suggest that, you know, i endorse you, tony, for random words or tags, essentially and staff we’re talking about things that they have been endorsed for by people who have never worked with them, that, you know, they’re not they’re connected to on lengthen because maybe they know who they are, but it’s not like they’re a colleague who’s saying, oh, you know, tony, it worked with you on the radio show for two years. I would totally say that you’re really great at that or great interviews or whatever it might be, but someone who’s just met you, you know, shouldn’t be endorsing you for things, and then staff were saying, you know, best any one of our ten staff members has been endorsed multiple times. For cat, you know he doesn’t work in veterinary and any work we got a way, we got to leave it there. We’re gonna leave it there, but let me give a shout out tio dan and meghan and ash ash, by the way, clout. I can’t stand clout. Thank you for pointing that one out. Just just burn it. Bethany staff, do we get everybody who contributed? I think you do. Andrea. Andrea! Andrea! Thank you. Alright, amy sample ward. You’ll find her at amy r s ward. Thanks, amy. Thank you had wrapped out of fast let’s. See next week innovation in mississippi what it’s like for two black women doing social change in the deep south? Monisha nyandoro works in the grassroots and cassandra welchlin works at the policy level. If you missed any part of today’s show, i implore you find it on tony martignetti dot com where in the i’m just not sure about the singing this year, i don’t know responsive by pursuing online tools for small and midsize non-profits data driven and technology enabled pursuing dot com and by crowdster online and mobile fund-raising software for non-profits now with apple pay mobile donation. Feature. Crowdster dotcom are creative. Producer is clam meyerhoff. Sam liebowitz is the line producer. Gavin dollars are am and fm outreach director. The show’s social media is by dina russell, and our music is by scott’s dying. Be with me next week for non-profit radio. Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent. Go out and be great. 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