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If You’re Gonna Give, You Gotta Take: Time Off

Taking time off from giving to others.
Working for a charity is work in support of others. Even if you’re not in the direct conveyance of services to those in need of education, shelter, culture or a voice, your work is somehow aligned with a mission that gives to others.

Giving to others, whether at work or on the personal side, is exhausting. And I highly recommend it.

If you’re going to give to others, you have to take for yourself. Take time off. It relaxes your mind and gives you fresh perspective.

For me, it’s reenergizing and keeps me from resenting giving to others. If all I do is give, and never take time for myself, I fear I’ll start to see others as an encroachment on my time, rather than as a source of joy and opportunity.

Time off should be the endeavors that relax you. It could be a mani/pedi or a day at the spa; a round of golf or time at the beach; word games; vigorous biking or leisurely walking; tending a garden or crocheting an afghan.

At home in New York City, I run and lift weights in a gym. I’m fortunate to have a second home, and when I’m there I treat myself to time in my hot tub.

The picture is representative of my hot tub time. I’m sure you spied the empty glass of red wine. I assure you my phone is nowhere within reach or sight.

Whatever you do to indulge in time off, turn off your phone.

I also revel in a good nap.

If you want to joyfully and successfully give to others, I highly recommend taking time off.