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In Praise Of Naps

Napping courtesy of marabuchi on Flickr

I just woke up from a Sunday afternoon nap, an indulgence I enjoy whenever I can. I’m refreshed, at peace and ready to work. I don’t restrict my indulging to weekends. The weekday nap has its place.

Based on what I hear from friends and colleagues, I’m not alone in my affection.

Everyone seems to have a ceremony around their nap. A special locale, blanket, attire, duration. Some luxuriate in bed, while I prefer my sofa. I definitely have my favorite blanket. It’s a hideous green, but soft. Folded in half, it’s just the right weight and warmth. Weight of the cover, by the way, is very important.

I love naps. If naps ran for president, I’d vote for them. Sometimes I take a nap right before bed. That way I’m well rested when I go to sleep.

I never nap in street clothes, always sweat pants and a tee shirt. In colder weather, a sweat shirt.

Europeans are huge nappers. I admire that.

Here’s the science on napping from Health Ambition. I’m definitely on the long end of the suggested duration and confess to many transgressions beyond the recommendation.

Away from home I have to make accommodations, like switching venue to the hotel bed. And I don’t travel with my blanket. But I see lots of (mostly) young people who travel with a favorite pillow. I’m sure they’re claiming comfort for a long drive or flight.

Really, they seek their nap in motion and aren’t yet comfortable admitting it.

Maybe you’re not a napper. If not, I hope you have (an)other indulgences you treat yourself to.

You’re worth it.