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Nonprofit Radio At #16NTC

Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio will be at the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Jose, CA next week. I’ll capture lots of interviews for the show and NTC Conversations.

Interviews scheduled for the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference

  • Wednesday, March 23
    • 10:00 | Using Digital Disruption to Elevate Your Cause
    • 10:30 | What? You Mean There’s More To It Than Just Writing Copy for a Fundraising Email?
    • 11:00 | The Future of Money: What Digital Payments Mean for Your Organization
    • 11:30 | Content Creation and Curation in the Real World: Where Do Those Tweets, GIFs & Blog Posts Come From?
    • 12:00 | Virtual Organizations: Managing Remote Employees
    • 1:00 | The Little Brand That Could: A Multichannel Approach for the Small Nonprofit
    • 1:30 | Here, There, and Everywhere: Distance Volunteer Training
    • 2:30 | It Takes More than a Hashtag to Build a Movement: Network Building for Change
    • 3:15 | 7 Habits of Highly Risky Small/Medium Nonprofits: IT Security Pitfalls
    • 3:45 | Digital Inclusion to Further Your Impact
    • 4:15 | The Modern Digital Team: How to Build a Digital Program That Works
    • 4:45 | Sustainers: So Hot Right Now
    • 5:15 | How to Boost Revenue With Donor Surveys
  • Thursday, March 24
    • 10:00 | Super-Boring, Crazy-Important: PCI and Protecting Your Donors’ Data
    • 10:30 | Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout
    • 11:00 | Change Workshop: Managing Change to Ensure a Technology Project’s Success
    • 11:30 | Forget Big, It’s All About Small Data
    • 12:00 | The Future of Email: From 2015 to 2025
    • 1:00 | Fantastic Volunteers and Where to Find Them
    • 1:30 | Come Back and See Us: Increasing Your Donor Retention
    • 2:00 | Communications MythBusters: Best Practices vs. Bad Advice
    • 2:30 | Leveraging Expert or Technical Volunteers
    • 3:15 | Content Calendars and YOU! Creating Communications Harmony
    • 3:45 | Moving Social Media into the Nonprofit Boardroom
    • 4:15 | The Science and Art of Decision Making
    • 4:45 | Design on a Budget
  • Friday, March 25
    • 9:30 | Donor Onboarding and Stewardship: Using Personalized Video to Create Stronger Constituent Ties and Raise More Money
    • 10:00 | How to be a Google AdWords Superhero
    • 11:00 | The Future of Capacity-Building is Collaborative: Learning Communities, Collaboratives, and Cohorts
    • 1:00 | Hidden Secrets of Google Analytics
    • 1:30 | Digital Metrics: What to Measure, How, and Why

Nonprofit Radio for March 9, 2012: Conversations with Marc Ecko, Craig Newmark & Naomi Levine

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%

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Listen live or archive:

Conversations with Marc Ecko, Craig Newmark & Naomi Levine

Interviewing Marc Ecko
First, thoughts on branding–and other business lessons applicable to charities–from Marc Ecko, founder of the very consistent brand Ecko Enterprises.




Interviewing Craig Newmark
Then, Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist and CraigConnects has ideas about simple communications and knowing when to stop talking. I interviewed Marc and Craig at the NextGen:Charity 2011 conference.


With Naomi Levine
I close with Naomi Levine, executive director of the Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising at New York University. Last May, at a reception for my show, we talked about professionalizing fundraising and enhancing its stature; the role of trustees; government oversight; motivation for small charities; and the future of the charity community.


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